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When Jennifer asks her son Thomas what he would like to be when he grows up , he answers that would like to be spiderman. She is surprised and says: Are you really ( )( )( )( )( )( )? (1)to be (2)sure (3)that's (4)want (5)what (6)you この場合どう並び替えるのが適切でしょうか?


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   正解をお教えしますから、このような問題がどこから出たのか教えてください。例えば中/高校の宿題、問題集、○○校の入試など。     Are you really (sure)(that's)(what)(you)(want)(to be)?       (2) (3) (5) (6) (4) (1)



有り難うございました。イマイチ自信がなかったので解答を見て安心しました。 高校から配られたプリントです。おそらく代ゼミ模試の実践問題集から出題された問題の一部だと思います。


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    採点をよろしくお願いします。 1.I helped him then, so he is not in the hospital now. →If I ( did ) ( not ) ( help ) him then, he ( will ) be in the hospital now.     これは、訳をお願いします。 2.もし仮に生まれ変わるとしたら、あなたは何になりたいですか?  ( be / you / born / if / were / to ) again, what would you like to be? → If you were to be born again, what would you like to be? 3.私たちの王に万一のことがあれば、誰がこの国を治めるのでしょう。  ( should / to / if / happen / our king / anything ), who will rule this country? →If should happen anything to our king, who will rule this country? 4.スーザンはジョンに、結論を出すのは延ばしてはどうかと提案した。  Susan suggested ( put off / that / making / he / a decision / to John ). →Susan suggested to John that he put off making a decision. よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語の問題

    (1)( )内を正しい形にし当てはめる If you ___ a million yen in the lottery,what would you do. (win) You would be surprised if I ___ you the truth. (tell) Jhon would come if he ___ the time. (have) I wish you ___ here now. (be) (2)並べ替え 彼により自由な時間があればピアノを習うでしょう (would / if / free / had / he / time / learn / more / he / ,) to play the piano. 私があなたなら、もう少し注意深くするのですが (be / if / I / I / were / would / you / ,) a little more careful. 私が市長なら環境保護に努めるでしょう (were / try / I / I / to / would / mayor / protect / if /,) the enviroment. もしもあなたの髪が明日真っ白になったら、どうしますか (do / hair / if / tomorrow / you / your / went / white / would / ,) ? もっと一生懸命練習していれば、すばらしいサッカー選手になれたのに (had / been / harder / if / you / practiced / could / you / have / ,) a good soccer player.

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    カナダからの小学生の兄弟への質問について、英文添削をお願いします! 彼らは日本に来て3ヶ月で、インターナショナルスクールに行っています。夏休みの間、はカナダに帰るそうです。 1、あなたの学校にはどこの国の人がいますか? Which country's people are there in your class? 2、学校ではどの授業が好きですか? Which class do you like? 3、もうすぐカナダに帰れますね、うれしい? It's coming up soon to go back to Canada. Are you excited ? 4、カナダに帰ったら一番したいことは何ですか? What would you like to do the most when you return to Canada? 5、あなたのお父さんは料理が上手いと聞いています。お父さんの作る何の料理が好きですか? I heard your dad is a good cook. What does his cooking do you like? 6、日本に来て一番驚いたことは何ですか? What's surprised the most when you come to Japan? 7、大きくなったら何になりたい? What would you like to be when you grow up ? 宜しくお願いします。

  • 翻訳と英語について教えてください。

    日本語に翻訳してください(>_<) 話していて内容がごちゃごちゃで意味がわからなくなってしまって... それと、 もしかして相手は私と付き合いたいといっているのですか? Likewiseと言ってしまったのですが 相手はもうこれで付き合ったと勘違いしているでしょうか? ちなみに相手はイギリス人男性です。 相手I would love to be more than friends with you... is that something that might interest you? 私Likewise 相手Really? What have you got in mind gorgeous? ;) 私what do you mean? 相手 I mean, when i say more than friends, and you say likewise, what do you think i mean?

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    ( )内の近い意味を持つ語を答えなさい。1.This part of the processing cannot be automated and needs to be done (by hand). (1)handly (2)manually (3)artificially (4)craftily 答え(2) ( )に入るもっとも適切なものを選びなさい。 2.I don't know that Tom had read War and Peace. ( ) surprised me most was the fact that he had read it in two days. (1)That (2)Who (3)Whoever (4)What 答え(4) 3.The man ( ) was my friend has betrayed me. (1)how I thought (2)what I thought (3)who I thought (4)whom I thought 答え(3) 4.Is this ( ) you said you bought in France? (1)as (2)that (3)what (4)which 答え(3) 5.Things are not ( ) they used to be. (1)while (2)what (3)when (4)that 5.This encyclopedia is very informative and, ( ) is more, inexpensive. (1)which (2)it (3)that (4)what 答え(4) 自分で解いてみたのですが、 訳ができずに困っています。 訳を教えてください。 よろしくお願いします。

  • [英語] ()並べ替えを教えて下さい><

    1. I never would have () () () () () quiet park in the middle of the city. (1) a (2) dreamed (3) there could (4) such (5) be 2. I cannot concentrate () () () () () behind me. (1) you (2) standing (3) on what (4) with (5) I am reading 3. You can't () () () () () he is younger than you! (1) just because (2) brother (3) your (4) talk to (5) like that

  • 英語について教えてください!

    (このとき、なぜwouldを使うのか、あとなぜeverが必要なのか教えてください) would you ever meet me if you came to England? :)   (wishの意味を教えてください) I wish I could live there :P  (このIt would beの意味と使い方を教えてください)it would be amazing because Japan has people like you that are amazing.

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    英語の質問されたのですが、うまく訳せません。 わかる方よろしくおねがいします。 You enter a warehouse. Their is ittle light, but you are able to find you way around. The sound of music draws you to corner of the warehouse. The are FIVE GHOUL CLOWNS, playing a dancing video game. The have razor sharp teeth and scary weapons. Magic can not afect them, They sense your presence and turn facing you. The run to you to attack. Time to fight! What character would you want to be to defeat them and how would you handle the situation? If you had to be chained with a character for one year, what would be the character and what would you do? You can have dinner with your favorite character. And at this dinner you may ask one question. Who woud be the character and what would be your one question? What's number 1 on your bucket list? (Something you want to do before you leave the planet). What advice would you give to people getting started in ××? ××は趣味の内容です

  • 英語にしてくださいm(__)m

    (相手は恋人じゃなく、アメリカ人の男友達です。) I'm so glad to see that. You make me feel so happy:3 Hehehehe what are you all the things you would like when I come? に、 『んー、一緒に行きたいところがありすぎてまだイマイチ自分でも分からないw でも、いっぱい東京の街連れ回すから 覚悟しといてね(笑)"←冗談っぽく" あなたは行ってみたいところとかある?』←英語にしてくださいm(__)m

  • 英語で「将来どんな仕事(職業)に就きたいですか? 」

    英語で「将来どんな仕事(職業)に就きたいですか? 」 と聞きたいのですが、辞書をみると What's your career ambition? What profession would you like to participate in? とのっていたのですが、これで本当にいいのでしょうか? シンプルにWhat would you like to do?でもいいのでしょうか? ちなみに、「どんな仕事、職業か」というのを強調してメールで聞きたいと思います。