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I suspect that rather than machine problems, the problem is with the repair man.Do you know anybody who can do the job? Jim is a good man with tools. ( )him lately? (1)Did you see (2)Have you seen(3)Do you see(4)Are you seeing ( )に入るのは(1)から(4)の中でどれでしょうか?理由も教えて下さい。


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lately の「最近」は recently と同様,現在完了・過去完了で用いて, 「最近,近頃~した(ばかり)」となります。 recently は過去形でも使いますが, lately で過去形を使うのは結果が残っているような場合に限られます。 see の場合は現在完了。 よって,(2)です。 http://okwave.jp/qa/q7335608.html ちなみにこちらの質問ですが, a number of は後に複数がくるように is は通常使いません。特に受験英語では確実に×です。 are で検索して比べてみてください。 別のところで答えたように,recently は現在形とは用いないのです。 recently を残すなら,There have been と動詞の用を現在完了とします。




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(2)です。Have you seen him lately = 「彼を最近みかけたかい?」 latelyが文章にあるときはほとんどの場合は現在完了の文章を使います・・・というのが簡単な答えなのですが、もうすこし説明します。   考え方としてはこうなります。lately =最近 がやはり回答の鍵になるのですが、いくら「最近」と訳しても意味しているところは「過去」ですね。「最近」は「現在」より昔の話ですから。ですので「過去」が表現できる文章が来る必要があります。(3)は時制としては過去、現在、未来にそもそも関係ないのでまず除外です。(4)の時制は現在あるいは近い将来ですからこれも除外です。 (1)と(2)の意味する事柄は「過去」のことですからこの二つのうちのどちらかが正解です。誤解の無いようにいっておきますが(2)は文法用語としては「現在完了」と言いますが、実際の用法では「現在完了時制」と「過去時制」の文章は両方とも「過去の事柄」を述べるのに用いられます。 では(1)と(2)の違いはなんでしょうか? (1)の過去時制は「過去の特定できる時点」に起きた事柄を述べるのに使われます。「昨日~した」とか「1週間前に~した」とか、「(昔の)何月何日に~した」とかですね。これに対して(2)の現在完了は「過去なんだけど、過去のいつの時点に起きたか特定できない、あるいは特定する必要のない、あるいは特定する気のない事柄」を表現するときに使われます。 lately というのは確かに「現在」より昔ですけどいつの昔か今ひとつはっきりしないですね。「彼を最近見かけたかい?」と聞いている本人も別に「彼」を昨日見たのか、3日前に見たのか、などと言うことを聞いている訳ではないですね。このように過去のあやふやな時点のことを述べているので、つかう時制は現在完了、すなわち(2)です。





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    I must remember ( ) that book tomorrow. 1.buying 2.to buy 3.having bought 4.to have bought I will get my tailor ( ) a new suit. 1.made 2.make 3.making 4.to make I kept my dog ( ) to a tree in the garden. 1.tied 2.tying 3.tie 4.to tie This car needs ( ). 1.to repair 2.repairing 3.repaired 4.having repaired You had better ( ) there. 1.not going 2.not go 3.not to go 4.going not to The place is certainly worth ( ). 1.seeing 2.seeing it 3.to be seen 4.to see You can never succeed without ( ) your best. 1.do 2.to do 3.doing 4.having done I am looking forward to ( ) you again. 1.see 2.seeing 3.saw 4.have seen この問題の解答とどうしてその答えになったのかを教えてください。。

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     Many years later and thousands of miles away - in 1990 in California - he received a standing ovation from 7,000 people after this speech.  What did Victor Frankl do that most people with problems don't do? He vividly imagined a future in which his problems were resolved and then worked backward to the present to determine what he would need to do in order to make that future a reality. If you are stuck with a problem, just turning your gaze from the past to a future in which the problem is no longer with you is a major change in the way of viewing the problem. Then, of course, you would have to work backward to the present to figure out what you could do to make that future a reality, rather than just an appealing fantasy.

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    is there anything new you want to do with me?に 『あるけど教えない。 あなたは何かある?あなたがしたいことならなんでも言うこと聞くよ。』と言いたいのですが『』は英語でなんと言いますか? 教えて下さいm(__)m

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    関係詞の複合関係代名詞、複合関係副詞の問題です。 各組の文がほぼ同じになるように()内に適語をいれなさいと言う問題です。 1.No matter ( what ) they say, do what you think is right. ( Whatever ) they say, do what you think is right. 2.He takes a walk every morning ( however ) cold it is. He takes a walk every morning no matter ( how ) ( cold ) it is. 3.She is with her dog at any time I see her. She is with her dog ( whenever ) I see her. 間違っているところがあったら教えてください! 和訳も添えていただけると嬉しいです。 ご協力お願いします。

  • ネイティブの英語。訳せる方。

    これらの文がややこしくてうまく、訳せません。 訳せる方、お願いします。 ちなみに相手はネイティブアメリカンです。 (1)Not with how you've been acting lately. (2)Is this too much to deal with? (3)You were handling things amazing for a long time. But lately you have been acting weird. It's not just me that matters. If you aren't happy with this than you need to tell me. (4)If you aren't happy with being in a long distance relationship. If it is too much to handle. (5)Yes I'm happy to be with you.It's just the last couple of days you don't really talk a lot and then today when I can't talk.

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    1:Most classes of this school () of 20boys and 26girls. (1)is consisting (2)consist (3)are consisted (4)consists 2:She expects her friends to () everything she says. (1)agree with (2)cope with (3)do without (4)fail with 3:I ran () Mary at the shopping mall yesterday.(1)of (2)out (3)away (4)across 4:It was nice of Tom to have picked () his friends at the station. (1)down (2)off (3)over (4)up 5:If you are absent too much, it will result () problems at test time. (1)to (2)in (3)on (4)with ()に入る解答と和訳お願いします

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    文法とかスペルに全然自信がなくて; もしよければ手伝って下さい。ほとんど間違えてると思いますが。 ソウルサーフとゆう映画映画の質問付の感想文です。 1, What have you learned from the movie? - i learned that when we think that life has ended, it is only just beginning. Everything in life has a purpose, a reason. There may be time that we think we want to give up, but that’s where you find real strength. Like Bethany, she is a very strong person. Terrible things happened to her even though it seems that she doesn’t deserve it because she is a very good person. But out of that terrible thing that happened, something good came out of it. She was able to overcame the problems she has faced. Anything is possible. All we need is faith, in God and in yourself. 2, How can you apply it in your life. 1, find something which is challenging for me. 2, Set a small goal. 3, get motivated 3, what have you felt when you try living with one arm? - I tried tying my hair with my one hand, and i realized that there is no way you can do that. how dificult it is to not be able to do something you normaly do everytime. お願いします。

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    ~を見てどう思いますか?と言いたい場合、 How do you feel seeing this picture?などとしますが、 How do you feel to see this picture?はダメなんですか?

  • Whatの用法について

    ''In the sea of Alexandria,'' said one diver, ''what you need is ears rather than eyes. You could see only 50 centimeters in front of you. what you need is ears rather than eyes. という英文のwhatはどのような用法で使われているかわかりません どなたか教えていただけないでしょうか?

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    Will ibe seeing you? Hope all is well with you. xo 日本語にお願いします!