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これらの文がややこしくてうまく、訳せません。 訳せる方、お願いします。 ちなみに相手はネイティブアメリカンです。 (1)Not with how you've been acting lately. (2)Is this too much to deal with? (3)You were handling things amazing for a long time. But lately you have been acting weird. It's not just me that matters. If you aren't happy with this than you need to tell me. (4)If you aren't happy with being in a long distance relationship. If it is too much to handle. (5)Yes I'm happy to be with you.It's just the last couple of days you don't really talk a lot and then today when I can't talk.


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みなさんの訳を参考にされるといいと思います。 英語でコミュニケーションのとれるあなたが、 特に難しいと思われない英文で質問されているということは、 もしかしたら(5) の文章で悩まれているかもしれないです。 it's just のすぐうしろにthe last couple of days があって、そして today、そして次に when とありますから。 場合によっては誤解を招きます。 なぜここに when があるか、このwhen は言い訳をする代わりに使っています。 今忙しくて、とか、何か別に理由があって「今日は話せないんだ」という解釈で大丈夫です。


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(1)あなたの最近やってることは納得いかないわ。 (2)そんなに厄介なことなの? (3)あなたは、ずうっとうまくやってきたわ。でも、最近の貴男のやることは変よ。私だけが感じているとは思えない。もし不満なら私に言ってよ。 (4)長い付き合いは苦手なのかな?厄介なことが多いのも苦手かな? (5)私は今でもあなたとやっていてハッピーよ、でもここ2~3日あなたは口も利かないから、私も今日は話せない。


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  • Him-hymn
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(1)最近のあなたの行動のようすでは、ダメですね。 (2)問題が多すぎて対処しきれないのですか? (3)長い間にわたって、あなたは驚くほどすばらしく物事に対処してきました。 しかし最近の行動は首を捻りたくなります。困っているのは私だけではないのです。 もしこのことに必要以上に満足いかないのなら、直接おっしゃってください。 (4)もしお互い、地理的な距離が離れているのに不満なら、もし問題が多すぎて対処できないならーー(直接おっしゃってください)。 (5)でもね、私はあなたといることに満足しています。この2~3日、あなたはまったく多くを語っていません。だから、今日は私もたいした話ができないでいるのです。 以上でいかがでしょうか?


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   僕はネイティブじゃありませんから安心(?)してください。 1。  あなたの近頃の様子じゃ ~ ではない 2。  これはむずかしすぎますか?  ~  これ手に負えない? 3。  長い間、貴方はよくやってきた。しかし最近おかしい。悪影響が及ぶのは私だけじゃない。何か気に入らないことでもあるのなら、(黙っていないで)私に言いなさい。 4。  長い付き合いは、苦手なんだね。手に負えないことになれば  (ここ尻切れとんぼの分) 2。 うん、私は貴方との関係に文句は無い。ただこの2日ばかり貴方は口をきかないので、今日は私も何も言えない。



  • 何故wayなのでしょう?

    こんにちは。お世話になっています。 You've been smoking way too much lately.という文を見かけました。「あなた最近ちょっとたばこ吸い過ぎよ」ですよね。 何故ここで「way」が使われているのですか?You've been smoking too much lately.とした場合と何かニュアンスが違いますか? 教えてください。よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語でどういう?

    何も考えない方が良い結果になりそう(なり得る)。 って英語でどういいますか? It's better not to think too much to come up with a good idea. とかでOKでしょうか?

  • [英語]()に当てはまるもの教えて下さい><

    1. Under no circumstances () it without her permission. (1) you should not do (2) you should do (3) should you not do (4) should you do 2. The man () we believed was a murderer proved to be innocent. (1) who (2) whose (3) whom (4) what 3. You can use my bike () you bring it back tomorrow. (1) as long as (2) as far as (3) as well as (4) as much as 4. This computer needs (). (1) to fix (2) to have fixed (3) fixed (4) fixing 5. The store is open () on Fridays. (1) faster (2) late (3) lately (4) sooner 6. I was () to suggest a satisfactory solution to him. (1) unable (2) difficult (3) necessary (4) impossible 7. Roy, Ben and I went out together, but I went jogging while () played tennis. (1) other (2) some (3) the other (4) the others 8. Mr. Kaufman was a strict teacher and gave his students (). (1) too much homework (2) many piece of homework (3) too many homeworks (4) a lot of homeworks 9. I () in my room for the past half an hour wondering how I'm going to begin this work. (1) had been sitting (2) was sitting (3) would sit (4) have been sitting 10. This watch () three minutes a day, so I'm going to have it fixed. (1) delays (2) recedes (3) loses (4) slows

  • この英語の歌詞を和訳して下さい。簡単だと思います!

    英語の能力が足りずフワーッとしか分かりません。 完璧に正確でなくても構いませんので出来る限りで訳して頂きたいです。 As long as I'm with you I can't go wrong Oh baby what you do to me You're the one I've tryin' to see you, for such a long,long time Maybe I just have to face that I was out of line When it comes to lovin' you All the things that I would do I've been waiting for this day for far too long I never could imagine it so strong How I try to reach you, in every way I can Baby, but it's hard to find a way to show that I'm your man

  • 英語が分かる方お願いします。

    英語が分かる方、よろしければ教えて下さい。 私は全く英語が分かりません。しかし、ちょっとしたトラブルがあり困っています。どうかお力をお貸し願えないでしょうか… あなたと話したいの。二人で。 もし良かったら会えない? あなたは、私に会いたくない?イヤ? イヤなら無理にとは言わないので連絡下さい。 Can i talk to you please ? You and me two only If you like can you meet ? You meet to me disgusting ? If you impossible it's ok If you like email please これで何となく伝わるでしょうか? 何分英語が全く出来ません、分からないもので困っています(泣) 英語が分かる方教えて下さい。お願いします。

  • It’s been a long night in New York

    It’s been a long night in New York City It’s been a long time since 20 too I don’t remember you looking any better But then again I don’t remember, don't remember you この意味を教えてください。よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語ができる方、問題をお願いします。

    英文中の空所に入る適切な語、または語句を選択肢から選びなさい。またその英文を訳しなさい。 1. It's started raining. If it ( ) raining, we could go on a picnic. (1)is (2)isn't (3)was (4)weren't 2. If the weather were too hot or too cold, plants ( ) grow. (1)could (2)would not (3)had to (4)won't 3. We would have gone to see the movie last night of we ( ) it was so funny. (1)know (2)would know (3)had known (4)could know 4. If I had known about the good news earlier, I ( ) to congratulate you. (1)would call (2)must have called (3)would have called (4)should call 5. If my son had taken my advice, he ( ) successful now. (1)is (2)was (3)would be (4)would have been 6. I wish I ( ) back the clock and do it all over again. (1)can turn (2)could tuen (3)had turned (4)have turned 7. I wish ( ) much more when I was young. (1)study (2)studied (3)have studied (4)had studied 8. If ( ) he had told her the truth. (1)timely (2)only (3)plainry (4)suddenly 9. It's time Bill ( ) home. (1)go (2)will go (3)goes (4)went 10. ( ) his idleness, he would be a nice fellow. (1)If he would be (2)If he were not (3)If it were not for (4)If it was 11. ( ) for the examination, I could have gone shopping with my friends. (1)Without (2)If (3)But (4)With 12. ( ) for your support, we wouldn't be here. (1)Not were it (2)It were not (3)Were not it (4)Were it not 13. ( ) I known more about the man, I would have gone shopping with my friends. (1)If (2)As (3)Were (4)Had 14. ( ) anything happen to you, you can always call me on my mobile phone. (1)If (2)Should (3)Unless (4)Would 15. ( ) your help, we would have failed. (1)Were it not been for (2)Had it not been for (3)If it had been for (4)Without being 同じ意味になるように空所に適切な語を入れなさい。また、(a)の文を訳しなさい。 1. (a) Because of the storm, I couldn't arrive earlier. (b) If ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) for the storm, I couldn't arrive earlier. 2. (a) If he had helped us, we could have succeeded. (b) ( ) his help, we could have succeeded. 3. (a) If you heard him talk, you would think that he was a new student. (b) ( ) ( ) him talk, you would think that he was a new student. 4. (a) If he the university students had not started at once, they would have missed the train bound for Tokyo. (b) The university students started at once; ( ) they would have missed the train bound for Tokyo. 以上です。 お手数をおかけしますが、どうかよろしくお願いいたします。 ミスなどがありましたらお知らせください。

  • 英語得意な方お願いします><

    自分で書いて英語詞です よかったら感想ください>< the memory of spending it together it's seeming to disappear few how many things have i done that i wanted to do with you i believed what you said and thought that you would be back someday im still waiting you do you see how much i need you? you dont stay with me even if i wish so much even if i wanna hear your voice you dont let me do so but i cant dislike you everytime i part from you i hold my tears so you won't notice if i cried i wonder if you'd come back what can i do for you to come back here? im still looking for the answer do you see how much i need you? you always disappear from here so easily you dont tell me anything true it hurts this much but i cant dislike you i wonder if we could go back like befoe there's a me that's still expecting but the more i expect the more it becomes painful so much that i cry i know how much i want to see you i really need you

  • much too...と too much

    much too...と too much 1) It's much too far to walk to the station from here. 2) This new cola has too much caffeine to drink. 語順で、much too と too much がよく分かりません。 文法的にどのように説明すればよいのでしょうか? よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語でe-mailを。

    こんにちは。 よろしくお願いいたします。 この英文があっているか、他にもっといい表現があるか、教えてください。 Hi!○○! こんにちは。○○! It's been too long.  本当に久しぶりだね。 Have you still study Japanese?  まだ日本語を勉強している? Or isn't there much free time?   それともあまり暇がないかな? I'm busy in studying.  私はお勉強で忙しいよ。 How come back to your parents'home.  実家に帰ってからどう? I'm looking forward to come e-mail.  メール返ってくるの、楽しみにしてるから。 Thanks. よろしくお願いいたします。