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The average college graduate enters the work force later, at 22 to 25, and consequently works fewer total hours, but the lifetime earnings are greater than the average worker’s, totaling about $550,000 (Miernyk, 1975). College graduates are also likely to be more satisfied with their job, although in a recent survey 90 percent of all workers reported satisfaction with their job (but more whites than nonwhites were satisfied) (Troll, 1975). お願いします。


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  • 下記の英文を訳してくださる方はいませんか?

    First, wives tend to be younger than their husbands, by an average of two or three years (Troll, 1975), and thus would naturally be expected to outlive them. Second, women have a longer life expectancy than men all over the world. Finally, elderly widowers are more likely to remarry than elderly widows. Widowers have more to gain from remarrying than widows because husbands often depend entirely on their wives for males, housekeeping, and homemaking, hence their lives are disrupted in major ways by loss of their spouse (Lopata, 1975). In addition, wives often are responsible for maintaining contact with relatives, hence the widower loses contact with them. Finally, husbands do not expect to outlive their wives, hence are not psychologically prepared-socialized-for the loss (Treas, 1975). お願いします。

  • 下記の英文を訳してくださる方はいませんか?

    Failing health Old age is a time of failing health. Over half the elderly have lost their teeth; over half have problems with vision; about half have chronic health problems that limit their activities; and over a fourth have problems with hearing (Kalish, 1975). In addition, serious conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, high blood pressure, and heart disease are more prevalent, and seven out of eight old people have chronic conditions of some kind (Bengtson & Haber, 1975). On top of all this, their incomes are lower and their health costs are higher than at younger ages. お願いします。

  • 下記の英文を訳してくださる方はいませんか?

    Dependency Poverty is not common in old age, but it is far from rare, especially among nonwhite old people. In 1973, about one out of seven (14.4 percent) old whites were below the low-income level used to define poverty, while more than one-third (35.5 percent) of old nonwhites were poor. お願いします。

  • 下記の英文を訳してくださる方はいませんか?

    The other middle-age crisis associated with occupation is that it is during this stage that people normally face the discrepancy between their early ambitions and their actual accomplishments. The discrepancy is likely to be a disappointment unless the ambitions were modest or the individuals have been fortunate. This crisis usually affects the husband more directly than the wife, but it can have an immense indirect effect on her. お願いします。

  • 下記の英文を訳してくれる方はいませんか?

    Other tasks of early adulthood are to establish and maintain a home and family; to enter and maintain a career; to become part of a congenial social group; and to discharge the obligations of citizenship (Troll, 1975). These general tasks are obviously not solvable by any single behavioral change, but rather require many adjustments in many behaviors. Resolution, in other words, requires adaptation to “large number s of detailed task-lets” (Havighrst. 1973, p, 10), which can be grouped in various ways. An example is the general tasks of establishing and maintaining a family. To accomplish this task, one must normally have a mate, which requires nit only selecting a duce and rear children (the average is still more than one per family), obtain and manage a home, etc. お願いします。

  • 下記の英文を訳してくれる方はいますか?

    These statistics do not indicate two middle-age crises associated with occupation. One is the financial strain of supporting adolescent children, especially if they are in college or they married young and require financial assistance. The average first child first child is born when the husband is 22 or 23 years old and the last child when he is 28 or 29. Therefore, the husband will be supporting adolescent children and maybe college students as he begins middle age. お願いします。

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    At the moment big structural shifts, such as the growth of China and India, are influencing prices less than one might think. The two Asian giants are demanding more food (and more types of food), but so far their own farmers have largely satisfied that, so they have not needed to trade much (though that would change dramatically if China were to import wheat this year). どなたかお願いしますm(__)m

  • 下記の英文を訳してくれる方はいませんか?

    Developmental tasks The period of young adulthood begins with the completion of formal schooling and entry into the job and marriage market. For married parents it ends with departure of the children; for others the end is related to psychologically meaningful events which reveal they are no longer “promising” youngsters. Erikson identified the crisis of this period as intimacy vs. isolation. A major developmental task is the development of intimacy, especially with the opposite sex. During adolescence, the biology of sex is of more concern and interest than are interpersonal affection and intimacy (McCandless, 1970). During early adulthood, however, a failure to establish intimacy leads to isolation and stifles further psychological growth (Erikson, 1963). お願いします。

  • 英文で2つ質問です

    The ones with more to lose are more likely to lose them. これは、どういう意味なのでしょうか?失うものが多い人は、失いやすいみたいなことでしょうか? 文脈的にはまらない感じがするので、これでよいか教えてください。 ↓は周辺の文です。受験についてです。(placesは定員の空きのことです) He said: "It is not a case of saying that we have more applicants from state schools. Therefore, we must reduce places from independent schools. But if competition goes up, somebody will lose out on places. The ones with more to lose are more likely to lose them." また、↓の文でless than以下は、「(セントヒルダスカレッジの出願の少なさが)古典・生物・化学の2人分の定員に一人以下」と読んでみたのですが、いまいちどういう意味がわかりませんので教えてください。 St Hilda's, Oxford's only all-female college, typically receives far fewer applications than other colleges — less than one for every two places offered in classics, biology or chemistry, for instance — but gains from the university’s allocation of candidates who have expressed no college preference.

  • 英語の勉強をしていて。

    英語の勉強をしていて。 英文を読んでいて、どう解釈すればいいのか、悩んでます。 with the economy bogged down in a recession and the unemployment rate higher than it's been in decades, many new graduates are finding their job searches are longer and more difficult than they'd expected. 最初のwith はなんですか?分詞構文ですか? なぜ、ここに分詞構文が?  and if and when they do find work,the jobs may come with a lower salary,be somewhere far away from family and friends or in a different field than the one they'd planned to enter. こちらの文章では、be somewhere という形式をとっているのはなぜなのか。 なぜ、be をつけているのでしょうか? 詳しい方、よろしくお願い致します。 初歩的で基本的なことだとは思うのですが、自分の中で納得がいかないので、質問させていただきました。