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和訳をお願いします 長くなってすみません(>_<) A situation comedy,or sitcom, is a type of comedy program that is popular in the U.S. The stories are often about everyday events in daily life and take place in a common setting such as a home or office. In many sitcoms, we hear people not on the screen laughing at the funny parts of the show. This is called a laugh track. It is a separate sound track added to the program. This gives viewers the feeling that they are in atheater with a lot of other people. Sitcoms are popular not only in America but also in many English-speaking countries around the world.


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連続ホームコメディすなわちシットコムは、米国で人気がある一種の喜劇番組です。 物語はしばしば日常生活の毎日の出来事についてのもので、家庭や職場と言った様なありふれた場面設定で繰り広げられます。多くのシットコムの中で、我々はスクリーンに現れていない人々がショーのおかしな部分で笑っているのを耳にします。これは、ラフトラックと呼ばれています。それは、プログラムに加えられる別のサウンドトラックです。これは、視聴者に彼らが多くの他の人と劇場にいるという感じを与えます。シットコムは、アメリカでだけでなく世界中の多くの英語を話す国々でも人気があります。





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    Millions of people are using cell phones today. In many places it is actually considered unusual not to use one. In many countries, cell phones are very popular with young people. They find that the phones are more than a means of communication-having a mobile phone shows that they are cool and connected. The explosion around the world in mobile phone use has some health professionals worried. Some doctors are concerned that in the future many people may suffer health problems from the use of mobile phones. In England, there has been a serious debate about this issue. Mobile phone companies are worried about the negative publicity of such ideas. They say that there is no proof that mobile phons are bad for your health. この英文の和訳が分かりません教えて下さい。できればいやくはしないでください。

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    和訳教えてください 1) It is a matter of great concern whether this situation will get better or worse in the future. 2)I thought it a pity that so many people died in the war. よろしくお願いします

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    英文の翻訳をしていただけるかた のみで、お願いできますでしょうか? 抽象的なところは意訳していただけると ありがたいです。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 This old karmic link with you is very strong. Karmic bonds are not as uncommon as people think. We have all lived many times, many lives, and one soul can be drawn back to another life after life if the bond between them is powerful enough. Some people think that everyone we meet who is important in some way in our life has a karmic connection, whether this is a teacher or master, or a best friend. I am not so sure but there are many karmic links in our life time, and this for you will be the strongest. Neither of you will be aware of the karmic link as such, only that the relationship will be compelling, almost obsessive or haunting. As though once you have met the relationship must continue come what may.

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    The mid-life crisis One of the more popular ideas in recent years is that of the mid-life crisis. In many societies, adults simply work from the time that they are grown (or in some cases before) until they become too old. But in modern Western societies, it is no longer the case that we stay doing the same job throughout our woking lives. Temporary work, redundancies, adult re-training schemes and a greater emphasis on job satisfaction mean that many people hit a period in their 40s or 50s when they being to re-evaluate their lives, and decide that they want to do something which is more personally meaningful for them. Sometimes, this crisis simply takes the form of the person looking for different job. But in the modern world, such decisions usually mean re-training, and some people go back into full-time education to achieve this. Universities have growing numbers of numbers of adult students, as do colleges and training schemes, and even people who left school feeling that they were too 'thick' to gain qualifications find that this is not so, and that they can learn as effectively as anyone else.

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    和訳をお願いします(>_<) 和訳をお願いします 長くなってすみません(>_<) Stamp collecting is one of the most interesting of all hobbies. People collect stamps for different reason. Some just like to get stamps together and arrange them in an album. Others are interested in the history, geography, and culture of the countries whose stamps they collect. Still others are attracted to stamps because of the many interesting subjects pictured on them. Almost every collector dreams of one day finding a “sleeper.” This is a rare or valuable stamp that has not been noticed among stamps worth little or nothing.

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    Among the many buzzwords we hear in Japan at the beginning of the 21st century, two of the most common are “freeter” and “NEET.” These terms refer to people who either work in temporary jobs (freeters) or those that have no employment, education or training (NEETs). Although freeters are working, most people have a negative impression when they hear these words. One of the images that many foreigners have of Japanese people is that they are diligent. How can it be then that this new breed of people, who appear to have a casual attitude towards work, or are even lazy, came to exist? The answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem.

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    1.your question seems to have quite a lo of subtext as wel.Intentional/unintentional/consciou s/unconscious is not always so clearly defined.Is there actually a subtext,or do you perceive a subtext?Not on easily answered question. 2.subtextual messaging that the person who does not exist in this social style of speaking is misuunderstood most of the time.people around them are looking for another massage.How must that person feel? 長文になりました。またこの(subtext)がおよそ何を意味しているのかもわかりましたら教えて下さ い。よろしくお願いします。

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    英文を和訳していただけるかたのみで お願いできますでしょうか? 抽象的な部分は意訳していただけると ありがたいです。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 Life is sometimes vaguely lonely or incomplete, at times it can be desperately or intently so. But often it is just a sense of something missing, or of wanting something more to life and not knowing what. this is because somewhere your Soul and his are already joined, and somewhere part of you knows your present is just an interlude a time of waiting. There are many mystical powers and forces both worldly and unworldly that hold love together once a relationship has crossed the initial barrier or meeting and begun, and many that tear it apart. fate, circumstance, emotions, chance, time, the influence of other people, these are but a few of the complex network that forms the future.

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    In the job I do, I do not trtnslate the actors' lines word. On average, Japanese people can only read three characters a second, so there is a limit to the number of characters that I can use. As a result, I have to find ways of making the subtitles shorter than the lines that the actors actually say. there are also times when I have to change a line completely. This is because some of the lines need cultural or background knowlewge. Wishout that knowlewge,viewers cannot understand what the actor means. Sometimes a line contains something that only the original language can communicate ―like a pun. These lines must be changed,too. The subtitles have to be short enough and clear enough to allow viewers to understand what is happening in the movie on one quick reading.

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    Poverty means not having enough resources to get basic things and services such as food, water, health care and education. There are many factors that cause poverty. Economic inequality, a dry climate, and low levels of education are some of the main factors. It is a big problem around the world. Every day, about 25000 people die of hunger or diseases caused by hunger. Many developed nations give financial aid or food to developing nations to help them fight poverty. For years, this has been the standard type of help given to them. But these developing nations haven't really gotten rid of poverty. The reason is because such assistance is short-term and not very effective. Once the money or food runs out, developing nations go back to the same poor conditions they were in before they received the help. What is necessary, therefore, is to teach these people how to survice in the long term.