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I was lucky enough to have a teacher who did't take my bad grades as a judgement of my abilities, but simply as an indication that I should study more. take A as B の構文の意味も一緒に教えていただけると助かります。


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  • bakansky
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take A as B という構文であるということを見ることが出来るというだけで、素晴らしいです。あとは単語が分れば何とかなります。 > a teacher who did't take my bad grades as a judgement of my abilities, but simply as an indication that I should study more この部分ですね。 → a teacher who did't take [my bad grades] as [a judgement of my abilities,] but [simply as an indication that I should study more] take A as B but C という構文になっています。「A を B でなく C と取る」 という形です。 「私の悪い成績を私の能力の判定としてではなくて、私がもっと勉強すべきであるという指標としてとらえた教師」 とでも訳せるでしょうか。 全体的には、少し冗長に訳せば、「私の成績が悪くても、だからお前は無能なんだと決め付けずに、もっと勉強すべきだということが示されているのだととらえてくれた先生がいたということは、私にとっては幸運なことだった」 みたいな文だと思います。



ご丁寧にありがとうございました! 助かりました!

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  • sayshe
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I was lucky enough to have a teacher who did't take my bad grades as a judgement of my abilities, but simply as an indication that I should study more. 私は幸運にも私の悪い成績を私の能力の判断としては考えず、単に私がもっと勉強しなくてはならないことを示すものとして考えてくれる先生を得ることができました。 <構文> * didn't take ... but ...= not A but B「AではなくてB」 *take A as B 「AをBと考える、受け止める」 *A enough to B「Bするほど十分A、とてもAなのでB」 = so A that S can B (= I was so lucky that I could have [had] a teacher ...)





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    和訳して頂けませんか。 I used to think that I’d rather die than lose a limb in combat. But as soon as I was shot, that thought went completely out of the window. I couldn’t have said to the doctor fast enough, ‘Take my leg! I’ll figure the rest out later!’ 最後の文の意味が分かりません。教えて頂けませんか。

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     久しぶりに英語を勉強し始め、いろいろ調べるも、次の英文の和訳と文の構造がわかりませんでした。 よろしくお願いいたします。 (1)You'll understand those changes (and a lot of other things) much better after reading it. (特にmuch better以下と前半の関係が分かりません。) (2)I'm sending you a carbon copy;I'll keep the original in my files.(この文は分かりました。) (3)I don't come in until much later,but never mind. (4)You'll find enough to interest you until I do.

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    i cant really stay as commited to studying because of school:( ihave other things i study to but this year im taking spanish classes so its hard for me. becausue everything my teacher says in spanish i almost say in japanese hehehe but i think in a way that is good because i remember right?:) なぜright?と聞いてきたのでしょうか。 because of schoolってなにか省略してますか? 和訳お願いします。

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    Maybe I'm lucky. The diamond was named for my family. The diamond wasn't even mine! I just carried it for one day! I don't believe that bad things happen because of the diamond. Why me? My family bought the diamond over 100 years ago!

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    As I don’t think I have enough assignment to fly you. But anyway, maybe I could fly over expand my overseas portfolio. Can you be my counterpart there then? よろしければ和訳をお願いします!

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    At the concert there was a girl who got in my taxi and said take me home... I said sure I'll take you home. She no TAKE ME HOME!!! I said oh no, no I have a girlfriend. She actually said " she won't know about it" I said but I will. When she got out she gave me $20 dollar tip, and said your girlfriend is lucky! I said no she's special. That is word for word what was said.

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    I am serious about you my love, you are my present & my future! I realized that there was a connection with you & had no fear in letting you know how much you benefit me, mean & how I am in love with you! I love you sweetheart, quoting a text from the bible, not as well: where you go I will go, your people will be my people.. I can not say enough I love you, I love you, I love you 宜しくお願いします。

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    翻訳機は使わないでください^^; So she said to Tammy, "Why would anyone write about school?" Tommy looked at her. "Because it's not our kind of school, stupid. This is the old kind of school that they had hundreds of years ago." He added, saying the word carefully, " Centuries ago." Margie was hurt. "Well, I don't know what kind of school they had all that time ago." She read the book over his shoulder for a while. Then she said, "Anyway, they had a teacher." "Sure they had a teacher, but it wasn't a regular teacher. It was a man." "A man? How could a man be a teacher?" "Well, he just told the boys and girls things. He gave them homework and asked them questions." "A man isn't smart enough." "Sure he is. My father knows as much as my teacher." "He can't. A man can't know as much as a teacher." "He knows almost as much, I'm sure." Margie wasn't prepared to argue. She said, "I wouldn't want a strange man in my house to teach me." Tommy laughed. 'You don't know much, Margie. The teachers didn't live in the house. They had a special building, and all the kids went there." "And all the kids learned the same thing?' "Sure, if they were the same age." "But my mother says a teacher has to be adjusted to fit the mind of each boy and girl it teaches. Each kid has to be taught in different ways." "Just the same, they didn't do it that way then. If you don't like it, you don't have to read the book." "I didn't say I didn't like it," Margie said quickly. She wanted to read about those funny schools. They weren't even half finished when Margie's mother called, "Margie! School!" Margie looked up. "Not yet, Mama." "Now," said Mrs. Jones. "And it's probably time for Tommy, too." Margie said to Tommy, "Can I read the book some more with you after school?' "Maybe," he said. He walked away whistling, the book under his arm.

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    My 15-year-old son and his stepmom, my wife of eight years, have developed such a contentious relationship that I don't know what to do anymore. He's not a bad kid but has a history of lying about grades, schoolwork, and some really silly things like cleaning his room. I've been disciplining him for years now. Grounded, do chores, etc. She takes the fact that I can't eradicate the lying as a failure of my parenting, and creates situations all the time where they fight. takes the factはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

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    お世話になったホストマザーからのお返事です。 和訳お願いします。 I`ve just seen your message-sorry. Did you study at SunPacific College or were you there for a study tour? I must have a bad memory. -can you show me a photo of you? Thankyou so much for your message.