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Q:次の文の誤りを指摘して正しくなおしなさい。 1:That famous cherry tree is dead because of pollution. Yes,we have to do something to save it. 2:John and Mary have been knowing each other since 1976. 3:When have you come to Japan? 4:By the time he retires,Professor Yamada will teach for almost forty years. 解答と訳をお願いします


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1:That famous cherry tree is dead because of pollution. Yes,we have to do something to save it. (That famous cherry tree is dying because of pollutants. Yes we have to do something to save it.汚染物質によりあの有名な桜の木が死につつあります。確かに、木を守るために何かをわれわれはしなければなりません。) われわれはその木を助けるために何かしなければならないというわけですからまだ生きており、死につつあるということが分かります。従いましてis dyingとなります。またpollutionは汚染という概念ですので、概念が木を枯らすわけではないので汚染物質つまりpollutantsとする必要があります。 2:John and Mary have been knowing each other since 1976. (John and Mary have known each other since 1976.ジョンとメアリは1976年以来の知り合いです。) あえて進行形にする必要がない、なぜならばhave knownというのはある期間をすでに示しているので、この場合は進行している状態と重複するように思えます。 3:When have you come to Japan? (When did you come to Japan?あなたはいつ日本に来ましたか) 日本に来たのはいつかというある時点を聞いているはずですので、have comeという時間に幅のある文章では意図と矛盾します。 4:By the time he retires,Professor Yamada will teach for almost forty years. ( By the time Professor Yamada retires, he will have taught for almost forty years. 山田教授が退任するまでに、彼はその時までおおむね40年教えることとなります。) 最初にheが出てくると聞いた人はそんな人知らないよという疑問を持ちますので、初めにProfessor Yamadaを持ってきます。またいまから退職するまでにというわけですから、40年という期間がかかるという意味では今から40年後の未来に完了するという意味にすべきだと思います。


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1. That famous cherry tree is dying because of pollution. Yes, we have to do something to save it. あの有名な桜の木が、汚染のせいで、枯れかけています。 ええ、私たちは、それを守るために何かしなくてはいけません。 is dead 枯れている のではなくて、is dying 枯れかけている ので、何かしなくてはならない。 2. John and Mary have known each other since 1976. ジョンとメアリーは、1976年以来の知り合いです。 know は、知っている、状態を表わしているので、進行形は不可。 3. When did you come to Japan? あなたは、いつ、日本に来ましたか? When で、時を訪ねている場合、現在完了ではなく、過去形を用いる。 4. By the time he retires, Professor Yamada will have taught for almost forty years. 退職する頃までには、山田教授は、ほぼ40年教えたことになるだろう。 退職するのはこれから先のこと、その時までに、40年教えたことになるので、未来完了。



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    1 I'll return Jane's book to her the next time I () her. アwill see イsaw ウsee エhave seen 2 These flowers () lovely. アsmell イare smell エare being smelt 3 “Mr.Green?… Well, if I remember correctly, he's a bit taller than average, and his hair is white, and he () glasses.” アis putting イis wearing ウputs on エwears 4 “Have you ever seen that movie?” “Yes, when I was in Tokyo, I () it three times.” アhad seen イhave seen ウsaw エwould see 5 “She looks so sad. () I go and talk to her?” “No, You had better leave her alone.” アWill イWould ウOught エShall 6 () it be true that 70% of Americans believe in angels? アCan イMust ウDoes エMay 7 I heard you're planning to build a new house. Do you know how much () ? アcost it will be イit cost ウit will cost エwill it cost 8 “Have you seen Mary recently?” “No, but () dinner with her on Sunday.” アI'm having イI'd been having ウI'd have エI've had 9 I don't think I can meet you at six tomorrow night because we have a lot of extra work this month. Probably, (). アI'll still be working イI'll still work ウI'm still at work エI'm still working 10 “That famous cherry tree () because of pollution.” “Yes, we have to do something to save it.” アhas death イhas died ウis dead エis dying 解説、解説等お願い致します。

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    解答と合わせて、訳と文法的な解説などをつけていただけると助かります。 ランダムにさまざまな問題が混ざっているので、できるだけ何か説明がほしいです。 お願いします。 【A】 1 May I borrow that magazine when you () reading it?   アfinished イhave finished ウwill finish エwill have finished 2 It´s a pity that John and Mary broke up. They () married today.   アhave got イwill have got ウhad got エwere to have got 3 The chair is broken. You´d better () someone to fix it.   アmake イget ウcause エlet 4 How can he qualify for the job () he is only thirteen years old?   アthat イwhen ウwhere エwhy 5 A tax is to a country () gasoline is to a car.   アwhat イwhen ウwhich エwhy 6 He went out () so much as saying goodbye to me.   アdoing イeven ウnothing エwithout 7 Such a poor country cannot provide good medical services, much () a good       education.   アfew イmore ウless エlittle 8 Dick () arrived here already. I´m afraid he has lost his way.   アcannot have イshould have ウmust have エmight have 9 A computer is essencially an efficient means of processing ().   アinformation イan information ウinformations エany informations 10 It´s a () your wife couldn´t come. I really wanted to meet her.   アharm イshame ウsorrow エtrouble 11 She reads all the fashion magazines to keep () with the times.   アover イup ウalong エoff 【B】 1 そのパーティでとても愉快に過ごしました。   I enjoyed () very much at the party. 2 バスでも列車でも、どちらでも私はかまいません。   It makes no () to me whether we go by bus or train. 3 昨夜彼と口論したが、今朝仲直りした。   I had words with him last night, but we () up this morning. 4 中に入ってお待ちになったらどうですか。   Why () come in and wait here? 【C】 1 My sister was filled with joy.   =My sister was beside () with joy. 2 He adviced her to stop talking, but she didn´t.   =She didn´t stop talking in () of his advice. 3 He was ninety when he died.   =He died at the () of ninety. 4 This car is already out of date.   =This car is no longer () to date. 【D】 1 Nuclear weapons may (bring about) the destruction of mankind. 2 They all (look on) him as their leader. 3 Do you agree with what he (came up with)? 4 Her request for a pay raise was (turned down) again. 5 It took her a long time to (get over) the shock from his impolite remark. (アovercome イcause ウreject エregard オpropose カutilize) 【E】誤りの選択です。 1 He forget (bringing) his homework (to school), so his teacher (got) angry (at) him. 2 Every boy and (every) girl (was) glad to see (the) new teacher (to come) in. 3 They kept (a fire) (burn) all night (to protect) themselves from (the cold). 4 They said they (have got) (married) (three years) (before). 5 (It) is interesting to (compare) the manners and customs of Japan (with) (that) of   the United States. 【F】 1 (should,of,great,be,taken,care) the aged. 2 I could hardly believe that (be,everything,it,the,to,used,was still,way). 3 She was (to,person,I,expected,see,the,last,had). 4 Philosophy (difficult,subject,as,so,a,is,not) you imagine it is. 以上です。

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    訳や解説などございましたら、付けてくださると助かります。 お願いします。 【A】 1 She proposed that the plan () put into action.   アbe イis ウwas エwould be 2 He regrets ()harder in his youth.   アhaving not studied イnot ta have studied ウnot to study エnot having studied 3 Whatever he says, the fact () it is difficult to make a living nowadays.   アremaining イremains that ウthat remaining エthat remains 4 Mr.Smith, a prosperous businessman, does not know () to be poor.   アhou it is like イwhich is it like ウwhat it is like エlike what it is 5 That´s nonsense. ()but a fool would believe it.   アAll イAnyone ウEveryone エNobody 6 Susie and her sister are so () that they could almost be twins. 【B】 1 Robbers entered the house by force last night.   Robbers broke () the house last night. 2 It was easy for me to find the library.   I had () difficulty in () the library. 3 His composition is far from satisfactory.   His composition () much to be desired. 4 How many people are there in Japan?   () is the population of Japan? 【C】 1 The death penalty was (done away with) in the country in 1993. 2 The police finally began to (look into) the manner. 3 John really (takes after) his father, especially the way he walks. 4 I recommend that you (set about) your business without delay. 5 The outdoor concert will be (put off) because of the approaching typhoon. アabolish イstart ウrespect エpostpone オresemble カinvestigate  【D】 A      B      C     D 1actor   actress  hero   () 2see    sight    prove  () 3swim   swimming die    () 4anxiety  anxious  energy  () 5majority minority  comedy  () 【E】誤りの選択問題です。 1 (Do you mind) (to come) (to) a party on Saturday (at) the International House? 2 Was (it) last Sunday (that) we (went fishing) (to the river)? 3 He will (become) to (see) the problem (in) a new (light). 4 (Other) things (are) equal, this is (far) better than (that). 5 Traveling by (the train) is (more) comfortable (than) traveling (by air). 【F】 1 (to,being,are,made,efforts,clean) our cities and rivers. 2 (have,hand,all,is,in,to,you,do) this report. 3 Although he is ten years ald, he (so,as,write,cannot,much) his own name. 4 I remember the event as (had,as,happened,if,clearly,it) only yesterday. 【G】 1 A:Mary! ()   B:I´m getting married.   アGuess what! イTake it easy! ウWhat about you! エSay when? 2 A:May I speak to Mr.Komazawa?   B:Certainly, sir. Wait a moment, please. ()   アI can´t hear you. イI can´t speak to you. ウHe holds up now. エHe is on another line. 以上です。

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    自分の答えが合っているかと 間違っていた問題は訳や説明をいただけると嬉しいです。 ・熱海へ商用で行ったときに撮った写真を差し上げます  I will give you pictures (taking, taken) in Atami when I made a business call there.→taken ・彼は腕を組んで立っていましたか?  Was he standing with his arms()?→folding ・私は風に髪をなびかせて走っていた。  I was running with my hair () in the wind.→streaming ・He got his leg () in the accident. 1. to wound 2. wounded 3. wounding 4. unwound→2 ・There is something wrong with the engine, so I have to () as soon as possible. 1. make it fixed 2. have it fix 3. get it to fix 4. get it fixed→4 ・Although it was very cold, the teacher left the students () in the hall. 1. having waited 2. to have waited 3. waited 4. waiting→4 ・() nothing to do, I took a nap after lunch. 1. It was 2. To have been 3. Been 4. There being→1 ・() from the plane, these mountains are really beautiful. 1. Seen 2. Seeing 3. To see 4. Having seen→2 わからなかった問題です。 訳もお願いしたいです。 ・間違った部分を選んで直す 1 They (1spent) the night (2chatting) (3over) snacks (4preparing) by Mary's mother. 2 I found it (1surprised) that the designer (2whose) clothes have been (3worn) by famous movie stars (4was arrested) 3 The language teacher looked very (1disappointing) to find (2that) her students (3could) not make themselves (4understood) in English. ・並び替え ウイリアムズさんは本を読みながら足を組んで座っていた Mr, Williams (a/crossed/his/legs/reading/sat/while/with)book.

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    ( )内に入る最も適当な語句を選びなさい。また、完成した文を訳しなさい。 1. I started to ( ) worried when I discovered that my passport was missing from my handbag. (1)get (2)have (3)remain (4)seem 2. ( ) education more widely available is necessary in some countries. (1)Telling (2)Sharing (3)Making (4)Dealing 3. The first typhoon is ( ) the Philippines right now. (1)approaching (2)comig (3)going (4)nearly 4. Can you please ( ) me what time the show begins? (1)teach (2)talk to (3)speak to (4)tell 5. A : Didn't you there to see her yesterday?   B : ( ) I met her there and we went to the party together. (1)No, I didn't. (2)No, I did. (3)Yes, I didn't. (4)Yes, I did. 6. Since I forget to pay the annual fee, this membership card ( ) last Monday. (1)expired (2)has expired (3)has been expired (4)has been expiring 7. Emily was ( ) to go out when the telephone rang. (1)about (2)close (3)for (4)used 8. The telephone ( ) for almost a minute. Why doesn't someone answer it? (1)is ringing (2)rang (3)had been ringing (4)has been ringing 9. The movie ( ) by the time you finish that huge bucket of popcorn. (1)ended (2)had eneded (3)has ended (4)will have ended 10. When I was a child, my mother ( ) say, "The only thing you can't keep is a secret !" (1)will (2)will often (3)would often (4)always 11. You might as ( ) leave early because there is no more work to do today. (1)beat (2)better (3)well (4)good 12. The president said, "All of you ( ) to attend this meeting." (1)are expected (2)expects (3)are expect (4)expecting 13. All of us know Mr. Ichiro Suzuki well. = Mr. Ichiro Szuki ( ). (1)knows all of us very well (2)is well known to all of us (3)is known all of us well (4)is to know of us very well 14. Is it possible that his death might not have been accidental ? Could he have ( ), Dr. Winkel ? (1)be pushed (2)be pushing (3)been pushed (4)be pushing 15. ( ) a matter of fact, I have been to London four times. (1)Of (2)On (3)In (4)As 16. Her sister makes money by playing the violin:( ), she is a professional musician. (1)as a result (2)for example (3)in other words (4)on the other hand 17. It ( ) a difference whether you vote or not. (1)makes (2)takes (3)does (4)leads 以上です。 どうかよろしくお願いします。 間違いなどがありましたら、お知らせください。