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Or it could also be said that the extreme increase of the human race,which has occured only in the past hundred years or so,has suddenly produced a very large quantity of meat,which is stting everywhere in the biosphere and may not be able to defend itself against alife form thet might want to consume it. という文の和訳が分かりません…。 自分訳) 「あるいはこう言うことも出来る。ここ百年ほどに起こった極端な人類の増加は突然莫大な量の~~~???」 からあとがよく分からないです。meatは肉?sitはどういう意味?may not以下はどこに掛かっているのか、詳しく分かる方、お時間があったらお教えください。お願いします。


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引用文にところどころ誤字脱字があるようですね。気をつけてください。 meat は食料としての肉ですが、ここではその肉のもととなる動物達をも表しています。 sit というのは、動き回っていない状態(つまりそこら辺に転がってる)を表していると考えればよいでしょう。 may not は is sitting と同様に which の後に続くものです。 以上がヒントです。訳文はご自分であみ出してみてください。



誤字脱字すみません…。(読み返して自分で口が開きました 参考にして訳してみます。ありがとうございました!


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    Or it could also be said that the extreme increase of human race, which has occurred only in the past hundred years or so, has suddenly produced a very large quantity of meat, which is sitting everywhere in the biosphere and may not be able to defend itself against a life form that might want to consume ir. いや、それはまた人類の極度な増加だと言われている。それはただ過去百年またそのような年において生じていて、突然食物?の量を非常に生産し、生態系において、そして消費したいかもしれない生活様式に対して守かもしれない座っている? 意味不明です…。

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    After all,' says Buckland, it should be recollected that the question is not respecting the correctness of the Mosaic narrative, but of our interpretation of it,' proposition which can hardly be sufficiently reprobated. Such a doctrine, carried out unreservedly, strikes at the root of critical morality. It may, indeed, be sometimes possible to give two or three different interpretations to one and the same passage, even in a modern and familiar tongue, in which case this may arise from the unskilfulness of the writer or speaker who has failed clearly to express his thought. In a dead or foreign language the difficulty may arise from our own want of familiarity with its forms of speech, or in an ancient book we may be puzzled by allusions and modes of thought the key to which has been lost. But it is no part of the commentator's or interpreter's business to introduce obscurity or find difficulties where none exist, and it cannot be pretended that, taking it as a question of the use of words to express thoughts, there are any peculiar difficulties about understanding the first chapter of Genesis, whether in its original Hebrew or in our common translation, which represents the original with all necessary exactness. The difficulties arise for the first time, when we seek to import a meaning into the language which it certainly never could have conveyed to those to whom it was originally addressed. Unless we go the whole length of supposing the simple account of the Hebrew cosmogonist to be a series of awkward equivocations, in which he attempted to give a representation widely different from the facts, yet, without trespassing against literal truth, we can find no difficulty in interpreting his words. Although language may be, and often has been, used for the purpose, not of expressing, but concealing thought, no such charge can fairly be laid against the Hebrew writer.

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    以下の英文の和訳をお願いします。 Displacement is one means by which the dream does this. In the first place, it is the effect of feeling which is displaced, so that what appears to be most important and full of emotion in the dream may be really of least significance, whereas an apparently trifling matter may be pregnant with meaning. The emphasis of the dream is thus displaced and so eludes the censor.

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    Methylation is a chemical process in which a methyl(CH3)group is added to an atom or molecule. The resulting compound does not usually dissolve in water and is more easily absorbed into organisms such as plankton. Methylmercury is very dangerous because it enters the food chain as soon as it is absorbed into plankton. Next, it ends up in a fish that eats the contaminated plankton. After the contaminated fish is eaten by another fish, the methylmercury stays in the surviving fish's flesh, and the cycle may be repeated over and over. Once the mercury reaches the top of the food chain, for example in a 300-kilogram tuna, it will stay there for the rest of the fish's life. As a result, people are very worried about the effect of eating fish that are high on the food chain or very old. These fish may have very high accumulations of mercury, and thus may be dangerous to eat. Fish that are lower on the food chain, or younger, are seen as safer. As the article makes clear, an important first step is to discover the exact nature of the ocean's mercury methylation process. After the process is understood, it may be possible to control it. Until we can reduce the amount of mercury that accumulates in the ocean, it would be advisable to avoid fish that may be high on mercury, wouldn't it?

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    英文を和訳していただけるかたのみで お願いできますでしょうか? 2つの段落よなります。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 You will give meaning to his life, which will be unhappy, dead and dull at the time. He will feel that he has only come alive since meeting you, and all else before has been like a dark shadow. You will end his loneliness. Relationships goes in stages like slices of bread in a loaf. There is the meeting, which is stage one. Then the attraction, stage two the mutual quickening of feelings, stage three. The courtship or friendship, the elusive decision of the future, made consciously or unconscious or by fate about where if anywhere that courtship will lead. The life plane for the future which may include a traditional engagement, wedding and marriage, or which may be a different plan, a life long liaison, a brief tragic affair, a long distance love that barely touches the solid world, they can all be chapters in the book of your future, all relationship are individual between this conventional outline are many variations.

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    英文の和訳で困っています 和訳を教えていただきたいです よろしくお願いします!! More plausible in Paul Zanker’s suggestion that the building, whose auditorium would have held between 1,500 and 2,000 people, may have served as an assembly chamber for meetings of the colonists. Its architectural form tallies well enough with that of assembly-halls or council-chambers in certain Hellenistic cities in the Aegen area, notably Priene and Miletus in Asia Minor. The fact that it was situated next to the large theatre does not imply that it, too, was intended for public entertainments. The position of both buildings was dictated by the convenience of a hill-slope in which the auditoria could be hollowed.

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    The aim of the physicianin the treatment of insanity is to bring the means at his command to bear, directly or indirectly , on the disordered nerve elemnt. But, in striving to do this, he soon learns with how many bodily organs and functionshe has really to do. to callmind a function of the brain may lead to much misapprehension, if it be thereby supposed that the brain is the only organ which is concerned in the function of mind. There is not an organ in the body which is not in intimate relation with the brain by means of its paths of nervous communication, which has not , so to speak, a special corresopondance with it through internuncial fibres, and which does not, therefore, affect more or less plainly and specially its[ist=the brain's] function as an organ of mind. It is not merely that a parpitating heart may cause anxiety and apprehension, or a disorderedliver[may cause] gloomy feelings, but there are good reasons to believe that eachorgan has its specific influence on the constituiton and function of mind; an influence not yet to be set forth scientifically., because it is exerted on that unconscious mental life which is the basis of all that we consciously feel and think. were the heart of one man to be placed in the body of another it would probably make no difference in the circulation of the blood, but it might make a real difference in the temper of his mind. so close is the physiological sympathy of parts in the commonwealth of the body that it is necessary in the physiological study of mind to regard it as a function of the whole organism, as complehending the whole bodily life.

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    英文を和訳していただけるかた のみでお願いできますでしょうか? 1段落の前半部分となります。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 The sun fell in your twelfth celestial house at birth, this is also the house of the hidden. It means that your soul mate will be a man of obscurity, or if he has power it will be behind the scenes. Not an open status. He may have hidden ambitions and aims in life to do with his Career. He will rise out of difficulty and obscurity. To become someone more important The love will be one that helps you overcome personal obstacles, inhibitions, or things that have got in the way of finding love before. It’s a love that l is like a light on a dark lonely road,, compelling like a distant flame that never goes out, it can seem to help you find the way ahead in your life, or help you carry on. It will make all the things you have struggled against in the past worthwhile.

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    even in colder climates and more puritanical societies it has generally been true that the more clothes someone has on, the higher his or her status. this principle can be observed in medieval and renaissance art, where peasants wear relatively few garments, while kings and queens (including the king and queen of heaven) are burdened with layers of gowns and robes and mantles, even in indoor scenes. the recent fashion for "layered" clothes may be related, as is sometimes claimed, to the energy shortage; it is also a fine way of displaying a large wardrobe. 訳が分かるかたお願いします 特にわかりにくいのは (including the king and queen of heaven) と it is also a fine way of displaying a large wardrobe. の部分です。

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    There are therefore 192 subjects(forty per cent of the sample) whose happiness and domestic efficiency are to a greater or lesser extent dependent on the ready accessibility of their children or other relatives. No solution of the problems of old age will be acceptable to the people themselves or to their children which does not take the family factor into account. King, Sir Geoffrey, formerly Permanent Secretary, Ministry, of Pensions and National Insurance, "Policy and Practice", Old Age in the Modern World, 1995. Studies in other places such as Hammersmith, Acton, and Northern Ireland have also produced some evidence of close ties between old people and their relatives and of a willingness to bear the burden of nursing care. But the evidence gained in these inquiries was incidental to their main purposes. There has been no specialized study of the place of the old person in the family. Yet such detailed knowledge may be fundamental to any understanding of old age or of its problems. That is the starting point of this study. How often do old people see their children and their brothers and sisters, and do they live near or far? What services do relatives perform for each other every day and at times of crisis? What is the differences in family role of an old man and an old woman? Can a more precise meaning be given to loneliness and social isolation and what does it mean to be widowed, single, or childless? Is the status of old people undergoing change? Which old people make the greatest demand on the State aid or replace the efforts of the family? These are some of the questions which will be discussed in this report.