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My husband and I agreed not to give each other gifts for Valentine’s Day, so I bought him nothing. He bought a few small items and left them on the counter for me to find when I got home after 8 p.m. I tried to joke it off by saying, “I thought we agreed to not buy gifts.” His retort was snotty: “So I’m guilty of getting you something nice. I’m sorry.” After putting the kids in bed, an argument ensued. I told him I appreciated the thought behind the gift and thanked him for it, but shared that it makes me feel guilty for not reciprocating. He continued to apologize for buying something. I want him to understand that I’m hurt that he reneged on our agreement, not that he bought something. (This isn’t a financial issue.) I know it is nuanced and I seem ungracious, but he doesn’t see the difference. ここでのnuancedはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします


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ここでは”微妙な””ちょっとした違い”と訳すべきでしょう。nuance = subtle difference : 微妙な違い。ここではそれの形容詞または動詞の受動態。 「私は彼が約束を守らなかったことに傷ついていることを理解して欲しい。彼が何かを買ったことではなく(お金の問題じゃない)。それはちょっとした違いだし私が不当に見えることはわかるけど、彼はその違いをわかってくれない。」




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 ここでのnuancedはどのような意味でしょうか?  nuanced は、「特別の意味合いを持たせる」と言う他動詞の過去分詞です。  https://eow.alc.co.jp/search?q=nuance   (これには)特別の意味合いがある(=単に約束を破られた、というーだけではなく、微妙な、愛があるから約束を破られたと言う+の面もある)のは分かる。





  • tear someone a new one

    I love giving gifts. I travel a lot and am constantly on the look out for unique, personal items that I know will mean something special to my friends and family. It’s a kind of sport for me, I guess, but I never thought about its having winners and losers until this last Christmas. I have a friend of 20 years who’s been married these last four. I usually get her something special and give him a bottle of Scotch. While I don’t know him that well I do know he collects a very specific type of sports memorabilia and while traveling last year I found a very rare and underpriced item that I knew he’d been searching for. So I bought it for him and waited eagerly for Christmas. But the moment he opened it I knew I’d made a mistake. He was overjoyed and declared it the best gift he’d ever gotten, and my friend was livid. She dragged me into the kitchen and tore me a new one. tear someone a new oneはどのような意味でしょうか?英語での説明はあったのですが、日本語の訳がほしいです。よろしくお願いします

  • コンマとアンドの使い方に関して 

    We told him that he must say thank you , that when people present something for him , he must let them know he appreciate it. こういう英文って、コンマのかわりにandを使って We told him that he must say thank you and that when people present something for him , he must let them know he appreciate it. にしてはダメなのでしょうか???

  • 英文読解の回答例お願いします。

    Mary is romantic. Candlelight dinners, flowers and thoughtful gifts represent love and affection to her. She loved Francis, and could think of no better way to show her affection than to send him flowers and buy him gifts. She spent hours shopping for him, and could not understand why he doubted her love. The problem was that Francis was so overwhelmed with his new business that he did not have the time or energy to focus on Mary's flowers and gifts. They weren't important to him.(1)What he really needed and wanted from Mary was for her to help him handle some of the demands of his business. he would ask her to run an errand or make a phone call, and she would''forget'',or say ''I thought it could wait''or ''I just didn't get to it.''As the days, weeks and months passed, Francis became more and more direct about his needs. The more he complained about Mary's lack of attention, the more flowers and gifts he received. (2)If Mary had just listened to what Francis equated with caring and concern, and had spent a fraction of the time helping relieve his work-related stress that she did shopping for flowers and gifts, Francis would have been overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness. Mary never did tune into the messages that Francis broadcast; and never appreciated that (3)her view of how to show sympathy and attentiveness, no matter how well intended, was not share by him. Eventually Francis became convinced that Mary didn't really care about him, and never would, and ended the relationship.                            (省略) (1)(What he really needed and wanted from Mary)の内容を日本語で簡潔に説明せよ。 (2)の文を和訳せよ。 (3)(her view of how to show sympathy and attentiveness)に関し、彼女はどうすればよいと考えたか 、日本語で簡潔に説明せよ。(回答が出ればお願いします)

  • よろしくお願いします

    I have been dating a wonderful man for about four months now. He is a model boyfriend 90 percent of the time, but it’s that 10 percent that concerns me. He binge drinks and when he does his personality changes significantly. He goes from being a kind-hearted caring man to someone that ignores me for long periods of time, is nasty, and blames me for everything. All his friends are huge drinkers. He does not drink daily, but tells me that once he starts he cannot stop. It happens at least four times a month. He apologizes and seems truly sincere and sad, and then it just keeps happening. He refuses to admit he has a problem. I want to give him an ultimatum, but everyone advises against it. I cannot deal with the drinking, but I truly love the rest of him. Is it wrong to give the ultimatum? I’ve given him several chances to “control” the drinking and each time he fails. I have told him I think he’s an alcoholic he does not agree. Are you aware of any good free resources for binge drinkers, it seems most cater to alcoholics? I have told him I think he’s an alcoholic he does not agree. は文頭にEvery timeが省略されているわけではないですよね?he does not agreeは何を受けているのでしょうか?あと、seems most caterは正しい英語でしょうか?(caterの形容詞の意味がみあたらないのですが)もしそうでしたらどのような意味でしょうか?なぜmostの前にtheが付かないのでしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • lost his way

    I thought my husband and I had a great marriage -- until I looked on his phone and found text messages to another woman. I was crushed. I asked him about it, and he said that it was nothing and that there were only a few messages. When I checked our cellphone details, I was completely devastated to find that it had been going on for almost a year and there were almost 2,000 text messages during the past six months. When I talked to him about this and all the lies he had told me, he said he had lost his way and he was sorry and didn't want to lose me. lost his wayはここではどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • どうか翻訳お願いします

    > first of all yukio > > i need your promise keep(no angray.no sad ,no hate)do not say that to me > when you know it please ok? > > but it think many times to say not now it is not good time now it is better > later when it is good time . > > when you are cool in that day and happy then it is okey to say it. > > so in that day which it is*(soon soon soon very soon) in that day i want you > be like this: > > 1)be sure that ************************ > there was some one his name (kain)he really consider you everything for > him > > he was not play . he is not sly as you said before > > he always remeber your thing and mention your name every minutes > > he trust you more than you think.he is not sly.he wants best for you. > > > 2) > > be cool be happy always do not be sad > > trust that he will do any thing make you happy any thing > > he will be there when you need any help from him > > > he will be glad very much when he can make something for you make you happy. > > > > 3) > i want do something for you that let you happy person in this life > > so yukio please i ask this: > > when you are sad or need something i will be glad to help you > > > do not refuse it,,,,,,,,it will be there any time any where. > > okey?are you agree with all this it is waiting your answer. -------------------------------------- 急ぎの為、翻訳をどうかお願いいたします。 きちんとポイントはおだしします。 よろしくお願いいたします

  • 英文日記を添削していただけますか(^^)

    またまた英文日記を書いてみました。文法的な間違いや、表現のおかしい部分などがあれば、直していただけると助かります(^^)ネイティブならこんな表現をするなど、指摘してくださると,なおうれしいです(^^) Tomorrow is the St. Valentine's day, so I thought that I would buy my husband a box of chocolate. At the same time, I remembered that I didn't buy him any presents these years. This morning I asked him what he wants except chocolate, and he answered he wanted the lighter. I went to the shopping mall and found the lighter that he will probably like it. I hope he will be pleased to see it.

  • 和訳をお願いします!

    和訳をお願いします! I think that he’s an incredible dreamer, incredibly naïve, he’s incredibly smart in what he wants to be smart at he’s one of those guys that knows ten thousand little things but doesn’t know much about one big thing and it was really fun, it was really fun to read and... Again there was something inspiring about it, there was something child like about it. There was something oddly brave about it and the thing that was very cool about the part to me was that he’s a simple guy and in his simplicity he doesn’t over think the world. And so he just lets the world happen to him and I think that that’s a blessing a lot of the time. ある俳優のインタビューです。 自分の役柄について聞かれ答えているのですが、どうしても意味が理解できないんです。。。 長文ですが宜しくお願いしますm(_ _)m

  • not a moment sooner

    I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for a few years now. We met when I lived in his country for work. We see each other about six times a year for a few weeks at a time. While I love him dearly, I’m starting to crumble without having an endgame in sight. I’ve talked to him about this and he’s adamant that he’ll propose when he’s ready and not a moment sooner, that he wants it to be a surprise, et cetera. not a moment soonerはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • 英語の文法ミス教えてください 至急

    1 My most favorite character in this book is Finkle. He is a religious man and lives in loneliness. The reason why he was absorbed in his religion was he could not belong anywhere in social world. He had never loved anyone, and he had lived without knowledge of himself. He said in a strained manner, "that I came to God not because I love Him, but because I did not." He had to believe the god because he did not have any ideas what he should rely on. I like Finkle because I easily feel empathy to him. 2 This question is a kind of tricky. I believe that Salzman was saying “Jewish prayer for the Dead” because Salzman said "Like an animal. Like a dog. For her to be poor was a sin. This is why to me she is dead now." This implies that his daughter must have committed something sin, and Salzman was ashamed of it. That is why Salzman regarded his daughter as a dead. So Salzman said that phrase for Finkle and Stella. 3 I believe that Salzman engineered the meeting between Finkle and Stella. As a father, Salzman wants Stella to get marriage to someone. However, Salzman thought that Salzman was a sinful person. So nobody wants to get marriage to Stella. So Salzman just manipulate Salzman to get marriage to Stella.