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寮のリーダーからこのようなメールが来ました。(個人宛ではないです) Please disconnect your routers immediately. We all need the wifi, and just because you only occasionally turn them on and off does not mean that they are not being seen. This is finals week for everyone, and everyone is getting frustrated with you because of the lack of wifi. We will find them and confiscate them immediately. つまりwifiを使っている機器(パソコンとか携帯の電源)を切ってということでしょうか?ずっと電源をONにしてると他の人にwifiが飛ばないということですか?(通信が悪くなるということでしょうか?) それとも、ルーター?を使っている人は、使わないときはOFFにしてください、ということでしょうか?ルーターは電子機器とはまた別…ですか?? すみません、なんか質問が飛んでしまいましたが、こちらの英文を簡単にでいいので訳して欲しいです。 (もしわかるようであればルーターのことも回答いただければと思います) よろしくお願いします。

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ここで注意されているのは,個人でルーターを接続して,自分だけ繋がりやすくしている輩が居るのでは無いですか?公平に自分のPCやmobile phoneだけで繋がりにくいというのであれば仕方が無いけど,自分だけの無線ルーターを繋げておいてその所為で他の大部分のひとが特に繋がりにくくなっていると判断されているのかも知れないですね。管理者がそれをみつけて怒っているのかなと思いました。詳しくはないですがIP addressなどを調べるとルーターがネットワーク上,内部に存在すると分かるはずです。 なので,それを見つけたらすぐに没収すると言っています。普通の端末を没収するわけ無いですから,単にみんな繋ぎすぎといってるわけではないです。



個人でルーターを接続…そんなことできるんですね。 私の部屋は接続は良好なので、そんなことになってるなんて知りませんでした笑。 参考になりました。 ありがとうございます。

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1。つまりwifiを使っている機器(パソコンとか携帯の電源)を切ってということでしょうか?  はい。 2。ずっと電源をONにしてると他の人にwifiが飛ばないということですか?(通信が悪くなるということでしょうか?) はい。 3。それとも、ルーター?を使っている人は、使わないときはOFFにしてください、ということでしょうか?  いいr、ルーターを接続しないようにというお達しです。 4。ルーターは電子機器とはまた別…ですか??   別だと思います。 5。訳  今すぐルーターを切り離してください。WiFiは、みんなが必要としています、しかし時々オンにするだけ、でも他の人に見られないというわけではありません。  今はみんなのファイナルの週で、WiFiが使えないので、みんなフラストを起こしています。見つけ次第直ちに没収します。



つまり、普通にPCや携帯を使っている分には問題ないということですよね! 回答ありがとうございます。 参考になりました。


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    Because you are miserable, aren’t you? You needn’t tell me! I know all about it! Now, off you go and do exactly as I say. And don’t whisper a word of this to those two horrible aunts of yours! Not a word! And don’t let those green things in there get away from you either! なぜなら、君は惨めですね?君は私に言う必要はない! 私はそれに関して全てを知っている! 今度は、行ってください、そして、私が言うようにまさに行ってください。 そして、この言葉をそれらの2人の最悪なおばさんにささやかないで! 言葉でない! そして、そこのそれらの緑色のものに、あなたから逃げさせないでください! Now, off ~ と And don’t ~の訳が今一できません。よろしくお願いします。

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    インターネットさえあれば辞書や百科事典は要らないという意見についてどう思いますか。 というテーマです!  I am opposed to the idea that we access only the Internet when we look for something, and that we needn't use books at all. Of course the Internet is very easy to use and useful, because all you have to do is only retrieving the information you want. But, using nothing but the Internet is very dangerous. One of some reasons is the Internet involve too much information, of course false information. Many people you don't know use it, so information on the Internet are not always reliable and it is very difficult to choose only true information. On the other hand, books are published after they are checked closely. So they seldom have false information.  I think it is good to use both of the Internet and books, then you can get true information quickly. 

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    英語でスピーチをする予定があり、原稿を作ったのですが、文法や自然な表現に自信がないので、長文ですが添削をお願いします!^^ Are you happy? Of course there are many happy, enjoyable things. Sports, movies, shopping, and so forth. However, there are also many unhappy, depressive things. Do you surely think you are really happy? Today, the world is facing many serious problems. Discrimination, poverty, war, and so forth. However, we Japanese don’t have such serious problems. We were born in blessed, rich land, Japan. We can eat, buy what we want, and …..live. Then, what are the problems? Big one of the problems Japan facing is a problem of stress. I also suffer from the stress. “One pair of half pants is called pajamas”. “I’m called a Yankee because my hair is gold.” I’ll move on my topic. There are many stress. Human relationships, anxiety, a sense of inferiority, the number of stress is limitless. Because of these stress, many people cannot imagine bright future, only suffer from stress. If we suffer from stress, we cannot concentrate enjoyable things, and enjoy our lives. Stress has influence on not only our mind, but also our body. You can imagine depression as mental disease, difficult breathing, circulatory system and digestive system. To know these effects, perhaps you know how serious stress is. By the way, have you think of any solutions for stress? As I said before, there are many kind of stress, and those causes are also different. But I declare one cause of stress is broadcasting. This linkage is seemed unrealistic. However, media make us imagine there are full of sad accidents, crimes, disease and so on. We live in dark world. Why do we believe that? This is because we watch a number of news, broadcasting sad and dark things. Our brains believe the world we live is dark, not bright unconsciously. Of course there are not only dark ones, but also bright ones, but media focus on dark ones more easily, than bright ones. As I take one example, news about bullying. This news is broadcasted many times, and gathers much attention. That’s why our brains believe the world is full of sadness, hopeless. And we easily feel depression and suffer from stress. Then, how can we save ourselves? How can we release stress? Which way is the best way to solve the problem? Excluding the cause of stress? Or Changing society itself creating stress? Banning broadcasting dark news? All of them are not seemed effective way to solve it. Do we have to endure stress or deceive ourselves? We don’t suffer from stress. I’m OK. I’m OK. I’m happy No way. I refuse to do that. All we have to do is to deceive our brains. We have two simple choices to do. 1st is to look into just bright future. If we do that, our brains recognize only bright future without thinking and we think in a positive way. However, this way is not a perfect way. Some really suffer from stress and cannot look into bright future. Then, I will introduce 2nd way. 2nd is to appreciate 3 things every day and write down them. For example, I live with my aunt and she takes care of me. Now, I write down three things. 1st, “my aunt cooks a meal for me.” Thank to that, I keep my health and eat delicious food. 2nd, “every morning, my aunt sends me to the station.” That’s why I can save my time in the morning and sleep more. 3rd, “on my birthday, my aunt give me 1000 yen.” 1000 yen is not a little money!! To continue this, your brains will believe there are full of many happy, bright, fine things. We live in a happy world. Some of you think why this is beneficial for you? Yes. I’ll explain it. By getting this thought, positive way to look into your future, you suffer from less and less stress, and are released from stress. This is totally enough. And, the effect is not only reducing stress. Please don’t be surprised. By released from stress, your brains work well as 30%. You will not have trouble to studying. You will be able to get degree more easily. Good! If you got this thought, your future would be bright. I hope you will get bright future.

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    自分で英作してみたおですが、まわりに添削してくれる人がいないので、添削をしてもらいたくて投稿しました。以下がそれです。      Candies and chewing gums are loved by a lot of people of the world. There are some differences between them and we often receive influence from the some differences. First, a candy melts on our tongue as time go. It is disappeared from in our mouth after a few minutes. On the other hand, chewing gums don't melt even if we continue to chew. When we finish chewing it, we must throw away. Another differences is that ingredient is different. Candies are made from suger. The taste is so sweet. In the meantime, gum is not food but it is ingredient of chewing gums. We should not swallow it. Finally, we can find a new distinction of them. It is how to eat. When we eat candy, we roll it over on our tongue. We can enjoy the taste during we lick it. In contrast, when we eat a stick of chewing gum, we chew it and we can enjoy the rubbery texture for a long time. When we eat candies or chewing gums, these differences affect the personal choice. 文法的な誤りや、内容が理解しにくく、こういう形にかえれば良いなどがあれば教えてもらいたいです。よろしくお願いします。

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    文法的におかしなところや、スペース、ここは大文字(小文字)だってところなど、チェックをお願いします!!(ひとかたまりが1文です)間違いなさそうだったら、OKだと入れてくださるのも非常に助かります!! (1)If I could reach the stars,I would take one for you, and it would shine in your heart forever like my love. (2)Do you remember? The way you hold me. You looked into my eyes and said ‘I love you'. You caressed and said nothing. But it meant more than the chance to hold me and kiss my sweet lips. (3)I'll stand by you forever. (4)Love may be sometimes hard to show. But I love you more than you could ever know. (5)My love for you is as endless as the universe. (6)Our friendship,love,and life together begins today. (7)Our new story begins now with all blessings. We roll up one page. (8)Summer,the fresh air,the fregrant breeze and the flowers under our feet. The blanket of stars is above us. We dream in it … (9)We have love to blind us. We have laughter to unwind us. Because we have fate to find each other. (10)We exchange an eternal promise and bigin to walk. (11)I pledge my self to love,respect and sincerity. (12)I love you from the bottom of my heart. I may not always show it but I do love you.

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    受験に向けて英作の練習をしているのですが、とにかく英作は苦手で、 むちゃくちゃな英作だとは思いますが、宜しければ添削お願いします。 Why do you think many people are interested in collecting insect ? Write a passage of 5 sentences in English. ↑この問いに解する私なりの解答です↓ I think that many people are interested in collecting insect is well. It is not a sin to collect insect. Because they are beautiful and interesting and fascinating stories attached them. Collections sre very helpful in the study of insect. I want more kind of discovery that them by collecting.

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    英文メールの添削をお願いします。 メールの概要は次の通りです。 メール相手が12月に来日する予定です。その際に我が家を訪問したいと希望しています。 ただ、いろいろ忙しい時期で、相手もそのことを心配してなにか自分の訪問で迷惑をかけるのではないか?どう思っているのか知らせて欲しい。もし無理だといわれても十分に理解できる。という内容のメールをもらったのでそれに対しての返信です。 And finally, about Your visit to Japan. We also visit ○○ for the ××. Therefore, on 19 December is going to leave here. Because it is a very busy time, We might not be able to entertain you enough. However, We want to meet with you because it is a good chance we can. Your visit until the 18th is welcomed. 最後にあなたの来日について。 私たちも××のために○○に行きます。(彼の来日の目的も××なのです。)ですから12/19にはここを出発しなければなりません。 とても忙しい時期であるので、あなたを十分におもてなしすることは難しいかもしれません。 ですが、せっかくの機会なのでぜひお会いしたいと思っています。12/18より前にお越しいただければ歓迎します。 といった内容のつもりで英文を考えました。 ほんとうに十分な時間が取れないかもしれないが、短い時間でもよければ来ていただきたい。というニュアンスを伝えたいのですが、これで問題ないでしょうか? 基本的に英語が苦手です。誤解を生まないようなるべく短いセンテンスで伝えようとしているので、ぶつ切りでおかしな文章になっているかもしれませんが添削をお願いします。

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    いつもお世話になってますm(__)m 自分で訳しました。 添削よろしくお願いします。 As we laughed, she cleared her throat and began: ゛We do not stop playing because we are old; we grow old because we stop playing. →私たちが笑ったように、彼女は喉を開けて始めた: 「私たちは、私たちが年をとっているので、遊ぶことを止めない。私たちは遊ぶことを止めるので、私たちは年老う。 There are only four secrets to staying young, being happy and achieving success." →幸福であることと、若いままであることへの4つの秘密と成功を収めるということだけがあります。 ゛You have to laugh and find humor each and every day." →「あなたは毎日おかしなことを見つけて笑わなければならない。」 ゛You've got to have a dream. →「あなたは夢を持つべきだ。 When you lose your dreams, you die." →あなたの夢は失ったときあなたは死ぬ。」 ゛There is a giant difference between growing older and growing up. →「年をとり成長する間に巨大な違いがある。 Anybody can grow older. →だれでも老いることができる。 That doesn't take any talent or ability. →だれでも才能と能力は持っていない。 The idea is to grow up by always finding the opportunity in challenges." →そのアイディアはいつもその機会を疑うことによって成長する。」 ゛Have no regrets. →「後悔しない。 Senior citizens don't have regrets for what we did, but rather for things we did not do. →高齢者は、私たちがしたことを後悔するのではなく、私たちがしなかったことをするべきだ。 The only people who fear death are those with regrets." →恐怖と死に人々はただ後悔する。 She concluded her speech by courageously singing a song. →彼女は勇気をもって歌を歌うことによって彼女のスピーチは結論を下した。 At year's end, Rose finished the college degree. →その年の終わり、ローズは大学学位を終えた。 One week after graduation, 12. →その週の12時に卒業した。

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    Consider the definitions of politics given in this chapter. Which do you think is the best definition and why? このような質問があり、 ⇨ I think that Lasswell’s definition is the best, because politics is not only submission, conflict and domination, but also collective action such as how does work with cooperation. 「政治は、紛争や支配、服従の問題だけでなく、協調して働くとはどういうことかなどの集団的行動の問題にも関わる。」 としたいのですが、上の英文を添削して欲しいです。 よろしくお願いします。

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    最近英検2級の勉強を始めたのですが、英作文の書き方が全然わからず、添削できる知り合いが周りにいなくて悩んでいます。19年度第二回の問題を書いたのですが、添削していただきたいです。大学卒業してからかなりブランクがあるので、おそらくめちゃくちゃです。暴言にならない程度にお願いします。 PS:文章が若干脱線気味ですが、文法とかを見てほしいです。 <Question> Today, some young people do not start working for large companies. Do you think number of these people increase the future? Why Japanese young people don’t want to work for large companies? One of the reason, Japanese Companies often occur Suicide of Employees. This is because Young employees were blamed by their boss. They feel much stress and anxious about their fail. Another reason, Japanese Companies income don’t increase. But their working time is increasing every year. And they cannot have a rest. So, Some Japanese young worker think “We are too much spending time to work, but our income isn’t increase. It is no worth for work for large companies”. It is my opinion. This is because young people don't want to work large companies. What should we do protect increase young people like that? This is problem not only our income but also our mental and work environment. I think we must hear everyone’s opinion and realize it as possible as we can. What is important for work? I think it is not income, with Employees’ Satisfaction. So we can protect increase the people who don’t want to work large companies.