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インターネットさえあれば辞書や百科事典は要らないという意見についてどう思いますか。 というテーマです!  I am opposed to the idea that we access only the Internet when we look for something, and that we needn't use books at all. Of course the Internet is very easy to use and useful, because all you have to do is only retrieving the information you want. But, using nothing but the Internet is very dangerous. One of some reasons is the Internet involve too much information, of course false information. Many people you don't know use it, so information on the Internet are not always reliable and it is very difficult to choose only true information. On the other hand, books are published after they are checked closely. So they seldom have false information.  I think it is good to use both of the Internet and books, then you can get true information quickly. 


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[添](削) I am opposed to the idea that we access only the Internet when we look for something [we don't know], and that we needn't use [any] books at all. Of course the Internet is very (easy to use and) useful, because all [we](you) have to do is (only) retriev[e](ing)[any](the) information [we](you) want. But, using nothing but the Internet is very dangerous. One of some reasons is [that] the Internet involve[s] too much information, [and] of course [it includes] false information. [Anybody can use it and send any message](Many people you don't know use it), so information on the Internet [is](are) not always reliable and it is very difficult to choose only true information [from there]. On the other hand, books are published after they are checked closely. So they seldom have false information.  I think it is [better](good) to use both (of) the Internet and books, then [we](you) can get true information quickly.



ありがとうございます! よければまた添削よろしくお願いします。


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    外国人ダンサーさんにファンレターを書きたいのですが英語が苦手なので、おかしな文になっていたら正しく直して下さい。それとファンレターを書くの始めてなので内容がおかしかったらアドバイス下さい!! Nice to meet you. はじめまして。 I am looking at the show to which you perform every day. 私はあなたが出ているショーを毎日見ています。 It is wonderful even if it sees at the dance when of you. あなたのダンス素敵です。 However,because I wanted only to only it,it is letter. ただ、それだけを伝えたくてお手紙を書きました。 It is heard that the show ends in June and it is very regrettable. ショーが6月に終わってしまうと聞いてとても残念です。 毎日あなたのダンスと笑顔に元気づけられているので終わってしまって会えなくなるのは悲しいです。 The answer writes my address and e-mail address because it is glad when giving it. お返事くれたら嬉しいので住所とメールアドレスを書いておきます。

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    昨日から英作文に取り組んで ライティングのスキルアップを目指しております。昨日はお二方がアドバイスをくれたので、今までおっくうだった英作文に楽しみを見出せました。アドバイスを下さったお二方 ありがとうございました!!!!今日も一題取り組んでみます。 本日のテーマ 最近 何か調べるときには本気インターネットで検索する人が増えている。インターネットさえあれば、辞書や百科事典のような本は要らないと考えているようだ。そうした意見に賛成か 反対か。 I don't agree with the idea that no other tool can be as needed as the Internet when you search for something. Of course the Interney is very useful:we can get large amount of information firstly and cheaply. However, such information isn't always true. Whoever access the Internet can mention their idea with no responsibility. Therefore, it is difficult to chose correct information from the Net. On the other hand,we can know who is write what we read in books,so the information in books is more reliable than the imformation on the Net.In short, it is true the Internet is useful, but we still need books when we want to know correct information. 反対意見で書いてみました。インターネットは誰でも 意見を述べられるので、正しい情報を得るのは難しいが、本は 著者が分かるので、信用度はインターネットよりも高い。だから、正しい情報を得たいときには、本も必要だということを主張したいのですが、頭で思っているほど 表せませんΣ(゜д゜lll) お時間と知識がある方 アドバイスをお願いします(>_<)

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    「The problem that you are having is that you are reading and studying English more then you actually put it to use. A possible solution would be for you to start listening to more English shows and music while studying it until you feel like you are comfortable enough to start speaking it. Even if you only memorize a few words at first it is still process.」 長いですが日本語に翻訳していただけると嬉しいです。翻訳機は既に試しましたが恐らく違う意味の結果が出たので翻訳機の結果をそのまま載せるのは控えて欲しいです。

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    タイに2ヶ月研究留学に行っていました。滞在中のお礼をこめて、手紙を入れた小包(日本のお菓子などを入れた物)を送ろうと思っています。 その手紙の添削をお願いしたいです。 Thank you for everything. I really enjoyed Thai Life which spends the time in soil mechanics laboratory. Each memories of Thailand are very big in my life. I don’t forget this memories forever. Some people said to me “you are strong.”, but of course I’m not strong. Everyone support me every time, so I really want to say Thank you. In the future, I may go to Thailand again as engineer. I will contact you when I go to Thailand. While I staying there, I couldn't do anything for you, so this time, I want to send goods for you all!! Please eat it  This is Japanese snacks! And finally, this program is good experience for me, and good opportunity to learn English, Thai culture and Civil Engineering. I hope to meet you again. I miss you all. And Thank you very much.

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    初めまして、メッセージありがとうございます。 Nice to meet you, and thank you for you e-mail. あなたはパーソナルトレーナーだから頼りになるわ! Since you are a personal trainer, you are reliable! それについて、私はどのようにすればよいかアドバイスお願いします。 Please give us some advice on what we should do about that. ええと、そのための代金はいりますか? Well...,Are there any charges for it?

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    Hello my friend...naoyuki....Soon its CHRISTmas!!! MERRYMERRYMERRY CHRISTMAS...!!!  How are you...?Hope everything is under control...,your health,family bonding,your mother, financial matter and of course your job...year 2011 is almost gonna end and year 2012 is soon to welcome...,,have you find your future wife?hhahaha...,soon your age will be no more in calendar...,and me too...hahaha....My hope that we will meet some other day is still in my heart.I have faith that God shall make it one day,that I shall see you again my friend.By the way im sorry that it takes me so long to answer your e-mail....,its only today that i drop by here in an internet cafe'.....nevertheless here in my mind,here in my heart you are always keep and never forget.Because you are my very friend.Take care always your health and may the God of heaven and earth Bless you in all aspect of your life... Its me...Your very friend....Froi

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     添削お願いします、テーマは大学でやりたいことです。  I want to study how to speak English well at the college. I have studied mainly how to write and read it since I was twelve. So, I'm very poor at listening and speaking it. Indeed it is important to be able to write and read, because the capacity is necessary when I read books or papers and to copy what a professor is writing on a blackboard. However, if I can't listen or speak, I can't communicate with others when I go abroad. I think it is not practical only to be able to write and read. That's why, I want to enhance my capacity of listening and speaking English.

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    今度英語で発表することになったのですが、一応考えたのですが自信が無いので添削をお願いします。 Good afternoon everyone. My name is ○○ and today I am going to talk about my favorite trip. This year I went to Malaysia with my friends. Malaysia is a country near the equator. Everyday the weather is very nice so there was very hot. But I enjoyed this trip and want to go to Malaysia again. I will tell you about three reasons why this was my favorite trip. First, Malaysian food was very delicious. There are many races so we can eat various food such as Indian and Chinese and so on. I was so happy to eat Nyonya food. Nyonya food is mixing Malaysian food and Chinese food. Malaysian food taste mostly spicy but everything was very delicious. Second, Malaysia has many famous historic building. I went to Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. I went to tour the Twin-Tower and the Blue Mosque. Twin-Tower is the third highest around the world. In Malacca, I rode a trishaw. Trishaw is like "Zinrikishya". It looks beautiful and the view of outside is wonderful. Finally, I went to Spa. Malaysia is famous for Spa so Malaysian people often reserve the Spa. To my surprise, there is a bath with a lot of flowers. the massage make me feel very comfortable and happy. In short, this was a great trip. if you think to go to foreign countries, I want you to go to Malaysia. I think you will surely be a wonderful trip. おかしければ文章自体を変えてもらってもかまいません。 添削よろしくお願いします。

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    英文添削お願いします。 文書が長いので部分的でも結構です。 よろしくお願いします。 She gives you a short tour in my house. There are 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, a lavatory on the 1st floor. A place you use is the bathroom and the lavatory. Here is the lavatory. There is one on the 2nd floor, too. Here is a light switch. It’s hard to make out a little. After you use it, pull or push this lever to flush the lavatory with only this paper. But be careful not to flush anything else, Here is a bathroom. We Japanese do not only take the shower, sit in the bathtub. But only sit in the bathtub, never put a soap into the bathtub. This lever regulate a temperature of water from shower. And this lever give you a water. When you sit a bathtub, if you do not feel a hot in the bathwater, push this button to make it hot. You have to cover with this panel, before you go out of the bathroom. There are a living room and a dining room, a lavatory on the 2nd floor. We have an every meal in this dining room and feel at home in this living room with my family. This lavatory is same as 1st. There are 2 bedrooms on the 3rd floor. One is your room. You’ll have lived here with her. That’s all. Do you have any question?

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    以下は、日本語の専門書の難易度について説明したものです。 As other language, academic books are far more difficult to read than daily conversations. Of course, The frequency and difficulty of Kanji increase in academic books. But grammar used in academic books is also far more accurate than those. So, you may understand academic books easily than those! About kanji, I think you only have to learn each time you meet an unknown word. This is the most effortless and efficient way to learn kanji. 他の言語と同様に、アカデミックな本は日常会話よりかなり難しい。 もちろん、漢字の頻度も難易度も上昇する。 だけど、文法もまたはるかに正確だ。 だから、むしろ日常会話より簡単に理解できるかもしれない。 漢字についていえば、知らない単語に出会う度に覚えればよいと思う。 それが、最も楽で効率的な方法だ。