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I listened and looked so hard my ears hurt and my eyes got cloudy with the cold. この文の構造が分かりません。 文脈が無いので分かりにくいと思いますがよろしくお願いいたします。



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> I listened and looked so hard my ears hurt and my eyes got cloudy with the cold.  that が省略されています。  I listened and looked so hard [that] my ears hurt and my eyes got cloudy with the cold. として読み直せば 「あぁ、なるほど」 とお思いになられるかも。  そういう that は略しても無意識のうちに補って読んでもらえるので、略されることもあるわけです。



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    Come and help me!I've got a cold and I've lost my sense of taste.BTW Is it true that you recover from colds when you give them to someone else?:D

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    (1)It grew dark and cold (2)we kept quiet in the movie theater (3)they looked so excited at the party (4)she remained silent,though she had a different opinion (5)she appears cold,but in fact she is very kind これ訳せる方おしえてください

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    英文の確認をお願いします。 日記を書きました 文法など間違いがありましたらご指摘お願いします Tuesday,July 13,Cloudy occationally rainy The rainy season is almost over. It's getting hot. Today,my term exams returned. But my math exams were too bad. So I'll study harder than I did last summer, and I'll do my best at my studies and my sports activities this summer!

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    なぜ「目を輝かせながら」が with my shinning eyesがだめで with my eyes shinningなのかがわかりません。 確かに主述関係がOC構造をとるので付帯状況ができるのはわかり ますが。 またmyを取ってwith shinning eyesもダメといわれました。 理由はwithにingがつかないといわれましたが何か納得いきません。 詳しい解説を是非お願いします。

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    英語でつけている日記です。 罰掃除をさせられた時のことですが、書きなれないので自信がありません。添削お願いします。 Since I wore T-shirt, which is considered too casual, my boss got angry with me and he made me clean toilets for both ladies and gentlemen as a punishment. I was so ashamed and made to reflect what I have done.

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    My treasure is the table tennis racket. My fater bought it for me when I enter the table tennis club. When I got it, I was very happy and it encouraged me to practice hard. Because my fater was always busy with his work, I have never played with him. But after he bought that racket, he made time to practice table tennis for me. placticing with him was one of my pleasures and we have got more closer by it. 上の英文の間違っているところを直して頂けませんか? 自分では、こんな感じの文になるように書いてみたつもりです…。   ↓ 【日本語訳】私の宝物は卓球のラケットです。私のお父さんが私が卓球部に入部した時に買ってくれました。私はそれを買ってもらったとき、とても嬉しかったし、練習を頑張ろうと思いました。私のお父さんはいつも仕事で忙しかったので、私はお父さんと遊んだことがありませんでした。でもお父さんは私にラケットを買って以来、私と卓球の練習をする時間を作ってくれました。お父さんと練習することは私の楽しみの一つでした。私とお父さんは卓球を通して、仲良くなりました。

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    自分でやってみましたが納得がいくほどうまく出来ないので、訳お願いします。 The evening lights,coloring the nights busy avenues,down the street brings back memories of you, Now I am watching,as lovers pass me by,finding your shadows,in the views of my eyes In the fall of the cold Hold on to all that we had remembering and love me again I'm so depressed living,a quiet life now, There is no one here,in which to hold hands,or protect me from the cold Feeling like this loneliness will tear me apart I am waitng and looking for you voice To get me out of the dark Snowflakes fall like the tears that running down my face Being in the silence of the night Fall into my arms and I'll hold you so tight My kiss will guide our missing hearts and tell me you'll love again

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    外国人が書き込んだフリーソフトの感想なんですけど どうか分かる方 分かりやすく和訳して頂けないでしょうか お願いします。 Firstly i was playing in practice mode, i was winning all the time, then i decided to try with real money, so i deposited £20 after 5 minutes my balance was £50 and after another minute the bot was losing and rising bet after bet and i lost all, i decided second time and again from £20 to £45 and the same situation and i ended losing it. so decided last time i put £30 and after couple minutes i got like £84 and again the same situation and i lost all!!

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    "When we started putting together a package on the energy, our first thought was to survey exciting innovations across the sector. But the closer we looked, the more we realized that one big thing-shale-loomed above the rest. So we decided the occasion called for the hedgehogs rather than foxes, and curated the package accordingly." 長くてすみませんm(__)m

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    smile from your lips and with your eyes those smile came from heart..whatta nice smile likes diamonds that shines brightly and lights with each direction..hehehe..glad to have a friends likely most in diamonds..my treasure. よろしくお願いします。