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アメリカのネットショップで小物を購入しました。発送のことでメールが来たんですがいまいちわかりません。すみませんが意味を教えて下さい。お願いします。 I am so sorry I was out of the office so I was not able to get back to you. Normally you can expect responses right away so I am sorry about this. We had one AAA that was in production from the popularity of it so it was received yesterday I also asked them to send you some additional purse hooks as a gift for being late. They are a nice gift for your customers I hope, but I wanted to give it to you as a gesture and apology for my late response. I also don’t have the final size of the box since they had to wait to add another bag to the order they have not packaged it, I will let you know once the office is back today and also the tracking. It should get there in about 2 days. Also the address you gave is a remote area for fedex do you have another address, normally it is an additional $25 but I asked them to waive the out of remote fee this time so we will pay for it. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns and I will update you later today.



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私が不在だったためもっと早くに回答ができなくて誠に申し訳ありませんでした。普段は直ぐに回答するのですが、今回に限っては失礼致しました。AAA は人気商品であるため、一個口を追加で生産にかけておりましたが、昨日、これが出来上がってきました。また、この度の遅延を受けて、私はお客様に「財布フック」を幾つか無料で進呈するよう手配致しました。 お客様の顧客にとってこれらが格好のギフトとなるよう祈っております。ただ、これらはあくまで今回の遅れに対する私からの埋め合わせの気持ちとして受け取ってください。さて、梱包箱のサイズについてですが、一個口のバッグが未納であったため未だ手元に確定した情報がありません。明日オフィスに戻り次第、追跡番号と共にご連絡致します。 商品は二日もあれば届くでしょう。ところでお客様から頂いた住所は、FedExにとって遠く不便な場所にあります。代替する住所はないでしょうか。通常、このような僻地への配送には追加で$25の費用が発生しますが、今回は私どもの方でこれを負担致します。何か他にご質問や心配事がありましたらお知らせください。必要に応じ、本日中に追って最新の状況をお知らせします。



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    アメリカのネットショップで小物を購入予定です。値引きと在庫の事で相手からメールがきました。すみませんが意味を教えて下さい。 our offices close on the 6th for one week, so you should place your order soon, for the 商品名 we are out of stock until our offices opens again. If you want you can change it, we normally can’t do 50% without first seeing the order size but I requested it for this one time code, it will expire at the end of the week so I would recommend you order soon, also the minimum order is $50 but that should not be a problem. If you want the 2 items that are out of stock, your order may be delayed but if you order the items in stock and perhaps some more, we can ship it out ASAP, thanks again and please let me know if you have any other questions. Also I have answered your questions below, thanks.

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    アメリカのネットショップで小物を購入予定です。そこはいつも購入するお店でお世話になっているのでプレゼントを送りました。そのプレゼントのお礼と今回注文している商品の事でメールが来ました。すみませんが意味を教えて下さいませんか?お願いします。 I have received your gift just recently it was passed to me, please see picture attached. A big thank you from me and my superiors! It is absolutely lovely! I can't wait to have a tea!! :) The warehouse manager just handed to me your order, you have AAA cartons, so I am starting to look for the cheapest shipping option now. However, one of the styles 商品名 grey/cream I only have BB not CC like you wanted. Would you like the other colour which is blue/pink. It is lovely and as well very popular. Please let me know and I will have it packed.

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    It was a matter of amazement to him that a Pope could have so little regard for the friendship of the King of England as to treat him with such a lack of respect, as a man whose desires were of so little consequence. ローマ法王はイギリス王に対して敬意を持って接していないということでしょうか。また、 so little regard … as to treat him の so … as to は She was so kind as to tell me the way. で使われている用法と同じでしょうか。 お手数かけますが、ご教示をよろしくお願い申し上げます。

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外出していてあなたにお返事できずにすみません。普通はすぐに返事が来ることを期待して貰って良いのですが、申し訳ありません。手元に昨日受け取ったAAAがひとつありました。それは人気商品として生産されたものです。(訳注:ここの意味が良くわかりません。AAAがあったと言うと、あったけど売れてしまったとか考えちゃいますが、どうやら新たに届いたばかりの物があったので、あなたに発送できるという意味でしょうか?そうでないと文がつながりません) また、私から彼らにあなたにいくつか追加(注文とは別に?)でお財布のフックを遅れたことに対するギフト(お詫び)として送るように頼みました。 それらはあなたのお客さんへの良いギフトだと思いますが、でも私の対応が遅かったことへのおわびのしるしとしてあなたにお送りしたいと思いました。それから、私はまだ最終的な箱の大きさを知りません。彼らはもう一つの袋をオーダーに加えるため、待たないといけないのでまだ梱包していません。今日オフィスが始まり、トラッキングができるようになったらもう一度あなたにお知らせします。 大体2日苦ありで届けられると思います。あなたが記載した住所はフェデックスでは遠隔地になります。別の送り先はありませんか?(訳注:ここがまたわからないところで、英文に?が付いていないのと、疑問形なのに普通の文につながってしまっています。遠隔地でない送り先があるといいなあくらいの感じでしょうか)通常は送料に$25追加になるのですが、私は彼らに遠隔地の追加費用をあなたが払わないように頼みますので、その分私たちが負担します。他に質問か心配があればお知らせ下さい。今日中にまたご連絡します。 ---- とても親切な人のようですが、英語がところどころブロークンですね。 この中で返信しないと行けないとしたら、別の地方でない別の住所があるかどうかと、他に無ければありがとうくらいでしょう。



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    When i went to the post office, they remove the wrapper of my gift and open it.and then they transper it to another mailing boxSo, the gift was not in a gift wrapper anymore.. Im not sure if you will like the gift or not. I just hope that you will somehow like it.. 何て言ってるかわかりません。 日本語に訳してください。 お願致します。 

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    it has only been 6 days since you paid me for this order below.....why so quick to freeze pay pal money for everything?? it takes time to finish all these dvds and when i get done you had put in new order for 2 more dvds, so i start on those as to mail all at once....then the weekend was here.....i have had very little time to make this last order..........i request you unfreeze the money for the order you have already received so i can mail you the remainder of this order...i will pay extra and use the EXPRESS so you get within 7 days.....but please be fair about this

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    Now and again there would arise a feeling that it was hard upon my mother that she should have to do so much for us, that we should be idle while she was forced to work so constantly; but we should probably have thought more of that had she not taken to work as though it were the recognized condition of life for an old lady of fifty-five. we should probably have thought 以降がどういう意味なのかちょっとわかりません。その前までは「母親が苦労して働いているのに自分たちは・・・」という感じなのだろうと思うのですが。 お手数かけますが、ご教示を宜しくお願い致します。

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    イギリスのネットショップで小物を購入予定です。安い買い物なんですが送料が高くて困っています。その事を相手に相談していました。返事がきたんですがちょっと意味がわかりません。すみませんが意味を教えて下さい。お願いします。 These prices are without duties and taxes which you will need to pay upon the arrival of your goods there. Also, these prices are approximate because 運送会社require the exact dimensions and the exact weights of each carton and I cannot give it to them now as like I told you we have boxes of different dimensions and also the weight will be different. So these prices will definitely change but I can only tell you the exact amount when your order is packed. The £545 is for sea freight, but you need to have a minimum of 10 cartons to be able to have it shipped by sea. This amount also excludes your taxes which you will have to pay there. I hope this is clearer, let me know please if you have any more questions.

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    I also look after everything local I either Scouts a direct and delegate the games they got to, to be nice to feel one of the lads make it because when I was fourteen there was nothing like this. この意味を教えてください

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    アメリカのネットショップで小物を購入予定です。値引きの事とメイドインアメリカのシールの事でメールがきました。すみませんが意味を教えてくれませんか?お願いします。 It's don't worry I know it's a bit confusing with all the discounts. I have attached an updated invoice where I have included the discount of 37.50 ドルin the comments section, please have a look. Please let me know if that is fine as even I am getting confused here. Please confirm that this is what you require. The total to pay for all your invoices is 260.16ドル for all invoices. I have spoken to the warehouse about the photos of made in USA, but they have sealed the cartons already and they got put away for dispatch. Therefore, I am unable to email you the pictures but I can assure you that it have been done for you.

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    The shortfall is I am old and my memory is not what it once was, thank you for bringing that to my attention So I have checked and you are correct you have paid a total of $140.00 As you can see I did not originally charge you enough for shipping for both hosts I only charged you for shipping for one host now there are two hosts. OK lets start over you paid $90.00 and that completely covers the L2, we'll call that good ! So on the E2 here is the low down for the E2 host, it is $26.00 and the copper heat sink is $65.00 (normally I would charge $75.00 but you have been a good customer ) and the flat focus adapter is $20.00 shipping to you for this weight will be $12.00 and if sent as a gift then no PP fees so that would be a total of $111.00 You paid a deposit of $50.00 on 6-7-13 so the balance will be $61.00 round that off to $60.00 as a gift and I'll get em packed up and ready to go on Monday Let me know if that sounds right to you I don't want you to think I'm trying to pull the wool over your eyes or something

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    アメリカのネットショップで小物を購入予定です。ですが、ID登録がなかなかできないのでその件で相手に質問していました。返事がきたのですがすみませんが意味を教えて下さい。 sorry for the delay the office is just getting back. I went ahead in the system and deleted your account, if you can re-register it should work. If it does not work again I can try to do it manually myself, it should be ok but let me know if you still have any issues. Our bags are selling quite quick if you want me to hold certain ones please let me know, thanks again and you can also contact me on skype at : 名前, I look forward to your reply.

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    アメリカのネットショップで小物を購入予定です。発送の事と、新商品の事でメールが来たんですがちょっと意味がわかりません。すみませんが意味を教えて下さい。 No Problem. How about the courier? I will not be using 運送会社名 this time, as I do not want a repetition of what happened last time. I checked Fedex for those BBB cartons that we have for you and it would be $000 on economy service and if you make payment asap you will have your package by the end of this month (provided that I receive your payment in the next 6 days). Please let me know. Thank you, Also, I was wondering if you checked our website recently as we have had a delivery and there are some lovely new CCC. I have attached a New Arrival pdf file. It does not contain all the colours of the new CCC so please check our website for more details. I also attached our clean sale list as plenty of our stock has been reduced so you might be interested.

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    Also on summer special sale items you can’t take advantage of additional 20% off since you are already getting 30% off, but you do not have any limitation or requirements within summer special items meaning no quotas with summer special items. So you can order those items any time anyhow you want it to order and please put a separate orders.