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Birthday Greeting to Bella

  • Sending a birthday email to my 4-year-old cousin Bella, reminiscing about our summer visit and expressing my growth since then.
  • Asking Bella how it feels to turn 4 and sharing that I recently turned 14, recalling a comment she made about me being 'a little guy' and how that made me feel at the time.
  • Inviting Bella to visit Japan and spend time together, and wishing her a wonderful day.


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おかしいところ? ありません。 アドバイス? ありません。 どうでしょうか? 完璧です!!


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そうですね、結構オッケーだと思いますよ。 あえて言うと、 My family is short はちょっと変ですね。 My family members are all short (うちの家族はみんな背が低いんだよ) それから、 If you visit Japan, tell me は、 Please tell me when you are coming to Japan とか Please tell me when you are going to visit Japan の方がいいかな? Hoping you have a wonderful day は、間違ってないですが、 I hope you have a wonderful day または、その当日に送るメールだったら、 I hope you are having a wonderful day はどうでしょうか?そのほうが、しっくり来る気がします。



  • Awwwwh why was it so hard

    Awwwwh why was it so hard today (sad) You gotta get some rest when you get home ! No I didn't it was my second day off today but I have to go back to work starting tomarrow (sad)(sad)(sad) I hope you have a great rest of your day though! I'm know you can get through it just fine, I believe in you (moon grin) ↑この場合のI believe in youは、 別に深い意味はありませんか? 友達同士でよく使う言葉なのでしょうか? 異性からの場合、好意などはこの文章で感じられますか?

  • 英語を日本語に訳して頂けますか??

    自分では所々理解できず困っています...。 よろしくお願いします。 i will go to japan this summer always want to .... i will try to go there in my birthday so you can say happy birthday to me in person ... i be so happy really happy for you to be the first one to say it ...... :) and i be so glad for you to show me around..... and remember this,your emails and you are special to me ..... so please dont ever think that you are bother me ... I love you emails and love you! i am glad that you are special for me and hoping to see you soon .... You are so beautiful and sweet.

  • 英文の解説をお願いします

    英文の解説をお願いします I'm going to Adelaide March 25 to meet my new employer, and I was hoping you could show me the place the next morning. という文で訳は 「私は、新しい雇用主に会うためアデレードに3月25日に行く予定なのですが、その物件を翌日の午前中に見せていただけないでしょうか。」 となっています。 この英文では何故、was hopingと過去形なのでしょうか。 よろしくお願いします。

  • メールの英文の訳をお願いします

    アドレスが間違えているのか、迷惑メールなのか分かりませんが気になりましたので訳をお願いいたします。 ちなみにこの英文のあとにURL的なものがついていました。 hello hi and love .i am fine.quite jest like you the trvavel was not so good.bikose you was not with me .and no girlfriend?i was jest my salf .and my life is now so sad .now hear in varanasi is to hot ....an ran. i have no time for to go .........ganga. i am to busy at my huose.its good nwes for you. you have your room at my home .wan you come to india ....you no nide hoteel ,,after 2 dey i am free to go ganga and work. and its ....take 2 manth to make room ...........how is your life go.........do you have your internet..write me soon. if you can. i mas go to home. i love you. i miss you. you are one nice girlfriend?of me missing you hear a lot.i hope i wish same form you your lone

  • be going toについて

    Me? But I'm not sure I can make it well・・・ You can.I believe in you. A customer was going to eat my Hamburg steak! 上記の英文でbe going toが過去形で was going to になったときどう訳せばいいのか?予定の過去形? いまいちピンときません。 教えて下さい。よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語

    you are in love was not interested in girl I was in love with her then,and I'm still in love with her today you smile like an angel your smile is a bad enemy was my beautiful angel mad? I want you to love me I wanted to scream,but no wards came true love waits これって訳せますか? それ以前に文法的にあってますか?

  • 英文の添削をお願いします。よろしくお願いします。

    Unfortunately,I was robbed of my pleasure recently. I had my favorite view that was precious thing to me. The view is the sea that was able to see from the road in front of my house. I arrived at my house while always seeing the sea in the front. But a new house is built there pretty soon. I'm sure they will be enjoy the view every day and I'll be worry about scenery disappear little by little. 残念なことに私の楽しみが奪われました。 私には大切な景色があります。その景色は私の家の前の道から見える海です。 私はいつも正面に海を見ながら家に辿り着きます。しかし、まもなくそこには家が建ちます。 きっと彼らはその景色を毎日楽しむ事でしょう、そして私は少しずつ消えていく風景に悩まされるでしょう。

  • メールの返信が来ました。訳して欲しいです。

    Dearest, Firstly I thank you for your response to my email; Enline with the message I sent to you last time with my pictures, Do not be surprise or get offended for receiving this message from me please, Its just that after viewing your profile, I have been obliged to lay a more trust on you due to my situation here in the refugee camp in dakar senegal, Let me first of all reveal my self to you, and I will require the best of your honesty after your knowing about me and whom that I am, I will really like us to have a good relationship inspite of anything because I have this feeling that you are my mine . ABOUT MY LIFE, I decided to contact you because of the urgency of my situation here in the refugee camp, I am a single daughter of my mother, I am 24 years old I grew up in Rwanda my country, I had my college certificate in the year 2000, I admited in the University in 2002 there I did my two year subject in Nursing before the political crisis in my country began, My father was killed along side with my mother by some rebels,they accuse my father of coup attempt, and i lost most of my family menbers during the crisis, our house was burnt down, I lost all my important documents like / international passport / Birth Certificate / University ID card. I am constrained to contact you because of the maltreatment i am receiving from my late father's second wife. She planned to take away all my late father's treasure and properties from me since the unexpected death of my beloved Father. So,i decided to run away to any African country so i run to where i am now presently seeking asylum under the Private charity organization for the Refugee here in Dakar, Republic of Senegal. I wish to contact you personally for a long term relationship that may lead us to somewhere better if we work well on it. 送られてきた文章が長いので2回に分けて 質問させていただきます…。 詐欺だとは、思いますが訳して欲しいです。 面倒な質問を、すいません…

  • 文法の訂正、お願い致します(急ぎです)

    I don't have enough words to express my gratitude to you. You are my special friend who I could open my mind. I didn't need to try to be good in front of you and it was really confortable for me. You always stand by me,sapport me.That's why I could try new things. You made me relive and gave me comfidece all the time. I wanted you to stay here longer. Things won't be the same without you. I respect you,thank to you,like you as my special friend. See you someday. Sincerely.

  • 簡単におおよその意味を教えてください。

    In the other hand I'm sad about your decision to block me for your auctions,because as I sayed I'm an old and happy customer of yours. As you can see I'm a seller too and I want to be honest with all of my actions at ebay or in my everyday life. I could not lie to you to get back the 40$ if the razor was ok. I'm not that kind of cheep person,I have values in my life. The words you sayed to me seems more than an action of blackmail or revenge than words of a professional atitude seller.

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  • ファンレターを書いてしまった後悔や恥ずかしさを消す方法とは?
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