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Then the celebrated elections attacks Edison's modified Sprengel air pump and belittles it.Then he goes on to explain the "necessity for some automatic means of regulating the current when sudden and great changes come up,and that at present Edison has a young man stationed in the vicinity of the apparantus with his eye on the Thomson galvanometer who regulates the changes by throwing in and out resistance".The young man that the celebrated election mentions happened to be my humble self. When Edison had finished reading the matter he said,'What do you think of that,Batch,I explained everything to him in pretended to approve of what I did. Let me tell you this,my light and system will survive long after his is forgotten.' Only a strong, indomitable and iron-clad character like Edison's could withstand such treatment , which today only enhances the glory of his memory. Amid these seeming oddities in the human nature of others, he kept calmly on developing the filament and the process of manufacture. The hunt for the best material continued.


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以下のとおりお答えします。(面白い内容でした。) エジソンが修正したシュプレンゲルの空気ポンプ(*)は、名高い選定(作業・委員会)から攻撃され、蔑視されます。そこで、エジソンは説明に赴きます。突発的な大変化が起こった時に電流を規制する自動手段の必要性を説き、当面彼は内外に抵抗器を投入することによって変動を規制するトムソンの検流計に着目して、その器具の近くに若者を配置したことを説明します。その名高い選定会が言及する若者とは、偶然、不肖この私自身のことでした。 エジソンは、問題を読み取り終えた時に言いました。「それについてどう思うかね、バッチ、私は自分が行ったことを承認してもらうため、すべてを彼に説明しましたよ。言わせてもらうが、彼のが忘れられたずっと後まで、私の光(電球)とシステムは生き残るだろうね。」エジソンのように強靭不屈で、甲鉄(=鉄を着ている)の性格だけが、そのような取扱に耐えられたのかもしれません。それは、今日もっぱら彼の記憶の栄光を増強します。このような、他人の人間性からはそう見える奇行のただ中で、彼は静かにフィラメントやその製造工程を開発し続けました。最良の材料を求める探求が続きました。 (*)The Sprengel pump「シュプレンゲルの空気ポンプ」 ハノーバー生まれの化学者Hermann Sprengelが1865年ロンドンで働いている時に発明した真空ポンプで、当時として考えられる最高の真空を実現できる装置であったという。詳しくは、http://wpedia.goo.ne.jp/enwiki/Sprengel_pumpをご参照ください。





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      Many things came to pass,and it was only Edison who could and had to ferret them out.It seemed that destiny hinted to him that he now had his system working on which he had labored some years,but it would have to pass through the infant period during which so many changes take place.   Edison was everywhere,for his occupations were multifarious;and all looked to him for advice when anything went wrong.The memorable day when the Pearl Street Central Station was started in regular operation happened to be September 4,1882.On that day John W.Lieb,the electrician of the station,was deputized by Edison to close the main switch,thereby permitting the current to flow into the underground conductors,and thus to start the regular operation of this novel enterprise.This act required that Lieb stand on his tiptoes,and finding that the catch of the switch didn't work properly,he had to hang on to its handle untill William D.MacQuesten,Lieb's assistant at the time,brought a bench and pushed the catch into the pawl that locked and held it.

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    I have given all these details in order to show what privileges and protection an inventor enjoys when,like Edison,he conducts organized research for a strong company.He has everything at his disposal and can devote himself,without worry, his work.If he is successful,he gets his liberal share and has no expence.Edison had stuck to the stocks received from the Edison companies for his work he would, no doubt,have been the largest sharer in electric lighting interests in the country. But Edison wasn't after money solely.No! He considered it a means of exchange and in that spirit turned it into new activities,new endeavors and new lines of experiment.It was important that he should do so:otherwise history might have had a different course.He didn't wait in leisurely luxury until his electric light shares should grow fat with returns,but from the start took all the money he could raise to his place his great achievements upon a solid commercial foundation under his personal supervision.That was necessary considering the epoch.With him it was push,push,and push again,and with the help of loyal servants the gigantic results of his Menlo Park labors were soon safely set on a manufacturing foundation;in a few years they were fortitled to an impregnable strength.Then the time arrived for others to carry his work of expansion further-this,however,only after a decennium,In 1892 the General Electric Company took up his program of expansion and has been developing it ever since.

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    You may see the 'corpse revier'in the Edison laboratory at Dearborn.Even Edison when visiting his friend Henry Ford in 1929 smiled at sight of it.'There is nothing missing here,'said he.When the 'corpse revier'is operated before ladies that visit the laboratory,occasionaly one inquires where such a machine could be obtained,while their husbands look sheepishly on Without blinking. Visitors were many at that period and they came from all parts of the world. Edison was often annoyed by by the constant interruptions to his work when he had to do the honors by showing personages round.The callers were rated by their consequence and accordingly either Edison,Upton,Batchelor,or one else wes assigned them.In mentioning these visitors I must explain that were the extra and special ones not included in the crowds that came every evening to see the exhibition.

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      Nevertheless,disregarding the 'worry hunters'' the Pearl Strret Central Station was started on September 4,1882,and the Edison system and underground conductors service for decades.  Another somewhat similar incident of a different character happened at the corner of Nassau and Ann streets.As is known,Edison placed cast-iron junction boxes at the intersection of the streets,in connection with his underground conductors.Late one night when he was still at the station,a policeman came running in and in an excited voice said that the iron box at the above-mentioned corner had exploded.Edison and one of the 'boys' went there to see what had happened.He found that the cover on the manhole,which weighed about a couple of hundred pounds,had vanished,but everything inside the manhole was in good order.Edison concluded that gas from a gas main might have got into the manhole, or it might have been the acid used in picking the casting that gave off hydrogen that mixed with the air leaking in to make the explosive mixture.   The incident worried him;there were many such manhole boxes in the system,and if one should explode in a crowded street and life a few oersons into the air the company might be compelled to pay damages.Edison got his thinker in action and soon solved the problem.He placed a little bottle of chloroform with a small hole in the cork each box.The chroloform evaporated and, being heavy,settled in the box,displacing the air that may have got in.Edison said afterward that he had never heard of an explotion in a box that had a bottle of chloroform in it.

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    Maxim didn't run to New York and give his opinion to a newspaper,but went to his laboratory and began trying to make a lamp after Edison's ideas.He had no success,however,and after a few weeks sent to Menlo Park an emissary who got in touch with Boehm.It was also said that the agent approached another of our men.The deportment of Boehm changed perceptibly and soon begame suspicious. Hw was changing his allegiance to that of Maxim.In fact,he soon departed Menlo Park and entered that electrician's employ.This as far I am aware was the only defection that ever occured at our laboratory in those early days.In a few months Boehm managed to place the Maxim laboratory incondition so that it was able to produce some incandescent lamps that had their light-giving element made of paper.While at Menlo Park Boehm had had the oppotunity of watching all the various processes by which Edison made a practical lamp,and that acquired knowledge he imparted to Maxim.With the compensation he received,he was enabled to return to Germany and study.After receiving the degree of Ph.D. from the University of Freiburg in 1886,he returned to America.

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    和訳お願いします。 An old man died and left son a lot of money. But the son was a foolish young man, and he quickly spent all the money, so that soon he had nothing left. Of course, when that happened, all his friends left him. When he was quite poor and alone, he went to see Nasreddin, who was a kind, clever old man and often helped people when they had troubles. `My money has finished and my friends have gone, `said the young man. `What will happen to me now?` `don't worry, young man, `answered Nasreddin. `Everything will soon be all right again. Wait, and you will soon feel much happier.`

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    You have already heard how from time to time he himself stupid each operation in the making of his lamp,and how thoroughly he worked out the process of carbonization.First he formed his filament from the raw material and then he carbonized them.Those that worked on the problem before Edison,took carbon already made from which to shape their light-giving elements.Some had their carbons made by Carre of Paris,an electric arc light carbon manufacturer;and these were in the shape of rods. Thus we see distinctive methods of operation,with Edison following a different course from all the others in procuring and making his carbon filament. When at last he had concluded his investigations into carbon-making and began to make lamps in quantities,he assigned Lawson,Van Cleve and others to the job, instructing them in all the details.From that time forth it was more of a routine process than an experimental one.Likewise the newcomers whom the new-found light and dynamo lured to Menlo Park,Clarke,Howell,Hammer,Acheson,Holzer and others,were assigned places in this new activity.And each of the so-colled 'departments'was given its own routine.

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    Here I mention another visitor,well known at that time,who appeared at the laboratory one day.His name was Hiram S.Maxim.He had made an arc lamp and generator which he exploited and which was known as the Maxim arc light system. He,too as I already mentioned,dabbled about wity an incandescent lamp idea in 1878 and like others had no success.His lamp was of very low resistance and possessed many other defects-it was simply an abandoned experiment of no practical value. Maxim was very much interested in what Edison showed him and the two spent almost a day together.Edison explained to him how the paper filaments were made and carbonized and all about the glass-blowing part.In fact,Maxim spent nearly two hours with Edison in the glass house where Boehm,Holzer and Hipple were working.He,too,like the 'celebrated electrician of Cleveland' took leave with the most touching cordiality.

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    As their dinner goes on, my father tells of his plans for the future, and mother shows with expressive face how interested she is, and how impressed. My father becomes exultant, lifted up by the waltz that is being played, and his own future begins to intoxicate him. My father tells my mother that he is going to expand his business, for there is a great deal of money to be made. He wants to settle down. After all, he is twenty-nine, he has lived by himself since his thirteenth year, he is making more and more money, and he is envious of his friends when he visits them in the security of their homes, surrounded, it seems, by the calm domestic pleasures, and by delightful children, and then as the waltz reaches the moment when the dancers all swing madly,then, then with awful daring, then he asks my mother to marry him, although awlnvardly enough and puzzled as to how he had arrived at the question, and she, to make the whole business worse, begins to cry, and my father looks nervously about, not knowing at all what to do now, and my mother says, "It's all I've wanted from the first moment I saw you," sobbing, and he fin& all of this very difficult, scarcely to his taste, scarcely as he thought it would be, on his long walks over Brooklyn Bridge in the revery of a fine cigar, and it was then, at that point, that I stood up in the theatre and shouted: "Don't do it! It's not too late to change your minds, both of you. Nothing good will come of it, only remorse, hatred, scandal, and two children whose characters are monstrous." The whole audience turned to look at me, annoyed, the usher came hurrying down the aisle flashing his searchlight, and the old lad next to me tugged me down into my seat, saying: "Be quiet. You'll be put ou4 and you paid thirty-five cents'to come in." And so I shut my eyes becausex could not bear to see what was happening. I sat there quietly.

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    While the new lamp and its system were being exhibited at Menlo Park(and that continued for months),Edison made a final exhaustive search for a raw material that would be more dense and homogeneous.He said,'In God's almighty warehouse there must certainly be such a material -we have only to hunt for it.' Books on botany and catalogs were studied;Hughes,our purchasing agent,was sent to New York with a list of materials to purchase.Day by day he brought back packages of samples.He called on whosesale drug companies,agents of foreign firms,museums,colleges,and consuls of foreign nations in effort to get almost everything in the vegetable kingdom.He also brought samples from the animal world,such as hoofs,hides,horns,and hair.Botany professors sent in contributions when it leaked out that Edison was making a last search for a better raw material. It would be tedious to name the differnt kinds of woods,grasses,plants,and hair,human and animal,that were tried.Yes,we even plucked the red whiskers of a Scottish guest at Menlo Park and the black ones of a Swiss and made bets on which would prove the better filament.As the thousands of samples came to Menlo Park,Edison examined each under his old verdigris-covered microscope.Those found acceptable for further trials were laid aside,while others that didn't possess the qualities he desired were consigned to the stve.Carbonizing blowing the glass parts,exhausting the air,and,testing continued day and night.