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The second story “Girl” was more interesting to me. The story is like family motto from her mother to girl. This story imply that girl’s mother really love her children with extravagance. I can find her mother’s love, worry and many more feeling to her daughter. I like this story because this story has more adorable feelings. I believe that “white elephant” is more difficult than “Girl”, because that story is mostly consisted of conversation between them, however, that conversation makes me confused. It is not clear for me. The girl was mad first time, but she easily come back to good mood the end of the story. I wanted to see the process how she came back to good mood. I believe that “Girl” is not a real story. I guess that this story is talking about future’s children. In my opinion, the girls’ mother wants to have a girl baby in her future, so she is talking about how her children want to grow up when she have a girl baby,


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The story is like family motto from her mother to girl. motto 意味がはっきりしない to a gril 冠詞が必要 This story imply that girl’s mother really love..... implyは暗示する そうゆう意味で言っているのであれば良い。 worry and many more feeling to her daughter. feeling 感情を表すときは可算名詞 I like this story because this story has this story has 代名詞のitを使った方が良いかも? because that story is mostly consisted of conversation between them, that storyでは、どちらの本を示しているか分からない。the former (story)またはthe latter (story)代名詞を使うならば前者がitで後者がthis or thatのどちらでも良い。 is consited of は間違い story is composed of または story consists of however, that conversation makes me confused. howeverをbutにするか、前の文をピリオッドで終えて、新たな文としてHowever, that conversation.. conversationは複数形の方が良いのかもしれない・・すれば、those conversations It is not clear for me. itはconversationを示しているのでthey are not clear to me. http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=158399 but she easily come back to good mood the end of the story. comes back withかな?(toでも良いかもしれぬ・・・)at the end of ...かな? I believe that “Girl” is not a real story. 以下の意味が良くわからない I guess that this story is talking about future children of the girls' mother. In my opinion, she wants to have a grand-girl-baby, so she is talking to her children how she want them grow up in the case that they will have the one. なのかな?ただ一人の少女がなぜ複数になったのか良くわからない.



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    Many a mother has commented that she has only to look at her daughter to be accused of criticizing her or thinking she is "fat"! とても多くの母親たちが、娘を見るだけで、娘を批判しているとか「太っている」と思っていると非難されると言っている。 to be accused ~の不定詞の訳し方がどうしてこのようになるのかよくわかりません。 よろしくお願いします。

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    I think she is her moter. コレは、SVSVOにわかれて、 I thinkとshe is her moter.はthatでつながっているって考えればいいですか? このとき、thinkは、OをCと思う、だから、that節は目的語だから、Cはなしですか? 申し訳ないですが、教えてください。 よろしくおねがいします。

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添削文に添削が必要になりました。(^O^) how she want them grow up in the case that they will have the one. ↓ how she wants them ・・・・ 失礼をしました。



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    My husband and I went to visit our oldest son and his wife. They have three children, ages 6, 9 and 11. The youngest girl screams at the top of her lungs when she does not get her way. She also hits her mother when her mother tries to correct her. The oldest child baits the others to stir up trouble. 最後のセンテンスの訳をよろしくお願いします

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    並べ替え問題 (1)彼女は彼をとても愛していたので、結婚することに決めました。 Such (for/her/she decided/that/love/him/was)to marry him. 答 was her love for him that she decided 私はSuch S is that~という構造もあるので her love for was that she decided と回答してしまいました

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    giving is like living  与えることは 生きることに 似ている   でいいのでしょうか She said that if you stop wanting to give there is no more meaning in life 彼女は あれを言った もし あなたが 与えるをもとめることをやめたら そこは いみw¥を 住む ああ 無理だ This is not just because of her movies,but also devotion of her devotion to children all over the world 訳と 詳しい解説をおねがいします・・・もう無理だ・・