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Later, Mary Lou reads a short piece of text from her book. As she does so, the listener can hear how each piece tells a little about a bird and gives it a personality. “Hi, my name is Ossie the Osprey,”she begins. “I live in rivers, lakes, and coastal waterway.” She then continues with the next bird. “Hi, I'm olivia the Owl,”she reads,“I give six deep hoots.” The book is beautifully illustrated and both easy and interesting for children to read. The additional advantage with Mary Lou's book is that it is also educational. It is unusual for a young girl to feel so strongly about a hobby. Has bird-watching changed Mary Lou at all? In many ways, it has not changed her in the least; she still plays with her brother and sister and does the things that other children do. But since she became so involved with birds, something about her is slightly different. She explains in her own words: “Now I observe more of the world than I did when I was younger. I feel more attached. I feel that everything around me is important. I look at everything I can, because it might be something different that what I think it is.” This young birdwatcher and author now knows that things are not always what they appear to be. Each new thing she sees might be something exciting and different. For this curious young ‘Bird Girl,’everything might just be another chance to learn something new! よろしくお願いします。


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以降、メアリーでは彼女の本で短い文章を読みます。 彼女はそんなに聴取者に各潮流が持っている特性を与える方法を 少しずつ教えてくれました。 "こんにちは、私の名前オシーと言います。ミサゴです" 彼女が最初に言葉を切り出しました。 "私は川、湖、海岸水路に住んでいます" 彼女はそして次の鳥が話を続けました。 "こんにちはオリビアです。ふくろうです。" と彼女は読みました。 "私は6度強く泣きました" その本は手際よく説明されていて子供たちにも とても面白くて分かりやすいように読まれた。 それは付加的に幼い少女の趣味について 非常に強く感じさせた。 メアリーでは守って見る全てのことを変えさせたのか? 多くの場合にそれは彼女を少しも変えなかった。 彼女は依然として彼女の兄弟姉妹と共に、他の友達と 同様に遊ぶ。 彼女は鳥とはあまりにも深く関与してしまったが、彼女は何か 少し違った。彼女は自分に、言葉でこのように簡潔に説明した。 "今私が幼かった時、私よりもっと多い世の中を観察していました" 私はもっとちなみに 私は私の周りの全てが重要だと思います。 それが私が考えられる限りすべてのものだからに 私が違うようにできるすべてのことを見ているんです" この若い鳥観察者と著者は今彼らがいつも現れる ことだけではないということを知っている。彼女が新たに見ることは、いかなる興奮とは 異なる可能性がある。この好機金幼い"少女新しい""すべてが新しいことを学ぶことができる別の機会になるかもしれません!"



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    Mary Lou Robertson is an experienced bird-watcher at a very young age. In fact, she is so knowledgeable about them. Not bad for a 13-year-old girl who is still in school! So when did this young schoolgirl first become interested in bird-watching? It all started when her family moved to a new neighborhood. Mary Lou explains that she would feel very lonely at times when she first moved to her new home. She had left her friends behind when she moved, and on her new street there were not many children to play with. Becoming a bird-watcher helped her to settle into the new neighborhood and to feel more at home. "After moving to a new neighborhood without many kids living on my street,"she says,“the wildlife sort of brought me closer to feeling like I had friends.”  Every morning mary Loe takes her binoculars and heads out to look for birds. But when qualities do birdwatchers need? Mary Lou explains that in order to watch birds, one must be quiet and calm and not make a lot of noise. She says that if the watcher makes any sudden movements, the birds will probably become scared because they will think that the person is a predator. 自分で訳してみても全く文章にならないので、翻訳お願いします。

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    “The first time I saw a Great Blue Heron and a Great Egret,” Mary Lou says, “they were beautiful sights because both of them are majestic, slow-moving...very neat,” she explains, and them adds, “They're beautiful to watch fly across water.”  Many birds are easy for Mary Lou to identify, but she cannot always name every bird she sees. Every day, there is a new lesson for Mary Lou to learn, a new bird to identify, and sometimes the sky is full of secrets. At one point in an afternoon of bird-watching, Mary Lou sees an unfamiliar bird. “I don't know what that is,” she says as she watches the bird flying across the sky. “Whoa! He's back out there...he just did a complete nose dive,”says Mary Lou as she tries to figure out what the strange bird is. She attempts to find the bird in her bird book in order to idebtify it, but she cannot. よろしくお願いします。

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    訳していただきたいです。 お願いします。 Mary Lou first became very involved in bird-waching when she was in the sixth grade atSt. Anthony's School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As part of a homework assignment, she wondered about what she should write. Finally,she decided to write about something she knew, a bird that is locally famous:the mockingbird. As she observes a mockingbird on a nearby rooftop, Mary Lou takes a moment to share some information about it. “The mockingbird is the state bird of Florida,”she explains. “It protects its young till they fly away. I've seen it chase owls. Right now it's singing, but it will sometimes yell at the other birds. It'll sound sort of like a cat hissing.” Luckily, writing about mockingbirds was just the beginning of Mary Lou's great writing adventure. Mary Lou often spends time just sitting in wildlife areas and observing the various birds. She watches them closely as they come to eat or drink at a nearby pond. She describes her interest in birds, explaining that some birds, especially the larger ones, are simply beautiful to watch.

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    次の一節はPearl Buckの短編小説を翻案して書かれた短編小説'The Beech Tree'の冒頭部分です。(検定教科書「Pro-Vision English CourseII」(桐原書店)収録の第5課の最初です。)   When Mary Lou came home from school, she found her father doing something new. With a big sheet of paper on the table, he was drawing lines on it with a ruler and a pencil. “What are you doing?” she asked. “I am going to build something.” Her father's response called for another question. “A playhouse?” Mary Lou always wanted to have a playhouse, and since her father was a carpenter, it would not be hard for him to make one for her. “I am going to build a room onto our house.” Her father now started to reveal the answer. “Your grandfather is coming to live with us.” Mary Lou got so excited at the news that she went upstairs to find her mother. She was sitting in the rocking chair, holding Timmie, Mary Lou's baby brother. “Mother, Grandfather is coming to live with us. Isn't that wonderful?” “I hope he will be happy here,” her mother said in a soft voice. “Why wouldn't he be happy?” Mary Lou asked. “Well, it's just that he's very old,” her mother said. 真ん中より少し前の since her father was a carpenter, it would not be hard for him to make one for her は以下のように解釈してよろしいのでしょうか。 ◎ Mary Louが心の中で思ったことをいわゆる描出話法で書いたもの 特に助動詞wouldをどう考えればいいのかで困っています。ご教示ください。

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    I actually make myself shake my head and smile ruefully, as if someone might be watching me and checking my reaction – is he her lover or her friend? – and I have to be seen to do the right thing. But it is difficult to get her out of my head.(前回の終わりの部分です) She has changed a lot in the five years since I last saw her. I see it the moment I catch sight of her in the airport in Pisa – a difference about her I would never have guessed at. It’s the same when we embrace: something that has altered, something I can feel for the short time I’m holding her, before she pulls away and grins and we start to talk. I keep looking. I can’t help it. Even on the train I keep stealing glances at her, hoping she won’t realize. And I keep trying to find what the things are that have changed; and I keep failing. She has her hair shorter now, to the nape of her neck rather than to her shoulders. But I’ve seen that before: it’s the hairstyle she had when I first knew her. And she is five years older. But the physical changes are, when I isolate them, so slight, and I still see that she has changed a lot, and I don’t understand. ****************************************** 主人公のAlexはartistで、展示会に備えるために、幼い頃過ごしたイタリアに戻ってきています。She(Anna)はAlexの幼なじみです。 I see it the moment I catch sight of her in the airport in Pisaのitは彼女が変わってしまったことですか? a difference about her I would never have guessed at.彼女が変わってしまうなんて思いもしなかった、みたいな意味でしょうか? It’s the same when we embrace: something that has altered, something I can feel for the short time I’m holding her, before she pulls away and grins and we start to talk.が全体的によくわからないのですが、 It’s the same when we embrace私たちが抱合う時は同じです?(意味がよくわかりません) :のマークがついていてsomething~と繰り返されているのが読み取れません。 before she pulls away and grins and we start to talk.彼女が身を引き離し、歯を見せて笑い、そして私たちが話し始める前に、ですか?(このbefore以下の内容がなぜsomething that has altered, something I can feel for the short time I’m holding her,の後に必要なのかがよくわかりません。) But the physical changes are, when I isolate them, so slight, and I still see that she has changed a lot, and I don't understand.のwhen I isolate themのthemはthe physical changes のことだと思うのですが、それらを分離する(isolate)、とはどういうことなのでしょうか? たくさんになってしまいましたが教えてください。お願いします。

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    Friend:Does your wife wear a real fur coat? Mike:Yes. Why do you ask? Friend:I just wondered if you ever feel guilty. Mike:Why should I feel guilty? We didn't steal it. Friend:You know what I mean. I'm talking about all those cute little animals that had to die so your wife can have a nice coat. Then she throws it across the back of the chair while she's having lunch in some fine restaurant with a lot of high society women and their fur coats. Mike:She eats ham sandwiches at home. And she wears the coat because it's warm. Friend:Come on , the animal rights people wouldn't buy that. If your wife wants to be warm , she can wear long underwear. So don't you feel a little guilty? Mike:Actually , the animals which make up her coat are said to be dangerous. If you put your hand near them , they'd bite of your fingers. Friend:That's no excuse. Don't you ever think about how barbaric it is for someone who's supposed to be civilized to be wearing the skins of little animals? Mike:Yes , I suppose you could say my wife barbaric. But since I don't wear furs , I'm not. Friend:Yes , but you agree with her doing it. Mike:That's because I'm on record as being a strong supporter of feminist rights. I believe a woman can do with her body as she likes , and if she wishes to cover her body in furs , that is up to her.

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    In 2006 after an altercation at a hotel, Mary went home and torched $10,000 worth of her husband’s clothing in their front yard. In late 2007, Scott and Mary divorced. Despite this, both Scott and Mary have stated they remain friends. In a 2007 interview with Blender Magazine, Scott mentioned that he is a practicing Catholic.

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    The band is—black. In attire mostly, and hair. Delila’s hair is solidly a part of the act. The aptly named lead singer and front-woman for TLI, she throws it perfectly in time with her emphasis on vocals and the movement of her hips. And she’s sexy. There’s no denying it. She is beautiful to watch. Visually she’s somewhere between Joan Jett and Blondie, and vocally Janis Joplin and Joan Baez. And she’s a stunning performer. Dynamic, delicate, powerful, feminine, terrorizing, intense, edgy, poetic, all at once. She wears her guitar more easily and comfortably than a handbag, and the way she moves with it… The girl can move. Edgey, on the other hand, is definitely the power-force behind the band. His presence is very New York and so is his voice. He’s imposing and street and yet understated. His Jim Morrison black hair covers just slightly his eyes and parts of his face so you feel like you can never fully see him, but you want to, because he is so interesting, so multifaceted and with so much to say.

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    Kate stepped out on the trestle to see if it would hold her. Though she could feel it shake beneath her, it did not go down. Then, the wind blew out her light. The night was black. She began to crawl, feeling ahead of her to see if the bridge was still there. From one board to the next she went cautiously on. Sometimes she would slip and almost fall into the roaring water below. Then she would regain her hold and go on. Kate did not know what time it was. The express would come through at twelve. What if she vas still on the bridge when it came? She would be killed. But there was no way back now. Part of the way across, she saw a big tree rushing down the river. It had been torn out of the ground by the flood, and dirt still hung on its roots. It was approaching fast. It is sure to push the bridge down, she thought. And I can't stop it. Her heart beat quickly. Then the tree passed under the bridge, clearing the trestle by only a foot. Kate kept crawling. Nails and splinters caught at her clothes. Her hands were torn. Thinking of the express and all its passengers, she made one last effort and finally reached the end of the bridge. She stopped only a minute to rest. As soon as she could, she began to run as fast as she could toward the railroad station in town. It was a half mile away.

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    It is certain that she forgot her promise. She ()()() her promise. It is natural that Hiroshi should get angry. Hiroshi ()() get angry. I regret that I didn't bring my umbrella. I ()()() my umbrella.