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()の単語の品詞と意味を答えろ。 この問題わからないので教えてください 1you are on a (train) 2the children have to (train)very hard 3 you are on a train that (runs)past 4 how businesses are (run) 5 Children enjoy learning about trains and are happy to (work) 6 most of the (work)is done by children 7 At (present )most of the work is done 8 though adult are also (present)


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1 you are on a (train) 【名詞】列車、電車 2 the children have to (train)very hard 【動詞】鍛える、鍛錬する 3 you are on a train that (runs)past 【動詞】走る 4 how businesses are (run) 【動詞】経営する 5 Children enjoy learning about trains and are happy to (work) 【動詞】作業する 6 most of the (work)is done by children 【名詞】作業 7 At (present )most of the work is done 【名詞】現在 8 though adult are also (present) 【形容詞】出席して



  • 英語の問題で分らないのがあるので教えてください。

    (1)空所に入れるのに最も適切な語句を(1)~(4)から一つ選んでください。 A number of parents ( ) about their children smoking cigarettes. (1)are worried (2)has worry (3)have worry (4)is worried   (2)英文の{ }には誤っている箇所がそれぞれ一つずつあります。それを指摘した上で、正しい形に直してください。 ・Most of the class members {is} working {people} and {very} few of them ever {miss} a class. ・There {has} been many {class} of {the} flu in this area {in recent} years. ・A change that {is likely} {to take place} {in you} {enable} you to have a different point of view. よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語の問題がわからないので教えてください

    次の本文を日本語にしなさい 教えてください 1 A certain railway company is short of employees, so they are depending on children for help. 2 Children have fun working for the children,s Railway. 3 Children need training to get a railway job at the children,s Railway.

  • 文法問題を何問か

    最近英語学習をやり直し始めたので分からないことだらけです。お助けください。 1. As soon as I finish putting away my laundry, I am gonna take a nap. でgonna以下が誤り名理由は、略式だからなのか。 2. My mom bought me a new stereo because I di really good on my exam. でreally goodが誤りな理由。 3. I enjoyed listening to the music while taking the train to work.で the music whileの部分が誤りな理由。 4. Of the two gymnasts, Sara is the most flexible. のthe mostは the moreにすればよいのですか。 5. It was a hard test, but all of the students completed by the end of class. でcompleted by the endの部分が誤りな理由。 6. Who of you wants to stay behind to look after the children? でWho of youが誤りな理由。 7. What are you doing on the weekend?の問いでAと答える理由。 A. Nothing special. B. I'm doing a party. 8.Is it much farther?の問いでBと答える理由。 A. It is a little far. B. We will be there soon. 9. I must go.でBと答える理由。 A. You may saty. B. Do you have to? よろしくお願いいたします。

  • 英語の問題を教えてください!

    次の英文の( )の中に合う英語を選ぶ問題です。 Coffee is one of the world's most popular drinks, but what is the best way to enjoy it? If you ask 100 different people, you are likely to (A) 100 different responses. From sweet to bitte, from hot to cold, there are endless combinations and possibilities. Most coffee lovers (B) that if you're going to drink it hot. the best way to prepare it is in a French Press. Unlike drip coffee, a French Press allows the coffee to soak for a period of time, thereby releasing much more of the natural flavor (C) in coffee. By the way, do you know that instant coffee was invented by a Japanese man named Satori Kato? (D) (A) 1.be getting 2.be got 3.get 4.got (B) 1.are convinced 2.are convincing 3.convince 4.will convince (C) 1.find 2.found 3.founded 4.founding (D) 1.Maybe that is why Japanese people prefer instant coffee to drip coffee. 2.Because Japanese people drink tea everyday. 3.Actually, regular drip coffee is less expensive than instant coffee. 4.That is the reason why French people prefer tea to coffee. よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語の問題

    1:Most classes of this school () of 20boys and 26girls. (1)is consisting (2)consist (3)are consisted (4)consists 2:She expects her friends to () everything she says. (1)agree with (2)cope with (3)do without (4)fail with 3:I ran () Mary at the shopping mall yesterday.(1)of (2)out (3)away (4)across 4:It was nice of Tom to have picked () his friends at the station. (1)down (2)off (3)over (4)up 5:If you are absent too much, it will result () problems at test time. (1)to (2)in (3)on (4)with ()に入る解答と和訳お願いします

  • 高校英語和訳お願いします><

    高校英語和訳 (1)A fer groups buy threatened land in order to keep businesses from destroying it. (2) Most environmental organizations obey laws, but sometimes members of environmental groups are arrested for civil disobedience. German police arrested protesters who sat on railroad tracks to prevent trains from transporting nuclear materials. In America, some environmentalists have destroyed tractors and other machines used to destroy nature. For these environment is more important than following laws.

  • 高校英語 TOEIC 急いでます

    以下の各問の答えを教えてください。TOEIC対策のため図書館から本を借りてきたのですが答えがなく困っています。 どれか大門1つでも構いませんので教えてください。 よろしくお願いします。 [1] Questions 1-3 refer to the following recorded message. You have reached the Grail Clinic, open Mondays through Saturdays, 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. We are currently helping other callers. If you are calling about a medical emergency, hang up and call 711. To reach a staff member, please enter their extension now or press 1 to give voicemail messages. Otherwise, your call will be answered shortly. 1. Why would a caller hear this message ? (A) All of the voicemail boxes are full. (B) All of the lines are busy. (C) The offices are currently closed. (D) The phone number has been changed. 2. What are callers with urgent problems asked to do ? 3. Why would a caller press 1 ? [2] Questions 4-5 refer to the following telephone message. I’m Betsy Collins from SPG Plumbing Corporation, calling for Robert Ming. Mr. Ming, your interview was scheduled for October 7 at 9:30 A.M. We’d like you to come in at 8:30 A.M. instead. That’s when we normally start business for the day. Sorry for the sudden change. Please e-mail me at b.collins@spgplumb.net to confirm whether you can make it. Thanks. 4. What is the main purpose of the message ? 5. When does SPG Plumbing Corporation normally open for business ? [3] Questions 6-8 refer to the following schedule. Passenger Schedule valid until December 2016 Destination Departure Times Temporary delays Queens 06:02 06:22 06:42 A.M. Signal failure at O’Hara Kennedy 06:15 06:35 06:55 A.M. Freetown 06:10 06:30 06:50 A.M. The trains depart at the same times each hour until the last train leaves at 11:55 P.M. We are New Jersey’s most punctual line: 99% of our trains arrive on time.  ● All of our subway trains have wheelchair access.  ● Passengers wishing to travel to Grand Central Station should transfer at Liberty Square. 6. What kind of schedule is this ? 7. Why is this line the best ? 8. Which of the following is NOT mentioned about the trains ? (A) Last train time (B) Delay details (C) Disabled access (D) Arrival times

  • 英語の問題を教えて下さい!

    空欄に入る語を選ぶ問題です。 Some people think the phrase ″elective surgery″ means a surgical procedure that is optical. This may be true some of the time, but it is not (1) the case. Elective surgery can often refer to surgery that must be done but that is not a life-threatening emergency. This means patients may schedule their surgery days, weeks, or even months in advance. One of (2) common examples of elective surgery is Lasik eye surgery. Because elective surgery is considered (3) important, some insurance companies do not cover patients who wish to have this kind of treatment done. (4) (1) (a)always (b)never (c)hardly (d)seldom (2) (a)as (b)more (c)the most (d)very (3) (a)as (b)fewer (c)much (d)less (4) (a)However, you can earn a huge amount of money by undergoing surgery. (b)Thus, it is better to consult your insurance company. (c)Otherwise, you might not have enough time to undergo surgery. (d)For that reason, the success rates for the surgery are very low. よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語の就職試験

    What aspects of your work environment are most important to you? 私にとって最も重要な作業環境の側面とは何か?を聞かれていると思うのですが、「作業環境の側面」とは具体的にどのようなことでしょうか。 また、英語で模範的解答がありましたら教えてください。

  • 英語の問題お願いします!

    英語の問題お願いします! 空所に適当な語句をいれてください! 1.Harry as well as you () responsible for that accident. (1)are (2)do (3)does (4)is 2.Both my brother and my sister () studying abroad. (1)are (2)have (3)is (4) was 3.Some of the most remarkable scientists in history () not considered especially intelligent in their school days. (1)is (2)are (3)was (4)were 誤った箇所を指摘し正しい形になおしてください! 4.Most of the class members (1)[is] working (2)[people] and (3)[very] few of them ever (4)[miss]a class. 5.There (1)[has] been many (2)[cases] of (3)[the] flu in this area (4)[in recent] years. 以上の5問です! 見づらいかもしれませんがお願いします!

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