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Surprising Language Barrier Breakthrough: Making Friends and Discovering Culture in Japan

  • Despite my limited Japanese skills, I was able to make friends with non-English speakers and engage in cultural activities like sado and ikebana.
  • Japanese language classes and immersion through TV shows allowed me to enjoy soap operas, samurai dramas, sumo wrestling, anime, and commercials.
  • Language should not be a barrier to forming connections and experiencing the rich culture of Japan.


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  • ddeana
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驚いたことに、私のものすごく限られた日本語でも、英語を話せない人達と友達になる妨げにはなりませんでした。 私はこれまでにある程度、茶道と生け花を学びました。 これらのクラスは完全に日本語で行われました。 私はまた、沢山のテレビを見ました。 言葉を理解せずに、メロドラマや時代劇、相撲の試合、アニメ、そしてコマーシャルにさえ、すっかり熱中してました。


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  • SPS700
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   驚いたことに私の日本語は極めて限られているのに、英語を話さない人々の友だちが出来ました。    ある程度までは茶道や生け花の勉強さえしました。     これらの(=茶道や生け花の)クラスは全部日本語でした。     テレビもたくさん見ました。一言も分かりませんでしたが、私は連続(ホーム)ドラマ、時代劇、相撲放送、アニメ、時にはコマーシャルさえ楽しみました。

  • Nakay702
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以下のとおりお答えします。 驚いたことに、極端に制約されている私の日本語でも、英語を話さない人々と私が親しくなるのに妨げにはなりませんでした。 私は、ある程度ですが、茶道や生け花さえ学習しました。 これらの教室、はまったく日本語だけで行われました。 さらに私は、テレビをいっぱい見ました。 語句は一言も理解できないのに、昼メロ、時代劇、相撲の勝負、アニメおよびコマーシャルなどにすっかり夢中になってしまいました。



  • 和訳お願いします!

    If I were a flower... I would be sunflower. To always follow the sun, turn my back to darkness, stand proud, tall and straight even with my head full of seeds.

  • 和訳お願いします!!!

    When we arrived at my college, however, the thought came to me that the creature might still be in my apartment.【 For if I feared to see him again myself, I feared even more lest Clerval should see him.】 Begging my friend to wait a minute, I ran up the stairs and threw open the door. But nothing appeared. The apartment was empty. My heart rose and I could barely believe my good fortune. この【】の文章なのですが訳し方がよくわかりません。わかる方訳を教えてください!お願いします!!!ちなみに自分で訳した訳は もし私が再び彼を見るのを恐れたら、私が彼を見るのを恐れるということ以上に Clerval が彼を見やしないかということを恐れた。

  • 和訳をよろしくお願いします

    I was in an abusive marriage for a decade, and after we split, I had to distance myself from both my social and professional circles because we worked in the same industry. I’m very healthy and happy now. Recently, I’ve started to fold a few previous connections back into my life. I’ve started to fold a few previous connections back into my life.の和訳をよろしくお願いします

  • around the loop

    My last solo trip landed me in Chicago where I sprung from the airport, dashed to the closest train and felt thrilled to explore an entirely new city on my own — no more hiding in Dunkin' Donuts. Once I got to my hotel, I itched to drag myself along every single street even though it had started pouring rain. I bought show tickets, made my way to Wicker Park and visited all the best brunch places around the loop. around the loopの意味を教えてください。よろしくお願いします

  • 和訳

    和訳例をお願いします。どちらも同じ長文から引っ張ってきた文です。一部分なので、わかりにくいかもしれませんが、お願いします。 ・I spoke to them in Spanish because I had thoughts and feelings that I knew I could only communicate to them in the language in which my mind works. I wanted to express myself genuinely, so that they could know me as I really am, rather than an English-language version of me. ・Not only did my mother not speak to me in Danish, but my parents were also both fluent In German and French and they refused to teach me those, too. They felt it would slow down my development in English, that I would get confused while working out how all the bits fit together. itの具体的内容もお願いします。

  • 和訳をよろしくお願いします

    I’m in an argument with my landlord about my power bill, which is included in my rent. I run a window unit for a couple hours before I get home to get the temperature down, and he wants me to stop. He can’t separate my usage from the other tenants in the house, but I’ve done the math, and it costs, generously, $9.50 a month, which I’ve offered to pay him. I run a window以下全文の和訳をよろしくお願いします

  • ちょっと長いですが…。和訳お願いします。

    One day about three months after I first arrived in Japan, I suddenly realized I was absorbing Japanese. On that day I was riding on a streetcar on my way to work. An elderly woman entered at one of the stops and sat down right next to me in the empty car. When I was addressed entirely in Japanese, I cut her off with zenzenwakarimasen. This didn't seem to discourage her from continuing to talk. I just smiled and nodded as she spoke and felt relieved when we arrived at her stop. Once alone, I realized that I had understand some of what she had said, and that the entire conversation had been in Japanese. This sudden awareness was exhilarating. From that moment on, I could no longer resist being swept up in the currents of Japanese language and culture.

  • 和訳お願いします。

    Forty years ago I was a Marine returning from the war in Vietnam. I returned having been badly wounded in the chest and both legs. I tried to find solace in my scars but could not. I had abandoned my buddies only to come home to unchartered waters. Soon I found myself more terrified in peace than I was in war. 最後から2つ目の文章の意味がわかりません。教えて頂けませんか。

  • この文の和訳をお願いします><

    I have thought since of the wonderful godness of God to me, in preserving me in the use of my reason and senses, in that distressed time, that I did not use wicked and violent means to end my own miserable life. 要点だけでも構いませんので、誰かお願いします><

  • 和訳をお願いいたします!

    下記の英文を日本語に翻訳してもらえますでしょうか? 翻訳サイトの訳文ではほとんど内容が理解できませんでした、どうかお願いいたします。 At this time it is morning here in Valparaiso. I hope we keep in touch, I enjoy your photos in the Asian port. I hope to post pictures of my port then, but unfortunately I'm strapped and I have my camera and my computer at a pawn shop soon I hope to recover my stuff. I have been uploading photos from a couple of years. In a couple of days begins the season of fruits and cruise for 5 months come many ships. - Well I say goodbye and greetings from Valparaiso