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和訳お願いします。 部分、部分はわかるんですが文になるとうまく日本語に直せなくて… As I traveled from one country to another, I got accustomed to communicating primarily through gestures. I imagined that I could read minds and send telepathic messages. I focused on facial expressions and eye contact. There were many times when I wanted to know what people were actually saying; however, I also often sensed that I was at a distinct advantage, not knowing. Ambiguity felt liberating. I didn't have to conform as much to expectations or behavior that I might consider restrictive. I could move in and out of culturally imposed roles more freely.


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  • ddeana
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ひとつの国から別の国へと旅行するにつれて、私は主にジェスチャーを使って人とコミュニケーションを取ることに慣れました。 相手の心を読み、テレパシーでメッセージを送ることが出来ると考えたのです。 私は顔の表情やアイコンタクト(※1)に重点的に取り組みました。 実際に人々が何を言っているのか知りたいと思うことは何度もありました。でも私はまた、わからないことで、あきらかに有利だったとしばしば気づきました。 曖昧であることで自由だと感じたのです。 私は自分を抑えるべきと考えるような予想や行いにあまり縛られませんでした。 文化的にこうするべきだという役割からもっと自由に出たり入ったりすることが出来たのです。 ※1:視線と視線を合わせて意思や態度など伝達しようとすること


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  • Nakay702
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次のように訳してみました。 ある国から別の国へ旅行したとき、私はおもに身振りを通じて伝達することに馴れました。 私は、心を読むことができ、テレパシー風の伝言を送ることができた、と想像しました。 私は、顔の表情とアイコンタクトに注目しました。 実際に人が何を言っているのかを知りたいと思った時が、しばしばありました。 けれども私は、知らずにいることもまた、違った利点だとしばしば感じました。 曖昧なことは解放的なものだ、と感じました。 期待や振舞を、私が考えるほどは厳密に一致させなくてもよかったからです。 私に課された文化的役割の内外を、より自由に移動することができたのでした。



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    どなたか、英語が得意な方、和訳をお願いいたします。 But after the 1940's, as pneumatic blondes blew up and gender roles were re- established, she didn't often find the film roles that suited her cool, steady gaze. The movies couldn't see it, but she was born to go quip to quip, curled lip to lip, with a man.

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    I'd really like to know, what in the name of all that is holy makes this razor worth that much money? I can't even fathom paying that much, unless I were so rich I could just use money to start a fire. Please enlighten me. Thanks, and no offense meant

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    和訳をしていただけるかたのみで お願いできますでしょうか? 再び挨拶の部分に入ったようです。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 Before I continue with the reading. Allow me to introduce you to the very methodical way I work. My work is different to that of most other astrologers. I regard astrology as a kind of advanced science. When I researched for the Soul Mate Chart as well uncovering the buried secrets of the ancient star law I worked in methodical scientific way. I compared the charts of many thousands of couples. Some were famous, some were utterly unknown, some happy some miserable. I did this to find out how the details and fate and looks of one partner could show up distinctly in the others chart. So that it could be predicted with reasonable accuracy. his endeavor was both monumental and rewarding.

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    和訳例をお願いします。どちらも同じ長文から引っ張ってきた文です。一部分なので、わかりにくいかもしれませんが、お願いします。 ・I spoke to them in Spanish because I had thoughts and feelings that I knew I could only communicate to them in the language in which my mind works. I wanted to express myself genuinely, so that they could know me as I really am, rather than an English-language version of me. ・Not only did my mother not speak to me in Danish, but my parents were also both fluent In German and French and they refused to teach me those, too. They felt it would slow down my development in English, that I would get confused while working out how all the bits fit together. itの具体的内容もお願いします。

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    However,it was never the case,before Europe unified the globe,that relations between states or rulers that were members of different regional international systems could be conducted on the same moral and legal basis as relations within the same system,for this basis was provided in part by principles that were culturally particular and exclusive: the unity of Christendom, the community of the faithful in Islam, the conception of the Chinese Empire as the Middle Kingdom. よろしくお願いします

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    I am the winning bidder and bid before I could confirm that the razor is authentic because I learned of the item as the auction was ending. Is the razor authentic and NOS? If not, I would like to withdraw my offer and cancel the transaction.

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    ・But last night I had a nightmare ... to make it worse a nightmare about you. ・You moved to ●● (which made me happy) ... but you loved chocolates to much that you keep eating chocolates and became very ...big (very heavy). ・Please you tell that you are still as pretty and cute as the you I saw a few days ago ... and that you will never be big ... ・Nooooo ... every I think of you ... I see you as you were in my dream ... I better look at some picture of you before I go to work :)

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    I started studying Japanese language in 1974, in a Tokyo university with many other foreign students. Although the tests and lessons were well-designed, I was soon quite frustrated and dissatisfied with my progress in that situation. Most of my classmates were also non-Japanese, so the dangerous tendency was to speak in English or French outside of classes. Except for the small number who wanted to "brush up their English," the normal Japanese students refused to associate with the illiterate foreigners. I soon found that I had gravitated to a small group of Koreans and Hawaiians, who agreed to speak only in Japanese. However, I felt that my Japanese was not likely to improve much without native speakers as models. I was depressed by the number of Americans concerned only with obtaining as much money, sex, marijuana, or media-coverage as they could obtain during their year in Japan, rather than really trying to appreciate the culture in which they were guests. So I began to look around for a more isolated university which would admit and teach Japanese to foreigners, but without the problems of Tokyo's "international set."

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    (1) Most people , when they are left free to fill their own time according to their own choice , are at a loss to think of anything sufficiently pleasant to be worth doing. And whatever they decide on , they are troubled by the feeling that something else would have been pleasanter. (2) Athletes do not perform or compete in social vacuums. One could even argue that modern athletics would not exist without audiences and sport fans. How many athletes would continue to train and compete if no spectators were present in athletic event? Probably none. (3) As a student of Japan and things Japanese , I find this country and its inhabitants to be a living study. Instead of being thousands of miles away as they would be were I to live in my homeland , all the materials for research lie close at hand. All that is necessary is to find the time and to put in the effort. よろしくお願いいたします。

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    英語の授業で和訳の問題が出たのですが、この部分が自信ないので教えてください。 little as can be said about practice in this, as in any other filed. Should we assume that a myth as old and elementary as this has the prudish morals of the nineteenth-century outlook, and that the important point the story wants to convey to us is the embarrassment that their genitals were visible? よろしくお願いします。