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there are some days when we can't talk, because you are busy maybe. Right? I was wondering if, those days, before you go to bed, you can leave me a message, just to know if you had a good day and feel good XD よろしくお願いします!!

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  • Him-hymn
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時として、あなたが忙しくて、私たちが話せない時がありますよね?もし、そういう日々、あなたが床につく前に、いい一日を送ったか、いい気分かどうかを、メッセージを残してくれるといいなと思っていたのです。XD XDは顔文字です。 以上でいかがでしょうか?



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  • boyinusa
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there are some days when we can't talk, because you are busy maybe. Right? I was wondering if, those days, before you go to bed, you can leave me a message, just to know if you had a good day and feel good XD 多分あなたが忙しいからたまに話せない日があるよね? そういう日は寝る前にちょっとしたメッセージ(今日は良い日だったとか)を残してほしいんだけど。 ご参考までに。



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    it's almost christmas and I can't believe that 2 years already have passed. The are times that I am still thinking about you and wondering what you are doing. Maybe it's time to go to Asia again, because I am really missing the time I had in Asia.  Miss you 

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    You can't go ahead, if your life is lovely. I would surely lose to temptation. と I feel the wind. Can you see ? We can't see the wind. But we can feel the wind. I want you ! を翻訳してくれる方いませんか? よろしくお願いします。

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    What a bad friend .try to give you a force kiss . here is a nice chu.! to heal you back to happiness.. i am going to check my PO box tomorrow . it was a busy day.. work .. work........... i need a vacation .. i want you to know that you are a wonderful person and i am so happy for your emails it make me feel, not so lonely . ... i know that the only thing you see is text in a email .but i want you to feel that i Gare about you .. you make me happy i wish this tush your heart .. こちらの英語を日本語に訳して頂きたいです。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 大大至急です!(´;ω;`)日本語訳お願いします。

    翻訳機にかけるのはやめてください。 英語がわかるかた、日本語訳おねがいします。 (1)I more than just like you. (2)I'm not saying I like tall girls. I'm saying I don't care about how tall a girl is.  (3)If things are going to work between us when I leave. (4)Right now it seems like you're scared and it makes me think that things are going to work between us when I leave.  (5)No one else but you. I am not unconcerned either. There are going to be times that I won't be able to talk to you everyday. When I go to Montana I will be at work for 5 days at a time and won't be able to go back home and email or message you. Or if I deploy somewhere and I will only be able to message you 1 or 2 times a week maybe. That's the way it's going to be and I need you to be able to handle that. Please know that there will never be a day that I don't think about you or I won't be thinking about you all day. 日本語訳お願いします。

  • そんな時間がないかもね、の言い方

    たとえば、この本お勧めだから読んでみて!と友達に言ったものの、 「でもあなたは忙しいから、そんな時間がないかもしれないね」 so you are so busy. you maybe can't have such any time. 自分ではこう英訳してみたのですが、 maybe の使い方がなんとなくしっくりきません。 maybeはあまりネイティブは使わないと聞いたことがあるのですが・・ もっといい表現てあるでしょうか? もしありましたら教えてください。お願いします。

  • 日本語にして下さい!! よろしくお願いします…

    Thank you so much for what you said ^^ Thank you. I like being like coffee XDDDDDDDDDDD No, jokes apart, I am the one who is really lucky in knowing you, as you are a really genuine person, and it's rare to find someone like you in the world. I think you are pure and simple, and this is just great ^^ You know... okay, it might sound stupid XD but I will tell you anyway XD I believe everything has a sense in this world. I mean, everything has an order (I do believe in God, after all!), or it would be chaos XD I don't think the fact that we met was simply luck XD or chance! No. Many things fit together. For example, In that period I started working on Android... and to contact you, I had to find a way to install and android App on my pc. Chance? Mh XD nah XD Okay at this point you probably think I am stupid XD Maybe I am XD sometimes XD but I like to think we didn't meet by chance! ^-^/ And yes, I have a glance at your letter every day! That's why I put It in the drawer right next to my bed. Before going to sleep (before or after reading). I take it, open it, look at the origami... smile XD and thank you in my head for sending it XDDDDDDDD Yes, I am stupid XDDDDDD DO I sound like a maniac? I hope not! XD I am using 'XD' too often, isn't it? XD I also made a cookie with XD written on the top today XD I sent you an image of it on LINE

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    Hi......how are hope you are well.....I want to ask you something a little weird for me but..my friend needs help on this project she is doing on parenting...an she decided to do it on Japanese parenting....am wondering if you can help me it would be greatly appreciated の長文です。 お願いします!

  • 日本語にお願いします!!

    As for the last thing (the fact that you ignored me), yes, I have to admit it was quite a hard hit. I have been really, deeply sad and disappointed because of that. You know, because I didn't expect if from you! I know you are emotional and sometimes just don't feel like talking. That's fine of course. But those times, it's always better to say "Sorry, I don't feel like talking today". Always, because, Mika, ignoring someone is really, really cruel, especially if there is no harm from the ignored person. You see, I thought "Is this what I deserve just because I wanted to be honest with her?". I thought that was really mean... a bit cruel maybe, because we are friends. I simply didn't expect you could behave like that to me ^^ So yeah, I got really depressed for quite some time. Because... because of what I written in the letter you didn't receive yet! I hope you can get it soon :) But in the end it seems you understood, so I accept your apologies, thank you! ^^ It's okay now :)

  • 至急★和訳お願いしますm(__)m

    How are you doing today? Hope you are having a good day. I don't think that we are going to go out to sea for three months anymore. Our schedule, right now, is that we're going to go out to sea on the 21st until probably early november. it'll still be a month out but better than 3 months out. And I have a half day tomorrow and the day off on Sunday, and was wondering if you maybe wanted to go to like huis ten bosch or something. Can I ask you a question, what did your brother think of me? I didn't really get the chance to get to hang out with him and want to hang out another time, if that's ok with you and your brother ttyl

  • 日本語の意味を教えてください

    キノコ栽培場の収穫シーンの映像で、 収穫する人に向かっての質問で What's a good day here for you if you are picking? という質問をしているのですが、意味がいまいち分かりません。 質問に対しての答えは、「平均は500ポンド程度摘むことができて・・・」と続くので、この質問は「1日にどれくらい収穫できたら、「大漁」と呼べるのか」みたいな意味かなと思ったのですが・・・? どなたかお分かりの方教えて頂けますでしょうか?