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英文の和訳で困っています 和訳を教えていただきたいです よろしくお願いします!! Moreover, its location at a busy crossroads two streets north of the forum was well suited to advertise the cult and, with it, the munificence and political correctness of the donor. The land on which the temple was built formed part of Tullius’s private property, and he was fortunate to be able to turn this circumstance to advantage. Another prominent citizen of the Augustran period was M.Holconius Rufus, who held all the chief posts in the local administration, acted as a priest of the imperial cult, and like Tullius was rewarded by the emperor with a grant of the military tribute. During his third tenure of the duvirate, i.e., not long before 2 BC, the year of his fourth tenure, he and his fellow duovir, C. Egnatius Postumus, built a wall which obstructed the lights of houses adjacent to the Sanctuary of Apollo. An inscription found in the sanctuary records the compensation paid to the householders who were affected.


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さらに、市民広場の2通り北にある繁華街の十字路の位置は、祭祀場とともに寄贈者の気前よさや政治的正当さを広告するためによく適していた。 寺院が建造された土地は、トゥリウスの私有財産の一部を形成していたが、それで彼は幸運にもこの状況を強みにさし向けることができたのである。 アウグスツゥス治下の(Augustan)期間のもう一人の著名な市民は、M.ホルコニウス・ルーファスであった。この人は地方行政において主要なポストすべてを掌握し、帝国の祭祀の聖職者として振る舞い、トゥリウスのように、皇帝によって軍事の税務官の許可を下賜された。 2頭政治で彼の3回目の任官期間に、つまり、4回目の任官の年となる紀元前2世紀の直前に、彼および彼の2頭政治仲間のC.エグナチウス・ポストゥムスは、大壁を建造して、アポロの神殿に隣接している家々の明かりを遮蔽してしまった。 神殿で見つけられた碑銘は、その影響を受けた世帯主に支払われた補償を記録している。





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    英文の和訳で困っています 和訳を教えていただきたいです よろしくお願いします!! The process was continued, after an apparent hiatus during the civil wars of the last decades of the Republic, under the emperor Augustus. The Augustan period gave the Roman world a new stability and security buttressed by an ideological programme which emphasized concepts such as revival of traditional religious and moral values. In Pompeii, as an hundreds of other communities, prominent local citizens sought to express their gratitude to the new regime, and in some cases to secure their personal advancement, by sponsoring building projects which honoured the emperor or promoted his ideals. A good example was the erection by M.Tullius, a leading magistrate of the last decades of the first century BC, of a temple dedicated to Fortuna Augusta, one of various cults which grew up around the emperor and his tutelary spirits. Tullius had received honours from the emperor, and the building of the temple was a statement of his loyalty.

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    和訳をしていただけるかたのみで、 お願いできますでしょうか? 1つの段落の前半部分となります。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 His father was a man who was Tall, and moderately fat with large eyes and black hair and a long banana or crescent moon shaped face. A proud looking man. He had trouble with one of his knees and his leg was a bit weak or crooked. He had a hospitable and generous nature. He tried to mould the minds of his children into the right direction in life. Married late in life to a woman of superior position and his past was not so good. He could be melancholic and liked to study or read in the silence of his own chamber with a lamp, which his children were not welcome to disrupt. He was stricter and sharp with the children when they were small. but, gentler when they were older and behaved better. He could be merry, eat drink and have fun and include the children. He felt happy amongst his family and children. He was intuitive and had a spiritual side.

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    英文の和訳で困っています。 和訳を教えていただきたいです。 よろしくお願いします!! The entrance steps of the Capitolium were rebuilt with flanking bastions which may have supported statues of the Dioscuri, sons of Juiper, and the altar was reset on a raised platform in the centre of the temple steps, where it is shown blazing at the time of the earthquake in a relief on the lararium of L.Caecilius Iucundus. But the cult title Victrix –the Victorious–with which Sulla worshipped the goddess was not used at Pompeii, presumably because it evoked Sulla’s bloody victory over the Samnites in the wars of the late 80s. In the precinct of Apollo the gaps between the piers that connected the sanctuary with the forum were filled in and the area was reshaped as the colonnaded courtyard visible today. The three main temples–the Capitolium, the Temple of Apollo and the Temple of Venus, were all embellished in the Augustan period or shortly afterwards. The cult became very popular, to judge by the number of graffiti that allude to it, and Pompeii became well known as the city of Venus.

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    英文の和訳で困っています 和訳を教えていただきたいですよろしくお願いします!! The FDJ was founded on 7 March 1946 and systematically built up under the leadership of the later SED general secretary, Erich Honecker, as a youth organization allegedly ‘above party affiliation’. Honecker, a roofer born at Wiebelskirchen in the Saarland, had survived to be liberated by the Red Army on 27 April 1945. In May he joined the ‘Ulbricht Group’ and as youth secretary of the CC of the KPD built up the ‘Antifa’ youth committees, which led to the founding of the FDJ in 1946. According to official statistics, approximately 70 per cent of young people between 14 and 25 in the GDR were members of the FDJ. The proportion of school pupils and students was particularly high. The officials of the FDJ were often at the same time members of the SED.

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    英文の和訳で困っています。 和訳を教えていただきたいです。 よろしくお願いします!! There was also a public priestess, drawn from one or other of the leading families of the city, who must have performed sacrifices at the Temple of Venus, and may have had a role in other cults as well. Probably at the same time the precinct was separated from the forum by piers of increasing thickness which masked the difference in alignment between forum and temple. Their decree allowed exemptions under special circumstances for small groups of bacchants who worshipped at long established sanctuaries, and the cult at S. Abbondio must have been registered as one of the these, for the sanctuary remained in use, though it ceased to be supported by the city government. In the Sanctuary of Apollo the magistrates replaced the old altar with a new one, in accordance with a decree of the decurions, as they recorded in an inscription.

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    英文の和訳で困っています 和訳を教えていただきたいです よろしくお願いします!! Anyone who did not comply was put under pressure, arrested and physically mistreated. The stream of propaganda continued to be pumped out right up until the spring of 1960; the socialization of the means of production was pushed through in parallel to this and the expropriation largely ‘completed’. Feeling alarmed and insecure, many farmers left the GDR with their families  And made for the Federal Republic, which had a negative effect on the supply of foodin East Germany. Ulbricht’s state transformed the LPGS into new agricultural units whenever these demonstrated readiness to be involved in cooperation above the level of the unit. The mergers led to ‘cooperatives’ , which were devoted to the cultivation of specific crops and the rearing of specific animals. The dogmatic and intolerant SED general secretary, Walter Ulbricht, who attempted to emulate Stalin in his little German Soviet state, was going to be replaced, judging by the rumours.

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    以下の英文を和訳していただきたいです。よろしくお願いします。 The most interesting is the story of Grecian mother who, with her infant, was on the roof, when in a moment of inattention, the child crept to the edge and was balanced on the very edge. To call it, to touch it would have insured its destruction; but the mother, without a second thought, bared her breast, and the child eagerly turning to it, was saved.

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    英文の和訳で困っています。 和訳を教えていただきたいです。 よろしくお願いします!! The most drastic modification of an existing cult was the conversion of the temple at the north end of the forum into a Capitolium to house the three-fold cult of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva, imported from the Capitoline hill in Rome. Venus had been the patron goddess of Sulla whose veterans formed the first colonists, and the official name of the colony, Colonia Veneria cornelia, connects it both with Venus and with Sulla who belonged to the gens Cornelia. t was built on a vast artificial platform and must have been intended to be conspicuous from the sea like several other famous temples of Aphrodite. In the shrine of uncertain dedication near the Greek Theatre the cella was rebuilt, and several changes were made in the precinct. The new temple demonstrated the supremacy of Rome’s most prestigious cult, and emphasized the romanitas of the new colony.

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    英文の和訳で困っています。 和訳を教えていただきたいです。 よろしくお願いします!! In 186 BC the Roman senate took alarm at rumours of a new form of the cult of Dionysus which had recently reached Italy and instructed the magistrates to suppress it ruthlessly, even in non-Roman communities such as Pompeii. In that respect Pompeii was probably typical of Campanian cities in the late Hellenistic period, but it differed from Rome where the magistrates did not tolerate non-traditional cults thought likely to endanger the well-being of the state. There was also a sanctuary at Bottaro in the so-called Borgo Marinaro, probably dedicated to Nepture, and another in the Contrada Iozzino to the south of the city, beside the road that leads from the Porta di Stabia, which is perhaps to be identified with the Temple of Jupiter Meilichios referred to in the Oscan inscription. These remains point to the importance of religion in the public life of Pompeii in the immediately pre-Roman period, and he ease with cults of alien origin could win official approval and be absorbed into the city’s culture.

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    英文の和訳で困っています。 和訳を教えていただきたいです。 よろしくお願いします!! Some were of Isis and other Egyptian divinities, but there were also statuettes of Dionysus and Venus Anadyomene which point to syncretism of the Isis cult with Graeco-Roman cults connected with fertility and regeneration. In the extreme southeast corner of the court there was a walled enclosure, open to the sky, with a flight of steps which led to an underground vaulted chamber where there was a large bowl set on a pedestal. The main altar was set off-centre, southeast of the temple steps so as not to obstruct the view into the temple from the portico. The plinth was extended on either side of the pronaos to support two small aediculae which must have held other cult statues.