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先週泊まったバンコクのホテルから下記メールが届いたのですが、何て書いてあるのか理解できません。 どなたか要約していただけませんでしょうか? お願いいたします。 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Congratulations on your first qualified stay! Now that you've made your first qualified stay, we have DOUBLED the points earned from your last stay to reward your loyalty. What's more, tell us about your first stay experience and stand to win a 4 Day 3 Night stay at any Millennium Hotels & Resorts of your choice! We encourage you to be creative with your entries, write us a compliment, a funny experience or even a poem about your stay. Wait no more, write to us NOW!


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  • d-y
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そのホテルに宿泊されたときに、ホテルのカード会員みたいなのになった覚えはありませんか? 会員になってはじめてポイント対象のご宿泊だったので、ポイントを2倍つけました。 ご宿泊の感想を書いてくれたら、チェーンのホテルどこでも好きなところで3泊4日の宿泊できる権利が当たる抽選に参加できます。ホテルの良かったところでも、おかしな体験でも、詩でも何でも構わないので、お気軽に書いてみてください。 のようなことです。


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  • ddeana
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「おめでとうございます。キャンペーン参加資格を得ました! あなたの始めての宿泊がキャンペーン対象となりましたので、ご利用に感謝し、この前のご宿泊から得られる獲得ポイントを2倍にいたしました。さらに、初めての宿泊の感想をお送りいただければお好きなミレニアムホテル&リゾートでの3泊4日の滞在を手にすることも出来ます。 私どもの良い点、滞在中の面白い経験、もしくは宿泊をモチーフとした短い文など独創性溢れる感想を是非お願いします。 チャンスは今です、どうぞどしどし書いてお送りください。」 想像するに、ホテルのキャンペーン期間中に御泊りになったので、マイル獲得+更なる懸賞への応募をうながす文書だと思います。


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  • SPS700
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   あなたの最初の「資格ある」滞在、おめでとうございます。    初めての「資格ある」滞在を終えた今、あなたの忠誠(再度泊まった事)の報酬として、あなたのこの前の滞在に対してのポイント数を2倍にしました。それだけでなく、あなたの最初の滞在経験をお話しくださればお選びのミレニウムホテル&リゾートに4日3晩滞在の当選が可能になります。     私たちへの賛辞、面白い経験、あるいはあなたの滞在についての詩、など創造的な投稿を送ってください。     待たないで、今すぐ送ってください。     (と言った広告です)



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    和訳をお願いします。 I found Shishmaref on a map, and decided to write to the head of the village. So, with my English dictionary by my side, I wrote my first English letter. " My name is Hoshino Michiko. I'm a Japanese student. After seeing a picture of Shishmaref, I became very interested in your villsge life. I would like to visit, but I do not know anyone. I'm willing to work. Con you introduce me to someone who will let me stay with them? I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon." I addressed it,"The Mayou, Shishmaref, Alaska." About six monter, I received reply from one of the villagers. "Sorry for the delay. June and July are the months when we go hunting, so you should some then・・・・  When you know the day, let us know. You can stay with my family. "Suddenly Alaska was in the palm of my hand.

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    When the moon's in the sky we like it It's not gonna give us bad advice So go and dance with your thunder and lightning Where the paradise birds are fighting Let's shake things up a bit tonight Are you coming out tonight? Are you coming out tonight? Cos we're going out tonight And we won't be cattle on your farm tonight Ask yourself why Come on, ask your man why Cos you're ugly and you lie And you kriss kross kriss kross It's a lie So bye bye bye bye bye bye Are you coming out tonight? Well come out with us tonight Cos there's wrong and there is right And we know which one we are tonight Ah don't start crying now Don't go crying now Cos the moon is gonna dance for us tonight Don't go dying now You're not dying now And the sky is just not close to us tonight And as for you, friend High in your high home Watching us all falling down like rain I hope you're happy Feel really holy Cos your godliness has taken every single thing I loved on earth tonight Oh I won't let you leave me You're all I've got, believe me Stay Don't close your eyes Nobody really dies They all just end up in the sky So far away お願いいたします

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    英語の和訳をお願いしたいです。 All I can be Have what we need What you've got to do is to give it your best shot Forget yesterday Now is everything Ignore cold eyes,yell at the top of your lungs So that the world hears No need to change,we're fine this way Just act on instinct, listen to your heart Don't pay attention to what they say Live your life the way that you want If you are tired then why don't you rest There is no need to keep on running Burn your soul into these notes and verses Then this song will surely reach their ears No need to change,we're fine this way Just act on instinct, listen to your heart Don't pay attention to what they say Live your life the way that you want You've made no mistake Call your own shots on right and wrong Don't pay attention to what they say Live your life the way that you want よろしくお願いします。

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    英語が読める方、↓の内容教えて下さい…。 よろしくお願い致します。 We just wanted to drop you a line and let you know we haven't forgotten about you. Part of your order (#1687936) has not yet shipped because one or more of the items you wanted are on backorder. Our typical ship time for backordered items is 3-6 weeks from the date of order, though at times it can take longer depending on the vendor. Please know we are doing our best to get this merchandise for you as soon as possible! Your credit card has not been charged for the backordered items; we do not charge your card until we ship the items to you. Also, you are free to cancel any or all unshipped items on your order. You can do so by using the Your Account function of the website (check the Help section for more information), or by contacting us with your order number. We apologize for the continued delay. If you ever have any questions about your order, please contact us at orders@eMerchandise.com or call us at 866-339-2691 (toll free in US and Canada), Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm (Pacific Time). When calling outside of the US and Canada, please dial +1-503-445-8081. Thank you for your patience and patronage!

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    ドイツ語圏の方と、最近メールをやりとりし始めました。 英語もだいたいできる方ですが、ところどころドイツ語まじりになっていたりして、意味がわかりにくいです。 今回来たメールは、さっぱり意味がつかめず、困っています。 長いですが、分かるところまででも良いので、よろしくお願いいたしますm(__)m Fisch, I needed to make certain this all worked well before I said something about this, but you'll fall in love with me for this advice! Do you remember all of those times when I said just how tough it's been to make do? Alright you know what?, Your internet will be your best companion after you give this baby a try for just a couple weeks. There's really no way I'd wind up where I am right now if it had not been for this. You'll be able to say thank you to me soon. I can also help you get rolling and once you've gotten the hang of this, you'll be able to start making bank too. You'll probably love me just for showing you some of it. You will notice. You're going to notice what i'm saying once you get started. I must see you getting rich without a concern on your mind. Now don't even try to let go of hope without trying out this method for a couple days! So let's get this thing going so we could proceed to hang out at the beach and smoke we3d every day. http://pf5okcxc.breakingchan2news.com/ It is really our point in time, Fisch how about we get the most from it.

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    Your Cross has the energy of being well provided for. You also have the energy of saying ''yes'' and making commitments. Your energetic makeup will always draw the necessary resources to you, however your desire to say ''yes'' can get you overextended and lead you to burn out. You need to follow your own style and make sure your commitments involve things you are passionate about. People will be drawn to you to experience your abundant resources. Make sure you are spending your energies on things that have meaning on your soul level.

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    英語が得意な方よろしくお願いします。 Thank you for you order, Sorry about that we still have not receive about your reply, please take a photo of the damage print and send it to us, it could help us to follow your case. If we have not receive the reply form you then we have to ship the package of #56585256 first, hope you could understand. Thank you and looking for your reply

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    amazon.comの有料サービスを解約したはずなのにいまだに請求が来ます。 英文がわからないのですが和訳お願いします>< Greetings from Amazon Seller Support, I've reviewed your account and verified that you do have an active Pro Merchant Subscription and all of your listings have been closed. However, I noticed that there is still a negative balance in your account for the monthly fee and I have proceeded to refund since you have not used your account. Since you are a Professional Seller, we will need that you downgrade to an Individual account in order to for us to be able to close your account successfully. To switch your selling plan to Individual, follow these steps: 1. In Seller Central, on the Settings tab, click "Account Info." 2. In the "Selling Plan" section, click the "Modify Plan" button. Once you have downgraded your account, for more information on further steps on how to close your seller account, please visit the following link: https:// We love our sellers! Let us know how we did: Were you satisfied with the support provided? Click here for yes: http:// Click here for no: http:// Thank you! To view your case details, please click http:// If you reply to this message, we will not get it. We want to help! So if you need to reach us, click http: We look forward to hearing from you soon, Sergio V. Amazon Seller Support ======================================= MORE WAYS TO GET HELP: Visit our Seller Forums for help from other sellers: http://sellercentral.amazon.com/forums Browse all Seller Help topics: http://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help 非常に困っているのでお願いします。

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    WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO TODAY'S STUDENTS AND TEACHERS? Now is the time to rethink the meaning of the word "literacy." We used to think of literacy as the ability to read and write. Now we need to think beyond reading and writing. We all need to learn how to create and collaborate on videos,photos,blogs,wikis,online forums,and other kinds of digital media.