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If you did you wouldn't go on other date. I didn't go on date. We just spend time together last saturday and you already go on date. And we just talked about getting to know each other more and better and all of that and you gonna go on another date with another guy. I don't understand if you like somebody and interested in somebody but go out with a different man


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  • Him-hymn
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もし、君がデートをしたなら、こっちのデートにはつきあえないわけだ。 僕はデートしてなかったよ。 僕たちはこの前の土曜日一緒に時間を過ごしたばかりだぜ。それなのにもうデートにいく。 互いをもっと深く、よく分かり合おうと話したばかりなのに、別の男とデートに行く。 わかんないよなあ、もし誰かが好きで、誰かに関心を寄せているにもかかわらず、その人とは違う人とデートをするなんていうのは。 以上、内容をしっかり踏まえた訳としました。 ご参考になればと思います。




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もしそうだったら他のデートなんかに行かねーだろ。 俺は行ってねぇーよ。 この前の土曜だって、せっかく一緒に居れたのにデートに行っちゃたろ。 お互いもっと知り合うチャンスだったってのに、他の男とデートに行っちゃうなんてよ。 まったく理解できねぇ~ぜ。 この俺じゃなく、他の男にケツ振って追っかけさせてるなんてよ!



さっそく翻訳していただきありがとうございます! 何を言ってるのか、わかることはわかるんですが ちゃんとした内容を確認したかったのでとても助かりました!! 土曜日は丸一日一緒にいたんですがね…。


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    お手数をお掛けいたしますが、翻訳の程宜しくお願い致します。 I can't tell you if all the CDs you listed are in a Jewel Case. Not all are on stock so I can't check it and sometimes we are not getting the info if its a Jewel Case version, so we can just see the Version if we already got it.

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    Thanks for the credit card. I just spoke with our warehouse and we are out of stock on a few items. I have listed below. Please let me know if you would like to substitute any of the other prints. Also on the OCS do you have an account number with them for us to use to notify OCS that we have a shipment for you? Out of Stock Items -oven mitt-ahoy-out of stock Ahoy-tea towels-out of stock Francesca tea towels-out of stock - we have the "Claire" another floral Aprons in Aviary in coral and blue Please let us know what you would like to substitute for these out of stock items

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    Hey Speedheads: Just want ya to kno: We are currently mixing the 5 songs we recorded, and we're super happy what we're coming up, so we're gonna record a bunch more stuff next week. _________________________________________

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    NURSE'S RESPONSE TO CRABBIT OLD WOMAN Author Unknown What do we see, you ask, what do we see? Yes, we are thinking when looking at thee! We may seem to be hard when we hurry and fuss, But there's many of you, and too few of us. We would like far more time to sit by you and talk, To bath you and feed you and help you to walk. To hear of your lives and the things you have done; Your childhood, your husband, your daughter, and your son. But time is against us, there's too much to do - Patients too many, and nurses too few. We grieve when we see you so sad and alone, With nobody near you, no friends of your own. We feel all your pain, and know of your fear That nobody cares now your end is so near. But nurses are people with feelings as well, And when we're together you'll often hear tell Of the dearest old Gran in the very end bed, And the lovely old Dad, and the things that he said, We speak with compassion and love, and feel sad When we think of your lives and the joy that you've had. When the time has arrived for you to depart, You leave us behind with an ache in our heart. When you sleep the long sleep, no more worry or care, There are other old people, and we must be there. So please understand if we hurry and fuss - There are many of you, and too few of us.

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    Great job oo! Thank you for helping me get this book also. If there are other ways you would like to learn I have worksheets and will help any way I can. Just let me know what you want to learn and we will go from there. I am looking forward to another lesson tomorrow! よろしくお願いします。

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    知り合いの外人の方に、音楽を作ってほしいいと頼まれました。そこでこのメッセージがきました。 Hey hope alls well dude. At the moment I'm talking to a director who needs some original music to go with a promo pitch for a brand. I thought of you but just checking if you could do something along the line of: http://youtu.be/nreGNW_bbvU We need music to start out with simple piano,filled with despair, without hope. Then strings come in, giving a sense of hope and overcoming a great obstacle. If you have time in the coming week we'd love to have you on board. Hopefully the pitch will go well and we can get contract work. But will provide more info when I have a meeting tomorrow Let me know 僕なりのざっとな意訳なんですが、上記アドレスの曲のように、シンプルなピアノから入って、途中でストリングスが入って、というのはなんとなく分かるのですが。 お時間がありましたらお願いします。

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    We should just pretend we are with each other now.←『僕らは今一緒にいるフリをするべきだ』って意味ですか?