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Well, I bet you wouldn't really like me with long hair (^~^); Yes, he is mostly known by his mullet. w Mullet were popular in Brazil during the 1980s and in the 1990s As far as I know, nowadays only people from Argentina and USA truck drivers does use mullets. ww Someday you can see them directly (^-^) I would like to see your cute face personally too! I wish it can happen soon. Yeah, it is a bit far from areas that can be affected by flooding. It depends on the luck, but I still haven't see myself any fish www Yeah, it's indeed sad. But people now are used to the flooding. You might really have superpowers. w Since it started to rain again after I saw your message. ww But the rain was short now (^^) I don't like the sound of thunder (>_<) But I bet you will love them here in Sao Paulo~ They're really frequent. w But still, it's really an interesting fact. Monkeys do have a pretty luxurious life there in Japan ww Maybe yes. w It will be nice to see her on a UFO cutely like that~ Honestly, I hadn't the luck on seeing one. But I heard some histories about UFOs here in Brazil. There's even a city famed for one UFO history in 1996 :3 I think I heard the name "ume" once, but I never knew it's meaning. That's really nice! The beautiful moment of the plum blossoms! :3 Does Oita have tons of cherry blossoms and plum blossoms in spring?


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あのさ、君は、きっと髪の長い僕は気に入らないと思うよ。 (^~^); うん、彼は、彼のマレットで主に有名だ。w マレットは、1980年代と1990年代にブラジルで人気があったよ。 僕の知る限り、今では、アルゼンチンの出身の人やアメリカのトラックドライバーだけが、マレットをしていると思う。ww いつか、それら(僕の目)を直接見られるよ。 (^-^) 僕も、君の可愛い顔を個人的にはみたいな! そんなことが、もうすぐ起こるといいな。 そうだよ、ここは、洪水の影響を受ける地域からは、ちょっと離れているんだ。 運次第かな、でも、僕は、まだ、自分では魚を見たことはないよ。www ほんとだね、とても悲しいことだ。 でも、人々は、今では、洪水に慣れっこになってる。 君は、本当に超能力があるのかもしれない。w だって、僕が、君のメッセージを見た後、また雨が降り出したもの。ww でも、この雨は、短かったよ。 (^^) 僕は、雷の音が好きじゃない。 (>_<) でも、きっと、君は、ここサンパウロでも雷の音が気にいるだろうね。 雷は、本当に、多いんだよ。w でもまだ、それは、本当に興味深い事実なんだ。 サルは、日本では、結構ぜいたくな生活してるね。ww もしかすると、そうかも。w あんなふうに、可愛く、彼女がUFOに乗ってるのを見るのは素敵だろうね。 正直、僕は、UFOを見る幸運には恵まれていない。 でも、こちらブラジルでも、僕は、UFOについての歴史をいくつか聞いたことがあるよ。 1996年にあるUFOの歴史で有名になった街さえある。:3 以前「梅」と言う名前は聞いたことがあると思う、でも、僕には、その意味がわからなかったんだ。 それは、素敵だね!梅の花が咲いてる美しい時期なんだ!:3 大分には、春には、いっぱいサクラや梅の花が咲くのかな? ☆また、質問を見つけたので、回答します。ブラジルは、ポルトガル語を使っているはずですから、このメールの彼も、私たちと同じ、英語に関しては、ノンネイティブだと思いますが、きちんとした英語を使う人です。メールのやり取りをして、英語の勉強にもなるでしょう。



いつもありがとうございます ネットにある英語の翻訳だと、おかしな意味の分からない日本語になるので回答していただき、大変助かりますm(_ _)m 私も英語の勉強がんばります!


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    Yeah, indeed (^^); But honestly, I do think that I will look weird with longer hair (>_<) Mullet was kinda the symbol of the crazy haircuts in the 1980s ww But mullets attract some attention independently of their popularity w Who knows w Maybe we wouldn't have a boyfriend/girlfriend when we are able to see each other w Maybe we can meet ourselves soon too! Yeah, indeed. Also, depending of the region, the floods here aren't really scary and nothing to really worry about. Plus, I think it's more safer living in Japan than Brazil, even with the earthquakes, to be honest. Now isn't raining here, but sky now is pretty cloudy ww So, your supernatural powers aren't that powerful (=ω=) www Not really afraid, but a bit bothered with them w Specially that there an mobile phone tower close to my home which serves as a lightning rod too (>_<) Springs are mostly hot and somehow they're not too much rainy like summer and autumn :3 Do you have cold springs there in Japan? Yes, it's that incident. It occurred around 1996, if I'm remembering right. People there even related that they found an alien too! Indeed it's really an interesting incident ^^ You have indeed a good luck there (^^) Plus, that photo make me wish more that I could be there enjoying the cherry blossoms :3

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    As for the last thing (the fact that you ignored me), yes, I have to admit it was quite a hard hit. I have been really, deeply sad and disappointed because of that. You know, because I didn't expect if from you! I know you are emotional and sometimes just don't feel like talking. That's fine of course. But those times, it's always better to say "Sorry, I don't feel like talking today". Always, because, Mika, ignoring someone is really, really cruel, especially if there is no harm from the ignored person. You see, I thought "Is this what I deserve just because I wanted to be honest with her?". I thought that was really mean... a bit cruel maybe, because we are friends. I simply didn't expect you could behave like that to me ^^ So yeah, I got really depressed for quite some time. Because... because of what I written in the letter you didn't receive yet! I hope you can get it soon :) But in the end it seems you understood, so I accept your apologies, thank you! ^^ It's okay now :)

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    (すみませんが翻訳機からの丸写し回答は求めてないです。よろしくお願いします。) ↓ Don't think so much it's a bit sad. I'm looking for my girl and I would like to have a sweet Asian girl for me such as one as you are but it's really hard if you not even speak English. How comes you not speak everybody does learn it at school!? I don't know we can manage it.. What are you doing in your life?

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    Does it mean that you're not shy? :) I really like buddhism! I think this is the religion I like the most, it's the most believable, thoughtful, and I agree with what that religion say. :) Our teacher said that Japanese celebrate Xmas in a different way to European People, I don't really know whether it's true or not...! This is a good thing to be interested in the world, and France is a nice place, you'll see, you might like it ! :D This morning, i had a japanese conversation lesson with a real japanese person, and she spoke to me all in Japanese and I didn't understand anything, except few easy things... and I realized that I was very bad for speaking and understanding Japanese! We only had a year of japanese lessons, so we're not very ready to speak japanese fluently, so I'm sorry, I'll do my best but my japanese level isn't great...! ^^ I'm very excited to come in 10 days now ! :DDD It's a huge adventure for me!!! I'll try to check my email every day for you to have a answer quickly ! :p See you soon !!! 急いでいます! 早めに返事いただけると助かります(;~;)

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    英訳お願いいたします。 This weekend I went shopping for clothes ... maybe you like that ... but I'm not really enjoying it. It's too difficult, too many choices. And suppose I choose something other people don't like ... Anyway I'm finished now and I have what I I need to have. Hmmm Italian food. Do you like Italian food a lot? As for the chopsticks ... it's not really strange for me. Personally I use chopsticks to cook pasta. It's easy to stir and take some spaghetti out to see if it's cooked enough. But eating ... I use fork :)But when I went to an Italian restaurant in Osaka they also gave chopsticks. Can you eat pasta with a fork? Or you think it's easier with chopsticks? Don't worry ... we won't be having pasta when you're in Belgium. About the chili oil. It's me that needs to thank you. You gave it to me and you introduced me to this chili oil. It's really nice on salad. Without you I would never know it can be so nice. If you bring some to Belgium you can bring your favorite brand. It doesn't need to be specifically this one. I like to know what you like. Don't worry if it's spicy ... I can take very spicy food. But are you sure it's not too much trouble? ... maybe you don't like it. Actually it looks more like what a horse would eat ... hahaha. You can try ... but we should have something more authentic (Belgian) for you. And also as a backup ... because I really don't think you will like it :)

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    長文を読んでいて疑問となる文が3つあり質問させてください。 1.she could actually see what she looked like in the mirror. she lookes like in the mirrorの部分の訳がわかりません。 鏡を見るとありましたが、likeはなぜついているのですか? 2.I don't know what it's like to have naturally perfect vision --- my mother can't understand the concept of having bad eyesight either ---- but I imagine it's something like having really comfortable , really powerful contact lenses. 最初のI don't know what it's like to haveb naturally perfect vision の部分、特にit's like to の部分がどう訳せばよいのかわかりません。 3.I've come to realize that other people treat you differently depending on whether you wear glasses. この文の構文がとれません。どれがSでどれがVなのかわかりません。 訳はだいたいわかります。 以上3つの疑問に答えてくださる方質問に答えてください。 お願いします。

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    Thank you so much for what you said ^^ Thank you. I like being like coffee XDDDDDDDDDDD No, jokes apart, I am the one who is really lucky in knowing you, as you are a really genuine person, and it's rare to find someone like you in the world. I think you are pure and simple, and this is just great ^^ You know... okay, it might sound stupid XD but I will tell you anyway XD I believe everything has a sense in this world. I mean, everything has an order (I do believe in God, after all!), or it would be chaos XD I don't think the fact that we met was simply luck XD or chance! No. Many things fit together. For example, In that period I started working on Android... and to contact you, I had to find a way to install and android App on my pc. Chance? Mh XD nah XD Okay at this point you probably think I am stupid XD Maybe I am XD sometimes XD but I like to think we didn't meet by chance! ^-^/ And yes, I have a glance at your letter every day! That's why I put It in the drawer right next to my bed. Before going to sleep (before or after reading). I take it, open it, look at the origami... smile XD and thank you in my head for sending it XDDDDDDDD Yes, I am stupid XDDDDDD DO I sound like a maniac? I hope not! XD I am using 'XD' too often, isn't it? XD I also made a cookie with XD written on the top today XD I sent you an image of it on LINE

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    翻訳してくださいm(_ _)m Good! It can be very pretty at night though. You should really see in person! I can show you around and show you all the best places! It is very nice to talk to you in line too.

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    For some people, shorter hair could look attractive. But I do honestly prefer more longer hair (^-^) The hair of this man, called Chris Waddle, is indeed unique :3 Too bad that he shaved his mullet in the 1990 World Cup. ww Also, no no, I'm not a beautician (^^) I'm just a "mullet specialist" lol I do know some of the hairstyles more just of curiousity, to be honest. Yeah, I think I should really have more self-confidence about them. Thank you! Yeah, it's a kinda of an old problem here in Sao Paulo. No, I don't have the luck on climbing on the top of my roof, since the overflow doesn't come here ww :3 Well, we could try to learn someday on the overflows in a try & error style ww Funnily enough, after I saw your message, it started to rain heavily www I had to shutdown everything for a good while, there were a huge number of thunders today (>_<) Wow, I never know that either japanese monkeys do take a bath together with men in winter. Now I'm pretty impressed wwww Who knows what it could be, it could be this UFO: http://lohas.nicoseiga.jp/thumb/1197134i :3 Interesting, and the plum blossoms looks beautiful! Indeed, they look very similar. But how plum blossoms are called in Japan? So far I know, cherry blossoms are called there "sakura".

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    hehehehee thats ok. dont be sorry about being late. dont worry about english. you can keep trying. just try it :) even if you write errors, i can understand what you meant :) i totally like you. you are really nice and interesting. beautiful, attractive and seductive! :D hehe i wish i was with you >.< sorry, i wasnt in kumamoto. i was in tokyo, yokohama and kamakura. i drunk kumamoto sake in a restaurant in yokohama :) but i would love to visit kumamoto for you too <3 if you like :* have you skype, line, kakaotalk, facebook? <3