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Eaton, right, at the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, May 2007. (Pictured with Martin Klebba.) Eaton's acting career began in 1999 when she attended an open casting call for the comedy film Unconditional Love. Despite it being her first audition, she won out over 500 women from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom to be cast in the role of Maudey Beasley.[4] Unconditional Love was not released until 2002. Her performance was seen by Paul Haggis, who created the role of Emily Resnick for her on Family Law.[4] Joining the cast in 2002, she continued with the series until its cancellation later that same year. She later had significant guest appearances on NYPD Blue, Dharma & Greg, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, House and NCIS. She also appeared as herself in Standing Tall at Auschwitz, which was a History Channel documentary on the Ovitz family, and in No Bigger Than a Minute, an independent documentary on dwarfism which aired on the PBS program P.O.V.[5]


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イートン(右)、『パイレーツ・オブ・カリビアン:ワールド・エンド』(『パイレーツ・オブ・カリビアン』シリーズ第3作。)、2007年5月。 (マーティン・クレバと共に撮影。) イートンの役者としてのキャリアは、1999年、彼女がコメディ映画『アンコンディショナル・ラブ』のエキストラ募集に出たときから始まりました。 それが彼女の初めてのオーディションであったにもかかわらず、彼女は、カナダ、アメリカ合衆国、イギリスの500人以上の女性を抑えて、モーディ・ビーズリーの役を得ました。 [4] 『アンコンディショナル・ラブ』は、2002年までリリースされませんでした。 ポール・ハギスが、彼女の演技を見て、『ファミリー・ロー』で彼女のためにエミリー・レスニクの役割をつくりました。 [4] 2002年にキャストに加わって、彼女は、その同じ年後半のそのキャンセルまでシリーズを続けました。 彼女は、後に、『NYPDブルー』、『ダーマ&グレッグ』、『CSI:科学捜査班』『ハウス&NICS』の重要なゲストとしての出演をしました。 彼女は、また、オービッツ家に関するヒストリー・チャンネルのドキュメンタリー、『スタンディング・トール・アト・アウシュヴィッツ』、PBSプログラムP.O.Vで放送された矮小発育症の独立ドキュメンタリー、『ノー・ビッガー・ザン・ア・ミニット』に、彼女自身として出演しました。 [5] <参考> * Meredith Eaton http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meredith_Eaton 本質問の英文は、このページ右下の写真のキャプション+本文のProfessional career からのものの様です。身長122cmの女優さんです。 * オーヴィッツ一家 http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%82%AA%E3%83%BC%E3%83%B4%E3%82%A3%E3%83%83%E3%83%84%E4%B8%80%E5%AE%B6 ☆ [4] [5] 等の数字が最初気になったのですが、Wikipedia からのコピペのせいですね。



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    HMS Hampshire was one of six Devonshire-class armoured cruisers built for the Royal Navy in the first decade of the 20th century. She was assigned to the 1st Cruiser Squadron of the Channel Fleet upon completion. After a refit she was assigned to the reserve Third Fleet in 1909 before going to the Mediterranean Fleet in 1911. She was transferred to the China Station in 1912 and remained there until the start of World War I in August 1914. The ship hunted for German commerce raiders until she was transferred to the Grand Fleet at the end of 1914. She was assigned to the 7th Cruiser Squadron upon her return home. She was transferred to the 2nd Cruiser Squadron in 1916 and was present at the Battle of Jutland. Several days later she was sailing to Russia, carrying the Secretary of State for War, Field Marshal Lord Kitchener, when she is believed to have struck a mine laid by a German submarine. She sank with heavy loss of life, including Kitchener and his staff. Rumours later circulated of German spies and sabotage being involved in the sinking. Her wreck is listed under the Protection of Military Remains Act, though part was later illegally salvaged. Several films have been made exploring the circumstances of her loss.

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    In 2006, she joined the cast of Boston Legal as Bethany Horowitz, a love interest to William Shatner's character Denny Crane. The role was written specifically for her by David E. Kelley.[6] She has a dual career as both a mental health therapist and an actress, though she stated in 2007 that her acting career had priority.[3] Finding difficulty in obtaining new roles following the cancellation of Family Law, and disliking the stereotypical parts frequently offered to little people in Hollywood,[7] she worked for a year at a locked, in-patient psychiatric unit in California,[3] sometimes with dangerous patients.[2] She has advised prospective professional actors to "(h)ave a backup plan" and has stated that her psychology degree is her "safety net".[3]

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    He was used to her being silent. But this silence went on and on and on. She was just staring into the garden. After a time,she said,in her precise conversational tone, "The only thing I want,the only thing I want at all in this world,is to see that boy." She stared at the garden and he stared with her,until the grass began to dance with empty light,and the edges of the shrubbery wavered. For a brief moment he shared the strain of not seeing the boy.Then she gave a little sigh,sat down,neatly as always,and passed out at his feet. After this she became,for her,voluble. He didn't move her after she fainted,but sat patiently by her,until she stirred and sat up;then he fetched her some water,and would have gone away,but she talked.

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    1.She bought her wedding dress (in) an exclusive shop on Fifth Avenue. 2.While Dave was (at) the top of the Eiffel Tower, he could see .... 1の英文の(in)はatではだめでしょうか。また、2の(at)はonではどうでしょうか。

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    Hampshire, named to commemorate the English county, was laid down by Armstrong Whitworth at their Elswick shipyard on 1 September 1902 and launched on 24 September 1903. She was completed on 15 July 1905 and was initially assigned to the 1st Cruiser Squadron of the Channel Fleet together with most of her sister ships. She began a refit at Portsmouth Royal Dockyard in December 1908 and was then assigned to the reserve Third Fleet in August 1909. She recommissioned in December 1911 for her assignment with the 6th Cruiser Squadron of the Mediterranean Fleet and was transferred to the China Station in 1912. When the war began, she was in Wei Hai Wei, and was assigned to the small squadron led by Vice Admiral Martyn Jerram, commander-in-chief of the China Station. She was ordered to destroy the German radio station at Yap together with the armoured cruiser Minotaur and the light cruiser Newcastle. En route the ships captured the collier SS Elspeth on 11 August and sank her; Hampshire was too short on coal by then to make the island so Jerram ordered her back to Hong Kong with the crew of the Elspeth. At the end of the month, she was ordered down to the Dutch East Indies to search for any German ships at sea, narrowly missing the German light cruiser Emden. The German ship had not been reported since the war began and she sailed into the Bay of Bengal and began preying upon unsuspecting British shipping beginning on 14 September.

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    My daughter was born on Christmas Eve. From the time she was 5 and able to recognize that her birthday cards were getting scrambled in with the other holiday cards, we started celebrating on June 24 -- her half-birthday. getting scrambled inの意味を教えてください。よろしくお願いします

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    Six months ago, my friend Lindy's husband committed suicide. I have been there for her and understand it takes time, but I'm reaching my limit. I make plans with her for dinners at our home and at restaurants and have planned various outings, because I know it's difficult to be in the house alone. However, she constantly manipulates, yells at me when she doesn't get her way, and uses the loss of her husband as a rationale for why I and others must do what she wants regardless of what's happening in our own lives, and expects us to tolerate this behavior. Because of the circumstances, I have given her several passes on the disgusting behavior she has displayed, ここでのpassesはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

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    こんにちは。 お世話になります。 英語初学者です。 下記に挙げます英文の意味が分からず、困り果てております。 シーンは、主人公の女友達が主人公の忠告でMartin氏の求婚を断り、 Martin氏の友達が憤慨している場面です。 Until she met you, she thought of nothing better for herself, but you have filled her head with ideas of high society and of how beautiful she is.She was happy enough with the Martins in the summer. 「She was happy enough with the Martins in the summer.」の意味が全くつかむことができません。 enough with the Martins in the summer.とは、どのような意味なのでしょうか? the Martinsとは、マルティン一族ぐらいの訳でいいのでしょうか? でも、だとするとなぜ、後ろにin the summerが付くのでしょうか? 場面は現在夏ですが、それと関係するのでしょうか? また、enough withの意味が分かりません。 どなたか、教えてはいただけないでしょうか? よろしくお願い申し上げます

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    A proposed that B should acqire all the shares in Tubers at a price of $1 per share.She presented what she claimed was independent valuation of the shares, showing that Tubers was worth $1.05 per share. In fact, the valuation was gived by her brother. 上記英文の2文目/3文目に出てくる。”valuation of shares" と”Valuation"の意味がしっくりきません。そのまま直訳してもよいのでしょうか。

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     Late one evening,as my husband slept in front of the television and l was catching up on my e-mail,an “instant message” appeared on the screen. lt was from Mlargo,my oldest step-daughter,also up late and sitting in front of her computer five hours away. As usual,we sent several messages back and forth,exchanging the latest news.When we would “chat” like that,she wouldn’t necessarily know if it was me or her dad operating the keyboard---that is unless she asked. That night she didn't ask and l didn't identify myself either. After hearing the latest volleyball scores, the details about an upcoming dance at her school,and a history project she was working on,I commented that it was late and l should get to sleep. Her return message read,“Okay,talk to you later!Love you!”