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I was told there was a reunification specialist located a couple of hours away from the hotel we were staying at who was willing to work with me and my family . I wasn't sure what to say about this offer . Traditional therapy did not appeal to me. The therapy I kept envisioning consisted of me and a small room and someone I didn't know , which was the last thing I wanted . I felt I had worked through what had happened to me and I had always kept my own counsel and thought I was my own best therapist . I didn't want to meet another stranger . In the day and a half , I had met so many new people that I was really overwhelmed. Ultimately, what convinced me to seek the help of this person was the mention of horses . The impression I got of this person was that of an older lady with a ranch and horses and plenty of room for us to come and get our feet on the ground for a few days . わからないところがいくつかあります。また、訳していて、日本語になっていないような感もあります。参考にして勉強したいとおもいますので、宜しくお願いします。


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私たちのホテルから2時間のところに私と家族を見てもよいという再統合療法士がいると言われた。この申し出に対して何と言えば良いのか分からなかった。伝統的な療法は、気が進まなかった。私がずっと心に描いていた治療のイメージは、私が小さな部屋のなかに誰か知らない人といるというもので、私はそんなのは絶対いやだった。私はこれまで様々なことをくぐり抜けてきたけれど、他人に相談したことはなかったし、自分自身が一番良い相談相手だと思っていた。これ以上知らない人に会うのはいやだった。一日半の間、新しい人に大勢会って、私はうんざりしていた。 最終的にこの人物の助けを求めることにしたのは、馬の話が出たからだった。この人について私が抱いた印象は、年配の女性が馬と牧場とたくさんの部屋を持っていて、私たちはそこに行って数日落ち着くことができるというものだった。





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    和訳お願いします I flew downstairs and turned around as if on a stage,posing and smiling,modeling my new coat for my father who was paying attention to me and telling me how pretty I looked. then he said he wanted me to model the hat,too. “No,Daddy,I just want to show you the coat. Just look at the coat on me!” I said,still swimming around the hallway and trying to avoid the subject of the missing hat. I knew the hat was history. He was giggling,and I thought I was cute and loved because he was laughing and playing with me. We went around a couple times about the hat,and in the middle of his laugh,he slapped me. He slapped me hard on the face, and I didn't understand why. At the sharp sound of his hand on my face,my mother shouted,“Mike! What are you doing! What are you doing ! ”She was breathless and surprised. His anger pierced both my mother and me. I just stood there holding my hand to my burning cheek,crying. And then he took my new hat out of his coat pocket.

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    One day about three months after I first arrived in Japan, I suddenly realized I was absorbing Japanese. On that day I was riding on a streetcar on my way to work. An elderly woman entered at one of the stops and sat down right next to me in the empty car. When I was addressed entirely in Japanese, I cut her off with zenzenwakarimasen. This didn't seem to discourage her from continuing to talk. I just smiled and nodded as she spoke and felt relieved when we arrived at her stop. Once alone, I realized that I had understand some of what she had said, and that the entire conversation had been in Japanese. This sudden awareness was exhilarating. From that moment on, I could no longer resist being swept up in the currents of Japanese language and culture.

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     I paid for my purchases and was rearranging things in my purse when the little boy came up to the cashier. The cashier rang up his purchases and then said, "Congratulations, you are my hundredth customer today, and you win a prize!"With that, she handed the little boy the Pokemon game, and he could only stare in disbelief. It was, he said, exactly what he had wanted!  The little girl and her father had been standing at the doorway during all of this, and I saw the biggest, prettiest, toothless grin on that little girl that I have ever seen in my life.    As I walked back to my car in amazement over what I had just witnessed, I heard the father ask his daughter why she had done that."Daddy, didn't Grandma and Grandpa want me to buy something that would make me happy?"He said, "Of course they did, honey."the little girl replied, "Well, I just did!"

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    この文の和訳お願いします! <(_ _)> In today's class, I learned everyone had his or her opinions. I thought each one was right and it was very important to exchange our own opinions through discussion. ( ) opinions helped me to find a new way of thinking. ( )の中にはsameかmyかnextかdifferentのどれかがはいるみたいですが、よくわかりません。 よろしくお願いします。

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     Unlike the quiet and quickness you experience in a car, spending an afternoon on a bike is like indulging in a sensory feast. Not only was able to leisurely take in the wonderful sights and sounds of spring - wisteria-framed doorways, lilacs in full bloom, and the laughing seagulls flying overhead - I was also to revel in the sensuous smells of honeysuckle, sea rose, and backyard barbecues!  As I pedaled through my neighborhood, I smiled to myself as I recalled how I had labored over the decision to buy a bike for more than a year. The truth is that my indecision stemmed from self-consciousness and fear of the unknown. What if I bought the wrong kind of bike and regretted my purchase? Could I still remember how to ride a bike considering there were now eighteen speeds instead of three? Did I have the physical stamina to actually get somewhere? My fear of not knowing, feeling foolish, or looking silly kept me from enjoying what had become one of my favorite summer pastimes.

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    Elizabeth’s letter brought news of my family and friends and enquired anxiously about my health. Henry had hidden from them the full extent of my illness, and had written only of my recent improvement. But they wished to have the confirmation in my own hand. I wrote to them immediately, which greatly fatigued me. In another two weeks I was able to leave my chamber. この文章の訳があっているか不安なのでわかる方訳を教えてください!ちなみに自分で訳した訳は、 エリザベスの手紙は、私の家族と友人にニュースをもたらして、私の健康について心配しているかと聞いた。 ヘンリーは、私の病気の完全な程度をそれら(手紙)から隠した。そして、最近の私の進歩だけを書いた。 しかし彼らは、私の自筆の手紙でもって確認することを望んだ。 私はすぐに手紙を書いた。それは私に強い疲労をもたらした。 2週間がたって私は特別室を出ることができた。

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    挑戦はしてみたもののわかりません。 和訳 お願いしますm(_ _)m And, finally, the patients generally knew their diagnoses, and they might mention it, particularly if you walked in, sat down, and said heartily,"Well, how're you feeling today, Mr.Jones?" "Much better today." "What have the doctors told you about your illness?" "Just that it's peptic ulcer." But even if the patients didn't know their diagnoses, in a teaching hospital they had all been interviewed so many time before that you could tell how you were doing by watching their responses. If you were on the right track, they'd sigh and say,"Everybody asks me about pain after meals," or "Everybody asks me about the color of my stools." But if you were off track, they'd complain, "Why are you asking me this? Nobody else has asked this." So you often had the sense of following a well-worn path. "Go see Mr.Carey in room six; he has a good story for glomerulonephritis," the resident said. My elation at being told the diagnosis was immediately tempered:"Infact, the guy's probably going to die." Mr. Carey was a young man of twenty-four, sitting up in bed, playing solitaire. He seemed healthy and cheerful. In fact, the was so friendly I wondered why nobody ever seemed to go into his room. Mr.Carey worked as a gardener on an estate outside Boston. His story was that he had had a bad sore throat a few months before; he had seen a doctor and had been given pills for a strep throat, but he hadn'd taken the pills for more than a few days. Some time later he noticed swelling in his body and he felt weak. He laterlearned he had some disease of his kidneys. Now he had to be dialyzed on kidney machines twice a week. The doctors had said something about a kidney transplant, but he wasn't sure. Meanwhile, he waited. That was what he was doing now, waiting.

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    自分なりに訳しましたが、一部訳せないところなどあります。訂正・解答お願い致します<m(__)m> 1) I was impatient to return to England for the pleasure of seeing my book in the windows of the bookshops, but to my surprise and chagrin, not a copy was to be seen anywhere. ・私は、書店の店頭に自分の書物を見たいと思って、イングランドに戻りたくてやきもきしておりましたけども、私の驚いたことまた無念なことには、一冊もどこにも見出されることはなかった。 2) This too stemmed from the traditions of studying Latin and Greek in England, but surely it was expecting too much of students who had received so little exposure to any from of the Japanese language. ・これはまた、イングランドにおけるラテン語やギリシャ語を勉強する伝統から生じたものであったのですが、日本語のいかなる形態にもほとんど接触することがなかった学生たちに、それはあまりにも多くのことを求めていたのであります。 3) I was proud to be at one of the great universities o fEurope, and the fact that I was actually earning a living by doing what gave me greatest pleasure, reading literature was almost too goog to be ture. ・私はヨーロッパの立派な大学の1つにいることを誇りにしていたし、また私に大きな喜びを与えてくれること、文学を読むことで、実際に生計を成すという事実は信用できないほど良かった。 宜しくお願いします。

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    Shocked to hear that his friend was waiting for a heart transplant,Robert Test decided to become an organ donor. This is what he wrote about his decision. At a certain moment,a doctor will decide that my brain has stopped functioning. When that happens, do not attempt to revive my body by the use of a machine. Give my eyes to a man who has never seen a sunrise,a baby's face, or love in the eyes of a woman. Give my heart to a person whose own heart has caused him nothing but days of endless pain. Give my blood to a teenager who was seriously injured in a traffic accident,so that he or she might live and see his or her grandchildren playing.

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    However, I had conceived a violent antipathy even to the name of natural philosophy. When I was quite restored to health, the sight of a chemical instrument would bring back all the agony of my nervous symptoms. Henry had noticed this, and had removed all my old apparatus from the apartment. I saw plainly that he was surprised, but he never tried to draw my secret from me. And although I loved him with deepest gratitude and affection, I could never persuade myself to confess to him. His principal interest was foreign languages and now that I wished to flee reflection, and hated my own former studies, I took great pleasure in sharing those of my friend. この文章の訳が知りたいのでわかる方訳を教えてください。よろしくお願いします!!自分で訳した結果は しかしながら、私は自然哲学の名前でさえ激しい反感を想像した。 私が健康に完全に回復したとき、化学器械の見解は私の神経の症状のすべての苦痛がかえってくるだろう。 ヘンリーは、これに気付いて、寝室から私のすべての古い装置を取り外しました。 私は彼が驚いたところをはっきりと見た。しかし、彼は決して私から秘密を聞きだそうとしなかった。 そして、私は深い感謝の気持ちと愛情をもって彼を愛していましたが、彼に告白する決意ができなかった。 彼の主な興味は外国の言語でそして、沈思黙考を避けることを願って、私自身の前の研究が嫌いであったので、私の友人のそれらを共有しながら、大きい喜びをつかみました。