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 Unlike the quiet and quickness you experience in a car, spending an afternoon on a bike is like indulging in a sensory feast. Not only was able to leisurely take in the wonderful sights and sounds of spring - wisteria-framed doorways, lilacs in full bloom, and the laughing seagulls flying overhead - I was also to revel in the sensuous smells of honeysuckle, sea rose, and backyard barbecues!  As I pedaled through my neighborhood, I smiled to myself as I recalled how I had labored over the decision to buy a bike for more than a year. The truth is that my indecision stemmed from self-consciousness and fear of the unknown. What if I bought the wrong kind of bike and regretted my purchase? Could I still remember how to ride a bike considering there were now eighteen speeds instead of three? Did I have the physical stamina to actually get somewhere? My fear of not knowing, feeling foolish, or looking silly kept me from enjoying what had become one of my favorite summer pastimes.


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   車の中での静けさや早さと違って、自転車で午後を過ごすのは、感覚の祭典に浸るようなものだ。藤の入り口、満開のライラック、頭上を笑って飛ぶカモメ、などのゆっくりと春の素晴らしい景色や音を楽しむことが出来るだけでなく、ニオイエンドウ、リンドウ、裏庭のバーベキューの感覚的な匂いを楽しむことが出来る。     近所を自転車で通りながら、私は自転車を買うと踏切るのに、一年以上も考えたことを思い出して微笑む。あれこれと思い悩んだのは、自意識と未知の危惧が原因だった。     間違った種類の自転車を買ってしまって、後悔する羽目になったらどうしよう。昔の3段変速に比べて、今では18段もある、一体これにまだ乗り方を覚えているだろうか。     ほんとうにどこかへ行けるほど、私に体力が残っているだろうか。分からないことが多い、目立つのではないか、と言った心配が、やがて、私の大好きな夏の過ごし方になる(自転車を楽しむ)ことから遠ざけていた。



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    I was told there was a reunification specialist located a couple of hours away from the hotel we were staying at who was willing to work with me and my family . I wasn't sure what to say about this offer . Traditional therapy did not appeal to me. The therapy I kept envisioning consisted of me and a small room and someone I didn't know , which was the last thing I wanted . I felt I had worked through what had happened to me and I had always kept my own counsel and thought I was my own best therapist . I didn't want to meet another stranger . In the day and a half , I had met so many new people that I was really overwhelmed. Ultimately, what convinced me to seek the help of this person was the mention of horses . The impression I got of this person was that of an older lady with a ranch and horses and plenty of room for us to come and get our feet on the ground for a few days . わからないところがいくつかあります。また、訳していて、日本語になっていないような感もあります。参考にして勉強したいとおもいますので、宜しくお願いします。

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     Looking back, the decision to buy a bike seems like a silly thing to feel self-conscious about, and yet it's symbolic of the kind of fear and self-doubt that can keep us from enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Too often we hold ourselves back from the things we'd really like to try, out of a fear of looking foolish, feeling stupid, or making a mistake.  How often have you held yourself back from trying something new? What is you could wake up one morning and take a pill that would completely remove your self-consciousness? One little group, and your fear of being judged, embarrassed, or looking foolish completely disappear. What chances would you take? What new things would you try? What fun would you allow yourself?  Our time on this planet is so precious. Why spend so much energy holding yourself back? Let your guard down, throw caution to the winds, and live a little. Once you confront your self-consciousness directly, you'll be surprised at how quickly you get over it. Believe me; when I set out on my first bike ride wearing my "fashionable" new helmet, I got over my fear of looking foolish pretty quickly.  

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    Forty years ago I was a Marine returning from the war in Vietnam. I returned having been badly wounded in the chest and both legs. I tried to find solace in my scars but could not. I had abandoned my buddies only to come home to unchartered waters. Soon I found myself more terrified in peace than I was in war. 最後から2つ目の文章の意味がわかりません。教えて頂けませんか。

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     I paid for my purchases and was rearranging things in my purse when the little boy came up to the cashier. The cashier rang up his purchases and then said, "Congratulations, you are my hundredth customer today, and you win a prize!"With that, she handed the little boy the Pokemon game, and he could only stare in disbelief. It was, he said, exactly what he had wanted!  The little girl and her father had been standing at the doorway during all of this, and I saw the biggest, prettiest, toothless grin on that little girl that I have ever seen in my life.    As I walked back to my car in amazement over what I had just witnessed, I heard the father ask his daughter why she had done that."Daddy, didn't Grandma and Grandpa want me to buy something that would make me happy?"He said, "Of course they did, honey."the little girl replied, "Well, I just did!"

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    lesson9 semitic people invented the alphabet around 1500 B.C. They changed Egyptian picture symbols to letters that symbolized sounds. Until that time, symbols had shown simple meanings such as animals, tools, and things from nature. The alphabet was the first system that connected letters to sounds. The alphabet spread all over the world. The shapes of the letters changed. The Phoenicians began using them around 1,000 B.C. About 400 years later, the Greek, so this writing system became the alpha‐beta or alphabet. The alphabet had been used for more than 1,500 years when the shapes of most letters were fixed by the Romans. Interestingly, every letter in the alphabet has its origin. For example, the shape of ''A'' meant the head of an ox . In ancient times , oxen were important for pulling plows . ''B'' meant a house and ''C'' meant a throwing stick . Things and animals used in the alphabet were important for the people who were living about 5,000 years ago. Lesson10 When I was growing up, my dad and I used to fight all the time. I was 17 or 18. I had really long hair , and he hated it. I got into a motorcycle accident once . I was laid up in bed , and my dad had a barber come in and cut my hair. I remember saying to my dad, '' I hate you ! I will never forget this!'' He used to tell me , '' I can`t wait until the army gets you . When the army gets you , they will cut all that hair off, and they will make a man out of you.'' This was in 1968, and a lot of guys went to the Vietnam War from my neighborhood. The thing was that many of them didn`t come back . And even if they came back , they were not the same any more. I remember the day I got my draft notice . I hid it from my family , and three days before my army physical my friends and I went out . We stayed up all night . We were all so scared . And I went to my physical , and I failed . I could come home! When I walked into the kitchen , I saw my parents sitting there.

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    和訳をお願いします He had found it lying in the street,and as he looked at me over the top of his glasses,he said,“Maybe now you'll learn not to be careless and lose things.” I 'm a grown woman now,and I still lose things. I'm still careless. But what my father taught me that day was not a lesson of responsibility. I learned not to believe his laughter.Because even his laughter hurt.

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    One day about three months after I first arrived in Japan, I suddenly realized I was absorbing Japanese. On that day I was riding on a streetcar on my way to work. An elderly woman entered at one of the stops and sat down right next to me in the empty car. When I was addressed entirely in Japanese, I cut her off with zenzenwakarimasen. This didn't seem to discourage her from continuing to talk. I just smiled and nodded as she spoke and felt relieved when we arrived at her stop. Once alone, I realized that I had understand some of what she had said, and that the entire conversation had been in Japanese. This sudden awareness was exhilarating. From that moment on, I could no longer resist being swept up in the currents of Japanese language and culture.

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    自分なりに訳しましたが、一部訳せないところなどあります。訂正・解答お願い致します<m(__)m> 1) I was impatient to return to England for the pleasure of seeing my book in the windows of the bookshops, but to my surprise and chagrin, not a copy was to be seen anywhere. ・私は、書店の店頭に自分の書物を見たいと思って、イングランドに戻りたくてやきもきしておりましたけども、私の驚いたことまた無念なことには、一冊もどこにも見出されることはなかった。 2) This too stemmed from the traditions of studying Latin and Greek in England, but surely it was expecting too much of students who had received so little exposure to any from of the Japanese language. ・これはまた、イングランドにおけるラテン語やギリシャ語を勉強する伝統から生じたものであったのですが、日本語のいかなる形態にもほとんど接触することがなかった学生たちに、それはあまりにも多くのことを求めていたのであります。 3) I was proud to be at one of the great universities o fEurope, and the fact that I was actually earning a living by doing what gave me greatest pleasure, reading literature was almost too goog to be ture. ・私はヨーロッパの立派な大学の1つにいることを誇りにしていたし、また私に大きな喜びを与えてくれること、文学を読むことで、実際に生計を成すという事実は信用できないほど良かった。 宜しくお願いします。

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    英語できる人和訳お願いします (1)It was several years later when I learned that what I waswitnessing in my classroom wastne third-worst case of child abuse on record in the entire state of California. (2)But what a wonderful opportunity it is for this young man to come forward and tell his story so that other children may not suffer. I deeply admire his courage in doing so. (3)By the middle of the seventeenth century. a few New Englanders had attained sufficient wealth through commerce to ordes portraits. (4)Portraits of children were especially important in an agewhen so many died before reaching adulthood. この4つの問題の和訳を教えて下さいお願いします!

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    Coming to the edge of the lake we paused to look at our reflections in the water. It was then I recognized her from the past, her face looking up from the lake. She had not stopped talking.  I put on my dark glasses to shield my eyes from the sun and conceal my recognition from her eyes.  "Am I boring you?" she said.  "No, not a bit, Dr Gray."  "Sure?"  It is discouraging to put on sun-glasses in the middle of someone's intimate story. But they were necessary, now that I had recognized her, and was excited, and could only honourably hear what she had to say from a point of concealment. Muriel SparkのThe Dark Glassesからの英文です。 ●It was then I recognized her from the past, her face looking up from the lake. her faceは I recognized her face looking up from the lakeという繋がりですか? ●and could only honourably hear what she had to say from a point of concealment. ここの意味がよくわかりません。 隠蔽のポイントから彼女が言う必要があることを見事に聞くことができるだけでした? どういうことを言っているのでしょうか? from a point of concealmentは直前のsayにかかるのでしょうか? それともhearですか? 教えてください。お願いいたします。