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和訳してください I just now received your order. Did you fax it in? Customer Service had it and did not know what account it belong to. I recognized your name, so I will process your order. You wanted prices on books. I am waiting on our customer sevice person at Crumrine to help me. I will be in touch. Sorry again for the delay. 宜しくお願いします


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    ご注文今お受けしました。ファックスだったでしょうか。     カストマー・サービスに来ていて、どのアカウントの物か分からずにいました。      私にはお名前が分かったので、ご注文は(私が)扱います。      本の値段が知りたいと言うことなのでクラムラインに居る係の者に尋ねて返事を待っているところです。(返事があったら)ご連絡します。     遅くなりまして申し訳ありません。    


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あなたのご注文をついさっき受けとりました。ご注文をファックスで送られたのですか? 顧客サービスがそれを受け取ったのですが、どのアカウントのものか分からなかったのです。 私はあなたのお名前だと気付きましたので、私があなたのご注文を処理することになります。 あなたは、本の価格をお知りになりたいのでしたね。 私は、Crumrineの我々の顧客サービスの係の者の助けを借りようと思っています。私は連絡をさしあげます。 遅れについて再度お詫び申し上げます。



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    I would like to have the order history on my account updated if possible on your website.It does not show that I have made a purchase with you. I will most definitely be purchasing other razors and knives in the future, and would love to use your websites purchase history feature.

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    Friendsの「Listen to your heartbeat」という曲中にある歌詞について質問します。 I do believe in the two of us That you and me – we are the only ones この意味がわかるようでわかりません。 この2行の和訳をお願いします。 できましたら、 なぜ、そのように訳されたのか、その理由を教えていただけるありがたいです。 参考までに 曲名:Listen to your heartbeat I wanna know what you feel inside Is something wrong? Why did you leave last night? Is it all just a game? – Oh... tell me why we can't be lovers I do believe in the two of us That you and me – we are the only ones And we were meant to be true, so tell me why we can't be lovers How could I be such a fool I thought I already knew it all, but I know I was totally wrong Listen to your heartbeat – it will take you higher Follow your emotions – I know you'll get stronger Listen to your heartbeat – the feeling will guide you Hold on to devotion – I know it's inside you How will I know if you're fooling me? Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to be Like it's all just a game, and I just want us to be lovers We had it all in our hands Just like those all happy ends I still don't know why, but we lost it somehow Listen to your heartbeat – it will take you higher Follow your emotions – I know you'll get stronger Listen to your heartbeat – the feeling will guide you Hold on to devotion – I know it's inside you One more chance to make a try Nothing left to do for you and I Listen to your heartbeat – it will take you higher Follow your emotions – I know you'll get stronger Listen to your heartbeat – the feeling will guide you Hold on to devotion – I know it's inside you Listen to your heartbeat

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    イギリスのサイトからネットショッピングしたのですが、間違った商品が届いたので返品しました。 以下のメールが届きました。 I will be more than happy to offer this as a credit and free shipping for your next order. Unless of course you want a full refund including your return postage to us. If you prefer the credit note, when ordering your next order please write it down the following: Credit Note and free shipping due to the item from this order. If you rather have a full refund, I need to get your credit card details from you as we don't keep them on file once an order is processed. You also have the option to place a new order in the website for a T-shirt ( don't worry you will not be charged for the T-shirt) and write in the space for the Notes REFUND so I can get your credit card details safely.

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    Attached is the order sheet, we are checking on inventory in Korea, I will email me you in the morning, thank you for your patience.

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    和訳をお願いします I don't Know what I can tell you any more. I am the bad guy ! I talked to her again, I know what is going on between you girls. I am pretty sure that You will find good man of your life. I am sorry for everything. Take care!! If you like calling me, just do it . you are good girl! I did not mean to hurt your feeling.

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    Any place were we can be together is a good place for me! I just wanted to make sure it's also convenient for you. See now I will be on holiday and I have enough time. I'll try to look for a hotel this afternoon. I was wondering do you still have your boarding passes? I think it's good if you would apply for a Air France frequent flyers card ... maybe you will fly to France a lot in the future ... I hope so :) When I'm in Tokyo I will arrange it for you ... it will be my pleasure to help you with this.

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    thank you i have a store in west edmonton mall i try to find items that i can sell i will place a large order from you on the knifes you have for sale ..i will talk to the wife what knives will sell and let you know by monday i like honest sellers like your self thank you hope to do lot more biz with you soon ..thank you for refund i trust you to my store is large and do lots of biz with great sellers like your self thank you again

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    Are we friend relations forever? と送ったら、non, we will see i don't know if you understand or not i did not understand your question と返事がありIs it the question that I sent to you now?と送ったら、 yesとあり、"we will see"you send me? と聞いたらyes i don't wanna be friends, i wanna something moreときました。 but,You did the same answer before. It is that we are friends from now on. I understood it. と答えるとno,don't worry, i don't wanna be just friendsときました。どういう意味でしょうか?

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    英文和訳;よろしくお願いいたします。 英文わかりません; 下記よろしくお願いいたします。 www.LifeProof.com Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. Dear LifeProof’ers, We have started to roll out your LifeProof purchase links today! We want to reserve your priority in the pre-order process according to those customers who have been waiting the longest. We will be sending out purchase links in that order on a rolling basis over the next five days. Once you have received your link you will have five days to finalize your order. So that you can continue your priority, be sure to activate this order as soon as possible as shipments will be processed in sequence with those who finalize their purchase. Let’s Go! Your LifeProof Team follow on Twitter | friend on Facebook | forward to a friend Copyright © 2011 TreeFrog Developments Inc., All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you signed up for an exclusive chance to be among the first to order your LifeProof case. Our mailing address is: TreeFrog Developments Inc. 4875 Viewridge Ave. San Diego, California 92123 Add us to your address book unsubscribe from this list | update subscription preferences

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    日本語訳をお願いします。 1.According to the newspaper,at least 20 employees were wouunded because of the accident in factory. 2.This bus will take you to the city hall in fifteen minutes. 3.Please have whichever you like. 4.There is something wrong with the TV set.I must have it repaired 5.It is impossible for him to finish it before five. 6.I remember meeting somewhere but do not recall where. 7.Do you know the reason why he did not come yesterday? 8.He would be glad to hear the news. 9.Allow me to introduce myself to you. 10.We have yet to receive your reply. 11.I felt like crying when I heard the news. 12.I wouid appreciate it very much if you would let me use your phone. 13.I want you to do like I tell you. 14.I'll pick you up at your hotel at six.