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From Siberia, the mammoth was sent to the Netherlands and Japan for analysis. Detailed studies of her teeth showed she was just one month old when she died. Ongoing research has also showed us the sequence of events that led to her death. Lyuba fell to her death near a muddy river. The mud helped keep her body frozen until she was found 40,000 years later. Scientists hope that further analysis will help explain how mammoths such as Lyuba lived―and why they finally all died out.


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マンモスは分析のためにシベリアからオランダと日本に送られた。歯の詳細な研究から生後わずか一ヶ月で死んだことが分かった。 さらなる研究からまた死に至った一連の出来事も分かった。Lyubaは泥川の近くで死んだ。その泥のおかげで四万年後に発見されるまで体が冷凍されていたのだった。科学者はさらなる分析によってLyubaのようなマンモスがどのように生き、またなぜ最終的に絶滅したのか説明されることを期待している。



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シベリアから、マンモスは分析のためにオランダと日本に送られました。 マンモスの歯に関する詳細な研究によって、マンモスが死んだとき、ほんの生後1ヵ月であったことが示されました。 また、継続して行われた研究は、我々にマンモスの死につながった一連の出来事を示しました。 リューバは、泥だらけの川の近くでその命を落としました。 40,000年後に見つかるまで、泥がマンモスの体を凍らせておく助けとなりました。 さらなる分析によって、リューバのようなマンモスがどのような生活をしていたか―そして、彼らがなぜ最終的に絶滅したかが説明されることを、科学者は望んでいます。



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    What is the purpose of the second paragraph? to describe the condition of Lyuba when she was found to describe the difficulties of analyzing a mammoth body to explain how Lyuba was found again and taken to a safe place to explain how scientist Daniel Fisher came to Siberia to study Lyuba

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    Another group involved in mammoth research was an international team headed by Dr. Goto Kazufumi. There were 33 scientists on this team. They were Japanese, Russian, and British. In August 1997, they went on their first expedition to look for a mammoth. At that time, they were only able to find mammoth bones. They said, "If there were also piece of skin, we could get some mammoth DNA." In August 1999, Dr. Goto tried again to find a mammoth with a second team made up of 26 Japanese and Russian scientists. This time they found a piece of mammoth skin, but it was not in good enough condition to use the DNA. The Japanese project is now led by Dr. Iritani Akira, and they keep trying to find mammoths. In 2002, they found another frozen mammoth in Siberia. A piece of flesh taken from it was brought to Japan in July 2003. its DNA was also not well preserved, but the team didn't give up the project.

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    Several groups of scientists have been working on projects to revive the mammoth. One, for example, is the French explorer, Bernard Buigues, and his team. In December 1997, they used new technology to dig out a mammoth which had been in the Arctic ground for about 23,000 years. Then they carried it by helicopter to a research center in Khatanga, a small in Siberia. What the scientists did in the center was to thaw small parts of the animal and look for clues―that could tell us more about the world of the mammoth. They also wanted to collect DNA from the animal and examine its genetic makeup.

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    Millionaire Evalyn McLean loved jewelry―and stories of bad luck. In 1911, she had the opportunity to buy the Hope Diamond. Afterwards, two of her children died, and her husband became ill.

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     For her own part, She never let the intense criticism that she encountered silence her, “if I …worried about mudslinging, I would have been dead long ago”. Yet she insisted that she was not a feminist. She did not believe, she maintained, that “women should be judged, when it comes to appointing them or electing them, purely because they are women“She wanted to see the country”get away from considering a man or woman from the point of view of religion, color or sex.” But the story of her life--her insistence on her right to an identity of her own apart from her husband and her family, her constant struggle against depression and insecurity, her ability to turn her vulnerabilities into strengths--provides an enduring example of a feminist who transcended the dictates of her times to become one of the century`s most powerful and effective advocates for social justice. ルーズベルト夫人であるエレノア・ルーズベルトに関する説明文です。 この文章は外国のサイトに載っているものだったので、和訳がなく困っています。 自分なりに訳してもみましたが、文章がおかしくなってしまったので、どなたか分かる方は和訳を教えて下さい!よろしくお願いします(*_*)

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    Maria Reiche made many flights by plane and helicopter, taking photographs of the many lines and figures on the pampa. She was especially drawn to the image of the monkey, but when she enlarged the photos she had taken, she was amazed to see that one hand had only four fingers. . . just like her. When she first came to Peru, one finger was amputated after it developed gangrene from a cactus infection. She then learned that Peruvian ancestors believed that this was a mark from the God of Thunder, which gave special power to communicate with the gods. amputate;(外科手術などで)手足を切断する gangrene;壊疽(えそ) cactus;サボテン

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    和訳を教えてください 1)He arose at jane's approach and walked onward side by side with her. 2)Wealth is a means to an end, not the end itself. 3)Her death was hastened by the shock of her son's death. 4)Emily's is not a nature that can long remain absorbed in reading. よろしくお願いします!!

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    またすいません… What the scientists did in the center was to thaw small parts of the animal and look for clues-clues that could tell us more about the would of the mammoth. Another group involved in mammoth research was an international team headed by Dr.Goto Kazufumi. 長くてすいません

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    Yuri Khudi's job is to take care of a group of animals. Yuri Khudi has more than two sons. Yuri Khudi's wife is also named Lyuba. Lyuba's body has been in at least three countries. Lyuba's teeth showed that she was a year old when she died.