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 When things go wrong, I urge you to stop thinking about yourself. If you look around, you will see that everybody has disappointments, often far worse than yours. Watch and study how other women and men cope with disappointments. Many face their problems with courage and determination. Their example can inspire you to find the strength to react.  I would like to share with you the moving story of a young woman who courageously overcome the stress caused by a terrible burn accident. This young woman was a talented and successful ballerina. Dancing gave meaning to her life. Whenever she danced, she communicated the joy in her heart and the inspiration in her soul to the people who watched.  One Christmas day when she was preparing a special dinner for family, her dress caught fire. Within second, she became a human torch. The flames burned so quickly and cruelly into her flesh that she was mad with pain. She would have died if her father had not heard scream. He laced kitchen, threw himself on top of her, and put out the fire with his own body.


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物事がうまく行かない時、あなた自身のことを考えるのを止めることをお勧めします。周囲を見回せば、誰しも落胆の気持ちを抱えているのが分かります、しばしば、あなたの落胆よりもひどいのです。他の人々が、落胆の気持ちに対してどのように対処しているか、よく観察して研究してみなさい。多くの人が、勇気と決意を持って自分の問題に立ち向かっています。彼らの例は、あなたが、対処する強さを見つける刺激となります。 ひどいやけどの事故が原因のストレスを勇気を持って克服したある若い女性の感動的な話をあなたにしたいと思います。この若い女性は、才能に恵まれ、成功していたバレリーナでした。踊ることは、彼女の人生に意義を与えてくれました。踊るたびに、彼女は、心の中の喜びや魂から沸き上がる気持ちを見ている人々に伝えました。 あるクリスマスの日、彼女が家族のために特別なご馳走を用意していた時に、彼女のドレスに火が付きました。あっという間に、彼女の全身が燃え上がりました(「彼女は、人間のたいまつになりました」が、直訳。)。炎は、瞬く間に無慈悲に彼女の肉体を焼いたので、彼女は、痛みで狂気の様になりました。彼女の父親が、彼女の悲鳴を聞いていなければ、彼女は死んでいたでしょう。彼は、台所に飛び込む【laced ⇒ raced?】と、彼女の上に自分の身体を投げ出して、彼自身の身体を使ってその火を消したのです。



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     The young woman's injuries were serious - third-degree burns over 35% of her body. It took 27 months for her to recover. Unfortunately, the burns on her legs damaged the muscles so severely that she could never perform again.  The physical recovery did not mark the end of the healing process. The psychological damage was much deeper and more painful than the terrible burns. Yet this young woman found the courage and strength to cope with the disappointments from the accident. In the hospital, she saw other people who had injuries worse than hers. She leaned that talking about one's problems relieves some of the pain. Most important of all, she leaned that she was not alone, That knowledge enabled her to go on with her life-a new kind of life but one that she has filled with new meaning and new joy.  The story of how this young ballerina coped with disappointments inspires me whenever I feel " down in the dumps." It is the story of my sister Teena.

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    以下の英文を和訳していただけるかたのみで。 お願いできますでしょうか? 1段落の前半部分ですので、 内容が途中になりますが、 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 His mother was small square, with a reddish swarthy complexion dark brown curling hair, and a loud voice. She was a conceited woman, who always thought she knew best. And tended to undervalued others. She was a woman who had advanced herself in life. Liked dress an ornamentation, but in a vulgar gaudy way like one who had gained money but not the taste to go with it.

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    My mother came in from the pantry with a steaming pot in her hand. She stopped midway between the table and the fire, feeling the tension flowing through the room. She followed their stare and saw me in the corner. Her eyes looked from my face down to my foot, with the chalk gripped between my toes. She put down the pot. Then she crossed over to me and knelt down beside me, as she had done so many times before. "I'll show you what to do with it, Chris," she said, very slowly and in a queer, choked way, her face flushed as if with some inner excitement. Taking another piece of chalk from Mona, she hesitated, then very deliberately drew, on the floor in front of me, the single letter "A." "Copy that," she said, looking steadily at me. "Copy it, Chris." I couldn't.

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      分からない部分は下記の一部で ・Extroverted on the inside ・And she'll have to smell nice 参考までに全文もつけておきます。 上手く上手く訳せません。 よろしくお願いします。 Extroverted on the inside, introverted on the outside, he meanders through life seeking the woman who will contribute to their spiritual, mental, emotional,and physical love. And she'll have to smell nice.

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    On a recent day outside Marks & Spencer on High Street in Guildford , where everyone was loaded with shopping bags, Audrey Mammana, who is 45, said she was not “a throw-away person” and would be happy to lease high-end clothing for a season. She would also be willing to repair old clothes to extend their use, although fewer shops perform this task. But, she added: “If you cut out tumble-drying, I think you’d lose me. I couldn’t do without that.”

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    My husband and I enjoy going to estate sales. Recently, we were shocked when we heard an estate sales representative ask an older lady if she could afford what she was looking at. The woman answered yes. Shortly after that, as the woman was leaving, the estate representative asked her if she could search the pockets in her jacket! She said yes, and nothing was found on her. The estate sales representative followed up with, You know how it is. We were appalled, to say the least. We had been browsing right along with the older lady and saw nothing suspicious. What do you make of this? Should we have said something? The estate sales representative followed up with, You know how it is.の和訳をよろしくお願いします

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    I was in the cafe by the north entrance to the station, reading my paper and having a coffee .I had an appointment with a client nearby and I was killing time because I'd arrived half an hour early.I suddenly heard a terrible shout, and when I looked out of the window,I saw that a woman was in the middle of the crossing. I assumed she'd fallen off her bicycle because it was lying on the tracks and all her shopping had come out of her basket.People were calling out to her from the road.Some were telling her to stay put and others were telling her to get off the crossing. She didn't seem to know what to do.She just say there.One of the waiters in the cafe saw this and ran out to get her.

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    Sometimes a person‘s whole life can be changed in an instant.Elizabeth Blackwell‘s life changed one afternoon in 1844 when she went to visit a friend who was dying.As Blackwell later described the scene, the dying woman asked her why she did not think of studying medicine, since she was smart and healthy.When Elizabeth reminded her friend that there were no women doctors,the woman sighed and said that if she had been treated by a ‘lady doctor,‘ she might not be dying.At that time, it was not considered proper for women to talk about or know anything about the human body. Elizabeth‘s sick friend had been so ashamed to mention her internal problems to a man that she hid her pain for too long.When she finally sought treatment, it came too late to save her life. Elizabeth couldn‘t get the dying woman‘s suggestion out of her mind. She decided to devote her life to medicine. To earn money for her medical training, Elizabeth took a teaching job in North Carolina.It happened that the principal of the school where she worked was a medical doctor.He had lots of medical books,and Elizabeth  to read them was free when her teaching work was done.She wrote to twentyーnine medical schools asking for admission.Most didn‘t even reply, and the ones that did were very rude.Friends suggested that she dress up as a man to attend medical school, but Elizabeth wanted to be accepted for what she was.A small medical college in NewYork finally said ‘yes.‘ Elizabeth graduated in 1849 at the head of her class,the first woman in the United States to receive a medical degree. 

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    Who was she talking to? who do you thinkの形に直すと、 Who do you think was she talking to? であってますか?

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     I was doing some last-minute Christmas shopping in a toy store and decided to look at Barbie dolls for my nieces. A nicely dressed little girl was excitedly looking through the Barbie dolls as well, with a roll of money clamped tightly in her little hand. When she came upon a Barbie she liked, she would turn and ask her father if she had enough money to buy it. He usually said "yes," but she would keep looking and keep going through their ritual of "do I have enough?"  As she was looking, a little boy wandered in across the aisle and started sorting through the Pokemon toys. He was dressed neatly, but in clothes that were obviously rather worn, and wearing a jacket that was probably a couple of sizes too small. He too had money in his hand, but it looked to be no more than five dollars or so at the most. He was with his father as well, and kept picking up the Pokemon video toys. Each time he picked one up and looked at his father, his father shook his head,"no".