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Load GPU EZ OC Setting Use this item to load GPU EZ overclocking setting. Please note that overclocking may cause damage to your GPU and motherboard. It should be done at your own risk and expense. CPU Ratio Setting Use this item to change the ratio value of this motherboard. GT Over Clock Use this to enable or disable GT Over Clock by Internal Graphics Device. The default value is [Disabled]. Intel SpeedStep Technology Intel SpeedStep technology is Intel’s new power saving technology. Processor can switch between multiple frequency and voltage points to enable power savings. The default value is [Enabled]. Confi guration options: [Enabled] and [Disabled]. If you install Windows® VistaTM / 7 and want to enable this function, please set this item to [Enabled]. This item will be hidden if the current CPU does not support Intel SpeedStep technology. Please note that enabling this function may reduce CPU voltage and lead to system stability or compatibility issue with some power supplies. Please set this item to [Disable] if above issue occurs. Intel Turbo Boost Technology Use this item to enable or disable Intel Turbo Boost Technology. Turbo Boost allows processor cores to run faster than marked frequency in specifi c condition. The default value is [Enabled]. Turbo Boost Power Limit Use this item to adjust Turbo Boost power limit. Confi guration options: [Auto] and [Manual]. The default value is [Auto]. Core Current Limit Use this item to add voltage when CPU is in Turbo mode. Low MMIO Align Low MMIO resources align at 64MB/1024MB. The default value is [64MB]. VT-d Use this to enable or disable Intel® VT-d technology (Intel® Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O). The default value of this feature is [Disabled]. Primary Graphics Adapter This allows you to select the boot graphic adapter priority. Confi guration options: [Onboard] and [PCI Express]. The default value is [PCI Express]. Onboard VGA Share Memory This allows you to set onboard VGA share memory feature. The default value is [Auto]. Confi guration options: [Auto], [32MB], [64MB], [128MB], [256MB] and [512MB]. Render Standby Use this to enable or disable Render Standby by Internal Graphics Device. The default value is [Enabled]. IGD Multi-Monitor Use this to enable or disable IGD Multi-Monitor by Internal Graphics Device. The default value is [Disabled]. DVMT Mode Select Use this option to adjust DVMT mode. The default value is [DVMT Mode]. DVMT (Dynamic Video Memory Technology) is an architecture that offers breakthrough performance for the motherboard through effi cient memory utilization. In DVMT mode, the graphics driver allocates memory asneeded for running graphics applications and is cooperatively using this memory with other system components. This item will not be used under Windows® VistaTM / 7 OS because the driver will intelligently detect physical memory available and allocate necessary video memory. DVMT Memory You are allowed to adjust the shared memory size in this item. Configuration options: [128MB], [256MB] and [Maximum]. The option [Maximum] only appears when you adopt the memory module with 1024MB or above. 何卒よろしくお願いいたします。



英語文章ではなく、PC から使用ユーザへの警告です。 文章の構成は、共通記号と和製英語から成り立ちます。 和英辞書では、正確な翻訳は不可能です。 まず、初めに分からないのなら手を出さない事です。 ノートPC のオンボードVGA のOC は、危険を伴います。 最悪二度とPC は、起動しなくなり…ゴミ箱行きです。 前半は、OC を行うには、チップセットメーカから修正プログラム をダウンロードしなければいけない…自分 (PC は) 持ってないと 書いてます。 中盤は、ダウンロードした修正プログラムをPC に適用させてから、 OC を行い…行うと自動設定出来なくなるので、PC を起動させる 為にBIOS 画面から全ての項目を任意で設定し直すようにとの事です。 後半は、設定用のテンプレートです。


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    What is a Conservation Management Plan (CMP)? An important tool in caring for a heritage item can be a conservation management plan (CMP). This document provides a guide to future care and use, including any new development. Dr James Kerr describes a CMP as "・ document which sets out what is significant in a place and, consequently, what policies are appropriate to enable that significance to be retained in its future use and development. For most places it deals with the management of change." (Kerr, The Conservation Plan, National Trust NSW, Sydney 2000: 1) In April 2005 the Heritage Council adopted a new strategy that outlines the processes for dealing with CMPs received in the Heritage Branch. The main points are summarised on this page. Further details can be found in the CMP Strategy 2005

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    英語が分からないので 和訳が出来る方、お願い致します。 This web site is really a stroll-through for all the info you wanted about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse here, and you’ll undoubtedly discover it.

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    英語が苦手で翻訳ができません。どうかよろしくお願いします。 訳していただく時に下の語句を参照してください。  The Global Positioning System (GPS) enables anyone with a GPS receiver to determine exactly where they are on the Earth’s surface. It is a miracle for anyone who has ever been lost. It is based on 24 satellites nearly 18,000 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, each orbiting the Earth every 12 hours.   The way the system works is perhaps easiest to understand in two dimensions. If you ask someone in Hong Kong how far away from them you are and they say that you are 900 kilometers away, you draw a circle 900 kilometers in radius around Hong Kong and know that you are somewhere on that circle. If someone in Manila then tells you that you are 1,200 kilometers away from them, you draw a circle 1,200 kilometers in radius around Manila. This circle intersects the Hong Kong circle at two points, and you know that you must be at one of those points. If someone in Hanoi then says that you are 700 kilometers away, this third circle will intersect with only one of those two points. And this is where you are: in a boat about 200 kilometers off the coast of Vietnam.   The same principle works in three dimensions using four centers and four spheres. Your GPS receiver tells you how far it is from four satellites. If it knows exactly where each satellite is, it can tell you exactly where you are. The orbits of the satellites are very predictable and each GPS receiver has the details of where every satellite should be at any given time. The gravitational pull of the sun and moon can alter an orbit very slightly. These changes are monitored by the U.S. Department of Defense and this information is sent via the satellite to the receiver. The distance between the satellite and the receiver is calculated based on the time the satellite signal takes to reach the receiver. This requires the use of very accurate clocks.   By fixing a GPS receiver at one spot on the Earth’s surface and taking repeated readings, scientists can tell if that spot is actually moving. The Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong, one of the world’s longest suspension bridges, is built to move with winds and traffic. But too much movement could seriously damage the bridge. Fourteen permanent GPS receivers are attached to various parts of the bridge to record the vertical and horizontal of each part 10 times a second. In Japan, a grid of more than 1,000 GPS receivers has been set up to monitor small, slow movements of the Earth that could provide early warning of an earthquake. Each receiver receives a signal every 30 seconds and can detect movements of less than one centimeter.   The GPS was developed by the U.S. military to guide its missiles and bombers to their targets (and to tell its soldiers where they are). It is now offered free for civilian use. But the European Union is worried that because the GPS is operated by the U.S. military, there may be a conflict between its military and civilian use at some time in the future. So the EU has decided to develop its own system, to commence operations around 2007, to guarantee uninterrupted use by civilians. 【語句】 Global Positioning System (GPS) 「全地球測位システム」 radius 「半球」 Manila 「マニラ」 Hanoi 「ハノイ」 sphere 「球体」   details 「詳細」   the U.S. Department of Defense 「アメリカの国防総省」   Tsing Ma Bridge 「青馬橋」 European Union 「欧州連合 (EU)」

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    宜しくお願い致します。 The above described Soybean variety is not genetically modified.The shipment described above has been identity preserved during harvest, storage, processing and transporting. I hereby certify to the best of my knowledge and belief, the said shipment, while in my possession, has not been mixed with genetically modified seed.This is not a purity guarantee and contamination may have occurred unbeknownst to me.Every attempt has been made to insure that no stones, metal or other harmful materials have contaminated this shipment.The above lot has been sold to:

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    下部のExcept when~~~ からの一文がどう訳してよいか分からないので、そちっらだけでもよろしかったらお願いします。 The freezing point of normal human plasma averages -0.54℃,which corresponds to an osmolal concentration in plasma of 290 mOsm/l. This is equivalent to an osmotic pressure against pure water of 7.3 atm. The osmolality might be expected to be higher than this, because the sum of all the cation and anion equivalents in plasma is over 300.It is not this high because plasma is not an ideal solution and ionic interactions reduce the number of particles free to exert an osmotic effect. Except when there has been insufficient time after a sudden change in composition for equilibrium to occur, all fluid compartments of the body are in (or nearly in) osmotic equilibrium. The term tonicity is used to describe the osmolality of a solution relative to plasma.

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    以下の5文を訳してくださいm(__)m ▼Here in this area of overlap between the playing of the child and the Playing of the other person there is a chance to introduce enrichments. ▼The teacher aims at enrichment.By contrast,the therapist is concerned specifically with the child's own growth processes,and with the removal of blocks to development that may have become evident. ▼It is psychoanalytic theory that has made for an understanding of these blocks. ▼At the same time it would be a narrow view to suppose that psychoanalysis is the only way to make therapeutic use of the child's playing. ▼It is good to remember always that playing is itself a therapy.To arrange for children to be able to play is itself a psychotherapy that has immediate and universal application,and it includes the establishment of a positive social attitude towards playing.

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    The other point which has to be noted with regard to this criterion is as follows. I again quote from " Animal Intelligence :"— " Of course to the sceptic this criterion may appear un satisfactory, since it depends, not on direct knowledge, but on inference. Here, however, it seems enough to point out, as already observed, that it is the best criterion available ; and, further, that scepticism of this kind is logically bound to deny evidence of mind, not only in the case of the lower animals, but also in that of the higher, and even in that of men other than the sceptic himself. For all objections which could apply to the use of this criterion of mind in the animal kingdom, would apply with equal force to the evidence of any mind other than that of the individual objector. This is obvious, because, as I have already observed, the only evi dence we can have of objective mind is that which is furnished by objective activities ; and, as the subjective mind can never become assimilated with the objective so as to learn by direct feeling the mental processes which there accompany the objective activities, it is clearly impossible to satisfy any one who may choose to doubt the validity of inference, that in any case, other than his own, mental processes ever do accompany objective activities.

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    In the history of China the time from 476 to 221 BCE is called the Warring States Period. The area of what is now eastern China was not one country, but was divided into many states, some large and some small. The states were controlled by powerful rulers who called themselves kings. The kings frequently attacked neighboring kindoms, trying to make their own kingdoms bigger and richer. In that time there lived a teacher and engineer known as Mozi. Mozi believed in peace, but he knew that there was always a danger of war. He decided that the best way to prevent war was to make it too difficult for an attacking king to conquer a country. Since he was an engineer, he worked together with his students to invent machines and fortifications for the defense of cities. He also devised strategies and techniques for defending armies. Mozi and his followers traveled from kingdom to kingdom, teaching their people how to defend their land and people in case they were attacked. One day Mozi heard that the king of Chu was planning to attack the small state of Song. He traveled south for ten days and finally reached the king of Chu’s palace. There he met the king’s engineer, Gongshu Ban. The engineer had made ladders for the Chu army to use when attacking high city walls, and he called these new attack machines “cloud- ladders.” Mozi introduced himself to Gongshu. Gongshu asked, “Why have you come so far to see me?” Mozi replied, “Someone in the north has humiliated me. I would like you to kill him.” Gongshu Ban was displeased, but Mozi offered to pay him ten gold coins. Finally Gongshu said: "Murder is wrong.” Mozi stood up, bowed twice, and spoke. “Now, let me explain myself. I heard you were building machines to attack Song. Why do you want to attack Song? The state of Chu has plenty of land but not many people. To destroy what is scarce in order to get what is already plentiful is nonsense. Song has committed no crimes against Chu; attacking it would be mean. You refuse to murder one person, but you plan to murder many people. That doesn’t make sense.” Gongshu saw that Mozi was right, and admitted, “You are right, attacking Song is wrong. But I can’t cancel the attack because I have already promised the king.” Mozi said, “Please take me to the king.” Mozi said to the King, “Imagine a man who discards his own elegant carriage and wants to steal his neighbor's broken cart. Imagine a man who discards his own fine robes and wants to steal his neighbor's rough jacket. Imagine a man who leaves his meat and grain and wants to steal his neighbor's husks. What kind of a man would this be?” The king said, “He must be a crazy man.” Mozi continued, “The land of Chu is five thousand li square while that of Song is only five hundred. It is the same as the contrast between the elegant carriage and the broken cart. Chu has forests full of rhinoceroses and deer. The Yangtze and the Han Rivers are the richest in the world with fish, tortoises and crocodiles. Yet Song does not even have pheasants, rabbits, or foxes. It is the same as the contrast between fine robes and a rough jacket. If your ministers and generals set out to attack Song they are just as crazy as that man. The king said: "That may be true. But Gongshu Ban has already constructed the cloud-ladders for me, and I must capture Song." Mozi took off his belt, and placed it on a table to represent fortress walls. He gathered some sticks to use as model cloud ladders. Then he said to Gongshu, “Show me how your army will conquer this city.” Using the sticks, Gongshu proudly explained how the Chu army would attack Song. “Yes,” said Mozi, “but the Song army can defend against your attack in this way,” and he showed Gongshu a system of defense against cloud ladders. “Ah, in that case, my army will attack using these engines I have ready,” said the king’s engineer, and he showed Mozi another attack machine.

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    次の文を読み、【 】内を和訳せよ。 I want to talk about memory ― memory and the loss of memory ― about remembering and forgetting. My own memory was never a good one, but such as it is, or was, I am beginning to lose it, and I find this both a worrying and an interesting process. What do I forget? 【I won't say everything.】 普通に考えれば「私は何も言いたくない」ですが違うらしいのです どういう意味なのでしょうか?

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    Incidentally, the best way to find out is to ask customers, not by questionnaires but by, again, sitting down with them and finding out. The most successful retailer Iknow in the world is not one of the big retail chains. It is somebody in Ireland, a small country about the size of Slovenia. This particular company is next door to Great Britain with its very powerful supermarkets and all of them are also in Ireland; and yet this little company has maybe 60% of the sandwich market. What do they do? Well, the answer is that the boss spends two days each week in one of his stores serving customers, from the meat counter to the check-out counter, to being the one who puts stuff into bags and carries it out to the shoppers’ And he knows what the customers pay for. Let me say this may all sound very simple to you. It is not. It is infinitely more important than any other management tool.