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Incidentally, the best way to find out is to ask customers, not by questionnaires but by, again, sitting down with them and finding out. The most successful retailer Iknow in the world is not one of the big retail chains. It is somebody in Ireland, a small country about the size of Slovenia. This particular company is next door to Great Britain with its very powerful supermarkets and all of them are also in Ireland; and yet this little company has maybe 60% of the sandwich market. What do they do? Well, the answer is that the boss spends two days each week in one of his stores serving customers, from the meat counter to the check-out counter, to being the one who puts stuff into bags and carries it out to the shoppers’ And he knows what the customers pay for. Let me say this may all sound very simple to you. It is not. It is infinitely more important than any other management tool.


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ちなみに、(顧客があなたの商品を買う理由を)発見する最もよい方法は、顧客に尋ねることです、アンケートによるのではなく、やはり、彼らといっしょに座って、(その理由を)発見することなのです。 私が知っている世界で最も成功した小売業者は、大きい小売チェーンの1つではありません。 それは、スロベニアと同じほどの大きさの小国、アイルランドのある業者です。この特定の会社は、英国に隣接していて、とても強力なスーパーマーケットを持ち、それらの全てが、また、アイルランドにあります;しかし、この小さな会社は、サンドイッチ市場の恐らく60%を押さえています。 彼らは、何をするのでしょうか? さて、答えは、社長が、彼の店の一つで週のうち二日過ごして顧客にサービスするのです、精肉売り場からレジ、そして、商品を袋に入れて、買い物客に渡す店員の仕事をしているのです。だから、彼は、顧客が何に対してお金を払うのかについてわかっています。 これがすべてあなたにはとても単純に聞こえるかもしれないと言わせてください。 しかし、そうではありません。 それは、他のどの管理ツールよりも無限に重要なのです。





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     it is not teaching them to think in some scientifically sound way; it is persuading them to acquiesce. it is accustoming them to the presence of computers in every walk of life, and thus making them dependent on the machine's supposed necessity and superiority.

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    This man saw this first and built a very big and successful business on it. There is a simple rule: every small to its being a huge big multinational, every executive spent four weeks-two time two-outside the company. Wherever a salesman went on vacation, an executive took his or her place for two weeks, twice a year, and called on customers and sold to customers and introduced new products into the hospital market. As a result, that company understood the rapidly changing market. It is not because it had reports (everybody had the same reports ), but because it spent some time with the hospital administrator who actually made the buying decisions. And so: make sure you know the market.  

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    Those who do not conform find it hard to prosper in society. I very much fear that the first type of individualism, however, is now extremely common in japan. The young have taken up this negative form of individualism as a way of rebelling against authorities, school and parents. This is largely because the second type of individualism is not well understood in japan and not tolerated if it is. Administrators, teachers and parents do not know enough how to “bring out” the best in those under them. Europe has been able to produce an endless stream of original minds and intellectual geniuses of all kinds because of the existence and enkouragement of this creative individualism. Intellectual freedom and mental stimulation are the secret of European people's succes―as pioneers of ideas, ideals and attitudes; as inventors and “discoverers”. 少し長いですがよろしくお願いします。

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    和訳お願いしますm(._.)m Balance sheet Cash Includes cash and money in the bank. Also includes any short-term investments,if they are of low risk and will be converted into cash within a couple of months. Accounts receivable,net Money owed to the company by its customers who have bought goods or services on credit. "Net"means that the company has estimated the proportion of the accounts that it will not be able to collect(from those customers who are not able or not willing to pay),and has subtracted these "bad debts" from the total. Inventory Goods held for sale to customers.This category includes,for example,food on the shelves of a supermarket,cars in a car dealer's showroom,and birds in a pet shop. The amount shown is the cost of the inventory,not the amount it will be sold for. The inventory account of a manufacturing company also includes supplies and parts in warehouses or in the factory that will be mixed or assembled into products to be sold to customers.This includes everything from peanuts in a Snickers chocolate bar factory to seat belts in a Boeing airplane factory.

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    Is the edge uneven or slanted on this blade? One of the photos shows the edge on a table and part of it is not in contact with the table, leading me to believe it is slanted?

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    The difficulty of course - and this is an 'of course' added by deconstruction - is that this internal drifting is not only a fundamental part of any act of communication, it is also essential. Deconstruction does not create such internal drifting, such moments of indecision and complication in the sign, but it does work to expose them and to acknowledge their existence. 和訳できるかた宜しくお願いします><

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    Leahy announced that he would respond to one of the biggest complaints of the green groups by cutting the distance Tesco's products travel, especially by air. He would also switch some of the claim's road freight (he did not say how much) to rail. But he said nothing about reducing the journeys made by his customers. Shopping accounts for 20% for car journeys in UK, and 12% of the distance covered. By closig their out-of-town stores and replacing them with warehouses and deliveries, the surpermarket chains could reduce the energy costs of their buildings and (according to government figures) cut the transport emissions caused by shopping by 70%. Today, the Competition Commission publishes the initial results of its inquiry into the market dominance of the superstores. One of the issues it is investigating is the “land bank” accumulated by Tesco―a huge portfolio of sites on witch the company appears to be sitting until it can obtain planning permission. Many of them are out of town. If Tesco develops them, it will drag even more cars on to the road. Out-of-town shopping is incompatible with sustainability. よろしくお願いします。

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    And so the customer, of course, is the housewife. What do they pay us for ? I do not know how many people in the world make soap, but there are a great many. And I can’t tell you the difference between one kind of soap or the other. And why does the buyer have a preference, and a strong one, by the way? What does it do for her? Why is she willing to buy from us when on the same shelves in the US or in Japan or in Germany there are soaps from five other soap manufacturers? She usually does not even look at them. She reaches out for that soap. Why? What does she see? What does she want? Try to work on this.

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    英文の和訳をしていただけるかた のみで、お願いできますでしょうか? においについて?みたいな感じです・・。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 Every one has a distinctive individual odour, but it is often so subtle that we do not smell it. It is harder still to describe in words. Your soul mate washes frequently, and his odious and fragrance will not be strong, but the subtle nuances of them are a warmth, like cloth. He smells of shampoo, and faintly fragrant and like hair styling products, and there is a subtle undertone of oiliness, cooking oils and toasted and fried things. soap, faintly of burnt things, and tomatoes and cheese or pizza, There is a fragrance of mingled things,. These odours are so faint you hardly smell them, you more feel it, you know when he is there, like the difference between him and an empty space, but the subtle difference in air is uniquely his own. The strongest parts for detecting this smell are the region of his hair and collar.. The cloth and cooking smell is the undertone, the lower note or less pleasant background of his perfume. and the shampoo and hair styling products, stronger like a cloaking smell but they are both so fine and subtle that it is hard to detect these things

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    英文の和訳で困っています 和訳を教えていただきたいです よろしくお願いします!! 9It is confirmed by an internal remark of the British Foreign Secretary, Selwyn Lloyd: Germany is the key of the peace of Europe. 10A divided Europe has meant a divided Germany. 11To unite Germany while Europe is divided, even if practicable, is fraught with danger for all. 17On the afternoon of 17 June he expressed on the radio his inner solidarity with the demonstrators. 18At the same time he called on them ‘not to be carried away into doing anything rash in response to provocations’. 19This hesitant stance was significant; it disappointed the East German population and robbed them of any hope of a reunification in the near future.