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We are ending the 10 sets free offer end of next week the only offers are the 3 sets for 2 or 7 sets for 4 we do not advertise a 6 sets free deal due to media and shipping costs.


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当社は来週末をもちまして10セット無料の提供を終わらせていただきます。提供は3セット2ドルまたは7セット4ドルの物のみとなります。メディアおよび配送費用のため6セット無料の広告はいたしません。 ☆金額はドルではないかと思いますが、推測です。本文よりもていねいな日本語になり過ぎてるかもしれません。





  • 英文の翻訳をお願いします。

    If customers allow me the time I try and do the best deal you have chose 19 sets why not choose another set and make it 20 sets and then have the 10 sets free offer.

  • 海外のDVD販売サイトの文章を読みたいのですが。

    以下の英語を、どなたか訳していただけませんか。 海外のDVD通販サイトの、会員のみがログインできる特別なページのようなのですが、いろいろ細かい規約があるようです。規約を読んで、納得できるようなら活用したいのですが、どうにも足踏み状態です。 よろしくお願いいたします。 ------------------------------------------------- Please read this carefully - many potential questions are answered below. Every day, we pick 10 items to offer to you at a special discount price. You may view these products one at a time, and choose to either accept our special offer, or pass and view the next item. You may view your special offers once per day. From the time that you begin viewing your offers, you will have 60 minutes to choose one. The fine print: Only one daily deal offer may be redeemed per customer per day. Quantities are limited, offers good while supplies last. All daily deal offers expire 60 minutes after you view your first offer, individual offers expire when you pass on the offer, or 60 minutes after you viewed your first offer, whichever is earlier. Daily deal offers are only good for the products featured. Daily deal offers may not be applied to previous orders. Daily deal offers that have been accepted are excluded from any further coupon discounts. Daily deals are not excluded from taxes or our normal shipping costs. Accepted daily deal offers must remain in the shopping cart on the web site, they may not be saved for later purchase. When accepting a daily deal offer, it must be added to the shopping cart through the page displaying the offer by selecting "Buy now!" Orders must be completed through our online store.

  • 英語の翻訳お願いします。

    輸入ブルーレイを海外から購入したところ、違う商品が送られてきちゃいました。 ネットで例文を引用してなんとか【間違ったの送り返すから正しいの送って下さい】 というのを、海外の取引先にメールしたところ、以下の長文が送られてきて無料の翻訳を使ってみたのですが、ちんぷんかんぷんで。。。 長文ですが、どうか宜しくお願いします。 body We are happy to reimburse for return shipping up to $10.00 for international orders when the return is due to our error. For a return on box sets or where the return shipping is more than $6.00 due to item size or weight, please contact us for preauthorization and a receipt for the shipping will need to be emailed or faxed to us. Delivery confirmation, insurance, mailers and expedited shipping costs are not included as reimbursable items. Another option we offer are partial refunds in lieu of returning items that have minor case damage or scratches or we can send you a replacement case for single disc CD's or DVD. Please ask your customer service representative for this option if you are interested. **To expedite the return process, please cut your shipping label from the mailer your order arrived in and include it with the return form found at the link below. This will have much of the information we need to identify your order. Please be as detailed as possible below so we can ensure proper handling of your return. For defective or damaged items, we will ship you another brand new, item once we receive the defective/damaged one back at the warehouse (with RAF completed). Please note: Region errors are not considered defective. For incorrect items received due to packing or listing errors, we will ship you the correct item as soon as the incorrect item is received into our warehouse (with RAF completed) or completely refund your order if it is determined we are unable to obtain the correct item due to a listing or UPC error. For all other returns (dont want, region error, duplication) a refund minus S&H will be processed after we receive the item back in our warehouse (with RAF completed). Please explain the reason for the return. Return shipping will not be reimbursed. 以上です。 よろしくお願いします。。。

  • 翻訳をお願いします!

    Very busy at the moment please find below (A) , we do have (B) and (C) but have not had a chance to build yet when we close the free sets offer we will start building some new sets we have hundreds to make. 商品名は( )内の英字で表しています。

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    We offer 1 mouth warranty for all our products, but you have to ship them back first. then we will exchange new items and ship to you. In this case buyer pay for the shipping sending back and we pay for the shipping resending.

  • 英語が堪能な方に翻訳をお願いします。

    ある格闘技のDVDを注文しましたら、以下のメールが送られてきました。 I have checked these fighters some are retired and some are dead but I have found a few updates listed below,I could possibly do buy 9 get 7 free with no shipping costs I must stress I have two 20 set orders ahead of you, here are the fights to be added to career sets.

  • 通販のため海外のショップとやりとりをしています。以下のようなメールがき

    通販のため海外のショップとやりとりをしています。以下のようなメールがきたのですが、どう翻訳していいか分かりません。教えて下さい。 we will credit your for them and you can have the HALTER TOP for free to make up for the return shipping costs.

  • 翻訳お願いします、サイトで翻訳してみたのですが、いまいちわかりませんで

    翻訳お願いします、サイトで翻訳してみたのですが、いまいちわかりませんでした よろしくお願いします。 This wheel is available now. The total you are looking for is $1460.00 ( 4 wheels & shipping ) 195 per rim *4=$780.00 shipping by ocean fright $680 For the import tax duty ,we are not able to get the amount for you,when the package arrive to Japan then your country custom house should contact to you for the tax payment,or you may ask for broker to help you on this. for the payment we will request money wire,please feel free contact to me if you are ready to place this order.

  • 大至急、翻訳をお願い致します!

    We are still selling our 1988 Cadillac Brougham - we have lowered the price this week due to doggie medical emergencies. $4500 takes this beauty! Share it with your pimp friends.

  • 通販のため、海外のお店とやりとりをしています。

    通販のため、海外のお店とやりとりをしています。 以下のようなメールがきたのですが、よく分かりません。翻訳お願いします。 特に「credit」の解釈の仕方が分かりません。 よろしくお願いします。 we will credit your for them and you can have the HALTER TOP / Solid Teal for free to make up for the return shipping costs.