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海外通販にて商品を注文したところ、以下のようなメールが送られてきました。 翻訳願います。 thanks You for Your order! There´s one problem: By mistake I don´t have the hooded jacket with stars, and the sweater with bird print in size 1y. I can offer these items in size 2-3y (they are small in size and would fit a 1y old) or I will refund the money for these items or if You wish You can cancel Your order! sorry and thanks for Your understanding,


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注文ありがとう。でも1つ問題があるんだ。 ちょっとした勘違いで、星のついたフードジャケットと鳥模様のセーターは1Yのサイズが切れてるんだ。2~3Yのサイズならあるんだけどどうかな?(2~3Yのものも結構小さいし、1Yの(赤ちゃん?)でも着れるはずだよ。それがダメな場合はこの商品の代金は返金します。 もしくはこのオーダー自体キャンセルでもいいですよ。



早いご返答ありがとうございます。 大変助かりました。


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    Thanks and what do you mean by "Prevent you from putting the paper which you wrote of an order form and the amount of money"? Can you explain a bit? Thanks. Yours,

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    英国の会社に、最初に私が発注した品物の受注と発送状況を問い合わせました。 回答が来ました。 (原文) Thanks for your order and support! Can you please pass me your address > in English, i am not sure if my printer can generate correct address in > Japanese characters. Thank you! 自分の住所を英記して送りました 回答が来ましたが、「しかし私は間違う事を恐れて居る、そして貴方が荷物を受け取らない事を」 以下の英文の要約ですが、これ以外に私はこの文の意味する大切な意味が有る様な気がしますが この文の内容で私は何かを回答しなくてはいけないのでしょうか。 宜しくお願い致します。 (原文) But I am more afraid of mistake and you not receiving your package. Thank you!

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    英語は苦手なのですが海外通販をしています。 1回、オーダーしたことのある化粧品ブランドですが 日本に送れないものがあるということで オーダーをキャンセルして返金をしてもらったことのある ショップです。突然、下記のメールが届きました。 そのメールを翻訳して頂きたいのです。 後、メールの下部(Orの下)に We would be happy to offer you a refund on these items and 20% off your next order placed on ○○○.com. とあるのですがこれは次回の注文は20%オフになるということでいいのでしょうか? 以上、どうぞ宜しくお願い致します。 We are please to tell you that your ○○○ order is ready to be resent to you. We would like to thank you once again for your continued patience and support at this time. Unfortunately we are now of stock in Pure Pigment in Incite and will not be able to include this in your order, please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause you. We would like to offer you the following options to continue your order. We would be happy to offer you replacement Pure Pigments(s) in any shade of your choice from our website to replace your out of stock item(s)http://www.○○○.com/shop/products/eyes/furore-pure-pigment Or We would be happy to offer you a refund on these items and 20% off your next order placed on ○○○.com. Please let us know which solution would be best for you and we will organise this right away and resend your order to you. Kind regards,

  • 個人輸入の英文翻訳お願いします。

    個人輸入でレッドウイングのブーツとSitkaというメーカーの迷彩の Kelvin Jacket というジャケットとAscent Pantというズボンを購入したら以下のメールがきました。 大変でも英文の翻訳お願いします。 Thank you for your recent order for the redwing and Sitka. We have submitted your redwing order already, but in regards to the Sitka Gear; they have changed some things. Right now the open country is sold out, all that’s available is Optifade Forest. Also, the pants are now waist sizes and a large is equal to a size 36. Please indicate what you would like to do on these. We can switch the pattern and the size upon your approval. We appreciate your business, Thank you,

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    海外からメールがきたのですが自分でわ訳せませんでした Hello Thank you for your order. We thought you'd like to know that weshipped your items, and that thiscompletes your order With best regards です 英語が得意な方で暇があればおしえてください よろしくおねがいします

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    海外の物件を探していたのですが、オーナーから下記の返信がありました。 文章の意味が理解できませんので、翻訳をお願い致します。 In order to book these dates you need to accept bid and press the boob it option and then I can send you payment details

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    For you iam sure you will be getting your 2x Drivers and your Guidesman heatsink in soon too. Let me know when you get these Items. OK.? I put something extra in there for you. You might need help with it so send me message whne you get it.

  • 英語、読める方、お願い致します。

    英語が読める方、↓の内容教えて下さい…。 よろしくお願い致します。 We just wanted to drop you a line and let you know we haven't forgotten about you. Part of your order (#1687936) has not yet shipped because one or more of the items you wanted are on backorder. Our typical ship time for backordered items is 3-6 weeks from the date of order, though at times it can take longer depending on the vendor. Please know we are doing our best to get this merchandise for you as soon as possible! Your credit card has not been charged for the backordered items; we do not charge your card until we ship the items to you. Also, you are free to cancel any or all unshipped items on your order. You can do so by using the Your Account function of the website (check the Help section for more information), or by contacting us with your order number. We apologize for the continued delay. If you ever have any questions about your order, please contact us at orders@eMerchandise.com or call us at 866-339-2691 (toll free in US and Canada), Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm (Pacific Time). When calling outside of the US and Canada, please dial +1-503-445-8081. Thank you for your patience and patronage!

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    ebayのオークションでで落札した後、下記のようなメールが送られてきましたがgoogle翻訳でしても 理解できないのでどなたが翻訳していただけないでしょうか? Hi, as stated in the auction we can only ship to US verified addresses. Do you have someone in the US that can sign for this item for you and then send it to you internationally? Please let us know or we'll need to cancel this transaction. Thanks so much! 宜しくお願い致します。

  • すいませんがわかりやすく翻訳お願いします。

    Thanks for your reply.We would like to partially refund you.But since a dispute is opened, we are not allowed to issue a partial refund by PayPal. We hope you can understand and close the dispute first. After that we will arrange the refund for you. Also you can check that with paypal.There is no partial refund button .Hope you can unserstand that. Once you close the dispute.We will make a new order for all the items of your orginal order.Also we will send your email to *****@yahoo.co.jp to inform you the order information. Hope you can tust us close the dispute first.