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相手方から下記のメールが届きました。 Thank you for confirming the name of your company and for expressing your interest in placing an order. We are currently transitioning to a new inventory system and the portal is temporarily down. If you complete the attached order form with what you wish to order, I can confirm what is available. I have also attached our latest trade catalogue. Let me know if you have any questions. ⇒ 注文する商品と個数が決まったら連絡します,という返事を送りたいのですが, 下記の英語で,大丈夫でしょうか? Thank you for your response. We will contact you once the order items and quantity are decided. (ご対応頂き,ありがとうございます。  注文商品と個数が決まりましたら,ご連絡致します。)


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(1) Thank you for your response. (2) We will contact you once the order items and quantity are decided. 二つとも、これで十分に通じます。ただ、(2) に関しては、まだあなたの会社内でどの items を order するのかとか、どれくらいの数量を注文するかが決まっていないのだから、それに the をつけるのは変だと僕は感じますので、次のように書いた方がいいと思います。 We'll get back to you once we've decided which items and in what quantities we'll need. 参考: (1) ... you have to ★decide which items and in what quantities you’ll need★ ... https://blog.flexis.com/optimize-your-inventory-management-with-these-3-strategies (2) Select ★which items and in what quantities you want to add to your order★. https://help.shootproof.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010243468-How-do-I-place-an-order-for-my-studio-at-cost-



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  • 下記の英文を訳してください。

    ネットショップからいただいたメールです。どなたか翻訳お願いいたします。 Thank you for your order, We received about your request and the free print(A2 size) would add in your package, would you mind to take the font view of the damage one? We are sorry about for the happen but hope you could understand that the delivery is depends of the post office and postman, if you have any question that please feel free for contact us firstly, we would trying to help you solve it. Thank you and looking for your reply

  • 海外ショップサイトにて 至急お願いします!!

    今、全く英語がわからないのですが、海外サイトの子供服を注文しました。 それで、そのショップからメールが来ましたが英文が全く読めません。 TRENDI HI! Thank you for shopping with us. We have received your order.You can generally expect to receive notification of shipping the same or the next business day your order is placed. We try to keep our inventory updated and avoid out of stocks. If there is an item you ordered and it is out of stock you will be notified before we ship. If you have placed a PRE-ORDER or and order for items that are not yet in stock. Your order could be held until complete and then shipped. We generally only hold orders waiting for pre-ordered items if the pre-ordered items are arriving within the week. Please email if you have any questions about shipping dates. しかもメールが着た直後、この店に間違ってキャンセルしたいと英文で送ってしまったのですが、キャンセルするつもりは全くありません。 どうしたら良いでしょうか? 助けてくださいm(_ _)m

  • 下記の英語で通じますか?

    商品を注文した先から下記のメールが来ました。 返事を出したいのですが、 Thank you for your contact address. I am looking forward to receiving the work. で、通じますか? I finally shipped your order today ... I am really sorry we took almost 6 weeks to make it. When I was writing the Fedex Shipping Notes I realized that the address I have for you isn't guaranteed correct. I had to find a postcode on google and I didn't have your telephone number which is important. So I shipped anyway but I can still change the address and add a phone number. Please look at the address I wrote and tell me if it's OK

  • 英語の出来る方お願いします。

    Dear oooooooo Thank you for your interest in oooooo We do not have a restaurant on site......if you want food, you have to order from fast food or restaurant, and they will deliver the food to your room. We look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing you at oooooooo この英語を日本語にしてください。

  • 英文の意味を教えて下さい。

    アメリカのネットショップで小物をいくつか購入していました。やっと準備が少し整ったみたいで連絡がきました。すみませんが意味を教えてくれませんか?宜しくお願い致します。 Hello , we are currently producing your #1 order, so far we have 2 pcs ready for you in LA. I believe you really need merchandise. Please let us know if we can ship out.this is what we have collected and reserved for you in LA.

  • 英語の翻訳をお願いします。

    海外通販でクレジットカードを使用しました。 恐らく本人確認のためのメッセージを受け取りましたが、 具体的に何をすればよいのかがわからなかったので、和訳をしてもらえると助かります。 すいませんが、お願いします。 Payment Verification We request one additional security step completed so that you can process your order. This additional security measure is done to help protect your account from possible credit card fraud. You have been issued a small refund that will appear in your online reporting for your credit card issued from TCGplayer to help us verify that you are the account holder for your credit card. 1. This amount will appear on your credit card account within 1 - 5 days, depending on your credit card service. 2. It may be reflected as a purchase amount on your statement that is lower than the actual purchase amount of your total order. The difference between your total order amount and what we charged would then be the amount we refunded. 3. Please confirm this amount and reply back using the Message Center with the exact amount of the refund. 4. Once confirmed we will ship your order! Please note, If you are unable to respond back this order may be refunded in full. Thank You

  • 下記の英文を教えてください。お願いいたします。

    Please find attached your invoice with 10% discount. My manager agreed to the 10% discount only if you keep ordering regularly. But I need to advise you that if your orders remain irregular or if you order every 6 months there is a possibility that the they will cancel the 10% discount. Below are our bank details for bank transfer. Please make payment as soon as you can as otherwise we cannot start packing your order. Also please let me know if you still require the MADE IN 000 labels..?

  • 和訳お願いします。。

    Attached is the order sheet, we are checking on inventory in Korea, I will email me you in the morning, thank you for your patience.

  • 日本語にしてください!

    Wow, we just got your letter How Exiting that you are getting married. Congratulations to both you and your fiancé. We would love to come but have to see if we can get holidays. And we pay for flights and accomodation ourselves. We are so happy for you. Xxx love Richard and Leona What is the nearest airport, and where are you getting married.. We are so happy for you xxx よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語の変なメール

    Dear ○○(アドレス) We would like to thank you for your recent order. Order Status updated on: 21/03/2016 Your Customer ID: 数字 Your Order ID: 数字 Invoice Number: 数字 Delivery Note: We received your order and payment on 17/03/2016 Your order details are attached. Best regards, Darla Joyce Managing Director - Property Advisory Industry というメールがキャリアメールに届いていました。 翻訳してみたら21日に何か注文した事に対するメールだと思うんですが注文した記憶はありません。 pdfファイルもついていたんですがこれは迷惑メールでしょうか? 2週間前までアメリカにいたのですがその時に何か買った時に登録してしまったのでしょうか? 数字とかの部分は一応消して投稿してます。 わかるかたよろしくお願い致します。