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見たい動画が字幕も英語なのでなんとなくしかわかりません。長いですが、だいたいで構わないので宜しくお願い致します。 Henk has learned that he's HIV positive. Naturally he's freaking out, and anxious to know if Cassie and the baby are ok, or infected as well. He turns to Martha for support, and enlists her help to get Cassie to have a blood test on the ruse that it's to do with her job for insurance purposes. He fears the worst, and when Cass is called in for the results, his fears are confirmed.


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ありがとうございます。 何故彼女が泣いていたのか、すっきりしました。 本当にありがとうございました。


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    この文章の和訳を教えてください。 My wanderings in life has always told me that sterotype behaviour is learned and fickle...the real person is always hiding within too scared to appear in fear of rejection....and we all have those same fears...so perhaps we can all sterotype our fears as well....others lay in ignorance to their real self....probably because they are fightened of who they are and they mask the truth of themselves... 拒否されることに対する恐れから本当の人格を隠そうとしてしまうっていうことなんでしょうか? 単語から大体内容はつかめてる気はするのですが、細かく読み取れません。 どなたか教えてくださるとうれしいです。

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    Homophone When we moved to northen California, my husband began deliberating about buying a sailboat. He struggled over our budget, and nagged me for help in his decision.I told him that it was strictly his choice to make, that I was with him either way, but he had to decide. One morning, as he hurried out the door on his way to work, I waved and said, 'Bye.' He broke into a big grin and called over his shoulder, 'I was hoping you'd say that!' Him& Hymn A woman had been very faithful in attending all her church's services for many years, and the minister wanted to reward her.At the next Sunday-evening service he announced, 'For her loyalty to the church, we shall reward Miss Jones by letting her pick three hymns for the evening.' 'Oh, goody!' exclaimed Miss Jones. And, pointing to various members in the congregation, she said, 'I'll take HIM and HIM and HIM.' 宜しくお願いします!

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    I dont think that the fears are different from those of witches and black cats in the Middle Ages. この文のthatは文法で言うと、どういうthatなんでしょうか。 それとthoes ofと言う部分はいるのでしょうか? 以前質問させて頂いた文 Japan has a name for its increasing number of part-timeres でも思ったのですが、for its のitsはいりますか? ないとどういう文になるのでしょうか? 文法的には目的語ですか? 教えてください。

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    訳がよくわからないところが多いのでよろしくお願いします! he acknowledged that the war had been controversial, but told returning troops they were leaving behind"a sovereign, stable and self-relliant Iraq". however, correspondents say there are are concerns in Washigton that Iraq lacks robust political structures or an ability to defend its borders. there are also fears that Iraq could be plunged back into sectarian bloodletting, or be unduly influenced by Iran. Washington had wanted to keep a small training and counter-terrorism presence in Iraq, but US officials were unable to strike a deal with Baghdad on legal issues including immunity for troops. お願いします!

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    英語が得意な方、どなたか和訳お願いします。 I am Sadden to hear this. I am also Sorry for  Jr.'s behaviour and Hope he has a change of Heart. I know he does have feelings for you. He told me so.  Jr. does not have a fiancee that I know of. You are Welcome and your kindness is also accepted graciously.  お手数おかけしますが宜しくお願い致します

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    1.Here he writes about some of the ways that the behavior of what we like to call our self emerges moment by moment from all kinds of separate tools and workshops in the brain, which neuroscientists call modules. 2.Johnson begins with a gift that most of us take for granted:mind reading. 3.In other chapters, Johnson explores some of the fear messages that are controlled by his amygdala:traumatic fears that were triggered by a near disaster when a storm blew in a big window in his apartment. どうしてもわからないので和訳お願いします http://www.nytimes.com/2004/05/09/books/this-is-your-brain-on-drugs.html?pagewanted=2&src=pm  (原文)

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    And while many people have grown accustomed to recycling cans, bottles and newspapers, used clothes are generally thrown away. Britons on average discard about 65 pounds , or 30 kilograms, of clothing and textiles a year. Only an eight of that goes to charities for reuse. “In a wealthy society, clothing and textiles are bought as much for fashion as for function,” the report says, and that means that clothes are replaced “before the end of their natural life.” Julian Allwood, who led a team of environmental researchers in conducting the report, noted in an interview that it is now easier for British consumers to toss unwanted clothes than to take them to a recycling center, and easier to throw clothes into the hamper for a quick machine wash and dry than to sponge off stains. He hopes his report will educate shoppers about the costs to the environment, so that they change their behavior. There are many examples of how changing consumer priorities have forced even the most staid retailers to alter the way they do business.

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    Marvin was worried about the weather. After having his dinner in a hurry, he decided, at almost 11:00 that night, to go down to the small dock to check for possible ice damage to his boat. As he walked downthe three-hundred-foot slope to the lake, Marvin was followed by his dog, Max. Max loved to run around with his master. Though it was very late and cold, he seemed very pleased with the unexpected trip. At the dock, Marvin saw that his fears were right. A film of ice was beginning to appear around the boat. Marvin picked up a log and tried to push the boat to break the ice. But he did not know that water from the lake had make the dock wet. As he pushed with the log, he fell down, and his body hit the dock. He badly injured his legs, and he fell into the cold fifteen-foot-deep water. The cold waters began to pull him toward the dock, but he had little strength and soon went under the water.

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    The operative then sums up by saying that Edison seemed dissatisfied and looked as if he had been sick.He thought Edison was all right but was a tool for his bankers,who wanted to make money out of the company. That there was great excitement and speculation in the district about Wall Street at the time,the following clipping(one out of many)proves:THE EDISON BOOM.HOW LONG,HOWLONG!!(under the above heading,The New York World in one of its early issues of January,1880,runs the following comment): Kirkland&Milliken,of 47 Williams Street,reported yesterday that speculators are anxious to trade in Edison Electric Light Company stock,and that investors are picking up five and ten share lots.Mr.Laportas,of the firm,said to a World reporter that two shares were sold vesterdav at $3,500 each,but that lots of ten shares, which are more desirable,are in strong demand and are worth $5,000to $5,000 a share.Our of the largest shareholders,who was offered $700,000 last week for 200 shares,was bid $800,000 cash last night,and says that he won't sell under $1,000,000.

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    和訳お願いします。 自分で訳してみても文にならず意味がわかりません。 よろしくお願いします。 The next morning it is snowing, but Rachael still has a lot to do. Tonight, she will camp with her dogs in the woods before finishing the race tomorrow. She must carefully pack her sled with all the supplies she will need. Rachaei's friends and family help her to check and re-check her sled and equipment. Later that morning, race organizers go over a map of the course. It is a map that Rachael cannot see. She will rely on her dogs to follow the way. She will also have Matt close by on his snowmobile if she needs help. Day six of the race is a leg that covers a total of 43 miles. Just before she starts, Rachael stops to pet and encourage each member of her dog team. She knows that each one of them has a difficult job to do,so they are her primary concern. Finally, the race starts for the day. The weather is not great, but this leg of the race is going better than yesterday for Rachael. However, there are many difficult turns in the course. Matt has to use his radio to warn Rachael about them several times during the day.