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How much did „your own thing“ benefit from your work as a session musician? セッションミュージシャンとしての仕事は、あなた自身の作品(own thing)に対してどのくらいの結果(benefit)をもたらしましたか? Well, I think it’s always great to collaborate with other artists, because it almost always pushes me to try something I haven’t tried before, or even thought of before. But when it comes to my own music and compositions, I’m not sure if I bring much of my session work into them. Then again, working as a session musician definitely helped me develop a little bit of confidence on some instruments. When you’re put on the spot like that, and you have to come up with something, it can be stressful ... And over time it slowly gets easier and easier, and depending on the instrument and the music, sometimes nowadays I might not even think about it at all. I just start playing. So for better or worse, I’m slowly learning to trust my own musicianship. 途中のwhen you’re put on the spot…辺りからどうも何を言いたいのかがわかりません。訳を教えてください。


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> When you’re put on the spot like that, and you have to come up with something, it can be stressful.... この文のthatが何を示すかを理解すると内容がわかり易くなると思う。 that = working as a session musician とすると (貴方が)スタジオミュウジシャンとして音楽活動をする状況(に追い込まれながら)で、自分の曲を模索しなければならないときに、それはストレスでしかなり得ない。 言わんとしていることは、他の人達と(collaborate) 協調して音楽を取り組む状況下で、独自の音楽を創造する、または、作曲をしなければならないとすると、そのことはストレス以外の何物でもない。



アドヴァイスありがとうございます。 >>この文のthatが何を示すかを理解すると内容がわかり易くなると思う。 that = working as a session musician ここでだいぶニュアンスをつかめるようになりました。全体的にはおっしゃるとおりの意味ですね。そこをつかむことができました。ありがとうございました。

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 「ああいうふうににっちもさっちもいかない、窮地に追い込まれて、何かやらなくてはならないとなると、ストレスはある、、、しかし時がたつと、ゆっくりではあるが少しずつ楽になる、そして楽器にも曲にもよるが、近頃では全然気にならない時もある。弾き始める、ただそれだけだ。いいにしろ悪いにしろ、私はゆっくりとではあるが、自分の音楽の才能を信じられるようになってきた。  http://eow.alc.co.jp/put+on+the+spot/UTF-8/  上記には「困る]と言った意味が出ていますが、ライブで演奏の番が回って来て、共演者も観衆の目も自分一人に向けられ「本番」だと意識するような時で「困る」と言った単純な物とは少し違うように思います。



アドヴァイスありがとうございます。 後半のニュアンスをつかむことが出来ました。 あと put on the spotで検索に引っかかるのですね・・・。 いつもいつもありがとうございます。


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    I am out of the country at the moment and it is my colleague you are speaking to. I am back on Friday and will make sure that the labels MADE IN USA will go on all of the bags and purses. Please bare with me till this Friday.

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    I want you to know that even if it takes me 2 or 3 days to write you,please bear with me and also know that you are always on my mind and i mean every word of it. bear=熊ですよね? babyみたいな意味合いでしょうか? i mean every word of it. ここが上手く訳せません。 よろしくお願いします。

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    What was the experience like? I see it as a very positive thing. I think it’s an honor to play on all those other people’s records. And even if sometimes it took away from my own personal time, I think that only made me more anxious to do my own things. So when I finally did get the chance, I was full of ideas and motivation. and even if 以降がどうもあやふやです。何が言いたいのでしょうか・・・。 ほかの人とプレイすることによって自分の時間を失うことがあったけど、不安といえるのはそれくらいなもんだった。 こんな感じですか?その続きのso when以降もお願いいたします。

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    宜しくお願いいたします。 What kind of job do you have Keiko? I am very friendly but I am difficult to travel with because I have a sick heart which makes travel very complicated. I am in Greece for 2 weeks and already I have been in hospital for 2 days. Would it be helpful, if my health allows it, to go to Japan and give you English practice for a few weeks?

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    Many artists dream of a "magnum opus". Do you have a vision of what yours would sound like? 多くのアーティストは「最高傑作」への夢を持ち続けています。「最高傑作」についてのビジョンを持っていますか? No. Honestly talking, I don’t have a vision of an opus magnum and I guess even if I did, I probably woold not recognise when it happens. I try to do my work as good as I can, but with the knowledge that it reflects my personal development and the cirumstances of a specific period of my life. These conditions change and the output will be different. This kind of evolution is interesting for me, but not a single peak. ノー。正直に言うと、俺は最高傑作というものに対してビジョンなんて持っていないし、仮に最高傑作とやらを作り上げたとしても、それが最高傑作だと認める事はないだろうね。 自分の仕事に対して、可能な限りベストを尽くそうとはしているよ。しかし自分に備わっている知識とは、自分自身の成長や、ある特定の時期の周りの環境なんかに反映されて出来るものだ。そういった状況というのは変化するし、結果としてアウトプットも異なってくる。俺にとっては、この成長こそが興味の尽きないところなんだよ。しかも成長の波は一度ではない。 Q1 ここで言いたい事は、ひと言でいえば「成長を通して変化を重ねていくので、”最高”なんてものは無い」といった事でしょうか?変化という伸びていくものに対して、最高という天井は不必要。というとらえ方。 Q2  I try to do my work as good as I can, but with the knowledge that it reflects my personal development and the cirumstances of a specific period of my life. このセンテンスの文法上のルールを知りたいです。with the knowledge that it~ はどういったルールでしょうか?SVOではどれがどうなるのかなどを知りたいです。 itとは「I try to do my work as good as I can」のことでしょうか? それと、with the knowledgeの部分です。これがとういったルールでここに存在しているのか。 いまいちピンと来ませんが、強調構文というやつですか?

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    ネィティブが書いた英文ではないため少し読みづらいとは思いますが よろしくお願いします。ちなみに文中に出てくる「Yemen」は国名で「Sanaa」はその首都です。 文中で今年の三月からイエメンは治安が悪くて100ドルのお金を貸して欲しいと書いてあるのは 何となく判るのですが・・・。 ↓ I wish if the situation in Yemen to be good the youth revolution in March 2011 and the situation got worst and not safe for tourists and not safe even for me and my family l would like to inform you the life its heard in Sanaa this time and every things is getting expansive and many people the leave sanaa and some shops the closes l was look for job l can not find this time l just want to ask you if you can lend me 100$ and transfer it to me by western union l will be so glad if you can and if you can send it by my name mohmmed almarwiny and when l will have it and work l will send it to you if you can l really dont want to ask you but is very bad time now in Yemen and when l work l will transfer the money to you im sorry but l think you feel what l feel if you can pleas let me know if you can not its ok l just ask you because you are my friend

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    下記の英文を訳していただけないでしょうか? Hello, My Name is Mrs Linda from Russia Base In Alberta,Canada.I want to make an urgent purchase for your item pasted on Yahoo Auctions for my Uncle in Nigeria.I will like to know how many of this items you have available for sale,and i will be paying you $1,000.00 USD for each Set + shipping via EMS SPEED POST to Nigeria due to it urgent need.Payment will be done through Bank Transfer.However i want you to reply me to my Email with your bank information's via (************@gmail.com) Await your quick response. Thanks

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    以下の英文の翻訳お願いできませんか? (1)The first time I had a kidney stone I thought I was going to die. My wife and I were starting to cook dinner and I just collapsed in pain on the floor. Not knowing what the feeling was, I assumed the worst and thought I had appendicitis. The pain was a sharp throbbing pain in my left side (For those of you who don't know the appendix is on the right side). (2)I swore to my wife my appendix had burst and after several minutes of bickering, crying, and nausea, I insisted on going to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, every bump in the road sent shocks of pain through my entire body. Once in the ER the nurse was able to identify my symptoms immediately as a kidney stone. Several painful hours later, I still had not passed the stone. (3)The painkillers (shots) had kicked in. But the uncomfortable feeling and pressure was still there. The majority of the time when you go to the ER, they only help you pass the stone, and you generally never receive any futuristic ultrasound machine that could shatter the stone into passable tiny pieces. After another hour they sent me home with a straining device and a big bucket for the next 24 hours. (4)The feelings experienced were not only sharp pains but the massively uncomfortable feeling of pressure. You know you have to go, the feeling is familiar, but something is blocking the path. You will feel this pain from deep in your side (the kidney) all along the path until it exits. That time it took me another 24 hours or so to pass the stone. Painkillers can manage the pain, but the mental anxiety can be very distressing. (5)This first experience was about 14 years ago. Since then, I have had a new stone every couple of years. My doctor has prescribed allopurinol to lower the uric acid in my body. This has had a huge benefit on both my gout attacks and kidney stones. My last stone was back in 2003 and I look forward to never having one again. (6)If you are reading this because you think you might have a stone, just prepare yourself for 48 hours of hell. I always start taking painkillers as soon as I feel it coming on, and I have had a good track record of passing them pretty fast. I wish you the best of luck.

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    Dr.Wang smiled at me. ゛How do you feel?" he asked cheerily. ゛Scared,"I doctor,faced with my failure to decide on surgery,made a remark I found almost impossible to refuse. ゛If you were my own son,I would beg you to have this operation.I promise it will make you well.I would not risk harming you any more than I would my own child.I only want to take care of you. です(*´`*)

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    The „resources and staff“ of the University were at your disposal. In which way were they helpful to you during the different stages of the project? Carrying heavy instruments around! (laughs) No, well, yeah ... They did help carry instruments ... But, I had a wonderful day of training from a woman at the university named Angie Atmadjaja who gave me a few short lessons on how to play some of these instruments in the "proper" way. As fun and enlightening as that was it made me realize that I wanted to keep my distance from the proper and traditional. Angie also made some recordings and I believe some of them appear on the album. It took a good solid day or two to get the whole studio wired the way I wanted it into my Kyma system and loopers. We had to create a system that allowed me remote control of the control room while I was in the recording room as well as some tricky monitoring situations. The tech and studio staff at the Music Research Center took care of most of that and after ironing out some bugs I had an amazing space in which I could work alone late into the night and control everything as I walked around the room. Q1 As fun and enlightening as that was it made me realize that I wanted to keep my distance from the proper and traditional. この文章の構造がわかりません。 it made me realize that I wanted to keep my distance from the proper and traditional. 訳せます。 「それは、私が正しいやり方や、伝統から距離を置いておきたいと願っていた事を気付かせてくれた」 Asからthatまでをitとしているのですよね?それと、As fun and enlightening as thatも何かの構文で、元々は違っているのでしょうか? Q2 It took a good solid day or two to get the whole studio wired the way I wanted it into my Kyma system and loopers. この文章がいまいち理解出来ません。後半のkyma system and loopersは彼の持つ音楽用のシステムの事です。 Q3 We had to create……からの日本語ですが、 私たちはレコーディングルームやtricky monitoring situationsにいる間、離れた場所からコントロールルームを制御するシステムを作らなくてはならなかった。 ミュージックリサーチセンターにいる技術者と、スタジオのスタッフはthatに注意を払っていた。いくつかのバグを解決した後に、私はその晩、一人で仕事が出来る素晴らしい空間を持つ事が出来た。 その部屋中を歩き回りながら全てをコントロールしたんだ。 どうもギクシャクしてしまっています・・・。 よろしくお願いいたします。