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英訳お願いいたします。 The only way my day could start better is if you were here :) I quickly checked the train schedule and it's a bit disappointing. You would have to travel to Paris and then take a train from Paris to the airport. The last direct train leaves too early. I'll drive you back to the airport as well, ok? The traffic in Paris is a nightmare ... but since the airport is north of Paris ... it should be ok. So you don't need to arrange a train ticket, ok? Even before today I was considering going to Paris ... but I don't think we have enough time. Satomi! 4 days is very short :) You will have to come back another time, when it's warmer, sunnier ... and we can visit Paris ... Yes in Belgium it's also getting colder. Now it's about 15 degrees, but earlier this week it was only 3 degrees when I went running this week :) You don't like seafood? Hmm ... are you sure you enjoyed the sushi in Osaka? I hope so. As for the mussels, I think I can find a restaurant where you can eat something typically Belgian and then I can eat mussels. So then you can try some, is that ok for you? Please tell me other things you don't like ... because I liked to see a happy ●● :)


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君がここにいさえすれば僕の一日はこれ以上申し分なく始まるのに。 すぐに列車のスケジュールを調べたんだけど、少しがっかりだった。君はパリまで行って、それからパリから空港まで列車に乗らないといけないみたいだ。 最終の直行列車は出るのが早すぎる。また僕が空港まで君を見送ることにするよ、いい?パリの交通事情は悪夢だからね…でも空港はパリの北だから…大丈夫だと思うよ。 だから君は列車の切符は用意しなくていいから、いいね? ほんの今日まで僕がパリに行くことを考えていたんだ…でも、僕たちには十分時間がないと思う。さとみ!4日は短すぎるよ。 もっと暖かくなって、天気も良くなったら、君はもう一度こっちに来なくちゃいけないよ…そしたらぼくたちパリにも行けるし… そう、ベルギーでも寒くなってきてる。今は15度ぐらいだ、でも今週初め僕がジョギングに行ったときは3度しかなかった。 君、魚介類だめなんだ?ふ~ん…大阪でほんとにお寿司おいしく食べられたの?だといいけど。ムール貝のことだけど、君がいかにもベルギーって料理を食べて、僕がムール貝を食べられる店が見つかると思うよ。そしたら君もちょっとトライしてみられるし、それで君はいいかい? 他にも君が好きじゃないってものがあったら教えてよ…だって僕は楽しそうな●●を見るのが好きなんだから。



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    英訳お願いいたします。 Please see the attachments. As you can see there are many possibilities. If I can give you one advice ... don't take the train between Brussels and Amsterdam. The Dutch railway system often breaks down ... I once had to get out in between Brussels and Amsterdam and take a taxi to go to the airport. I don't want you to go through this kind of stress. (it is indicated as a flight, but if it says Brussels midi rail station ... that means that you are actually taking a train). The train between Paris and Brussels is very reliable ... and fast. It's like the shinkansen. Oh ... I think you made a small mistake ... you mentioned that you might leave on the 31st of November ... maybe you mean the 30th :) There is this Air France flight that you might want to consider for EUR 910.91: Tokyo Haneda Paris C De Gaulle 30 Nov 01:30 06:20 Economy AF 283 Brussels Midi Rail Stn 30 Nov 07:47 08:59 Economy AF 7181 Brussels Airport Amsterdam 05 Dec 14:55 15:45 Economy KL 1726 Tokyo Narita 05 Dec 17:45 12:50 +1 Economy KL 861 It leaves very early on the 30th in Japan ... you can sleep on the plane and ... Ohayo Paris :) Then you still have the whole day on the 30th. They also have the same flight on the 1st of December if you can only leave on the 1st. If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know, ok? Oh ... I can't believe it's already so late. I have to go to bed now. Enjoy your day off.

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    英訳お願いいたします。 Oh last Friday I went to the super market and I took some pictures of viennoiserie. They don't look very nice since it's only from the super market. But it should give you an idea what it is. It's quite nice. Many people were looking at me thinking ... "why is he taking pictures of viennoiserie?" ... Of course they don't know that I'm taking pictures for my cute ●●:) Are you sure it's not too much trouble to bring a hair dryer? I don't know anything about hair dryers. Maybe you could teach me what's a good one when you're here, ok? If you wouldn't have enough space or it it would be too troublesome I can just get one. But I want to get a good one ... because I don't want your hair to catch fire or something :) Grrr .. time for me to go to work. In my case it's a little bit the opposite ... I keep thinking of you instead of my work. I don't think anyone can blame me ...after all you're sooo pretty. I hope those 3 weeks will pass very quickly and I can come and pick you up at the airport!

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    英訳お願いいたします。 字数制限の為、敷き詰めですみません。 Monica my cleaning lady broke one my toilets. She uses a lot of paper towels to clean everything and I think she tried to flush them away ... sigh trouble ...very annoying situation. Tomorrow I will have to arrange for a repair person to fix it. An annoying situation ... Please allow me to give you some recommendations. - If you come with Air France (Paris) it's OK to take the train Brussels. It's very easy, it's inside the airport and the people from Air France will welcome and help you with your luggage. It's very convenient and fast (shinkansen type). And they have a flight that leave at ●● at night ... so you arrive in Europe in the morning and you can still enjoy the whole day. - If you come via other airports it's better to take the plane (it doesn't cost more or less). Taking the bus from Amsterdam to Brussels ... I won't let you do this. I would rather go to Amsterdam to pick you up. After such a long flight it's not nice if you still need to take a bus ... no if you prefer to take JAL I'll come to Amsterdam Oh KLM and Air France they all have a few Japanese flight attendants on the airplane. So you don't need to be afraid :) If you don't mind or the prices are cheaper on the website I gave you. I can also make the booking for you. Of course you would have to indicated which flight you prefer. It's really no problem for me. If there is anything I can to make things easier for you or help you, please let me know.

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    和訳お願いいたします。(所々文をカットしています) After reading your email, I went to check myself in the mirror ... I'm afraid I will have to disappoint you ... hahahaha Please excuse me for being so concerned. I know you will be fine, I just want to make really really sure everything is fine for you. You managed to take a late flight on Saturday. That's very good news! This way we can still do something nice on Saturday. Please go ahead and book the tickets. As for the train ... Is it ok if I come with my car and pick you up in Paris? It's really no problem for me ... otherwise you will have to wait quite a bit (in Europe trains are not as good as Japan) and it might be could. Trust me ... it's not nice to wait for a train after a long flight. I propose I come and pick you up at the airport and on the way back you can take the train. Not that I don't want to drive you back to the airport ... but since it's quite a distance and with weekend traffic ... I think it's safer to take the train. It's better to book a ticket in advance. It's probably cheaper as well. All my sisters's tests were negative. So that means there is nothing wrong with her. That was a big relieve for all of us. Especially my mother was very concerned. Thank you for being so considerate.

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    I don't think I can find a better flight, because it's so close to the date, the flights will only become less and more expensive, so if we can sort sooner, then it is better, but of course I don't want to rush you. I think I can get a flight there for maybe £800, so it's £600 cheaper than your flight to here, but then I also need to pay for a hotel, but it's still an option if getting a flight for you to here is too expensive, though of course I would like to make your dream come true and show you england. Gomen ne, there is so much english for you to read >.<

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    英訳お願いいたします。 This weekend I went shopping for clothes ... maybe you like that ... but I'm not really enjoying it. It's too difficult, too many choices. And suppose I choose something other people don't like ... Anyway I'm finished now and I have what I I need to have. Hmmm Italian food. Do you like Italian food a lot? As for the chopsticks ... it's not really strange for me. Personally I use chopsticks to cook pasta. It's easy to stir and take some spaghetti out to see if it's cooked enough. But eating ... I use fork :)But when I went to an Italian restaurant in Osaka they also gave chopsticks. Can you eat pasta with a fork? Or you think it's easier with chopsticks? Don't worry ... we won't be having pasta when you're in Belgium. About the chili oil. It's me that needs to thank you. You gave it to me and you introduced me to this chili oil. It's really nice on salad. Without you I would never know it can be so nice. If you bring some to Belgium you can bring your favorite brand. It doesn't need to be specifically this one. I like to know what you like. Don't worry if it's spicy ... I can take very spicy food. But are you sure it's not too much trouble? ... maybe you don't like it. Actually it looks more like what a horse would eat ... hahaha. You can try ... but we should have something more authentic (Belgian) for you. And also as a backup ... because I really don't think you will like it :)

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    convenient, incovenientを使って色々英文を作ってみました。 合っていますでしょうか?添削の程よろしくお願いします。 (1)私は駅の近くに住んでいるので、通勤が便利です。 I live near the train station so it is covenient to get to work. (2)本を借りるのに20分も車乗って、また戻ってくるなんて不便だよ。※新しく出来た図書館について話している会話です It is inconvenient to drive for twenty minutes for a book, and come back. (3)A『そのホテルは空港の近くにあるます。』   B『では、空港からの行き来が便利ですね。』 A The hotel is near the airport.  B Then, it is convenient to get in and out from the airport, isn't it?

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    I walk all the way over here to ask you a question, and all you can say is, ”Do I what?” これらを使って訳してください! all the way →はるばるずっと all you can say is... → 言えるのは~だけなの

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    Another week has gone by ... 3 more weeks and I'll be waiting for you at the airport :) Maybe I'm a bit selfish ... but I don't mind to come to Paris and pick you up ... because then I can see you 2-3 hours sooner ... hahaha The weather is getting colder again ... this morning it was only 5 degrees when I went running. So you can expect the temperature to be between 5-10 degrees when you come. So you might want to bring gloves, scarf, ear muffins or something to keep your head warm. I can only image that you will look very cute in winter clothes :) Oh I also gave myself a little bit of homework. I downloaded a picture dictionary so if you need something that I can understand you. So if you ask for an extra "mofu" ... that you don't stay cold. Or when you need to set your "mezamashi dokei" that I understand what you're saying. But I think your home work was much easier :( Actually I wanted to cook a nice diner for you ... but since your visit is only very short, I took the liberty to arrange diner is some nice restaurants. I hope you don't mind and that you will like the food.

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    翻訳お願いします。長文で申し訳ないです。 英語が苦手すぎてうまく訳せないためお力をお貸しいただけたら嬉しいです。 会話文です。 Bye-Bye Ok, I'm off to Rockefeller Center. Well, what do you have up there: one of those job interviews you were talking about? Yes, as a matter of fact. The Center is south of us, right? Actually, it's west. You can probably walk there, since it's less than a mile away. A mile in Manhattan? Hmm... A taxi, then? Too expensive. And surface traffic is too heavy this time of day for that-or a bus. Take the V train. You can board at 51 Street then you've gone too far. I did that my first week in New York. I wound up all the way in Brooklyn before I realized my mistake. Oh, and don't spend too long looking for the building address. Sometimes it's on a different entrance. It's just easier to try to find the right entrance. Yeah, sometimes it's better to know the building itself rather than look for the entrance address. OK, thanks a lot! Bye. Bye. Good luck! Have fun. Bar?