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Another week has gone by ... 3 more weeks and I'll be waiting for you at the airport :) Maybe I'm a bit selfish ... but I don't mind to come to Paris and pick you up ... because then I can see you 2-3 hours sooner ... hahaha The weather is getting colder again ... this morning it was only 5 degrees when I went running. So you can expect the temperature to be between 5-10 degrees when you come. So you might want to bring gloves, scarf, ear muffins or something to keep your head warm. I can only image that you will look very cute in winter clothes :) Oh I also gave myself a little bit of homework. I downloaded a picture dictionary so if you need something that I can understand you. So if you ask for an extra "mofu" ... that you don't stay cold. Or when you need to set your "mezamashi dokei" that I understand what you're saying. But I think your home work was much easier :( Actually I wanted to cook a nice diner for you ... but since your visit is only very short, I took the liberty to arrange diner is some nice restaurants. I hope you don't mind and that you will like the food.


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また一週間が過ぎた…あと3週間したら、僕は空港で君を待ってる。 もしかすると僕は少し自分勝手かもしれない…でも、君を迎えにパリに行くことはちっとも気にならない…だってそうすれば君に2,3時間早く会えるからね…(笑) また寒くなってきてる…今朝ジョギングに行ったときは5度しかなかった。だから君が来るころは、気温は5-10度の間だって思えばいい。 そんなわけで、手袋、スカーフ、イアーマフ(防寒用耳あて)か頭を暖かくしておく物を持ってきてね。 防寒着を着た君がとってもかわいく見えるってのは想像できるよ。 あっそれから、自分にも宿題を少し出したんだ。絵辞典をダウンロードしたんだ、そうすれば君が僕に解らせたい物が必要になった場合とか便利だろ。 君が余分に「毛布」が欲しい時とか…そうしたら寒くならずに済むし。また、君が「目覚まし時計」をセットしたい時とか、君の言ってること僕が理解できるからね。 でも君がくれた宿題の方がずっとやさしかったと思うよ。 本当は僕は君のために素敵なディナーを作りたかったんだ…だけど、君の訪問があまりにも短いから、ディナーはどこか素敵なレストランで取るように、失礼かもしれないけどアレンジしちゃった。 君が嫌じゃなくって、そこの料理気に入ってくれるといいけど。 *ベネルクス3国と呼ばれる国の人は、スイスなどと同様マルチリンガルの人が多いのではと思ったので、puumii ちゃんの彼もそうかなと想像しました。英・仏・独(ヨーロッパの大国)の中でしたたかに独立を保ってきた国々の人々です。かれのPCを使わせてもらって、このサイトや(ここは少し時間がかかる)、ヤフー翻訳、エキサイト翻訳を利用できればいいのですが。小学生の様な文にして入力すれば、自動翻訳も結構役に立ちますよ。本当は才能のある彼が日本語をマスターしちゃえば最高なんだけどね~。それから sayshe 様ではなくて、sayshe さんぐらいで行きましょう。



saysheさん ありがとうございますm(__)m 本当に、彼が日本語をマスターした方が早そうです…(笑)

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もう一週間たちましたね。あと3週間もすれば空港であなたを待っているだろうな。 2~3時間早く会えるから、あなたをパリまで迎えに行くのは厭いません。私は身勝手かな(笑) また寒くなってきました。今朝、私がランしてたときは5度しかありませんでした。 あなたが来るころは5~10度くらいだと思うので、頭部が寒くないように手袋、マフラー、イヤーマフ等を持参したいでしょうね。あなたの冬の服装は絶対可愛いって想像しました。 あなたの言葉を理解するために、ネットで辞書をダウンロードしました。 なので、あなたが寒くならないように追加の毛布を必要なら「毛布」っわかるし、 「目覚まし時計」をセットしたいなら「目覚まし時計」ってわかりますよ。 あなたの宿題のほうが簡単だったかもね。(質問者様は、何か頼まれてた???)  あなたに、米料理を夕食につくって揚げたいと思ったけど、あなたの滞在が短いので、 どこかステキなレストランで夕食をしたほうがいいかな。 食事が気に入ってくれるといいな~と思います。 ↑ って感じです。



  • 和訳お願いします。

    和訳お願いします。 Thank you for all the nice emails you've been sending me. Not only do your emails make me happy, they also give me a very good feeling. But I'm afraid that you are too kind to me. Your company has a mountain trekking event? Wow that sounds nice. I hope that you have nice weather. Is that why you joined a gym? So you will be super fit for the event? I can imagine that you want to go to the gym ... in summer Japan is just too hot to stay in shape.

  • 和訳お願いいたします

    Hmmm you like this hotel? I think you know how to appreciate nice things. ・You know that it's only 1 more week before I get on the plane ... I really can't wait to be with you again. ・And it's going to be really nice to see you in your own country and in Tokyo! . ・And of course I choose only the best things for you.

  • 英語が得意な方へ!急ぎです。和訳お願いいたします。自分でもやってみまし

    英語が得意な方へ!急ぎです。和訳お願いいたします。自分でもやってみましたが、予定の話なので、ちゃんとした意味が知りたいです。 Today I was very lazy and didn't go running. 今日はだるかったからランニングに行かなかったよ。 But I think I can be glad I didn't ... since it's super warm today. 37 degrees ...・ でも今日は37度で凄い暑かったから Hmmm ... I think you must be a good cook! あなたは料理が上手いに違いない。 I remember you said that you cook breakfast every morning. あなたは毎日朝ごはん作ってるって言ってたよね。 That's sounded very nice. My personal opinion is that when a person really knows how to appreciate nice food ... that person is also a good cook. And when I saw you eat that tiramisu ... you really seem to like it :) You better watch out when I'm taking you to a yaki niku restaurant ... 焼肉に行くときあなたは気をつけた方がいいよ。 maybe I'm checking out your cooking skills ... hahaha あなたの料理スキルをチェックするから About your schedule, I checked with my team and I'm free 7 and 8 of august. スケジュールをチェックしたら、7日と8日がお休みだよ。 And also the weekend after that 14 and 15 (and maybe the 13th). 14日15日も大丈夫だよ。あとはもしかすると13日も。 Of course I can leave work a bit earlier on Friday and go to work later on Monday (around noon). ・But the 30th I'm really sorry about that date, it's impossible for me since I'm going back to Belgium on the 28th. That can still change but that's uncertain. I'm sorry my schedule doesn't match very well with yours, あなたの予定に合わせられなくてごめんね。 but・I hope that we can still see each other. Even if we're only・going to have a really really short holiday in Osaka. Please let me know when would be best for you, いつがいいか教えて。 so I can make your stay most enjoyable for you. After all the train ride from Tokyo to Osaka is quite long. Looking forward to hear from you ... and even more to see you,

  • 和訳をお願いします。長いです‥

    和訳をお願いします。長いです‥ When we met it was so nice, but it's not the time we spend together that was like a dream ... it's you ... you are a dream ... and when I think of you or when I look at your picture ... it gives me a happy feeling, but also such an empty feeling, because we're so far apart and I don't know when we can meet again. If it's possible for us to meet again I will make it happen ... it doesn't matter if I need to travel to Japan ... go to the US ... I'll even fly to the moon just to meet you ... But if we can choose ... maybe we should choose a place that not so warm as Osaka in summer :) On my flight back I indeed got a very nice view of Fuji-san ... I'm sorry that the photo doesn't show how nice it really was. Did you go half way? It must really be nice! Actually do you want to go all the way to the top? Yes let's do that ... you and I, together we can walk all the way to top of mount Fuji and enjoy the view ... But we have to wait till July or August next year ... Do you know I followed a mountain climbing course and I climbed some summits in the Alps (Austria, close to the Italian border). And I also climbed Mount Meru (4566 meters) in Tanzania ... that's the mountain next to the Kilimanjaro (the highest mountain of Africa). So I was on the top of Mount Meru during sunrise. Only Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru were above the clouds and then ... the sun was rising from behind the Kilimanjaro ... soooo nice ... I got tears in my eyes. ... next time we meet or the time after that or after that ... I'll try to make it special for you ... so that you can say it was like a dream ... just like you are special for me and I can say you are like a dream for me ...

  • 英語が得意な方、和訳お願いします!

    英語が得意な方、和訳して下さると助かります。 baby in a few more days we get to see each other. i know how it is to have hard times and how important it is to have a great support system so you wont let it slow you down or bring your feelings down. i know your friends are there for you when you need them but there are situations where you need to handle on your own. i want to always learn how to change your mind and help your feel positive in your life. i want you to feel like you are growing all the time. i know that what is not growing is dying and when you feel like that you can't help but wonder what is the meaning of your life? when you feel like you are growing, you never want to die; you just want to live forever. feel like yelling out "i love my life" . that is what i hope i could be for you. make you feel and scream out " i love me life". i wont give up on you! i just want you to know that! with or without me i only want you to be happy!!! 長文でお手数おかけしますが、宜しくお願いします。。

  • 英訳お願いいたします。

    英訳お願いいたします。 The only way my day could start better is if you were here :) I quickly checked the train schedule and it's a bit disappointing. You would have to travel to Paris and then take a train from Paris to the airport. The last direct train leaves too early. I'll drive you back to the airport as well, ok? The traffic in Paris is a nightmare ... but since the airport is north of Paris ... it should be ok. So you don't need to arrange a train ticket, ok? Even before today I was considering going to Paris ... but I don't think we have enough time. Satomi! 4 days is very short :) You will have to come back another time, when it's warmer, sunnier ... and we can visit Paris ... Yes in Belgium it's also getting colder. Now it's about 15 degrees, but earlier this week it was only 3 degrees when I went running this week :) You don't like seafood? Hmm ... are you sure you enjoyed the sushi in Osaka? I hope so. As for the mussels, I think I can find a restaurant where you can eat something typically Belgian and then I can eat mussels. So then you can try some, is that ok for you? Please tell me other things you don't like ... because I liked to see a happy ●● :)

  • 和訳お願いいたします!

    I still have many things to finish at work. But everything goes very quickly and smoothly because I know when all that work is finished ... we can enjoy a short break. so that when you arrive and for some strange reason we can't find each other so that at least you can reach me. how can I not find the prettiest girl in the airport!!! Would it be possible for you to give me your mobile phone number? I think I might call you once ... just to check if you answer with "moshi moshi" ... so cute ... Don't worry I won't do that. If there something you need me to get for you, please let me know ok?

  • 和訳お願いいたします!

    和訳お願いいたします! How are you this morning? I guess you're quite happy ... maybe you don't need to work today. Listen ... I've been thinking about your trip ... and I feel a little bit bad. When I was in Japan, you traveled all the way to Osaka, only be there a couple of hours and then go back. Now you're going to come all the way to Belgium and stay here a 2,5 days. I feel this is wrong I should be the one making all this effort. But since it might be interesting for you to come to Europe ... hmmm ... I guess it's ok for you to come. And I will be very happy to be your guide in Belgium :) But the least that I can do is to arrange your ticket. Please consider giving me your passport details and when you would like to return. I'll propose a few options and I'll book the one you want. Last time you payed for the shinkansen to come to Osaka please let me arrange your travel to Belgium. Now smile and be a good girl, don't be stubborn and say ... "hai" ... Now that I have this of my chest ... I can go bed and sleep with a clear conscience :)

  • 和訳をお願いします

    すみません。こちらの英語の和訳をお願いいたします。 ☆We met, and were impressions different? ★sorry i don't get you ☆i got it ★you meant that you had nice time when in France ? ☆I was able to spend happy time in France But I felt that a story was necessary with more you in the same way as you I am blame,sorry I have misunderstood Please ignore this matter im so sorry ★don't worry :) everything is going to be alright :) you said :But I felt that a story was necessary with more you in the same way as you!! but i don't get you ☆I want to talk with you much more It is these contents that I wanted to send Do you understand a meaning? ★ye s ;) ☆I misunderstood these words “i don't get you’’ ★i don't understand you ☆But it was able to be already understood ★; )good night, i am going home ;) ☆good night

  • どなた様か和訳をお願いします。

    Really has it been that long? You still look nice you always look nice. Everyone is doing good. Is your family fine I hope. I been busy but im sorry but I will see u again don't worry ok! Be safe!