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すいません、和訳をお願いします。 In the 1960s,people who despaired of the rat race simply dropped out. Nowadays, social security benefits are less generous,and dropping out is no longer an option. Instead,moreand more people are giving up highly paid but stressful jobs and becoming self-employed or working part-time. In order to compensate for the lossof income, they adopt more economic lifestyles. This switch to "voluntary simplicity"often leaves them with more free time and,surprisingly,more money than before. 以上です。 自分で考えたりWebの翻訳で訳してみたりしたのですが分かりにくい 和訳になってしまうので、どなたかお願いします。


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1960年代であれば、出世競争にうんざりした人は単にドロップアウトした(仕事を辞めた)。 今日では、社会保障の手厚い保護など期待できないのだから、ドロップアウトという選択肢は論外だ。 それに代って、収入は良いがストレスは溜る仕事を辞めて、自営業だとかパートタイムの仕事を選択する人が、どんどん増えてきている。 そういった人たちは、収入が減った分、より節約した生活様式を心がけている。 こういった「自発的な単純化」への移行によって、そういう人たちはそれ以前よりも自由に使える時間を持つようになり、さらに驚くことに、収入さえ増えていたりするのである。



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    What has changed is that today more people are affected by tsunamis because larger populations live in dangerous areas close to the sea,and because we have destroyed environments such as coastal mangrove forests and wetlands that formerly protected people. の和訳をお願いしたいです。 特に最初のWhatがよくわかりません。関係代名詞ではないと思うのですが。 よろしくお願いします

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    和訳お願いします。 “The act of being in front of someone while they have that screen — they know if you tip, don’t tip or go into custom screens,” he said. “People in that moment are much more likely to be generous and to tip.”

  • 【大至急】 英文の和訳

    至急!和訳お願いします!! 次の英文の和訳が知りたいです! (1) Southern Norweigian was in many respects acutually more similar to Danish than to the western dialects. (2) We are a distinct people with our own nation and our own identity, and the most obvious sign of our identity is our language. よろしくお願いします。

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    和訳をお願いします The three months I spent in Shishmaref left a very deep impression on me. Staying with Eskimos, I became more and more interested in different lifestyles. It taught me one important lesson: even in the most remote places, "real" people are living their lives. That idea reallyn attracted me. I also began to feel that all of us have one thing in common: each of us has only one life to live. It is all those single lives that make up our world. When I got back to Japan, I kept thinking about Alaska. I felt that one day I wanted to live there. So, after graduating from university, I decicded to become a photographer. I wanted to know more about Alaska ond photograph its wildlife and people. Finally, in 1978, after studying photography for two years, I chose to make my home there.  

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    英語の長文に挑戦中ですが、英文の構造が把握できず困っています。 大まかな意味は分かりますし、それぞれの単語の意味は難しくなさそうなんですが、 ちゃんと和訳しようとすると上手くいきません。 動詞と思われる語、andやwhereが多いことで、 主語や修飾語が何にかかっているのかよく分かりません。 I hope that as my students go through life they will learn to get to know the people who live and work around them and try to make people who are just starting out at their job or where they live feel comfortable and welcomed in their new surroundings. 「教え子に、これから生きていくうえで、人との繋がりを大切にしてほしい という希望を持っている」というのが大筋の意味だと思うんですが、 和訳できる方、どうぞよろしくお願いします。

  • 和訳がうまくできません。教えて(和訳して)下さい

    和訳がうまくできません。教えて(和訳して)下さい Your hospitality was over and beyond what anyone would expect more so since this was my first time meeting you. Please think about coming out to visit us in California.

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    以下の文章の和訳お願いします。 自分なりに訳はしてあるので、 疑問に思ったところは追記させて頂くかもしれません。 ---------------- Shy people don't enjoy being with others. They feel bery unconfortable in any situation where others will notice or pay attention to them. Some claim that shyness allows them to manage more information, to look at things more closely, and to listen more completely. But most people would agree about what beign shy puts people at a disadvantage.

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    下記の和訳が分かりません。 どなたかご教示いただけないでしょうか? Active Transportation and Real Estate: The Next Frontier identifies the latest phase in the evolution of urban development from car-centric to people-oriented design: “trail-oriented development” leverages investments in cycling and pedestrian infrastructure to offer car-free lifestyle and transportation choices to people seeking more physically active and environmentally sustainable modes of getting around.

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    The scenes and figures in this are carved out of wood. これの和訳を教えてください。 特に、「scenes and figures」の部分がわからず困っています・・・

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    和訳ができません;; And finally, timely and coherent responses are required /in those situations  where people are forced /to flee due to the impact of climate change,both directly and as an accelerator of other drivers of displacement, such as natural disasters, food insecurity and conflict. がすごいぎこちない訳になります 「both directly and ~」以降がどうもうまく訳せません; よろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m