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Now I'm communicating with a friend speaking English on You tube. I got this message from he or her. But unfortunately I didn't understnad some part of what they said . I'd like to reply back to them properly. If you don't mind , Could you help me ? If possible , I'd like all of you to help me in English reply. I'm sorry for being so selfish. About my question , how should I translate this sentence into Japanese ? What they said - "I like how all the anime music i listened to so far are very catchy, or soft and peaceful ". I have a question for you. 日本語で、like how はどうやって訳せばいいのですか? I'd like to help and supprot me. I'm sorry for my poor english. I hope you answer m question.


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>"I like how all the anime music i listened to so far are very catchy, or soft and peaceful ".  This sentence is a little difficult to understand, for it has an expression unfamiliar to Japanese learners, which should not be thought to be a mistake.  'How' in this sentence means 'that', which functions as a conjunction. This usage of 'how' may seem strange to foreign learners of English, but it usually used in oral English, especially in informal style.  It will be easier to understand if it is changed into a sentence like this; "I like that all the anime songs I listened to are very catchy, or soft and beautiful."  Also note that the subject of 'are very catchy, ...' should be plural. So 'all the anime music" should be "all the anime songs."  Hope this helps.



I'm sorry for the late reply. yes , as you say, I couldn't understnad the sentecne easily. I really didn't know how it worked because I'm wasn't an advanced learner. It was a good lesson for me. Thank you very much for helping me with a lot of things !!

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>"I like how all the anime music i listened to so far are very catchy, or soft and peaceful ".  I'm sory to say that I forgot to write an important thing. It is that 'how' also has the meaning of "the fact that" in some cases.  If you see a sentence where 'how" is used just after "like", it would be better to understand the sentence as being equivalent to the sentence, "I like the fact that all the anime songs I listened to so far are very catchy, or soft and peaceful ".  'How' used like this has a stronger meaning than 'that', in that it shows you the speaker's deep interest in what he or she is talking about.  Thank you.



Thank you again for your kind assisstance !! I also didn't know much about "how". When I talked with british or American friends, I have difficulty in uderstand what they say from a grammartical point of view. Thank you very much again !!

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"I like how all the anime music i listened to so far are very catchy, or soft and peaceful ". It is probably a mistake for "I would like to know how..."



I'm sorry for the late reply ! Yes, I also thought it was a mistaken sentence when I frist saw it. But other respondents helped me understand "how" and I managed to understand it was not a mistaken sentence . Thank you very much for your help all the time!!

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I saw "how" used like this way for the first time. But #1 answer might solve your problem. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/how See p. below conj.2 how = that



I'm sorry for the late reply. Thank you very much for answering my question. I begun to understand how to use that "how ".

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>I like how all the anime music i listened to so far are very catchy, or soft and peaceful この英文が文法的に正しいかどうか解りませんが、意味としては 「これまで聞いたアニメの音楽はみんなとても覚えやすいし、落ち着いて心が安らぐ点が好きです。」 *how = that(接続詞):used to mention a fact or event 以上、参考まで。



I'm sorry for the late reply !! Thank you very much for answering my question. In fact ,I already knew what they said, but I had difficulty in translating it into Japanese language. I actually didn't know that how sometimes mean "That ". Thank you very much for the information !!


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