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John Aasen (March 5, 1890 – August 1, 1938) was an American silent film actor who was one of the tallest actors in history. Aasen was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His mother, Kristi (Danielsen) from Rollag in Numedal, was an extremely tall Norwegian woman of around 2.20 m (almost 7 ft 3 inches) in height (latest information from September 2008, sets her height to 188 cm, almost 6 ft 2 inches). It is not certain who his father was, but according to Aasen's sister Evelyn (who died in 1988), his father was Alfred Aasen. When Aasen was ten years old, he and his mother moved from Ridgeway, Iowa (where his uncle Sam/Sevre lived with his wife Cornelia) to Sheyenne, North Dakota with his two younger siblings. Aasen was a Freemason. He raised to the degree of Master Mason at Highland Park Lodge No. 382, Los Angeles on July 14, 1924. When in Sheyenne, Aasen's mother operated a restaurant. He attended school and helped out in the family business. In 1902, Aasen's mother died. He was taken into many homes and families. When a family he was staying with started to operate a hotel in Leeds, North Dakota, he moved with them there. Aasen's growth started slowly. When he was confirmed in the Lutheran faith in Grandfield Lutheran Church near Sheyenne, North Dakota, he was the shortest in his class. According to some sources, Aasen was around 2.74 m or 8 feet, 11½ inches (which, if true, would make him even taller than Robert Wadlow, the tallest verified person in history). The Top 10 of Everything 2010 edition states his height at 8 feet, 9.7 inches. According to the 1978 edition of Guinness World Records he was only 7 feet (213.4 cm). Just before his death, at age 46, he was medically measured at 7 feet 0.9 inches, however he had lost some height due to age and could not stand completely straight anymore. In June 2008, Loma Linda University confirmed that the 7-foot-2.4-inch (219 cm) skeleton they had in their collection was John Aasen. Aasen worked for Midway Chemical, a company based in St. Paul, in 1917-1918. After that, he worked in various shows, including Barnum & Bailey and C.A. Wortham's World's Best Shows. The death of giant George Auger led to Aasen's working in the film Why Worry? (1923). Later, he acted in several other films like Bengal Tiger, Charlie Chan at the Circus, Growing Pains, Should Married Men Go Home?, Legionnaires in Paris, Two Flaming Youths, The Sting of Stings, Long Fliv the King and the Tod Browning film Freaks, in a small uncredited cameo appearance. Aasen died from pneumonia on August 1, 1938 at Mendocino State Hospital in Mendocino, California. His body was later shipped to a doctor in Missouri for study and dissection. The skeleton was kept by the doctor, and eventually shipped to Loma Linda, California. Aasen's cremated soft parts were given a Masonic funeral at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California.


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>John Aasen (March 5, 1890 ~ almost 6 ft 2 inches).  It is not certain who ~ Los Angeles on July 14, 1924. ⇒ジョン・アーセン(1890年3月5日‐1938年8月1日)は、史上で最高身長の一人に数えられる、米国の無声映画俳優であった。アーセンはミネソタ州ミネアポリスで生まれた。彼の母親クリスチ(ダニエルセン)は、ナムダルのロラッグ出身で、身長約2.2メートル(約7フィート3インチ)という非常に背の高いノルウェー人女性であった。(2008年9月の最新情報によると、彼女の身長は188センチ、約6フィート2インチとされる)。  彼の父親が誰であるか定かではないが、アーセンの妹エヴリン(1988年死去)によると、彼の父親はアルフレッド・アーセンであったという。アーセンが10歳の時、彼と彼の母親は(伯父のサム/セーヴルがその妻のコーネリアと暮らす)アイオワ州のリッジウェイからノースダコタ州のシェイエンに2人の弟妹と共に移転した。アーセンはフリーメーソン(の成員)であった。彼は1924年7月14日にロサンゼルスのハイランドパーク382番(支部)で昇進して「マスターメイソン」の肩書きを得た。 >When in Sheyenne, Aasen's mother ~ the shortest in his class.  According to some sources, ~ verified person in history). ⇒彼らがシェイエンにいるとき、アーセンの母親はレストランを経営していた。彼は学校に通いながら家業を手伝った。1902年、アーセンの母親が死去した。彼は、あちこちの養護施設や家庭に引き取られた。彼が寄食していた家族がノースダコタ州リーズでホテルを開業したとき、彼も一緒に転居した。アーセンの身長の伸びはゆっくり始まった。彼がノースダコタ州、シェイエン近くのグランドフィールド・ルター派教会でルター信仰会に入信して堅信礼を授かったとき、彼はクラスで最も背が低かった。  ある情報源によると、アーセンは2.74メートル、または8フィート11.5インチだった(これが真実ならば、史上最高と認定されたロバート・ワドローよりもさらに背が高かったことになる)。 >The Top 10 of Everything ~ C.A. Wortham's World's Best Shows. ⇒「何でもトップ10」(The Top 10 of Everything)の2010年版には、8フィート9.7インチと記載されている。1978年版の「ギネス世界記録」によると、彼はたった7フィート(213.4 cm)であった。死の直前、46歳のとき、彼は医学的に7フィート0.9インチと測定されたが、(それは)加齢のために身長が縮み、もはや完全に直立できなかったのである。2008年6月、ロマ・リンダ大学の収集品に入っていた7フィート2.4インチ(219センチ)の骨格標本が、ジョン・アーセン(のもの)であることが確認された。アーセンは、1917年-1918年にセントポールを拠点とする会社、「ミッドウェイ化学薬品」に勤務していた。その後、彼は「バーナム&ベイリー」や「C.A.ワーサム世界ベストショー」を含む様々な興業に出演した。 >The death of giant George Auger ~ small uncredited cameo appearance. Aasen died from pneumonia ~ Cemetery in Glendale, California. ⇒巨漢ジョージ・オーガーが死去したことで、アーセンが(代役として)映画「Why Worry? 心配ないさ」(1923年)に出演することとなった。その後、彼は数本の映画「ベンガルの虎」、「サーカスのチャーリー・チャン」、「つのる痛み」、「既婚男性、お呼びなし?」、「パリの外人部隊」、「燃える青年二人」、「詐欺王」、「王者(フォード?)永遠なれ」、および「トッド・ブラウニング社フィルム奇人集」などに出演したが、彼は出演者名抜きで小さな脇役欄に載っていた。  アーセンは、肺炎のために1938年8月1日カリフォルニア州メンドシノの州立メンドシノ病院で亡くなった。その後彼の遺体は研究と解剖のためにミズーリ州の医師のもとに運ばれた。骨格はその医師によって保存され、最終的にカリフォルニアのロマ・リンダに送られた。 その他のアーセンの柔組織は火葬され、フリーメーソン葬でカリフォルニア州グレンデールのローン森林墓地に埋葬された。




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補足。 「生物学的興味」というのは,ノルウェイ系とあったので,Bergmann's rule https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bergmann%27s_rule に言及があるかなと予想したため。「北欧の巨人」というように,ヒトをふくむ恒温動物は,寒冷地に棲息する集団ほど体格がでかい傾向をもつ。


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あなたは,しばしば戦史ものを連投していますが,私は面倒くさいのでスキップします。これは生物学的興味から,思わず読んじゃいました(笑)。自動翻訳結果に手をいれればいいくらいの,平易な英文です。以下はそうしています。 John Aasen(1890年3月5日 - 1938年8月1日)は米国の無声映画俳優で、史上最高身長の俳優の一人でした。 Aasenはミネソタ州ミネアポリスで生まれました。彼の母親、NumedalのRollag出身のKristi(Danielsen)は、身長約2.20 m(約7 ft 3インチ)の非常に背の高いノルウェー人女性でした(2008年9月の最新情報によると、身長は188 cm、約6 ft 2インチです)。彼の父親が誰であるかは定かではありませんが、Aasenの姉妹Evelyn(1988年死去)によると、彼の父親はAlfred Aasenでした。Aasenが10歳の時、彼と彼の母親はアイオワ州のリッジウェイ(叔父のサム/セーブルが妻のコーネリアと暮らしていた)からノースダコタ州のシェイエンに2人の兄弟と共に引っ越しました。Aasneはフリーメーソンでした。彼は1924年7月14日にロサンゼルスのハイランドパークロッジ382番地でマスターメイソンの称号を取得しました。 シェイエンにいるとき、Aasenの母親は料理屋を経営していました。彼は学校に通いつつ家業を手伝った。 1902年、アーセンの母親は亡くなりました。彼は多くの養護施設や家庭に引き取られた。彼が同居していた家族がノースダコタ州リーズでホテルを開業したとき、彼も一緒に転居しました。アーセンの身長の伸びはゆっくり始まった。彼がノースダコタ州、シェイエンの近くのGrandfield Lutheran教会でのLutheranに入信したとき、彼はクラスで最も背が低かった。 ある情報によると、アーセンは2.74メートルまたは8フィート11.7インチだった(これが真実ならば、史上最高と認定されたロバート・ワドローよりもさらに背が高くなるだろう)。 Top 10 of Everything 2010年版は8フィート9.7インチと記載している。 1978年版のギネス世界記録によると、彼はたった7フィート(213.4 cm)でした。彼の死の直前、46歳のとき、彼は医学的に7フィート0.9インチと測定されたが,彼は加齢のために身長が縮み、完全に直立できませんでした。 2008年6月、Loma Linda Universityは、収集品に含まれていた7フィート2.4インチ(219 cm)の骨格標本がJohn Aasenのものであることを確認しました。 Aasenは、1917 - 1918年にセントポールを拠点とするMidway Chemicalに勤務していました。その後、彼は「バーナム&ベイリー」や「C.A. Wortham's World's Best Shows」を含む様々な興業に出演した。巨漢ジョージ・オーガーの死去により,アーセンは映画「Why Worry?」 (1923)に出演することになった。その後、彼は「Bengal Tiger」, 「Charlie Chan at the Circus」, 「Growing Pains」, 「Should Married Men Go Home?」,「Legionnaires in Paris」, 「Two Flaming Youths」, 「The Sting of Stings」, 「Long Fliv the King」 およびTod Browning film Freaks(不詳;複数作品か?)に出演したが,配役一覧では小さな顔写真だけが紹介された。 1938年8月1日、カリフォルニア州メンドシノのメンドシノ州立病院で、アーセンは肺炎で亡くなりました。彼の遺体は後にミズーリ州の医師に研究と解剖のために運ばれた。骨格はその医師によって保存され、最後はカリフォルニアのロマリンダに送られました。 その他のAasenの柔組織は火葬され、カリフォルニア州グレンデールのForest Lawn 墓地でフリーメーソン式に埋葬された。



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    That sort of inaccuracy is not likely to place Woods in contention this weekend. Indeed, Woods is closer to missing the cut at the Open for the first time since 1995, when he withdrew from his first Open after shooting a first-round 83 here at Shinnecock, than he was to Maruyama's lead. 上記英文の he was to Maruyama's lead.はどう訳すのですか?

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    This exaggeration may have been because he wore a huge Cossack fur hat, and tall boots which added a foot to his height. Although, if this was accurate, he would have been taller than Robert Wadlow, now cited as the world's tallest man. Machnow died in 1912 due to pneumonia and likely complications of Acromegaly although there are other versions of the story. Some believed he had been poisoned by rivals or envious competitors (Machnow was a rather well known wrestler), but no evidence for this is available. He was the father of four children none of whom reached a height greater than two meters. John Middleton (1578–1623) was an English giant who was born in the village of Hale and is commonly known as the Childe of Hale. Legend tells that he slept with his feet out of the window of his small house. Tales also credit him with great strength. John Middleton was born in the village of Hale, near Liverpool. According to contemporary accounts and his epitaph, Middleton grew to the height of 9 feet 3 inches (2.82 m) and slept with his feet hanging out the window of his house. Because of his size the landlord and sheriff of Lancashire, Gilbert Ireland, hired him as a bodyguard. When King James I stopped by in 1617 to knight Ireland he heard about Middleton and invited both of them to the court, which they accepted in 1620. Middleton beat the King's champion in wrestling and in doing so broke the man's thumb. He received £20, a large amount of money in those times. Unfortunately, jealous of his wealth, Middleton's companions mugged him or swindled him out of his money while he was returning to Hale. John Middleton died impoverished in 1623. He was buried in the cemetery of St Mary's Church in Hale. The epitaph reads, "Here lyeth the bodie of John Middleton the Childe of Hale. Nine feet three. Borne 1578 Dyed 1623." There have been numerous local uses and commemorations of Middleton; a pub in Hale, named "The Childe of Hale", bears a copy of the Brasenose College portrait as its sign. Previously situated across the road from the church was a large tree trunk. In 1996 it was carved with representations of John Middleton, Hale Lighthouse and other local symbols. In 2011, due to disease and in the interests of public safety the tree trunk was removed by Halton Borough Council. In April 2013, the wooden sculpture was replaced by a bronze statue 3 m tall by local sculptor, Diane Gorvin. Brasenose College, Oxford, possesses one life-sized portrait, two smaller paintings and two life-sized representations of his hands. Another life-sized portrait can be seen at Speke Hall in Liverpool, a National Trust property. Speke Hall is located near to the village of Hale and incorporates a woodland trail depicting his house, feet, hands and other items.

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    翻訳サイトではわかりづらかったので質問しました。 almoner? がこちらのプリントのミスなのか辞書でもでてきませんでした。 誤字はないと思います。 For most of his life he had worked as a commercial artist. "I did a bit of tickling" delicate lettering and design for advertising blocks. In his late sixties he experienced long spells of illness. When he was able to work he went as bottlewasher to a dairy. He was obliged to gibe up work finally because of ill-health and growing infirmity at the age of seventy-two. Since the death of his wife his social activities had contracted. He did not get up for long and rarely went out, except at week-ends for his pension and his shopping. Even his visits to an infirm brother living some miles away had fallen off. "I used to go over and see him every Tuesday night last year up to that fog we had in November. Then I just lay on my bed coughing my and coughing. Coughing all day and night, thinking my time had come. But it wasn't to be." He regretted not having children, especially a daughter, who "might have stood by me when I got old", and he had no nephews or nieces living in London. The neighbours saw little of him. Next door was "Mrs Lipstick and Powder, that's what I calls her, always going out." On the other side was "Mrs Fly-by-night. She rushes past me on the stairs now, like some of the others, without asking how I am. Not that I mind. But they used to do it and since I came out of hospital and go around just like a decrepit old man decrepit, yes - I suppose they don't like to ask how I am in case they feel they should do something. But there - life's like that, isn't it?" He had lost touch with all his friends and did not approve of old people's clubs. "They're all clicks of decrepit old people." His opinion of national assistance officials, doctors, almoners, and nurses was favourable, except that sometimes they "kept you in the dark" or "treated you like a little child". He had refused offers of a home help, mainly, it appeared, from a sense of privacy, shame of his home, misunderstanding about payment, and suspicion of the sort of woman who would come. His memories of contacts with doctors and hospitals were extremely vivid and he recalled at length some of his experiences. He talked about an almoner who was "a lovely looking party", about his new dentures, "I don't wear the top, it's more comfortable', and with pride about his one perfect faculty, his eyesight. On occasions when he could scarcely walk it never occurred to him to ask his doctor to visit him; he preferred to make painful journeys to the surgery.

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    英文の和訳で困っています 和訳を教えていただきたいです よろしくお願いします!! Adenauer wanted to avoid a failure of the negotiations at all cost. For this reason he was reserved in his attitude towards the June events in the GDR(he also didn’t want to give the USSR any cause to direct accusations at the West.) In it, he called upon them to do everything ‘to put an end to the unbearable conditions in the Soviet Zone and to Berlin to take part in the memorial ceremony for the victims of the uprising. Afterwards, in front of the Schoneberg Town Hall, Adenauer declared that he would not rest ‘until the whole of Germany was united’.

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    英文の和訳で困っています 和訳を教えていただきたいです よろしくお願いします!! Moreover, its location at a busy crossroads two streets north of the forum was well suited to advertise the cult and, with it, the munificence and political correctness of the donor. The land on which the temple was built formed part of Tullius’s private property, and he was fortunate to be able to turn this circumstance to advantage. Another prominent citizen of the Augustran period was M.Holconius Rufus, who held all the chief posts in the local administration, acted as a priest of the imperial cult, and like Tullius was rewarded by the emperor with a grant of the military tribute. During his third tenure of the duvirate, i.e., not long before 2 BC, the year of his fourth tenure, he and his fellow duovir, C. Egnatius Postumus, built a wall which obstructed the lights of houses adjacent to the Sanctuary of Apollo. An inscription found in the sanctuary records the compensation paid to the householders who were affected.

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    英語が得意な方和訳お願いします。 I was born in the middle of the Great Depression,on 14 may 1935, in the little town of Salinas, California. The region was the setting for many of Steinbeck's classic novels and he might have drawn his characterizations from my ancestors, who were typical of the immigrants and natives who came to settle in the Edenic land of California . です。

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    英文の和訳をしていただけるかた のみで、お願いできますでしょうか? 身体の内容だと思いますので、 抽象的かもしれませんが どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 His feet like his hands are broad and fleshy though not particularly large. Quite small taking into account the size of his body. Like the hands they have a slight square ness about them. They are warm and supported by thick ankles like milk bottles. His feet are not his best feature. I would say they were more serviceable than beautiful. He is prone to harsh skin like sandpaper, and Corns or chilblains on the soles and of the feet. Cold feet pains in the big toe as if bandaged. His shoes are too hard and unkind to him and badly fitting or too cheap and he walks too much and this is the cause of much of his feet’s main problems. One of the toe nails of the left foot may be damaged or missing. The little toes themselves a little bent under.. Toes become spasmodically cramped from time to time.

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    翻訳サイトではわかりにくい部分があったので… 誤字はないと思います。 The first trial interview i had when I started this study was with an old man whose situation suggested the assumption might be right. He was an old widower of seventy-six years of age who lived alone in two rooms on the third floor of a block of tenement flats. His wife had died two years previously and he had no children. He was a very thin, large-boned man with a high-domed forehead and a permanent stoop. His frayed waistcoat and trousers hung in folds. At the time of calling, 5.30 pm, he was having his first meal of the day, a hot-pot of mashed peas and ham washed down with a pint of tea from a large mug. The lining-room was dilapidated, with old black-out curtains covering the windows, crockery placed on newspapers, and piles of old magazines tucked under the chairs. In one corner of the room by an open fireplace (a kitchener) stood a broken meat-safe with scraps of food inside. There was a photo of his wife in her twenties on the mantel-piece tonight with one of a barmaid and a pin-up from a Sunday paper. His wife's coat still hung on a hook on the door and her slippers were tidily placed in the hearth.

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    和訳お願いします。 One summer's day in 1862, a young man and a pretty little girl got into a rowing boat on the River Thames. The man was Charles Dodgson, a professor of mathematics at Oxford University, and the pretty dark-haired girl was Alice Liddell, his friend's daughter. It was a very hot day and as he gently rowed the boat on the peace- ful river, his young companion began to get restless. "Tell me a story," she said, "with plenty of nonsense in it." So Dodgson began to invent a fantastic story to amuse his pretty young friend. "Alice was beginning to get very tired," he began, "sitting with nothing to do... Dodgson made Alice the central character of the story, and as he described her fantastic journey, little Alice Liddell listened atten- tively, smiled, laughed and cried. This was the beginning of a story that would captivate children throughout the world for the next hundred years. He called the story, "Alice's Adventures in Wonder land' and published it under the name of Lewis Carroll. In the winter of 1928, a little old lady entered Sotheby's, a fa mous auctioneer's in London. "Excuse me," she said, "I was told you accept manuscripts for auction. You see, I need some money, so I would like to sell thi old manuscript. "Yes, we do accept manuscripts," said the auctioneer, "but they have to be original and by famous authors. "This is an original manuscript, it was given to me many years ago by a friend of my family," replied the old lady, "I don't want to part with it, but I have to sell it." She handed him the manuscript. He opened it and read the hand- written inscription inside. "A Christmas gift to a dear child in memory of a Summer's day. The auctioneer stopped reading and looked up at the little old woman who was standing in front of him. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. You... you are Alice," he said slowly. "Yes," replied the old lady, "I am Alice." The manuscript was sold to an American collector for $77,000, and Alice lived comfortably until her death.

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    For some, the measure of his success was the transformation of a ho-hum computer company into a $380 billion technology titan that became the world's most valuable company (in terms of market value) earlier this year. He was worth $8 billion when he died last week of pancreatic cancer. For many others — and Mr. Jobs himself, who claimed it was never about the money — his legacy will be the way he transformed the relationship between people and technology.