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I would like to go back to the time when I was in elementary school and master various things. One of the reasons is that I realized a talent was important because it could help me to express my personality more easily. Another reason is that I could have special experiences in many ways. It could also make my life more enjoyable.


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    この日本語はこう訳していいのでしょうか?(動名詞を入れて) 1 雨がやんだ。東の空に虹が出ている。   It stopped raining. The rainbow is coming out in the eastern sky. 2 「あなたはなぜ禁煙したのですか。」「自分の体に悪いことが分かったからです。」  "Why did you stop smorking?" "I knew that it is bad for my health." 3 彼らはその問題についてはそれ以上何も言わずに再び一緒に働き始めた。  They began working together again, and they more say nothing this problem. 4 数年前のことになるが、私の母校の小学校が改築された。それまでの木造校舎が取り壊され、どこにでもあるような鉄筋コンクリートの新校舎になった。私は新校舎に入ってみる気になれなかった。一つには、これはもう私の出た学校ではないという寂しさがあったためである。  Since several years ago, my old elementary school was reconstruction. woodern school was broken, I wasn't intend to come in the new school. One of reason 4がどう訳して良いのかわかりません。。 動名詞の書き換えです。 1 It is needless to say that dilligence is a key to success. Success is needless to say that dilligence is a key to. 2 This is the picture which he hemself painted. 3 There was no doubt that he had forgotten my birthday. 4 As soon as she head the bad news, she began to weep. 5 Do you mind if I play a radio in this room? Do you mind playing a radio in this room? 2,3,4のやり方がわかりません。どなたか簡単でいいので説明していただけないでしょうか?

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    英語でワンピースについておおまかに書いてみました。 自分の周りに添削してくれる人がいないので、教えていただける方に、添削お願いします^^      I know a lot comics written by Japanese. My favorite Japanese comic is ONE PIECE. There are some reasons for that. The first reason is that the picture is very fine. It is elaborately drawn by professionals. I can't turn my eyes away from the dynamic picture. Another reason is that the story is interesting. There are many battles between justice and evil so I am excited very much. The hero encounters some new comrades and travels around the world with them. But the hero sometimes experiences the sorrow of parting so I am moved so deeply. It is also reason that I can love the characters in ONE PIECE. Each the personality of the hero and the comrades are very strong but all of them have the spirit "one for all, all for one." They have strong bonds of friendship. I am sometimes envious. ONE PIECE is one of the best comics for me and I can enjoy whenever I read it. I can't love ONE PIECE more. 最後にカッコイイ言葉でしめくくりたいのですが、これで大丈夫でしょうか? また、内容全般で、文を直したほうが良い個所を中心に、あればおしえていただけると嬉しいです。よろしくお願いします!!

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    <(_ _*)>いつもお世話になり、ありがとうございます。英文の添削、よろしくお願いします。 授業の前には、次の授業では何を話そうか、予習しなくちゃ!と思うのだけれど、無理に英文を詰め込んでも自分の実力はすぐ見抜かれてしまうだろう。 だから自分の実力のままでいいや。と思ってしまう。 I always feel that I should think about what to talk in next class and that I should study beforhand but on the other hand I also think that it is no use forcing myself to put things in my head since the teacher will notice it. Before taking lessons, I feel that I need a topic in the lesson and I have to prepare for the lesson. But I end up in thinking that it is no use in cramming English sentences into my head and that I would go with my current English ability.

  • 英文の添削をお願いします!

    1)If I had put the key in the usual place, I would have found it easily. 2)If I have a little more time, I could have looked over my test paper again. 3)If I had taken my brother's suggestion, the situation would have been different from what it is now. 上記の文が文法的に合っているか(動詞・助動詞など)教えていただきたいです。 間違っている場合はアドバイスをお願いします。

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    "I'm not fluent in English but I study it so that I could type in it well. My ability to learn English is poor so sometimes I get kinda confused."

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    ちょっとした、ジョークを考えなくてはいけません。文法もですがおかしいところを直して教えていただけると助かります。よろしくお願いします。 One day an old woman came and spoke to me in French. I said to her in French with confidence. 『Je'ne parle pas de Francais』 She smiled and told to me in French more and more. This time, I got good luck and bad luck. Good luck is this. She understood my French. Bad luck is this. She didn't understand my feeling. Because the meaning of that sentence is I cannot speak French.

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    I learnt a lot of (various) things about writing through this class, and it is my first time to write paper that has so many pages. I read some articles that related with my own thinking, and I connected it with my paper. By doing this, my thinking became more understanding for my audience. 「このクラスを通して、”書く”ことについて様々なことを学び、このようなペーパーを書いたのは初めて(の経験)だ。自分の思考に関連するいくつ化の文献を読み、それをわたしのペーパーに結びつけました。そうすることで聴衆によりわたしの考えを理解してもらえるようになりました。」 こちらの英文を添削して欲しいです。

  • 大学受験対策の自由英作文の添削をお願いします。

    テーマは「今までの人生で過去のある特定の時点に戻れるとしたら、あなたはどの時点に戻り、何をしたいか。」 字数は80字前後で、第一文をifで始め、具体的に書くこと。 If I were to go back to a certain day, I would go back in my elementary school days. In those days, I was not positive and did not study hard,play with my friends. I should have challenged various things and made friends with many people. This is because many experiences make me clever and courageous, and the more friends I have, the more they help me. I think experiences and friends are by far the most important in life. 計82words 文法で間違っている箇所と文章の展開の仕方が論理的かどうか指摘して頂けると助かります^^ あと、第2文の並列構造ですが、「 , play~」でつなげ方は問題ないでしょうか? 「and play~」だとandが2回連続するので、カンマにしたのですが。 では、よろしくお願いします!

  • 自由英作文の添削をお願いします。

    文法ミスや、その他改良すべき点ががありましたら指摘していただけるとありがたいです。 テーマ:小学校における外国語教育の是非 In my opinion, children should not study a foreign language in an elementary school. It is true that learning another language enables us to communicate with people who speak the language, and to see the world in a new way. However, I believe that people in their early days ought to learn their own language deeply. It is because mother tongue has a very important role in their lives, and peole could establish their identity by studying it enough. Furthermore, children in an elementary school already have many subjects to study, so it is not able to be thought of as a wise selection to made children have more burden. For these reasons, I emphasize that children should study their own language deeply insted of learnig foreign languages.

  • 英文の添削をお願いします.No2

    ハワイなんてどこででも日本語が通じると思っていたけど、思ったより日本語が通用しなかった。 前回行ったのは、7年前。その時は英語が全然話せなかった.でも,今回は前回に比べて英語が分かったので 「英語が分かるってやっぱ便利だ」と実感した。 I thought I can get though Japanese language everywehere in Hawaii. However people don\'t understand that than I think. I went to Hawaii 7 years ago, At that time I couldn\'t speak English at all. This time I was able to understand English more than before. I realize that it\'s very convinent to be able to speak English. I had thought Japanese would be always available everywehere in Hawaii. But I unexpectedlly had difficulties. The last time I went was 7 years ago. At that time I couldn\'t make myself understood in English at all, but this time could get to communicate in English, so I realized it\'s very useful to be able to speak English. わたし達がロスから帰った次の日から、ロスは雨が続いているらしい。滞在中に雨が降らなくて良かった。 I hear that it is been raining in LA since the next day we returned from there. I am happy that it didn\'t rain during our stay