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英語でワンピースについておおまかに書いてみました。 自分の周りに添削してくれる人がいないので、教えていただける方に、添削お願いします^^      I know a lot comics written by Japanese. My favorite Japanese comic is ONE PIECE. There are some reasons for that. The first reason is that the picture is very fine. It is elaborately drawn by professionals. I can't turn my eyes away from the dynamic picture. Another reason is that the story is interesting. There are many battles between justice and evil so I am excited very much. The hero encounters some new comrades and travels around the world with them. But the hero sometimes experiences the sorrow of parting so I am moved so deeply. It is also reason that I can love the characters in ONE PIECE. Each the personality of the hero and the comrades are very strong but all of them have the spirit "one for all, all for one." They have strong bonds of friendship. I am sometimes envious. ONE PIECE is one of the best comics for me and I can enjoy whenever I read it. I can't love ONE PIECE more. 最後にカッコイイ言葉でしめくくりたいのですが、これで大丈夫でしょうか? また、内容全般で、文を直したほうが良い個所を中心に、あればおしえていただけると嬉しいです。よろしくお願いします!!


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素直に書かれているのも手伝ってわかり易く、生き生きとした 英語になってますね。完璧じゃないでしょうか? I know a lot comics written by Japanese. My favorite Japanese comic is ONE PIECE. knowは知っていると言う事なので、タイトルだけ知っているとか そう言うのも場合によってあるとおもいます。 -> I have read a lot of comics written by Japanese. ONE PIECE is one of my favorite Japanese comics among them. have readとすると今まで読んだという意味になります。 have read(現在完了)を習ってないようでしたら単なる過去型でもいいです readは過去もつづりは一緒ですけどね。 その他使えそうなフレーズとして ONE PIECE is the best comic I have ever read とか、最初にこういうインパクトあるフレーズを持ってくると注目度があがります。 There are some reasons for that. 以降は書かれた文の構成に沿ってかきますね。 構成を変えるてはいくらでもあるのですが、きりがないですし。 some reasonsですが、個人的にはseveral reasonsの方が好きです。 someはすごく漠然とあると言う様にも思えますから。 The first reason is that the picture is very fine. the pictureは複数けいの方がいいかな。。。the pictures fineですが、意味的には大丈夫ですが多義語なので、、、 masterlyとか、或はexceptionally fineとちょっと 大げさかもしれないくらいですが副詞を付け加えると ちょっと英語っぽくなります。 ->The first reason is that the pictures are masterly. あるいはうしろの I can't turn my eyes away from the dynamic picture. と組あわせて The pictures are so beautiful and dynamic that I can not take my eyes off. I can not help but keep watching it.という表現もありますね。 turn my eyes awayという表現はよく使われるのかちょっとわかりません。 There are many battles between justice and evil so I am excited very much. professionals は skillful professionalsとするともっと具体的な表現になりますね。 -> I am so excited at a series of the battle scenes between justice and evil. こっちの方がすなおかなっていうだけのことですが、、、There are/isを多用してますので単調にならない方がいいですし、 It is also reason that I can love the characters in ONE PIECE. Each the personality of the hero and the comrades are very strong but all of them have the spirit "one for all, all for one." ここはI love the characters of ONE PIECE because each the personality of the hero and the comrades are very strong, and all of them have the spirit "one for all, all for one." こんな感じで余分のところを除けばいいかもしれませんね。 最後のほうの締めくくりは英語らしいと思います。よくかけてますよ。 は多分北米でも放映されたりしているのでググると北米のファンのコメントとかも見つかるかもしれませんし、いい表現が見つかるかもしれません URLに英語バージョンのWIKIとかのこの漫画のリンクをはっておきます。




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    課題で提出するものです。間違っているところや訂正した方がいいところがありましたら、できれば説明つきでお願いします。とくに最後の段落は間違えている箇所があると思うのでアドバイスお願いします。 Comics and Animations Comics are very popular in Japan.Itbecomes popular not only regardless of age.Comics and animations of Japan has been highly regarded internationally since the latter half of 1980s.Well,why are many people interested in them? The first reason,I think that people feel interested in comics.The Japanese comics have various topics like love,gag,animals,job and others.Thereby,many people find them attractive, the interesting and sympathetic.Other reason is that it is easy for us to understand the contents by pictures.Because people get much information from sight.Comics can be understood easier than the novels with only letters.Some people like the picture or the character of the comic's story. Furthermore,the comics and the animations cause a large amount of economic effects.The movies of Studio Giburi,for example get high income in Japan.There are goods and the events development too.The goverment is trying hard to spread it abroad.Pokemon,Dragon Ball and others are popular abroad.People who have interest in Japanese comics and animations are also interested in Japan and visit there. In Japan, the sales of comics fall under the influence of declining birthrate.Therefore foreign market is more and more important for Japanese economy.Even the Japanese goverment promotes it.Japanese comics are watched by all the world with interest.(It will be a pleasure in future how we spread it.) 最後のカッコのところは変えた方がいいと先生にいわれました。自分で思いつかなかったので何かありましたらお願いします。まったく別の文にしても大丈夫です。

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    授業で Why is education so important in your life? という課題を出されました。 自分なりに書いてみたのですが、文法等に自信がありません;; どなたか添削お願いいたします。 I think that the purpose of education is to acquire and develop the wisdom of living well. To acquire the knowledge helps us to have flexible thinking. There is no end of learning in life. Moreover, to learn new thing is my greatest pleasure. That’s the very reason why I am educated. よろしくお願いします!!

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    インターネットさえあれば辞書や百科事典は要らないという意見についてどう思いますか。 というテーマです!  I am opposed to the idea that we access only the Internet when we look for something, and that we needn't use books at all. Of course the Internet is very easy to use and useful, because all you have to do is only retrieving the information you want. But, using nothing but the Internet is very dangerous. One of some reasons is the Internet involve too much information, of course false information. Many people you don't know use it, so information on the Internet are not always reliable and it is very difficult to choose only true information. On the other hand, books are published after they are checked closely. So they seldom have false information.  I think it is good to use both of the Internet and books, then you can get true information quickly. 

  • 【英語】添削お願いします テーマ:暇なとき

    When I'm free, I usually read books or comics. It's because when I read them, I can feel as if I were in the world of them. For example, when characters fight against enemy in a story, I fight, too. When they feel sad, I feel so. Books and comics take me to various world and they are always exciting and surprising. Also, books and comics tell me many things. When I find that people who have opinions or thoughts which are utterly different from me, they often change my mind. For these reasons, I like reading very much, and it will continue to being the friend of my life. 文法、単語の使い方、文章構成などについて指導お願いします。

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    今度英語で発表することになったのですが、一応考えたのですが自信が無いので添削をお願いします。 Good afternoon everyone. My name is ○○ and today I am going to talk about my favorite trip. This year I went to Malaysia with my friends. Malaysia is a country near the equator. Everyday the weather is very nice so there was very hot. But I enjoyed this trip and want to go to Malaysia again. I will tell you about three reasons why this was my favorite trip. First, Malaysian food was very delicious. There are many races so we can eat various food such as Indian and Chinese and so on. I was so happy to eat Nyonya food. Nyonya food is mixing Malaysian food and Chinese food. Malaysian food taste mostly spicy but everything was very delicious. Second, Malaysia has many famous historic building. I went to Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. I went to tour the Twin-Tower and the Blue Mosque. Twin-Tower is the third highest around the world. In Malacca, I rode a trishaw. Trishaw is like "Zinrikishya". It looks beautiful and the view of outside is wonderful. Finally, I went to Spa. Malaysia is famous for Spa so Malaysian people often reserve the Spa. To my surprise, there is a bath with a lot of flowers. the massage make me feel very comfortable and happy. In short, this was a great trip. if you think to go to foreign countries, I want you to go to Malaysia. I think you will surely be a wonderful trip. おかしければ文章自体を変えてもらってもかまいません。 添削よろしくお願いします。

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    テーマ:印象に残っている贈り物 Most impressing present in my life is a watch that my father gave me when I passed the exam to enter the high school. My father used the watch before I was born, and he wouldn't put away it even though he was given a new watch by my mother and sister. I think the watch will have been very important for my father. So, I was very surprised when he gave it to me. At first, I hesitated to receive it, but I received it in the end because my father said with smiling that "I use this new watch". The watch was what my mother and sister gave him. My watch and my father's watch is very different because mine is very old and father's is new. However both of them are filled with love of my family. 文法や構成について指摘してください。

  • 英語から日本語に訳して欲しいです。

    how are you today i am very much happy to read your email infact i am not longer in the facebook again because of one reason and other, the computer here is not a private computer it is for our camp i don,t want any body to have access you ok because you are my wife according to your question about my name yes my real name B●●d why my fathers name is j●●●s so i love my father that is the reason i combine my nane and my fathers together do you understand, i have only one child and my mother is taking good care him so i am a single now you i and you are the same if you say japan is good fine or america any one you chose i be ok infact your command is my wish i want a place that will keep you comfortable a place that we can relaxes then i spend the rest of my life with you, please my honey i don,t want anything that will give you a problem ok yes let,s not forget how is our douther is she back to the school i hope she is fine? my honey why do you west time for replying me is it because time or what? 翻訳機使用のヘンテコ翻訳の投稿はやめてください。

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    英語(英文)の添削 学校の授業で書いてきてくださいといわれて書いたものです。 どこかおかしい所や、他の表現に変えた方が良いところがあれば教えてください。 自分のお気に入りの場所の紹介文です。 I know there are many parks in Aichi. One of my favorite places is a park called Tsutsujinosato. The park was complicated in 1992. I was surprised that the year is the same as my birth year. The park is located by windmills. There are a lot of trees around the park, so the atomosphere is quite and peaceful. We can be relaxed. The park is famous for a long slide of strange shape. Itlooks like a big snake. It makes the place funny. An open space in the park that I often play baseball with my friends is very large. A steam locomotive has long stopped n the park but it took off too many years ago. Now, Nakagawa city keep it and we can enjoy riding on it. In spring, the park is filled with a lot of flowers of azalea. It is very beautiful. We can feel its sweet smell. Therefore, I recomend to visit in April. There are a lot of happy points in Tsutsujinosato. It is the best place for me to play. 自分が気になるところは、文頭に多少The parkが多いことです。他は自分の今の力ではどうしようもなくて・・・ 指摘して下さる方がいれば本当に助かります。よろしくお願いします。

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    タイに2ヶ月研究留学に行っていました。滞在中のお礼をこめて、手紙を入れた小包(日本のお菓子などを入れた物)を送ろうと思っています。 その手紙の添削をお願いしたいです。 Thank you for everything. I really enjoyed Thai Life which spends the time in soil mechanics laboratory. Each memories of Thailand are very big in my life. I don’t forget this memories forever. Some people said to me “you are strong.”, but of course I’m not strong. Everyone support me every time, so I really want to say Thank you. In the future, I may go to Thailand again as engineer. I will contact you when I go to Thailand. While I staying there, I couldn't do anything for you, so this time, I want to send goods for you all!! Please eat it  This is Japanese snacks! And finally, this program is good experience for me, and good opportunity to learn English, Thai culture and Civil Engineering. I hope to meet you again. I miss you all. And Thank you very much.

  • 初めて英語で手紙を書きました…添削してください。

    海外の新人子役にファンレターを書きました。 長文ですがお願いします。添削してください。 Various things were very beautiful. I wanted to eat chocolate unconsciously. Scenes where a microphone shrinks are fearful. But, I like the scene very much. いろいろなものがとても綺麗でした。思わずチョコレートが食べたくなりました。 マイクが縮まるシーンは怖いです。けれど私はそのシーンをとても気に入っています。 I think you are very cute and attractive. You are the actor I like the best of all actors. 私は高校で演劇をやるつもりです。あなたのようになりたいと思います。 いつか貴方と同じ舞台で演劇をしたいです。それが私の夢です。 I am not good at English. If a sentence of this letter is a unclear meaning, I am sorry. 私は、英語が得意ではありません。この手紙の文が不明な意味であるならばすみません。 Because I heard that you studied Japanese, I wrote a translated sentence to another paper. 日本語を勉強していると聞いたので、訳文をもう一つの紙に書きました。 特に最後の文が自信がまったくありません; 添削よろしくおねがいします。