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I was born and raised in Miyazaki, and then I went to university in Tokyo. After graduating from the law department, I returned to Miyazaki right now because of my health. 表現や文法に不適切がないかどうかご指導ください。


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普通の会話であればOKと思います。 後は慣用句などと思いますが、 law department, を文章に入れたのはこのところを若干、強調したかったのでしょうか? 参考程度でもなればいいのですが。 I was born and brought up in Miyazaki prefecture. And then I went on to university in Tokyo. Because of my health, after graduating from a law department of the university, I returned to Miyazaki.





  • 添削お願いします。

    To be honest, I wanted to study abroad in Australia after graduating high school. But I had not enough money to go there. So I enterned a cheaper tuition university in Japan, and got the job and earned money. 本当は高校卒業してオーストラリアの大学に行きたかった。 だけど、そこに行くための十分な費用がなかった。 だから、費用の安い日本の大学に入って、仕事を見つけお金を稼いだ。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語で何て言えばいいでしょうか?

    『私は宮崎県で生まれ、18歳まで宮崎で育ちました。 そして、高知大学に進学したので4年間高知県に住みました。 宮崎と高知の両方とも自然がいっぱいでいいところでした。 そして大学を卒業し22歳で就職のため東京へ引越してきました。 東京にはもう10年くらい住んでいます。 東京は何をするにも人がいっぱいなので少しストレスを感じます。 将来は田舎に帰ってのんびり暮らしたいです。』 この長文を英語にすると何て言えば良いでしょうか? 今後自己紹介で何度も使う表現だと思いますので暗記したいと思います。 教えてください。 よろしくお願いします。 一応自分で考えたものは以下です。 I was born in Miyazaki prefecture. And I grew up in there until I was eighteen years old. And I went on Kochi university. The reason why I had lived in Kochi for four years. Both Miyazaki and Kochi are nice place where there are a lot of nature. And I graduated Kochi University when I was twenty two years old. After that I transfered to Tokyo for work. I have lived in Tokyo for 10 years around. I sometimes feel not good in Tokyo because there are a lot of people in Tokyo. You cant help avoiding crowded people for whatever you want to do. I hope go to my back home in the future. もっと他に良い言い方があれば教えてください。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 添削希望です。#2

    #1の続きの文章です。 「その後病院へ行くと医師に足の指の骨が折れていると言われました。その後は少しだけ練習に参加し安静にしていました。体育祭当日、私はテーピングを巻きみんなと舞台に立ち踊りました。そして私のクラスでは賞をゲットすることができました。」 #1でも記載しましたが、絵・もしくは写真を用意する予定なのでだいたいの内容は絵をみると判断できるかと思います。 その写真を見せながら説明するときに英文を使いたいと思っています。 「Then, I went to the hospital, and the doctor said my bone of digits of foot was broken. So I stayed quite and participated in practice a little bit. The day of sports day, I went on the stage to dance winding the taping with my all of classmates. And finally, we could get the best performance award.」 安静にする、というのがstay quiteでいいでしょうか? また上の文の英文が正しいか確認して欲しいです。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 英訳と添削お願いします

    この飴は喉に大変良い。 I've been in good health, and went shopping. 体調が良くて買い物に行った。

  • 添削して下さい><お願いします。

    I have been studying for two years at university in Hyogo Prefecture. I major overall policy there,and that study the various learning such as internatinal relatins,enviromental,and law. I'm happy to go to school,because I fortunate to have a lot of friends like best friends and study there. I study hard to achive my dream from now on for becoming a lawyer and speaking English fluently. But I often change of pace at times. All one can say is that ,as I am, I have to do my best in any case for the porpose of getting my priorities. あんまり良い表現使ってないような気がします。出来たらどう直したいいかとアドバイスなんかあったらお願いします。

  • この英文を添削していただけますか(すみません。至急です・・・)

    中国人留学生の友人と一緒に彼女が日本の大学に提出するために必要な文章を考えていますが、自信がありません。 以下の文章を添削していただけますか? 「どうしてこの大学を選んだのですか?」に対する文章です。 *彼女の作った文章を少し私が直しました。 I have a dream that I would like to work in Japan after I graduate from University. I am interested in (企業経営)and accounting. I think it is very important. I attended to (進学説明会)and I got lots of useful and important information from professor about your (this?) university. I also went to open campus day and I found out this university is very beautiful, and there are many wonderful professors and various program (cullicuram). I think it would be good for my future, therefore, I decided to apply. I like this university and when I have a chance to study this university, I would study very hard and do my best. I hope I spend fruitful four years so that I won't regret later. 彼女がいいたいことは: 私には夢があります。大学を卒業して日本で働くことです。私は企業経営や会計に興味があります。それはとても大切だと思うからです。 私は進学説明会に行って貴大学の教授よりたくさんの有意義な情報を得ることができました。そしてオープンキャンパスにも参加しました。 そして大学の美しさに感動し、またたくさんの優秀な教授陣やカリキュラムのすばらしさを知る事ができました。私の将来にとっても大変ためになると思ったので応募することにしたいと思いました。 この大学が大好きです。 もし大学に入ることができたら一生懸命がんばって勉強したいと思います。そして悔いのない四年間を過ごしたいと思います。 ーーーーーー 以上です。 他に頼れる人もいなくて困っています。 どうかアドバイスをお願いします。

  • 添削していただけませんか?

    この和文を英訳したのですが、学生でも使えるような文法や単語を使って添削していただけませんか?よろしくお願いいたします。 I went to Miyajima.There is a World Heritage site called "Itukushima Shrine."The vivid red color left an impression on me.When the tide is high, the Great Torii appears floating in the sea.You can walk to the torii at low tide.When I went near the torii, I was surprised at the size.I felt the greatness and mystery of nature.You can enjoy eating and walking in Miyajima."Especially, there were many kinds of mizu-buns, so I wondered which one to eat."There was also a rare rice bun called fried bun.Everything was delicious.

  • 長いのですが、添削お願いします!

    留学するためにホストファミリーに手紙を書かなければならないのですが、自信がないので少し長いのですが添削お願いします。 I am from Japan. My hometown is Shimane but now I’m living in Kanagawa near Tokyo with my younger brother. My hometown is a country side in Japan. I have many fond memories of there. There are many natures. So, I played outside with my friends. I often went to sea and mountain with my family. So, now I like play outside! I like watching autumn leaves and taking walks in mountain. And other hobbies are playing sports, particularly basketball, watching movies and reading books and comics. I also like going out drinking and shopping with my friends. I think I am outgoing, cheerful and mild. I like enjoying and doing something new. So, I think I can be used to new environment soon. I have 8 members of family and two cats. My older brother studies to become an accountant in Osaka. My younger brother goes to university in Tokyo. My family is so great and interesting. When I come back my home, I go out various places with my family. I respect my parents. My parents met a foreign country. So, they recommend me to go other country while I am young. And I love children and America before. So, I decide to join this program!! I took care of my cousin’s son that he was 1 years old a day in two weeks. And I learned English from my cousin. She went to study Britain before. Now, I work for nursery school as a volunteer every day. I help teacher’s works, For example taking walk, eating ranch and changing cloths, especially 1-2 years old class. I like spending children. Because children’s smile is so cute and they have many things I forgot. They make me smile naturally. I look forward to know about your family, and hope to have a good relationship. And I like cooking. So, I will help willingly. Maybe it has many differences between Japan and America, for example rules, meals, of course language! So, I want to talk anything each time with your family. Now, I can not say my English is very good, but I study English hard every day. I like to try to speak in English. So, I will be able to speak English soon. And I want to enjoy conversation! I will study and experience various things in America. It will broadens my horizons. It has been getting excited since now. I hope to spend feeling happier with your family. And I look forward to see your family. わからないなりに、頑張ったのですがもしもっと良い表現などがありましたら教えてください!

  • 添削お願いします。

    TOEFLのwritingの勉強用に英文を書いたのですが自分では採点できないので添削してください。 Q People attend university or college for many different reasons. Why do you think people attend college or university. A Most of my friends say `I attend university to graduate." So, I think people attend university to graduate. There are several reasons why I believe my friends are majority. First, to graduate university you have to get enough credits and nowadays the number of teachers who never give students credit without attendance is increasing. For example, one of my friend did very well on test but he could not get the credit because he rarely attend the class. Second, to get good job and high salary it is necessary for students to graduate university. If you want to become high-ranking official, you must graduate from university.There is a big difference between who graduate university and who did not on salary. This is decided by law so even if you have high ability, but did not graduate university you can not get high salary.

  • 中学英語すごく急ぎ

    私は東京で生まれた I was born in Tokyo だと思ったんですけど答えをみたら I be born in Tokyo でした。なぜでしょうか?教えてください。急ぎです