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Heartfelt Appreciation for a Unique Gift

  • Expressing deep gratitude for a special gift received
  • Describing the overwhelming emotions upon receiving the gift
  • Conveying the sender's eternal support and companionship


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  • eternulo
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収まりきらなかったので2回に分けました。 ——————————————————————————————————ー The transcript of the video------------ gosh XD okay I cried but just a little XDDDD Sorry! ビデオの書き起こし------------ もう XD ああ泣いちゃったでもちょっとだけ XDDDD ごめん! Hi….hey! Its….hard to find the right words to thank you. I wrote it in the email but I want to thank you. I know it’s not enough, it will never be enough…a video, or an email! …感謝を伝えるための良い言葉がなかなか見つからないな。メールで書いたけど、感謝を伝えたいんだ。足りないってわかってる、どうしたって十分じゃない…ビデオの一本、メールの一通くらい! I…. I am really, really happy…uhm…for…for what you sent me. I really like these (showing ranma notebooks)…. I like this (the souvenir from onsen). I like…the stamps….and the letter! And this…well, you wrote on it so I like it! ほ… ほんとうに、ほんとうにうれしくて…ああ… きみ…きみが送ってくれたものが。ほんとうにこれが好きで(らんまのノートブックをみせる)... 気に入ってる(温泉土産を見せる)。スタンプも…好きだし…手紙も!それとこれ…あの、君がここに書いてくれたから気に入ってる! I…I am so happy of it. And… I don’t know exactly what I want to say! Because…uhm… (pause) I said I would have done that but I’m doing it XD don’t worry! It’s just…thank you. ほ…ほんとうにこれがうれしい。それに… 自分でもなんていいたいのかよくわからない! だって…ああ… (ポーズ) 終わらせるって言ったけどいまやってる XD 大丈夫!ただ… ありがとう。 I appreciate it, I appreciate it so much! And… If I ever feel alone… I will… shake this! I will shake this and I will know you are somewhere and… hopefully happy! And….uhm! Sorry… And… aww my voice sorry! I am so so happy you sent me these things that I don’t even know what to say… now you’ll think I’m a crybaby right? I am not a crybaby…but…I, I am… I got so moved from your present that really I don’t know what to say! And….Sorry….! Sorry I am so happy that I can’t help it. I am a crybaby right? XD You think so! But… uhm…uhm….yes! thank you…thank you so much! Thank you so much! For your really… unique gift! Thank you! ありがとう、ほんとうにありがとう!それから…もし寂しくなったら… そのときは… これを振るよ!これを振って君がどこかにいるんだって思って… そしたら元気になれるかも!それと…ああ!ごめん… えっと… ああ声ごめん!これを送ってくれたことがすごくすごくうれしくてなんて言っていいのかわからない… いま僕のことを泣き虫だって思っただろ?泣き虫じゃないよ…でも…た、ただ…それだけ君からのプレゼントに感動してなんて言ったら良いのかわからない! それから…ごめん…!ごめんすごくうれしくて止められない。泣き虫だろ?XD そう思うだろ!でも… ああ… ああ… うん! ありがとう… ほんとうにありがとう!ほんとうにありがとう!きみからの…ほんとうに特別なギフト!ありがとう!



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  • eternulo
  • ベストアンサー率59% (26/44)

Although an email is not enough, and a video is not enough as well, I want to try to tell you how much I appreciated your gift! I got so, deeply moved from this…that I don’t even know what to say (and this is so rare!). メールの一通じゃ足りないし、ビデオの一本だって足りないけど、それでも僕がどんなに君からのギフトに感謝してるかをどうにか伝えてみたい! とても、深く感動して…なんて言ったら良いかわからない(滅多にないことだよ!)。 I was expecting to receive my new watercolor brushes today, so, when the postman rang the doorbell, I though ‘YEPPEEE!!! My new brushes! Hurray!’ and I hurried to the door! Then he said: “There are 2 packages for you boy!”. I thought “Weird, the sent 2 packages for 3 small brushes?”. Then I read what was written on one of them… and I totally forgot about brushes. 今日新しい絵筆が届くって思ってたから、郵便配達のひとがドアベルをならしたとき、「YEPPEEE!!! 新しい絵筆だ!はやく!」って思って、それで急いでドアを開けたんだ!そしたら「小包を2つ預かっておりますよ!」って言うんだ。「変だな、3本の小筆で小包が2つ?」って思った。それでそのうちのひとつに書いてあることを読んで…筆のことは完全にどこかに行ってしまった。 It was your gift. I was...stunned! Surprised! Totally, incredibly happy. 君からのギフト。僕は…驚いたよ!びっくりした!まったく、信じられないほどうれしかった。 I went back inside, here in front of my pc. And I started shaking, as I was so…! I opened it, and saw your sweet presents, and sent you the SMS and LINE messages, then read the letter. Yes, I did cry (please, don’t think I am a crybaby! XD). I got really moved by what you did. 家の中に戻って、パソコンの前。体がブルブル、だってとても…!包みを開けて、君のご両親を見て、きみにSMSとLINEを送って、手紙を読んだ。うん、泣いたよ(お願い、泣き虫だって思わないで!XD)。君のしてくれたことにほんとうに感動した。 You know I like Ranma and bought me something about it...it's...I can’t describe how happy I am, that's why I will record the video right after finishing the email. And I love everything you sent me! The Christmas Origami, so beautiful and delicate!. And the Onsen souvenir ;__; thank you for thinking about me when you went there…! And the stamps, and the letter… Mika! きみは僕がらんまが好きなのを知っていて、関連のものを買ってくれた…それは…どんなにうれしいか言葉にできなくて、だからメールを終えたらすぐにビデオを録画するつもり。君が送ってくれたものは全部好き!あのクリススマ折り紙、すごく奇麗で繊細!それから温泉土産 ;__; ありがとう、そっちに行ってからも僕のことを考えてくれて…! それからあのスタンプ、それと手紙… ミカ! There are so many things I would like to be able to say. Mika, you are so special for me, thank you! I will now record the video, and write the transcript of what I say (I hope I don’t start crying! XDDDD I promise I won’t!) 言えたら良いのにって思うことがたくさんあるんだ。ミカ、君はとても特別で、ありがとう! これからビデオを撮って、自分の言うことの書き起こしを作るよ(自分が泣き出さないことを願ってる!XDDDD 泣かないって約束するよ!) Take care, Mika, I am with you. Always. Don’t ever feel alone. Because if you need, I will be with you. I will never leave you alone! お大事にね、ミカ、一緒だから。いつも。一人だなんて思わないで。必要なときは、いつだってそばにいるから。絶対に一人きりにはしないよ! Fabio



  • 英語→日本語に翻訳願いますm(_ _)m

    どなたか下記の英文の和訳をよろしくお願いします! (1)Feet kind of freak me out I don't know why but I don't really like to touch them even my own. (2)Again the way you speak its as if you know my thoughts as if you know my prayers to God and what I spoke I desired in a woman. (3)You are so amazing and I am so excited to continue to dig deeper into who you are. (4)You treat me so well.

  • 日本語にして下さい!!よろしくお願いします。

    My Dear Mika,As I told you, I wanted to write you an email, so here it is! ^o^ The reason is, of course, because today is our... meetingversary! XD I know it sounds stupid, but I like remembering these things! As I think this is really important. Well, it is for me, at least!It is important because, on august 23, I met you :D And I am so happy of this! You said you noticed my messages on worldfriends as I sent many! Well, it was a mistake since I didn’t know how to use the site XDD I only wanted to send one! XDD But I am happy I made that mistake, because you then contacted me back! Therefore, I hope you didn’t feel too disturbed that time! ^^’ Thank you so much!I am happy I have met you, Mika! I really think you are special! Because you are calm and shy...! ^-^ We might be living on different lands, but we always share the same sky! ... sounds like a videogame sentence... it probably is XDDDDDD But well XDI really, really hope we can meet someday, so that I can make you laugh with my stupid jokes all day XD I like it when you start laughing and can’t stop! :DDDDD think that….over time, I am getting somehow attached to you, you know? XD I would truly feel sad if we couldn’t talk anymore all of a sudden!And thank you again for your lovely letter. I keep it as a treasure. I read it every day before going to sleep! Thank you for writing it in Japanese and English, I am learning a lot from it! Well, I don’t want to bore you too much with my email XD so! I’ll stop here.

  • 日本語に翻訳してくださいm(__)m

    相手So I was bored so I was on the app we met on to see if I could find you. And I did! And seeing the pic you have saying love made me really happy. I really want to be with you. We don’t even have to do those stupid things I want when we first meet. I just want to be around you. And I know our first kiss will be so sweet (heart)(heart)(heart)(heart) 私Pic??? What are you talking about? 相手On your profile 私??? Sorry, I don't know 相手You have a piece of paper that has love written on it :( 私??? This? 相手Yes :3 私why are you happy? 相手Because I think you draw that with me in your mind

  • 和訳お願いします

    :(, i don't know what to tell you !!! and i know it is so hard :( です。よろしくお願い申し上げます。

  • 日本語訳お願いします!

    Ok. I will have to wait until later this month but I will let you know when I mail it ok? So what have you been up to?

  • 日本語にして下さい!! よろしくお願いします…

    Thank you so much for what you said ^^ Thank you. I like being like coffee XDDDDDDDDDDD No, jokes apart, I am the one who is really lucky in knowing you, as you are a really genuine person, and it's rare to find someone like you in the world. I think you are pure and simple, and this is just great ^^ You know... okay, it might sound stupid XD but I will tell you anyway XD I believe everything has a sense in this world. I mean, everything has an order (I do believe in God, after all!), or it would be chaos XD I don't think the fact that we met was simply luck XD or chance! No. Many things fit together. For example, In that period I started working on Android... and to contact you, I had to find a way to install and android App on my pc. Chance? Mh XD nah XD Okay at this point you probably think I am stupid XD Maybe I am XD sometimes XD but I like to think we didn't meet by chance! ^-^/ And yes, I have a glance at your letter every day! That's why I put It in the drawer right next to my bed. Before going to sleep (before or after reading). I take it, open it, look at the origami... smile XD and thank you in my head for sending it XDDDDDDDD Yes, I am stupid XDDDDDD DO I sound like a maniac? I hope not! XD I am using 'XD' too often, isn't it? XD I also made a cookie with XD written on the top today XD I sent you an image of it on LINE

  • 日本語にお願いします!!

    As for the last thing (the fact that you ignored me), yes, I have to admit it was quite a hard hit. I have been really, deeply sad and disappointed because of that. You know, because I didn't expect if from you! I know you are emotional and sometimes just don't feel like talking. That's fine of course. But those times, it's always better to say "Sorry, I don't feel like talking today". Always, because, Mika, ignoring someone is really, really cruel, especially if there is no harm from the ignored person. You see, I thought "Is this what I deserve just because I wanted to be honest with her?". I thought that was really mean... a bit cruel maybe, because we are friends. I simply didn't expect you could behave like that to me ^^ So yeah, I got really depressed for quite some time. Because... because of what I written in the letter you didn't receive yet! I hope you can get it soon :) But in the end it seems you understood, so I accept your apologies, thank you! ^^ It's okay now :)

  • 英語を日本語に訳して頂けますか??

    自分では所々理解できず困っています...。 よろしくお願いします。 i will go to japan this summer always want to .... i will try to go there in my birthday so you can say happy birthday to me in person ... i be so happy really happy for you to be the first one to say it ...... :) and i be so glad for you to show me around..... and remember this,your emails and you are special to me ..... so please dont ever think that you are bother me ... I love you emails and love you! i am glad that you are special for me and hoping to see you soon .... You are so beautiful and sweet.

  • 英語を日本語に訳してください

    英語を日本語に訳してください 中国人です。以下の文、日本語で話したいですが、自然な日本語が話したいです。 でも中国語を理解するのは難しいと思うんで、同じ意味を持ってる英語を日本語に訳しよう。 文: 「Are you with some problem? まさか you even don't know what I want yet?I have told you exactly, I let you not to spread out, that would make both her and I feel shy. But you didn't hear to me, you kept on spreading out. Do you know it is too much hurt to her? Are you still human being? Do you still have conscience!? If you still have coscience, please apologize to her. I will say it again, it is also the last time, I am speaking to you seriously, so don't spread out it any more!」 英語御上手に話す方お願いします。

  • 日本語訳お願いします!

    YouTubeで英語でメールが来たのですが、英語の日本語訳をして頂きたいです! I don't know if you understand romaji or not, but I need some help as I am still trying to translate this, can you look it over and let me know what I did wrong?

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