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To clarify the dynamics depending on k, we have reported a bifurcation diagram in Fig. 4. It shows different values of quantity for different values of k, particularly between 0.15 and 0.29. It is easily illustrated that we move from stability through a sequence of a period doubling bifurcations to chaos.


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  • ddeana
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この質問文における、kとは何を指すのかが不明です。化学ですと、熱力学のカルビンという単位を指しますし、物理ですと、ばね定数を意味します。経済学だと資本を表します。こういったアカデミックな文章に関するご質問の場合、オリジナルもしくはどういった分野のものかあらかじめ説明いただけるとそれに沿って訳せますので助かります。 Kに左右される力学を明確にする為に、我々は図4で分岐図を作成した。これは特に0.15から0.29の間において、異なるKの値に対する異なる数量値を示している。これは、我々が安定から周期倍分岐期間を経てカオス(※1)にいたることをやさしく説明している。 ※1:周期倍分岐とカオスの二つの単語から、経済の安定化や景気変動に関する文章だと思いましたので、そのままカオスといたしました。



解答ありがとうございます。 分野を記載せず投稿してしまい申し訳ありません。 ddeanaさんの推測どおり経済学の文章です。

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  • oignies
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何ですかね、これは・・・ 物理学か何かの論文? bifurcationという言葉をはじめてみるのでわからないのですが それがキーワードになっています。 最後の文章は、静止から sequence of a period doubling  bifiurcation をへて混沌にいたる道筋がここに、明瞭にしめされる と書いています。 かならずしも物理ではないかもしれませんが、何かの論文ではあ りそうですね。




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  • tha-
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kに従い力をはっきりさせるために、我々は図4の中で分岐図を報告しました。 特に0.15と0.29の間で、それはkの異なる値のために、量の異なる値を示します。 我々が安定性から混沌に分岐を二倍にしている一連の期間まで移ることが簡単に示されます。



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    Lattice type and systematic absences In indexing the powder patterns it has been assumed that all the possible reflections are observed, that is, scattering from each of the different lattice planes is sufficiently intense to contribute to the diffraction profile. This is normally so for a primitive lattice, but for body centred and face centred lattices restrictions occur on the values that h, k and I may take if the reflections are to have any intensity. This results in certain reflections not being observed in the powder diffraction pattern and these are known as systematic absences. The origin of these absences can be illustrated with regard to Fig.2.3. という文章です。できれば翻訳サイト丸々ってのは控えてほしいです。

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    In Fig. 2, we show the particular set of parameters that determines a period two-cycle, actually, with k= 0.22. Further growth ofkleads the attractor to follow a typical route of flip bifurcations in complex price dynamics: a sequence of flip bifurcations generate a sequence of attracting cycles in period 2^n , which are followed by the creation of a chaotic attractor. In Fig. 3, a cycle of period four is shown. 独占企業における経済動学の文章です。どなたかお願いしますm(__)m

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    最後の文のitがわかりません。 (文章の途中からです) The brain interprets the image on he retina in the light of all sorts of other information it receives. Perception,in fact,is by no means a simple recording of the details of the world seen outside. It is a selection of those features with which we are familiar. What it amounts to is that we do not so much believe what we see as see what we believe. 結局私たちは見ているものを信じているというよりむしろ信じてるものを見てるのだ。 what it amounts toの部分の構造が よくわかりません。このitは?? 教えてください。

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    数式などが入り混ざっているので、どうしてもできませんでした; できる方お願いします! It should be noted that the "best line" is not exactly determined. A visual estimate can often be made of a range of possible lines. From this, uncertainties in M and B can be estimated. Method of Averages. The constants in a linear equation may be calculated from only two pairs of values for the variables. In general, more than two pairs of values are available, and different values for the constants will be obtained when different experimental points are used in the calculation. One method for determining the constants by using all the experimental data is the method of averages. This method is based on the assumption that the correct values of the constants M and B are those which make the sum of the residuals equal zero. The residuals (Vi) are the differences between the values of Y calculated from the empirical equation and the experimentally determined values (Yi). In the case we are discussing, the residuals are (Vi)= MXi + B - Yi This assumption gives only one condition on the constants, and sos it is further assumed that if there are r constants, the residuals may be divided int r groups and ΣVi = 0 for each group.The groups are chosen to contain nearly the same number of experimental values, but it should be noted that different methods of choosing the groups will lead to different values for the constants. If the number of residuals in a group is K, the summation of Equation.

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    "We have to talk." To women, usually the ones saying this to men, these four words are often an expression of a desire to connect, to address something with a man on a deeper, more satisfying level. It often means, "Let's get together and see if we can move things to a better place." Saying this to a man can feel dangerous. As one woman put it "Get ready for World War Three" To men, these may be among the most feared words in the language. They often stimulate what we call male relational dread. One man's response was,"Let me out of here!" Another man said, "To me those words mean : `Next stop,divorce.`" These words often mean somethings quite different whwn they are said to someone ofthe same genger. When women say to other women,"We have to talk," it can mean a multitude of things. If the other woman is someone new with whom the woman feels friendly, it can mean,"Let's get to know each other." If it's an old friend whom she hasn't seen for a while, it can mean, "Let's catch up - do I have things to tell you!" And if it is a friend with whom she is in frequent, even daily contact,it can mean,"Wait till you hear this. I've got to tell you about last night." Men rarely say this to other men. When they do, sometimes it has a sense of invitation, as in, "Hey, let's catch up!" But often it has the connotation of "You're in big trouble with me.Get ready for a hassle." Gender differences in the meaning of these words start early. In our gender dialogues between seventh-grade boys and girls, their comments and questions often focus on "talk" : BOYS: Girls talk for most of the conversation so we don't have to talk. GIRLS: How come boys don't talk first? How these gender differences can be used in dialogue to heal the relationships between women and men is the topic of our discussion.

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    Many Americans have begun to wonder whether or not we've simply lost our appetite for bold policy solutions. And folks who claim to know how our system works these days have told us we might as well forget about our political system doing anything bold, especially if it is contrary to the wishes of special interests. And I've got to admit, that sure seems to be the way things have been going. But I've begun to hear different voices in this country from people who are not only tired of baby steps and special interest politics, but are hungry for a new, different and bold approach to genuinely solve our problems. アル・ゴアの演説の一部です。 どなたか和訳お願いしますm(__)m

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    以下の英文の和訳をお願いします。 (A) It is always easy for a writer to start writing an essay. (B) Writing down the answers to five questions of a newspaper reporter is useful to organize the facts for essays. (C) We can find good ideas for writing topics only when some accidents happen around us. (D) We can find the source of good essays from reading the essays of other people. 以下の英文を正しく並べ替えてください。 (know, do, you, it, how far, is) from the station to your office? (駅からあなたの会社までどのくらいの距離があるかわかりますか)

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    It stands to reason, then, that if the ratio of the masses of different elements in a given compound is fixed, the ratio of the atoms of these elements in the compound also must be constant. この英文を和訳してほしいです。

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    But he postulated a change of human nature fostered by communism. It took many generations to prove him wrong. With the exception of a few diehards, none of today’s communist leaders hold to that orthodoxy. In the West, the moral validity of property rights is accepted, or at least acquiesced in, by virtually the whole of the population. This is true even in societies which are disdainful of competition. Attitudes toward property ownership are passed from one generation to the next through family values and education. These attitudes derive from the deepest values governing social interaction that people hold.

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    The third things to say is: we need to understand what we now call the core competencies of your organization. What are we really good at? That also requires something you shouldn’t do. You probably, by now, all have beautiful methods of capital allocation. Before you make a decision to invest, you make thirty studies and you may be advance enough to use all four ways we know to analyze a capital investment. When I started business almost 70 years ago, we used these methods which were in every book, but we could not apply them because it would have required hundred of clerks.