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I have,my Lord.She must stay out of the sun.It's dangerous for her health. He's completely mad. But when I was young, I also suffered for love. I was almost as mad as he is now. I'll speak to him again. What are you reading, my Lord? Words, worlds, worlds. What are they about? Lies. The writer says here that old men have grey beards, small minds and weak legs. It is, of course, all true. But it's wrong to write about it. お願いします。


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私はそうしました、閣下。 彼女は、太陽から離れていなければなりません。 それは、彼女の健康にとって危険です。 彼は、完全に狂っています。 しかし、若い頃、私も愛のために苦しみました。 私は、今の彼と同じようにほとんど狂っていました。 私は、もう一度彼と話します。 あなたは、何を読んでいますか、閣下? 言葉、言葉、言葉。 それらは、何についてですか? うそ。 作家は、ここで、老人は白髪の顎髭、狭い心、弱い脚があると言っています。 それは、もちろん、全く真実です。 しかし、それについて書くのは間違っています。 *文脈が分からないので、変な訳になっているかもしれません。Words, worlds, worlds. は Words, words, words. では?



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    He's mad, but he's not stupid. I'll leave him now, and send my daughter to him. My Lord, I must go now. Goodbay. Stupid old man! My dearest Lord! My dear friends, how are you both? What brings you to Elsinore? We came to visit you, my Lord. Was this your idea, or did someone ask you to come? What do you mean, my Lord? The King and Queen wrote to you, didn't they? Yes, my Lord. And I can tell you why. During the last few days, I've felt very strange. The world has lost all meaning. Nothing seems beautiful. Men can't please me and women can't either. My Lord, we didn't know. お願いいたします。

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    He would often think out loud while I was there . Of course, he could have been talking to a bed or a chair just as easily. But it was now a habit was slower than his. But that served to make his own ideas come faster and brighter. This was my part in our relationship. When I arrived at Baker Street, I found him sitting in his armchair. His face deep in thought . It was clear that he was considering some difficult problem. He waved his hand for me to sit down. It was nearly a half hour before he finally looked up. Then he quickly turned to me and smiled. He welcomed me back to what was once my home. he could have been talking to a bed or a chair just as easily. He welcomed me back to what was once my home.上の二行の文でまず、could have been talking 、 just as easily、訳し方がわかりません。また、back to 、what was once my home 訳し方がわかりません。宜しくお願いします。

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    So you can see why I believe that Americans are obsessed with time. All of the Americans I know have wristwatches, but many of my Latino friends don't regularly wear one.I don't, Americans are always setting their watches, making sure the time is 'exact.' I once heard two American students arguing about what time it was.One said, 'It's 3:45.' The other said,'No,It's not! It's 3:48, you idiot!'That's how Americans think about time.It's the most important thing in their lives. People do think about time differently after all.It seems to me,thought, that the American and Latino students do everything they're supposed to do.They work and study about the same amount. But the Latinos don't feel as pressured by time as the Americans do. It's no wonder that Americans are so stressed out.

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    I'm just surging with anger right now. I can't help it. I think what he did is wrong. why could't he just once give in and not be so controlling. It helps to write these feelings down. I can't talk to him. He overpowers me with his words in no time.then there's the fact that I cant' put what I'm trying to say in the right way. What I want to say never comes out the way I envision it in my head. why is that? I wonder If I could have prevented the fight by going out there myself, then again maybe he would have told me the same things. If I told him any of my feelings he would immediately tell me "the angels are controlling you."I need him to give me the freedom to talk to him, but right now that's not going to happen. So I will only let these feelings flow through me and out this pencil. It's weird, but I already feel the tension leaving me and soon I will only be left with the memory of this night to think about and analyze, rethink, and come to a conclusion about what to do. Maybe the tension is leaving me because I'm no longer around him; I'm out here in my own space. I love my tent! It's my own space to do with as I wish. As soon as I see him again, all I want to do is tell him how wrong he was to do that. But he will never take responsibility for what he does. It''always someone else's fault,the angels now mostly. If I confronted him, he would jut think I'm being controlled to say these things by the angels and that would get me nowhere. 上の英文の訳をお願いします。文の中で、下の文ところがよくわかりませんでした。ご助力をお願いします。 ◎I can't help it ◎I wonder If I could have prevented the fight by going out there myself ◎and out this pencil ◎I'm out here in my own space. ◎how wrong he was to do that ◎that would get me nowhere.

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    If you’ve gotten this far you probably have some idea what it’s about anyway, but I want to share a little more information with you. what it’s about anywayで挫折しました。 このaboutは何に対するものなのでしょうか・・・?

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    DEAR ABBY: Last year for my birthday, my husband asked me what I wanted for a gift. I told him I would like flowers once a month for one year. He's been pretty good about it. But I complained about the way I receive them, which is, when we are driving home in our truck (we work together) and it's nearing the end of the month, he'll pull into the parking lot at the grocery store, run in, come back and hand them to me. He always picks out a beautiful bunch, but my complaint was that it's never a surprise. He says he can't decide if I'm ungrateful or a spoiled brat. What say you and your readers? 1 He's been pretty good about it.はどう訳したら良いでしょうか? 2 ここでのbunchはどのような意味でしょうか? 3 最後の文の解説をお願いします。 以上、よろしくお願いします

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    "Nonsense," I told her. " He's a fine, happy boy and you know it." "But she is an expert in child care," Carolyn protested. "She must know." "Even experts can be wrong," I said. I told her of an incident that had happened to an editor I know. One cold morning a warning light in her car came on. She quickly stopped at a service station. "Don't worry about it," the mechanic who checked her car told her. "The light will go off as soon as the car gets warmed up." She knew the car, and knew the warning light had never lit up on any other cold morning——but the expert had said it was OK, so she drove on. It turned out that the radiator was frozen; she almost ruined the car. "I learned my lesson," she told me. "I should have paid attention to my own sense of the situation instead of listening to someone who was supposed to know." "And that's what you're doing with your son," I said to Carolyn. I was scolding her, but I was sympathetic too. The world has become so complicated that we're no longer sure of our ability to understand and deal with it. But common sense is as useful now as it ever was. No amount of expert knowledge can take the place of an intimate understanding of a person or a situation. At times you just have to trust your own judgment. It almost cost me my life to learn that. I was reading a book one day, scratching the back of my head, When I noticed that, in one particular spot, the scratching echoed inside my head. I rushed off to my doctor. "So think you've got a hole in your head?" He joked. "It's nothing——just a nerve." Two years later, and after seeing four doctors, I was still being told it was nothing. To the fifth doctor, I said almost in despair, "But I live in this body. I know something's different." "If you don't believe me, I'll take an X-ray and prove it to you," he said. Well, there it was, of course, a tumor as big as a golf ball. After the operation, a doctor stopped by my bed. "It's a good thing you're so smart," he said. "Most patients die of these tumors because we don't know they're there until it is too late." I'm really not so smart. I believe experts too easily. I shouldn't have listened to those first four doctors. It's hard to question opinions given with absolute certainty. Experts always sound so sure of themselves . この文の訳をお願いします!

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    Dear Annie: I know this is short notice, seeing as my question is about Christmas, but I'm hoping that you can publish an answer. I'm quite sure there are others in my shoes. seeing as my question is about Christmasの訳を教えてください。よろしくお願いします

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    男性からもらったメールです。 It's just something about you that I like but I don't know what it is. の訳がはっきりと分かりません。 「君のことが気になるけど、なぜか分からない」 というようなニュアンスでしょうか。 どなたかおわかりの方おられましたら、ご回答を宜しくお願いいたします。

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    (1)The party was caught in a shower on the way . 2)People are concerned about what will happen to the Japanese economy in the next few years . (3)I've been working on this for weeks . I'm tired of it (4)We are all fed up with his complaints about his boss . (5)He was absorbed in a book and didn't seem to hear me . 6)I'm inclinedto fall asleep whenever I try to study English . (7)I'm going shopping now , but I'll be back before long. よろしくお願いします。