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和訳教えてください If you've got into the way of thinking that poetry is stupid stuff, or useless, or beneath your dignity, thhen you certainly won't get much not of learning it by heart. But remember that it is a good thing to train your memory, and learning a poem is at least a much pleasanter way of training it than learning , say, twenty lines out of the telephone directory. What is more important, to learn poetry is to learn a repect for words;and without this respect for words, you will never be able to think clearly or express yourself properly. よろしくお願いします!


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詩が馬鹿げたものであるとか、役に立たないとか、自分の威信に関わると言った考え方をするようになると、あなたはそれを暗記することで多くを学ぶことはきっとなくなります。しかし、あなたの記憶力を鍛えることがよいことであり、そして、詩を暗記することは、例えば、電話帳の20行を覚えるよりも、少なくとも、はるかに楽しい記憶力の訓練方法であると言うことを忘れないでください。より重要なことは、詩を暗記することが、言葉に対する敬意を学ぶことであり; そして、言葉に対するこの敬意がなければ、あなたは、はっきりと考えたり、きちんと自己を表現することが、決して出来ないと言うことです。




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もしあなたが詩なんてものがくだらない、無用で、自身の沽券に関わると考えているとすれば まともに暗記など出来るはずはないでしょう。 ただこれが記憶力の鍛錬には最適であり、詩を学ぶということが少なくとも楽しい訓練だということ、 を忘れずに。ほら、電話帳からたったの20行抜き出したと思って。 詩を学ぶときにそれより大事なことは、言葉に対する畏敬の念を養えることです。 この言葉無くしては、整然と物事を考え自分自身を表現することなど夢のまた夢です。




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won't get much not of learning it by heartがwon't get much of learning it by heartならば、 もし貴方が詩というものは、愚かなものだとか、もしくは自分の威厳を下回るものであるというような考え方をお持ちならば、詩を暗記することからはあまり得るものはないでしょう。だけど、記憶力を訓練することは良いことで、少なくとも電話帳に書かれている文章を20行暗記するより楽しいはずです。 もっと大切なことは詩を覚えるということは言葉に対しての尊敬を学ぶことで、これができなければ物事を明確に考えたり、自分の考えていることをきちんと表現することはできないでしょう。 ところで、どこからこの文章を引用なさったのですか?





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    Some of you will ask me if I don't think it a bad thing for them to be compelled to learn poetry by heart in school. The answer is (a). If you've got into the way of thinking that poetry is stupid stuff, or useless, or beneath your dignity, then you certainly won't get much out of learning it by heart. 文脈から考えて(a)に入れるべき最も適切な語を選べ。 ア.yes  イ.no   ウ.true   エ.doubtful   オ.wrong ⇒たぶんアかイが答えだと思うのですが、いまいち自身が持てません。ご教授お願いします。

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    For beginners, you will learn to type only letters. As you get to know the keys, you will be able to make 'real' words and sentences. That is the best way how to be really successful when you are learning to type. すいません、上記のThat is the best way how to って、おかしくないですか?

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    For a long time many people thought that learning to read was like learning to understand a spoken language- that it was a netural process. For example, it was thought that most children would learn to read naturally if they were in an environment with lots of books and were allowed to develop reading skills in their own way. The idea that reading is a natural process is quite common among educators, but actually learning to read is as difficult as learning to juggle while riding a unicycle backwards. The truth is that learning to read is one of the most unnatural things anyone can do. 長くなって申し訳ありませんが、上の英文の和訳を教えてください(>_<)

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    海外の友人が英語について教えてくれているのですが、何と書いてくれているのでしょう? **Repeatedly works fine, but it sounds just a little bit unnatural. "Again and again" is one way you could say it. "On repeat" is a newer way of saying it because it refers to how you can set a DVD player or an iPod etc to play a movie or a song over and over again. "Against my better judgement" feels more like you're saying you made a mistake. Someone might say "I called my ex-girlfriend last night, against my better judgement." "Way too many times" is like saying you've listened to it a ton of times, so much that it's an unreasonable amount. You could say that about something you didn't enjoy ("My brother made me watch that movie way too many times..") but it's not weird to say it about something you did enjoy. It's kind of like saying something happened so much that it's strange.

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    前半の意味は理解できるのですが、後半の意味がわかりません。教授してください。          As poetry is the harmony of words,so much is that of notes.

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    You soon become absorbed in some book or other, and usually it is only much later 4(that) you realize you have spent far too much time there and must dash off to keep some forgotten appointment----- without buying a book, of course. This opportunity to escape the realities of everyday life is, I think, the main attraction of a bookshop. There are not many places where it is possible to do this. A music shop is very much like a bookshop. You can wander round such places to your heart's content. かっこ4のthatと同じ用法を含む文を次のなかから選んでください。 1 The fact is (that) I have nothing to do with the matter. 2 It is here (that) she was killed in a traffic accident. 3 It is so fine today (that) I feel like going out. 4 There is little hope (that) you will succeed. 5 I am sure he is poor but (that) he is sincere. 宜しくお願いします!

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    His share was more than all the others' put together. It sounds as if the present governor doesn't know what to do. 顔色がよくありませんよ。眠るとよいでしょう。 カッコに注意して、次の各文を和訳しなさい。 The best way to (make sure) you have understood what you have read or heard is to reproduce it briefly in your own words.This is called summarising. We had a blizzard one day that came up sudden and (you) couldn't see (your) hand in front of (your) face. 回答よろしくお願いします!

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    以下の英文を和訳していただけるかたに。 お願いできますでしょうか? 1文節の前半となりますので、内容が分断していると思います。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 The house you and your soul mate will live in together will be of an old or traditional sort. It will have a lot of woodwork. And you will first see it when it is empty, or vacant with a lonely bare or neglected look that wants you to love it. It will be a good house, that will seem to draw you both. There will be something about reminiscent of a past life together, a former era. But only vaguely so, as if it stirs some subconscious memory deep within you. There will be a tree close to the house. High walls and it is a little secluded. It will seem familiar to you, for all it is not so.. You and your soul mate will help each other struggle to achieve goals in and rise in this house; which is practical and serious It will seem to you that your soul mate is Career orientated and hard working.

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    長文読解をしていますが、和訳で分からないところがあります。どなたかアドバイスをお願いします。 But there's more than bonding going on when we tickle. There's learning too. It's no coincidence that the parts of the most vulnerable - the stomach, the throat and the grion region where the femoral artery lies. Best to learn early that when those areas get touched, you pull away or tuck in your chin. And best to make it a joy for parents to provide that lesson. if only to make sure that they teach it often and you learn it well. Best to learn ~ 以下を上手く訳すことができません。 「はじめにこうした部分を触られたときに、引き離したり、あごに(喉?)を隠すという事を学習するのが第一です。そして、両親にとってこうした事を学習することを楽しませる事が大切です。確実にするために両親はこうした学習をたびたび行い、あなたはそれをきちんと学習するのです」 と訳してみましたが、どうも不自然ですし何がいいたいのかいまいち理解できていません。 特に、best to, to make it a joy to ~, if only to, にひっかかっていると思います。(他にも問題がるとは思いますが・・・)それと、最後の文のyou は読者を指しているのでしょうか? 長文の途中なのでわかり辛いとは思いますが、どなたかアドバイスを宜しくおねがいします。

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    海外の友人が英語について教えてくれているのですが、何と書いてくれているのでしょう? **I think this is what you meant by "sense." If someone says you have good taste, they're saying that they admire your ability to appreciate things. It probably means that either both of you like the same thing. If I said it to someone who I did not agree with it would be strange because then I am implying that I have bad taste haha. You can be more specific, like I could say "She has good taste in shoes," which means that I think (whoever she is) has a really good idea of what a good shoe is. "Sense" can be used to express a similar idea though. If I say you have a nice sense of style, it means that I probably think your clothes are cool or the way you decorated your room is cool etc. It's most typically used with "sense of style/fashion" though I think I could probably say something like "You have a nice sense of what it takes to bake a good cake," but it's much easier to say "you know how to bake a good cake." If someone actually does say "someone has a good sense of what it takes to bake a good cake," they're probably trying to communicate that this person is so good at baking cakes that they naturally know what makes it better... It's like how we have a "sense of smell" or a "sense of hearing." That person is so good at baking cakes that it's like they have a "sense of cake."